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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Source of Your Sovereignty

By Anna Von Reitz

In reply to "Unknown" and apparently also "Unknowing" who  thought that James Clinton Belcher was running around the world claiming to be the "US Secretary of State" ---- no, Sir, that would be John Kerry, who was once US Secretary of State under Obummer. 

But let's address this point so that everyone gets it.  Your individual sovereignty in this country came from somewhere.   It wasn't just something that sprang out of thin air, and it wasn't something that the Founding Fathers could magically confer on you, because they didn't have it themselves.  

Ah, so..... how did Americans become sovereigns in their own right?  

Go back to the end of the American Revolutionary War and a young Colonel in the Continental Army named William Belcher --- an heir of William the Conqueror. 

The Belchers acted as Heads of States because someone who was already a sovereign in 1783 had to act in that capacity in order to conduct international trade and commerce.   That's the way things were set up back then.  The former-Colonists didn't want to choose one of the European Monarchs so they chose William Belcher and used his Coat of Arms as their emblem and seal.  Both the Great Seal of The United States of America and the dependent Great Seal of The United States are part of the Belle Cher array.  

What this means for you is that after the Revolutionary War was won, William Belcher extended individual sovereignty to every man who served in the Continental Army and to every "Mother's son and daughter" born on the soil of this country forever afterward.  He didn't stay with being "king" ---- he made you all kings and queens in your own right, just as his own ancestor, William the Conqueror,extended sovereignty to him.  

So that when Americans say that they are sovereigns --- that's literal.  And that is something that has stuck in the craw of the European nobility for over 200 years, even if most people are too ignorant to know the basis of their claim to be a "sovereign people".  

And now that we have dealt with that issue, let's observe that extending sovereignty to everyone else in this country did not change his own sovereign status.  He continued to serve his country in that capacity until he died and he taught his children the history and instilled in them a sense of duty that has lasted over 200 years and which brought James Clinton Belcher forward to serve in this hour of need. 

James is an artist --- a very, very accomplished artist.  He is a man with zero interest in politics.  He is also a very private man who hates limelight of any kind.  So coming forward and risking his life to save this country and your asses is not exactly something he wanted to do.  

I suggest you shut up and thank God that he did or by now, we'd all be embroiled in yet another "World War" and European bill collectors would be bringing false commercial claims against every stalk of wheat in this country.  

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  1. Thanks Anna and thank James for his kind deeds in stepping forward so the rest of us might enjoy sovereignty.

  2. And I'll second that Sir.....Trevor Morris.

  3. Thank you Ms. Anna and James! 💟💙

  4. Sovereignty is defined as agency, possession, and dominion and man has already been granted that which he can extend from the beginning.

  5. As Sovereigns, we understand at-will employment. Donald Trump works for us. He can be fired. How tweet it is to be (debt) free.

  6. The way I comprehend 'sovereignty', is that it is inherent within every man/woman and child. The great Legislator, Creator God is the one who breathed life, which sometimes is called spirit into man and he became a living soul. Spirit comes from Him, which is truly why we are all sovereign. Without the spirit animating our fleshy bodies.....we would drop to the ground dead!

    I could care less if a few men decided not to share this vital insight and use it to control others for selfish reasons of their own......God made this fact known to us......we have just forgotten who and what we are.

  7. We are NOT Sovereign as sovereignty is an office within the administration of Government. The people are the creators of Government and as such are answerable only to the creator separate from the Holy See, the official term is "De Jure Solum Et Naturale".

  8. Anna - why must you, like many others, ridicule our former President's name. When the TRUTH finally appears, you will see how he has done more(good)for this Country, than all of our other Presidents combined.

    1. starseed, what you say is totally Racist; you favor a man who was unlawfully PUT into the oval office, who had NO talent and NO resume for the job; who NEVER tried a case in Court, who probably had NO real law degree, whose Name cannot be found anywhere at Harvard, who crooked his way into the Illinois government, who had NO work record, had NO successes.
      Somebody you do not even know ANYTHING about, as do none of the rest of us; where did he come from, who are his real parents, he has NO known true 'history' whatsoever. And most of all........what he did was destroy our country in every way. YOU need to learn to judge a person BY his real fruits, regardless of what color they are. THEN you and your race might begin to gain some real credence; that respect that you want, but that you cannot ever get by playing the race card.
      So, bottom line, Obumbo was and still is a POS. And SO is the entire bushko family !

    2. Starseed, I"m from IL. When Oblamer was running for state senate in Il my daughter interviewed him at a radio station where she worked. She came home telling me how I need to vote for this guy, so I did my research ( which I suggest you should still do). EVERYTHING about this guy is a fabricated LIE!!!
      Once I heard a nurse who was attempting to have a bill passed in the IL senate simply stating that when an abortion was botched in any IL hospital, and the baby came out alive, that the doctors would have to treat the baby as a living person, bc they were just leaving them to die with no treatment whatsoever. She testified before the IL senate and she said Obummer had the deciding vote. She said he had sat there during her graphic testimony and was completely unmoved and voted down the bill. A heartless, soulless human being.
      In the 80's Zbigniew Brezinski, ( David Rockefeller's partner in forming the trilateral commission) wrote a book called "Between Two Worlds". In that book he states that "we now have the technology to create a TRUE MANCHURIAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE." What a coincidence that Obummer who had been trained from his youth by Frank Marshall Davis to be a radical communist ended up at Columbia University where Brezinski was a professor of his. They created this monster and then did a massive propoganda number on the masses of sheeple to make them believe this guy was the anointed one who was to save us all. He took all of his orders from the Rockefeller-Brezinski-Kissinger-Soros camp and would have enslaved us all in true Lenin-Stalin-Mao fashion had not so many had the discernment to see through this FAKER and begin sounding the alarms to wake up enough people to keep him from stealing a third term or passing his mantle on to JEZEBEL, who would have gladly stepped in to do the real dirty work.
      I'm not saying that I think Trump is our savior, only that I think God heard the cries of enough of His people to grant us some reprise to give us a final chance to throw off this tyranny once and for all, and reclaim what is rightfully ours and restore the true form of freedom we are due.

    3. "Anna - why must you, like many others, ridicule our former President's name." Starseed

      "YOU need to learn to judge a person BY his real fruits, regardless of what color they are. THEN you and your race might begin to gain some real credence; that respect that you want, but that you cannot ever get by playing the race card." Abby

      WOW ABBY, once again your true colors (fruitless Christ spirit) are showing in Your Bias (worldly small mind/Super EGO) motivated Hate(Dark spirit) speech again, as usual! Nowhere did starseed disclose their "Race" or any racial "Prejudice" what so ever in their thoughts/speech expressed, nor was it IMPLIED. That's ALL YOU!! Regardless of Starseed's freedom to express their peaceful personal opinions, based on their personal beliefs, and that ARE their freewill choice to express peacefully, it gives YOU NO right to put words & HATE in their thoughts or expression THAT DID NOT EXIST. YOU CREATED IT!!! Keep Your Biased HATE thoughts and speech to Yourself! Govern Thy SELF accordingly, as our true God commands and STOP PROJECTING YOUR DARK HATE and verbal Abuse and HARM onto others Now!

      Heed YOUR OWN WORDS FOR ONCE:"YOU need to learn to judge a person BY his real fruits, regardless of what color they are." Abby

      Show us YOUR Fruits Abby!! I have seen ZERO awareness of Christ's spirit/fruits in your dark, heartless thoughts, behaviors and ignorantly justified LAZINESS of NO HOPE OR ACTION NEEDED by YOU. (unless "money" can be put in your needy, greedy "hot little hand" abby)

      Move Over Troll as idiots and fools have chosen their MASTER and have NO business here!!!

      Zero Tolerance left for your chosen thoughts, behaviors or harmful Actions ON THIS Blog!! You and Paul have already been Noticed once. This IS Twice.

    4. Agree, E.T., Not a "Good Guy" at ALL. Thanks for sharing your personal awareness and INsight as always, much appreciated!

      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

    5. Kelli, you continue to prove yourself to be quite deficient in mental faculties, in plain words dumb as a rock, totally lacking in discernment, reading skills, comprehension and most of all totally lacking in any true Godly Spirit. Zero. Zilch. Nada. No wonder your entire community has ostracized you.

    6. ET Tish, you are absolutely right about Obummer. Everything you said about his background is absolutely true. Only those that insist on not looking into his background, prefer to remain in their deception and stay blind to the Truth. just because he is of their own race.
      All in all, Obummer has been worthless to the human race of any color, he is the ''HeyBoy'' for the NWO and thinks he is going to reap some eternal harvest for doing so; he has never earned an honest dollar in his whole life, neither has he ever done an honest days work.

    7. The bankers destroyed the economy in 2008, stole the retirement investments of millions and ran tge real estate market into the ground. Why did Obama bail them out instead of demanding prosecution??? Why are Americans insurance poor while the insurance companies post record profits??? What good is health insurance if you can't afford your rent or groceries??? But Obama is a wonderful man because he is black and we are all racists because we don't bow down to another Corporate official that didn't give a damn about us...

  9. The "FORMER ILLEGAL" that WAS in "Americas'" White house did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that was "good" for America or Americans. What hole did you crawl out of ????

    1. JGary, yes, sometimes people just need a rude awakening.

  10. We in Oztralia salute you Anna and James !
    Know that all Souls are Sovereign and Equal under Beloved Gods Universal Laws. Our website God Bless

  11. With all due respect to James Clinton Belcher, It is understood as TRUTH that GOD is the SUPREME SOVEREIGN. A Sovereign is defined as “the Supreme Power and Authority reliant upon nothing but ITSELF for its continued Existence.” GOD is further understood to be GOOD as evil is invariably observed to be self-destructive even to its own ends and cannot therefore maintain a continued state of Existence or Sovereignty. GOD can also be understood as THE ULTIMATE TRUTH and therefore ALL JUST LAW EXTENDS FROM GOD. GOD is minimally observed and understood to be INFINITE AWARENESS with the ATTRIBUTES of UNLIMITED FREE WILL and UNLIMITED IMAGINATION, and such QUALITIES are understood to be the minimum QUALITIES necessary for a CREATOR. GOD relies upon no other outside thing, Source or Power for HIS EXISTENCE and the FREE EXERCISE OF HIS WILL. As such GOD is observed to be THE SUPREME SOVEREIGN AND CREATOR.

    GOD Created Man “in His Image.” Man did not Create himself as there exists no motivating force or venue for something that is unaware and non-existent to move from a state of nothingness into an organized state of Somethingness – such is impossible and without foundation or precedence.

    Man is Created by GOD of GOD, as there exists no other Creative Force or Substance outside of GOD. GOD, comprises ALL and is ONE, WHOLE, COMPLETE AND INDIVISIBLE. As such, Man is Created of and intrinsically imbued with the QUALITIES OF GOD and this is validated as TRUE as Man is observed to obtain the QUALITIES of AWARENESS exhibiting the ATTRIBUTES of FREE WILL and UNLIMITED IMAGINATION. Man then, in FULL RIGHT is defined as a Sovereign Creator, and is invariably observed to act thusly within his sphere of influence. This is the Sovereign Nature of the Individual Man as passed upon by God and is thus understood that within all CREATION, Man is junior only to GOD.

    With the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776, the people of America recognized their relationship with their Creator sufficiently to Declare the Sovereignty that All Men Share With and Through GOD, their CREATOR. The American Declaration of Independence is a momentous leap forward for all of Mankind. For the first time in recorded history Man as a group recognized his True Nature and Proclaimed his Sovereign Position through Kinship With GOD.

    Seems more true, to me anyway.

    1. Amy,
      Well said.
      Our petitions are through God and God only.
      Hallelu Yah!

      And by the way Anna we are in world war.

    2. Amy.....huh???

      1 John 3:18 My little children let us not love in word, neither in tongue, but in Deed and in Truth''

  12. God is also LOVE, but that is hard to demonstrate viewing from this world, but Man was created out of Love and of Love, we just need to remember.

    1. Awemazing Amy, Thank You!! Beautifully expressed!!
      Christ's eternal Spirit within IS our living light in the flesh, which IS Love. Where there IS Love, there is NO Fear. Where there IS a deep connection IN Love, there IS true Peace, compassion, kindness....
      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Be within ALL Now

    2. Amy, above all God is a God of Justice and Justice WILL be served. That's what Judgement Day is all about whereupon 'the wages of sin is death'.
      Isn't it Justice that we are all in here talking about in this Forum? Isn't it injustice that everybody in here is fed up with?

    3. Abby, until the infamous judgement day arrives we must seek justice individually through education. I am not here expecting a God to sweep in and fix it all, I'm here looking for education and knowledge to stand against these pirates. If you are privy to future events of God isms please ask him to hurry it up as I'm tired of watching these pirates destroy the lives of people I love.

  13. We can remember it if we look deep enough into ourselfes...But sadly, that is to painful for people who have been hurt and broken because of this system....So LOVE is just a four letter word to most people, because real live is agape love....."absolute unconditional love" for everyone...!! The only time I ever see evidence of that LOVE is with a person's DOG..!! No one can live like that between humans...its all conditional...!!

    1. I see no need or purpose in loving everybody, in fact its impossible because we can't really know very many people. I think we are to be civil to people and cordial and ''do no harm' and that is sufficient to live in a society.
      IMO and from reading the Word, I believe that love indicates approval, and hate indicates disapproval. It really is that simple.

    2. Abby, Love God and love each other.
      i do believe there is a way.

    3. follower, there is no ''each other' in the bible. The command to love one another is for the church body of Christ, telling US to love one another, the Brethren. The Brethren are OUR brothers; everybody is not our brother.
      We must look back at our salvation, if we have salvation, and remember that at that point in our life, God set us APART FROM the world; we are still in the world, but we are no long OF the world. Therefore, those OF the world are not our brothers.
      And so....we just treat those peeps cordially and do them no harm and they should be glad we don't shoot them or kick the hell out of them.
      The world speaks of Unity, while God speaks of Division. He set us APART and he expects us to stay put.

    4. Abby,
      There is much 'each other' in the Bible. There are Brethren and there are brothers.
      Even the sinners love each other. Did you read those verses?
      Luke 6:32-33 also Mathew 5:46 etc.
      This is in part how we set ourselves apart from the world.
      Now i do agree with you that this does not mean we agree or bow down to falsity and sin. Also feigning love is a lie as i am sure we have all witnessed. Telling the Truth is love even if it hurts etc.
      Yahusha (Jesus) brings both division and unity.

    5. follower, I mean for christians, there is no command to join ourselves with those on the outside as they are not our brothers. They are their own 'each other' being their own like-kind.....and we are our own 'each other' being our own like-kind. Our ONLY business with them is to tell them Truth of the gives them a good chance to rend us, LOL

      If we look at what Paul told the church body at Corinth, in 2 Cor.6:11-18 it becomes very clear. Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers. And what does Light have to do with darkness? Then he admonishes them harshly some more, to come out from among them, and be ye separate...saith the Lord Almighty.

      So I don't quite see why you want to try to bridge that gap which was ordered by God to exist.
      And lets not forget where God also tells us that ''friendship with the world is enmity with God'. So you see, we can not have it both ways; we have to choose which side we are on and then stand on it. We can't flip flop and we cannot be double minded. We are just civil to them and do them no harm, as I've said. Thats way more than they are towards us, Lol.

    6. i agree, we do not and should not join with them. Yet we still love them.
      i know this is an extreme example but think of how we feel in times of 'in your face tragedy. We may not know the people, yet we love them.

    7. No we don't 'love them'. What difference does it make what we think about them anyhow? Generally I don't think anything about them, one way or the other; they are just all around, and so be it. In the face of 'tragedy' we may just help them; we don't have to love them to do that. Love is an ''adjoining' word, so I have to disagree.
      I repeat: what does light have to do with darkness? Nothing. Just call 911 for them, lol.

    8. How many Brethren are around? Do you see one?

    9. First, do no harm! People using the bible or religion as weapons are causing Harm by standing as a judge. Love your neighbor as yourself. There are seven different types of Love and they all stand alone. Many people don't love themselves so can not process the definitions of Love. Let us seek justice through education and stop using individual interpretation of the bible to beat up our brothers

    10. Annie,
      Yes, people can murder by words.
      Many do not see this yet. The enemy lays traps and baits us, learning not to take the bait is part of the process of becoming one with Him.

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  15. I think the source of my sovereignty is God. Genesis 1:26-28 gave me dominion over all things... also, as man is God once was, as God is man may become, Gods over worlds as numerous as the grains of sand in the sea.

    1. DS, that's what causes people to get into trouble; thinking they can or will 'become God'. What the hell is wrong with people that they are so dissatisfied being a man or a woman??
      Satan too thought he should be God, and that's what got him thrown out of heaven; and assured him a one way ticket to the Lake of Fire.
      God only gave Man dominion of the Earth, not of ''all things''.
      God is a Spirit; no man has ever seen God; God has never been 'as a man''. Thats why He sent his Son Jesus to earth 'as a man'.
      Quit listening to kenneth copeland.

    2. Abby, have you seen the illusive Lake of Fire or Satan suffering in it? If God has never been as a man how can you explain Jesus? The trinity is supposedly, God the father, God the Son and God the spirit, all as one... Is Jesus not a man? Since all man knows is of this earth and he is created in God's image, he must have dominion over all things while drawing the breath of life here. For someone who throws out scripture as judgement it seems the basics are forgotten.

  16. Was William the Conqueror Indigenous to America?

  17. Why don't we completely miss the point here. We are all sovereigns, fine. However, in this context, to do 'official' business, you must be recognized as an Official. The Pope or his assistants gave certain people official designation as Sovereigns, to do business in their jurisdictions such as treaties, declaring wars, and other matters 'In the name of God'. You are sovereign to conduct business in 'your' jurisdiction. Endless nit-picking, and infighting is very tedious, and serves only to undermine our goals.


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