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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The States Are Summoned to Assemble

By Anna Von Reitz

Ever since I started this work, I have been blessed and plagued to work "with" the Roman Catholic Church. 

The problem began with the Church, so that is where it has to end, too. 

There is a logic to this.  

The Roman Curia defined all manner of incorporated entities  --- everything that you can think of --- cooperatives, trusts, S-Corps, C-Corps, foundations, LLCs......the list goes on. 

So, by Maxim of Law, the Creator is responsible for what they create.

This entire situation derives from and returns to the Roman Curia. 

Given that fact, who are you going to go to when corporations get run amok?  Who are you going to work with to fix it? 

The Dalai Llama?   Headquarters of the United Methodists??? 

This is why the Pope was given the responsibility of liquidating corporations.  And that is why that responsibility remains with the Roman Curia no matter how they try to weasel out of it. 

It makes no sense to take complaints against organizations like the IMF to the World Court, which is owned by the governments that are owned by the banks. The most we can do there is embarrass them and show the world what frauds they are. 

By publishing all this information for everyone to see, enough people may hopefully get motivated to save themselves and inform each other to put a stop to this insane criminality.  

Otherwise, if you all just sit on your butts and let trolls mislead you by playing on your fears and using half-truths to deceive you, you will be enslaved and used like animals by these criminal banks and the disloyal politicians and military officers that keep these syndicates in power and who pay all these trolls to cast doubt and cause disunity. 

Our group is the only group with valid standing and claim that got ahead of the wave and secured claims for your country, your States, and your private assets--- and we did it for you, so that you still have a valid claim to your birthright. 

Now it's up to you to get your records straight and get your county and state level assemblies set up. 

Contact the Michigan General Jural Assembly for help today. 

Go to and make those digit counters roll! 

Join the National Teleconference Call each Thursday Night, 9 EST, 1-712-770-4160, access code 226823#.  

Can also call the Hotline from 2 to 7 EST Monday through Thursday at: 1-989-450-5522.

These are your States being called to Assemble for the first time in 150 years.  This is historic and you need to be part of it for your own sake and the sake of your country. 

At this point, the Delegated Powers have all reverted to the unincorporated sovereign government.  You are all free to adopt your natural birthright political status and return "home" to the land and soil of your birth.  

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  1. For what they've done to generations, everyone of them left will have to be tried in a land jurisdiction common law court for crimes against humanity.

  2. We need to assemble fast and help other get their status corrected. Any souls in need in Alameda county?

  3. We will hang them and acquire other assets so don’t worry about funds move so we could take it back. Speed assembling is important now.

  4. on board, what steps do we do now. South Carolina, a different kind of beast, but, what to do to start getting us rolling?

  5. What about OZtralia ? can we be involved please

    1. YES, John, absolutely!! This battle involves/affects every living soul on this planet! Getting re-educated, helping others in getting re-educated, and standing united/assembled ALL over this earth IS what's required NOW to kick this FALSE beast of NO Authority to the curb!!
      Corrected Thoughts, behaviors, and positive Actions ARE required by ALL and ALL are being called regardless of race, religion or nationality. Let our INternal spirit teach us(with true revelations), guide us INto a peaceful, collective majority IN Self Governance NOW.
      Where much IS granted(internal wisdom), much IS expected(internal responsibility)
      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

  6. The other maxim of law is: Law is from the barrel of a gun, and those that control the gun make the law!!! Good luck with this but my money is betting that nothing will change. Everything spoken here will be ignored or violent suppressed until the gun is in the other hand!!! Until that happens, everything here is wishful thinking!!!

    1. Coward , besides being ignorant....if you just counted all hunting licenses issued in America it wouldbe the largest standing army on the planet... With TRILLIONS of rounds of ammo , 100,000's of vets

  7. Well, I see israhell is trying to stir up war with iran, having done some bombings last night (their time) which sent iran scrambling their armies, weaponry, protection, whatever..... All done by israhell in syria against iranians. Not totally clear yet. This all according to hal turner radio show dot com. Folks, israhell is a liar and a troublemaker for us; they quite wrongly believe 'it is Gods will'' for them to be No. 1. Sheesh, wait till they find out what God really thinks of them, and that ungodly attitude !
    We should NOT let netanyahu draw us into fighting iran for them. Netty thinks of America as their whipping boy, thinking themselves superior to everyone else, especially america.

    And then lets not forget about the fight going on for World Currency; the dollar is being warred against. There are many facets to this mess !

  8. A little more info re: "The Roman Curia defined all manner of incorporated entities" is also at:

  9. William of Normandy held to common law kicked out the robed.judges who would use cannon law ,Roman civil law .and England was a oasis of freedom for hundreds of years till the poisonous civil law crept in in robed priest.
    Magna Carta solid foundation of common law the king raised.taxes without consent of sovereign he was beheaded .
    That sovereignty and the magna Carta and our America common law see 7 ammendment . Judge held to under 20 dollars by COMMON LAW!

  10. After almost 200 years of fraud, it will take a lot more than a court order to stop this behemoth...!! It's going to take force...a lot of it...!! Our military has to make a choice....are they with us or against us....if we could just get an honest answer to that question, then I would do or help in any way to make it happen....but without them, it is usuless...!!


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