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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Enemy is Now in View -- For All Americans

By Anna Von Reitz

We have waited long and patiently for the confirming proof of who and what form "the Enemy" has taken.  

This morning we have confirmation that the organization hoping to benefit itself from all this criminality is the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  

Whereupon it becomes a matter of utmost importance for all people worldwide to sue the Pope and the Vatican Chancery Court for the liquidation of the International Monetary Fund as a corporation involved in criminal activities ---which it surely is and which it has demonstrated by knowingly making false claims before the World Court and also misleading President Donald J. Trump. 

We are heading up a Committee to Prosecute the International Monetary Fund.  

All corporations are obligated to perform lawfully and for lawful purposes --- not legally.  Even commercial corporations bear this obligation with respect to living people and their Natural Persons. 

As everyone including French President Macron and IMF Director Christine LaGarde have cause to know our government is not in any "abeyance" and our claim as the Priority Creditors of the United States has been given full Public Notice and  Due Process and has been subjected to international agricultural liens and cured. 

If they have a validated claim against the United States going back to 1776, let them bring it.  If not, let them be liquidated for fraud and attempted unlawful conversion of assets. 

This necessitates a relatively expensive operation.  We will need to send attorneys to the World Court to void the international bankruptcy settlement and we will need to send a delegation to Rome to prosecute the vermin. 

Despite the end of the Pontifical Office, the Curia remains 100% responsible for the creation and therefore also 100% responsible for the destruction of all incorporated entities. 

If they don't take action to liquidate the International  Monetary Fund they will themselves be liable for all damages.  

Likewise the Sponsors of the International Monetary Fund will lose their "corporate veil" for fraud and Breach of Trust and malfeasance and other crimes too numerous to mention. 

And we will sue for their liquidation, too, if this nonsense continues.

We have advised the IMF officials to retreat to their residences in Washington, DC, until a better understanding can be reached. 

Meantime, all this action has to be funded --- as it was in the beginning --- out of our own pockets,----  after our pockets have been picked clean by the same monsters promoting this fraud and inland piracy in the first place. 

This is the Hour in which America must re-declare it's sovereignty, destiny, and due.  It can only be done by each one of you joining hands with each one of us in supporting the Committee to Prosecute and the very hefty costs involved in sending the law teams to the Hague and Rome.

Send Special Committee Donations to my Paypal account at:  or cash, checks, and money orders to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 

It really is always something.  

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  1. In others words to make this happen liquidation of corporate entities, take what funds you can get from these soon to be worthless corps and send donations and sweat funds to the Anna team ASAP. Wake up don’t worry if you have to use your credit tovsend out. The credit days are over and once this hits we don’t need phony credit no more we own just about all equity in the world. Beg borrow and steal the funds if needed , send now . I’m connections the fots now! Pay attention

  2. It has finally hit you that it takes direct action calling these pirates into an internation forum so everyone can see for themselves who they are dealing with and force them to answer questions under oath....not only will it take a court order from an international jurisdiction, but it will also take quite a military to carry it out...!! I thought NESARA made it clear that the IMF was to be eliminated as well as the FRB...!! WHAT HAPPENED..!! NESARA is looking a lot like a global government for the masses...!!

  3. Using ATTORNEYS is proof you are NOT for We the People!

    1. She didn't say "ATTORNEYS," Anna said "law teams."

  4. She said " send attorneys to the world court".


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