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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Your Mission

By Anna Von Reitz

What I am going to observe to you today is going to change your world. It's going to change the way you look at things. And hopefully, it's going to light a fire under your tail.
Remember studying about the Civil War? Remember studying about the "Reconstruction" afterward?
The Reconstruction never ended. 150 years later, and it never got finished.
Why? Because evil men in Parliament and traitors and fools in Washington, DC chose not to finish the task that they were morally and lawfully and legally mandated to do.
Britain and France both gained influence and were able to pull off con games against this country that made these European Freebooters rich at our expense and which embroiled us, their own countries, and most of the rest of the world in endless wars for profit.
Who is at the bottom of this?
Bankers, The bankers influence the politicians and the politicians influence the military, and pretty soon --- there you have it: endless greed giving rise to endless war.
Your mission is to finish the Reconstruction that began in 1865.
The situation is too complex to describe in a Facebook post or email among friends. I just want to observe a couple things for you as mental preparation--- a framework.
The first thing is that the entire job of the "Federal Government" was to exercise the "Delegated Powers".
Those nineteen "Delegated Powers" all exist in the international jurisdiction of the sea. Even the "interstate commerce clause" exists in that jurisdiction, because our states are also nations.
Everything that the Federal Government was ever mandated to do, is thus supposed to be of an international nature and was meant to be limited to the nineteen functions assigned to them.
To enable the Federal Government to do its work a National Level Government peculiar to them and dedicated to performing only the assigned tasks was established.
Because we already had "territories" back in the 1790's and because of the need to function on the High Seas and Inland Waterways, a Territorial Level Government was also established.
Finally, to operate the new capitol as a place where all the States and people could congregate on an Equal Footing, a Municipal Level Government was established and the members of Congress were entrusted to run the municipal government for the capitol city. (Article I, Section 8, Clause 17).
As a result, there were three levels of government established to function together as the Federal Government: national, territorial, and municipal---- and all designed to do one thing: exercise the Delegated Powers in behalf of the States.
The National Government was supposed to control and direct the functions of the Territorial Government and the Territorial Government was supposed to host and protect the Municipal Government, like a set of nesting dolls.
Taken altogether, this Federal Government exercising only the Delegated Powers, is called The United States. It may be the National United States, the Territorial United States, or the Municipal United States that we are talking about when we say, "United States".
And here's the really odd part: the National Government was run and controlled by the States, but the Territorial Government was run by England as part of the horse-trading to end the Revolutionary War. So from the very start, the Territorial Government was under foreign control.
Now--- keep in mind that above and beyond the Federal Government that was designed to exercise the Delegated Powers, there is a government that delegated those Powers in the first place.
That government is the original "Holding Company" known as The United States of America, which was formed by the States on September 9, 1776.
The United States of America holds all the international and global powers that the States decided to share in common, and it is the entity that then delegates the Delegated Powers to the three different levels or "branches" of the Federal Government.
Think of the individual States, like Florida and Maryland, pouring their international and global powers into a tank labeled "The United States of America". Picture those powers being separated into two bins labeled "International" and "Global". Then imagine the International bin being separated into two more bins labeled "Delegated" and "Non-Delegated". And finally, imagine the "Delegated Powers" being shunted into a bin labeled "Federal Government" that is divided into smaller "National", "Territorial" and "Municipal" bins.
The "National" bin is composed of "States of States" doing business as The State of Florida, The State of Michigan, The State of Ohio....
The "Territorial" bin is composed of other "Territorial States of States" doing business as the State of Florida, State of Michigan,
State of Ohio..... (Notice the subtle difference.)
Originally, the "Municipal" bin was just the City of Washington, DC. Over time, it usurped power and created "Municipal STATES OF STATES" doing business as STATE OF FLORIDA, STATE OF MICHIGAN....
Neither the Territorial States of States nor the Municipal STATES OF STATES were ever allowed to exist under our actual Constitutions. They were created "by necessity" -- or rather, by British greed and immorality -- after the Civil War, which resulted in our National Level States of States being moth-balled and their assets rolled over into State Land Trusts doing business as, for example, the Florida State, Michigan States....and the British-controlled Territorial Government taking over "for" us.
Your Mission is to Assemble your State Jural Assembly for Florida, Michigan, Ohio..... and to restore your National Level State of State doing business as The State of Florida, The State of Michigan, The State of Ohio.....and finish the Reconstruction begun in 1865.
Go to: to connect and get started. The States in pink need to be Assembled first.

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  1. # Welcome to Outsourced Government, where $hareholders are ALWAYS RIGHT.

  2. You can forget California...its liberal agenda and insane public officials running it, like Jerry Brown, would rather succeed than unite with conservatives.......this state is bought and paid for already by the "deep state"...!!

  3. Next time someone insist on making a contract with the people and govt, it has to be written up by someone who isn t an attorney and can simply write in plain English what every amendment means....!! Our original is simply way to complicated for any working and normal thinking person to understand....when I was being taught about the Constitution in gradeschool, no one ever brought up the fact that the land established as Washington DC was in fact only for 19 delegated functions, not our entire country....The fact that it took almost 200 years to completely unravel its true meaning is testimony to the fact of its overly complicated and intention al premise as a guide to confusion and not liberty or states rights...!! It's TRASH..!! PUT IT WHERE IT BELONGS..In the trashpile of history of civilizations that have failed because man insist on being God's themselves..!! It's never changed..!!

    1. james, I sent you a question via email; you see it?

  4. Hal turner radio show dot come is reporting a blow by blow of Israel initiating bombing on syria, hitting syrian army and iranian sites, but not a word on our Media. Only Cnn did a few seconds blurb only saying that ''syria sent some bombs into israel' which is not true, according to his intelligence sources.

    On another note,the volcanic eruptions in Hawaii are serious and could be of concern to our west coast.

  5. For what it's worth... All evidence supports that Washington, Franklin, Hamilton etc. (Freemasons all) "made a deal" with Britain, or more precisely, the bankers who owned Britain and King George, at the Treaty of Paris and regarding the "gift" of the Northwest Territories. (The French nor the Spanish gifted any territories. Why would King George relinquish so much land?)

    In collusion with our "founding fathers" a plan was hatched to relinquish claim to the colonies and gift the Northwest Territories in exchange for creating a Territorial government and Constitution that would then grant back to Britain the ability to once again control America. The Constitution was clearly written by an entity "We the People of the United States..." for another "entity" "do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." "Of the Untied States" is a clearly different and separate entity than "for the United States of America," though it was intended to look the same.

    Since day one, there was an intent to create a territorial government to usurp the organic unincorporated government and states. Since day one, there was a goal to never allow a truly free people and country. In the still heavily redacted notes of James Madison released 40 years after his death, when questioned as to how to deal with the power of the states, Madison replied, "Let's turn them into corporations."

    The original and intentional goal was to create a scenario whereby a (territorial) Constitution could be created and passed off as "the supreme law of the land." This is proven out as this is precisely what has happened. I am not a supporter of the Constitution. I am not a party to it, as courts have ruled and it does not and never did replace the Articles of Confederation. It is my contention the Constitution is a territorial document created in secret with no state authority to do so and serves only the territories of the UNITED STATES and does not apply to us, the states or states or living people. It is the result of an intended deceit.

  6. Further, Washington was supposed to swear an oath to "this" Constitution. He swore an oath to "the" constitution and every president since has sworn the same oath. Additionally, Washington did not meet the 14 years residency requirements for president, so even if one favors the document, it was in fact aborted at Washington's first oath. If you do enough research, you are compelled to the same conclusions. It was a planned scam from our "founding fathers". Conveniently, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine were out of the country when the convention took place and Patrick Henry - all true patriots - was uninvited and opposed to it. This was hard information for me to accept and digest as it went against everything I was ever taught and told about our country, but the facts and truth bear out.

    As Lysander Spooner said, "Inasmuch as the Constitution was never signed, nor agreed to, by anybody, as a contract, and therefore never bound anybody, and is now binding upon nobody; and is, moreover, such an one as no people can ever hereafter be expected to consent to, except as they may be forced to do so at the point of the bayonet, it is perhaps of no importance what its true legal meaning, as a contract, is. Nevertheless… the Constitution is no such instrument as it has generally been assumed to be; but that by false interpretations, and naked usurpations, the government has been made in practice a very widely, and almost wholly, different thing from what the Constitution itself purports to authorize. But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist."

    I think any path or restoration procedure regarding America would benefit from ignoring the Constitution rather than trying to incorporate it an "organic" document. The designed weaknesses of it do not provide a sufficient foundation and would be better scrapped or ignored as it truly has no application to our efforts.

    My two cents anyway.

  7. The syria situation is looking much more serious today; russia telling their citizens what to take into their bunkers; their command and control has been moved to their bunker Hq., UN security council meeting behind closed doors but can't seem to get it curtailed. Trump vowing to defend israhell if anyone attacks them. Everybody seems to be getting into place. It is really not looking good at all; better hope that russia doesn't decide to take a pop at the u.s.
    Beware, the fact that our own media is so hush hush about this tells me it is serious and don't want the americans to get into a it remains a secret. Looks like Fox News finally said something; I unplugged from cable a good while back, so I only saw a snapshot of FoxNews with the words across the bottom...together with what all I've dug up about it.
    Folks, if our own withholds this info from us, then we ought to know they will NOT be telling us anything.

  8. Qanon says "Israel is last" for what that is worth...

    1. From a friend: "The system would never have been used by the cabal as it goes against their narrative. So it has had to wait until the cabal was disbanded. That has and is happening now.

      The financial system was planned to fail from day one. But WW3 was to take care of it and make it unnecessary to mention it. However Hillary lost and they arent going to get their WW3. Everything that is going on WW at the moment is all a stage to eliminate all cabal factions across the globe in failed nations. Nk has been taken care of cabal activities there are diminishing as they are rounded up. Syria was next, all strikes hit cabal assets.
      Isreal was forced at gunpoint not to cause any problems. There are cabal factions in Israel and belong to Mossad. Israel will be left for last.
      All nations know this is happening and are playing their part to weed out cabal assets like the UK and its failed Russian poisoning narrative. Its all happening,


  9. 2 great videos regarding Trump, Wanta Funds, HR5404:

    Trump Executive order Wanta HR5404 gold back winning (54:00)
    Published on Mar 30, 2018

    Republican Bill to Bring Back the Gold Standard H.R. 5404 - Latest (19:55)
    Leak Project
    Published on Mar 30, 2018

    Fundamental American Government Structure

    Excerpt from unnumbered page 3:
    Any time you see the word “of” or see anything named via the use of all capital letters you know you are dealing with an incorporated franchise operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

    Now--- keep in mind that above and beyond the Federal Government that was designed to exercise the Delegated Powers, there is a government that delegated those Powers in the first place.
    That government is the original "Holding Company" known as The United States of America, which was formed by the States on September 9, 1776.
    The United States of America holds all the international and global powers that the States decided to share in common, and it is the entity that then delegates the Delegated Powers to the three different levels or "branches" of the Federal Government.

    QUESTION: The two quoted excerpts, one from the cited PDF document and the other one from the present article, appear to contradict each other. The United States of America, the name of the holding company formed on September 9, 1776, contains the word "of"; and therefore, it is an incorporated franchise operating in the international jurisdiction of the see. It can't be both ways at the same time.

    Is the specified original holding company an exception to the rule about the word "of" when it appears in the name of a government entity? If so, are there other such exceptions to this rule or to the other rules about the legal or lawful names? Any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks.


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