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Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Reply for Michigan General Jural Assembly to "T-ROH"

By Anna Von Reitz

A brief history of who and what this "T-ROH" organization is. 

A man named Keith Livingway made a claim on abandonment to the name "The United States of America" when the 1868 Corporation came out of bankruptcy. 

Some British Territorial United States scum infringed on our copyright  back in 1868 and used our name to name a foreign commercial corporation -- "The United States of America---- Incorporated".  Put a big, red line under the word "Incorporated".   

The United States of America is not the same as The United States of America, Incorporated.   More semantic deceits. 

The pukes then ran that corporation into the ground and bankrupted it, giving everyone the impression that our country had somehow been bankrupted.  

No sovereign entity can be bankrupted.  Only commercial corporations can receive bankruptcy protection.  

So, there you go.  Anything that can be bankrupted by definition is not our country, not our government, and doesn't have a  thing to do with us except that we hired these vermin to clean our toilets. 

Obviously, what Mr. Livingway "claimed" was "abandoned" was the name of an illegally conceived foreign corporation.  He can't validly claim the name of our country anymore than the original rotters could. 

What it boils down to is that we have a would-be pirate claiming to have rights and prerogatives based on the actions of earlier pirates.  

Let me repeat the applicable Maxim of Law:  A piratis et latronibus capta dominium non mutant.    

Any property captured by pirates does not change ownership.  

Our name "The United States of America"  has been ours since September 9, 1776 and no amount of claiming otherwise by anyone --- and no amount of copyright infringement --- changes that fact. 

I am not in a position to comment on Mr. Livingway's state of mind, what he believes about this, or what his intentions are good or bad, but I can guarantee you the facts just stated and those facts add up to Keith Livingway has no claim to own the name "The United States of America" and it is lunacy to think he has. 

Think, people ---- this is like someone claiming to own the name "France" because he went to a yard sale and some other shyster claimed to be selling it. 

If that's the way the world works, let's all sell the "British Crown" next.  

It would be laughable, but to the extent that people are believing this and are putting time, faith and money in it, it's not funny.  It's sad that we've sunk so low and are so gullible.  

Same thing with "Reign of Heaven".  

This organization is a rip-off bastardization of the  honorable work of Frank O'Collins. 

Once again, Mr. Livingway seized upon work and ideas that were never his own and has attempted to plagiarize and "interpret" his way into something --- a new elitist society that he and his cronies rule with iron paws.  

Well, I am not an elitist.  I am an American.  

When I see a bunch of pirates stealing the work of Frank O'Collins and trying to twist it into something to benefit their own egos --- and then attach that monstrosity to the name of The United States of America, my instinct is to throw up -- and then load my .44.  

Run like an antelope away from "T-ROH" and all its works and all its ways --- unless of course, you want to spend your life as a pirate hiding out in places like Costa Rica and Honduras --- which is what Keith Livingway has been doing for years.  

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  1. Thank you, finally an answer to a question I had many months ago with regard to T-ROH and the YouTube Channel "The Government of the United States".

  2. Never heard of "T-ROH" or Mr. Livingsway. Is that a real name? What rats. Feels like we are living in a sewer. Thanks for having Frank O'Collins back.

  3. 2 great videos regarding Trump, Wanta Funds, HR5404:

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    1. Wasn't gold supposed to represent corporations judge Anna....our currency is the silver dollar...!! Before corporations were formed, what did they use for hugh companies that exsist today....???

  4. UCADIA (Frank O'Collins) material can be found in the

    1. Why waste your time on that megalomaniac! Anyone can create fairy tales making their family the original rulers of earth. Most are not as creative as Frankie, though. Oh, and don't forget his blood ties to the Vatican.

  5. Kinda like the British sanctioned sir Drake the pirate the carribean.has all ways been British and a haven for pirates .

  6. Ha...I knew it. I posted questions on the blogs and youtube and was attacked by all of them..simple questions and non threatening observations . I posted my phone number and Livingway called me cussing and yelling for questioning his authority and asking questions....never question authority...where have I heard that before ?????


    There she goes again. Anna speaking out of both sides of her mouth. OK, she's writing, but you know what i mean. Quote:

    "Our name "The United States of America" has been ours since September 9, 1776 and no amount of claiming otherwise by anyone --- and no amount of copyright infringement --- changes that fact. ... Well, I am not an elitist. I am an American."

    The name "The United States of America" was first penned as a formal "style" at Article 1 of "The Articles of Confederation", which was ratified in 1781, not 1776. It identifies the entity, essentially a trust organization, created by that instrument. It does NOT identify "us", so it is not OUR name. Collectively and indirectly, we "Americans" do own it, as we own the entity created by the Articles, because we own the "free and independent States" that created the Articles. Technically, it is the States united, collectively, that own the entity and its name, but that is not the real issue here. It's a matter of identity. Does a Frenchman claim European heritage or French? A Spaniard would admit Italians are also Europeans, as is he, but they are certainly NOT Spaniards! The European Union belongs to the European NATIONS that created it, but the people of those nations do not identify themselves primarily as Europeans. So, although American State nationals are by default citizens of the United States, as clearly indicated by the wording of the original 13th Amendment, The United States of America is NOT their country. That is simply because the United States is not a country. It's not ours. It's not theirs. It's not anyone's. Because Article 1, Section 8, clauses 17-18 provide for an autonomous character in the management of its own internal affairs, The United States of America, as amended, long ago adopted a national FORM of government for itself. That fact does not mean it is a country. It is not a country or a nation. Texas is a country, just like each of the Carolinas, Kentucky and all the other States of the Union. Another aspect of Anna's confusion is where she attributes the various areas of Constitutionally delegated authority and powers such distinction as to make them into completely different governments, or as she likes to put it, governmental services organizations. The fact that the national form of government adopted pursuant to the powers granted at A1S8c17-18 includes authority over its territories of every kind, does NOT mean that there is a different territorial government! Nor does it mean that authority given over matters of maritime jurisdiction creates a whole other government structure for the international jurisdiction of the sea!

    Now to that last bit of the quote above, where she claims that she is not an elitist. With her husband's ridiculous claim to be "the hereditary Head of State of the United States", the only appropriate response to that is, in British terms, bollocks! By supposedly tracing his ancestry back to the mighty kingdom of Powys, he and she expect us to bend the knee to His Royal Highness. Nonsense! Powys, by the by has never actually been a kingdom. It is more like a county or a village. Methinks the good people of Powys might have a word or two to say about all that anyway, not to mention the Wicked Witch of Windsor Castle! For now, the Belchers will settle for as many dupes as they can con into accepting their phony civil flag of peace. How does one manage to eat an elephant? One bite at a time, or as Hitler put it, Tell the lie often enough and everyone will believe it!

    1. re: does NOT mean that there is a different territorial government! Nor does it mean that authority given over matters of maritime jurisdiction creates a whole other government structure for the international jurisdiction of the sea!
      in reality, they behave that way, and if we surveyed millions of "federal citizens" they never even heard that term, let alone anything else.

      "specie is the only constitutional money in this country", bouviers 1856, "Specie"

      the "Feds" are either drunk, high, stoned, brainwashed, complete idiots, or know exactly what they are doing and "mum's the word" "silence is golden"

      there is no evidence they are "Serving" anyone but themselves.

      they are not following "Federal" rules for their own areas, let alone anything for the actual states and people.

      "at law" : common law. bouviers 1856

      they are usurping and overthrowing.

      never, at any level, do "Feds" "state (actually federal) police" ever stop and ask people if they are 'Federal citizens"

      they redefined "us citizen" to mean "Federal citizen" and never bother to explain that is different than the prior "State citizen"

      it is like france redefining mexican to mean "french" in their own private code, not telling anyone, invading mexico with millions of french, hypothecating the mexican credit for france, and acting as if they are "mexicans" all the time they redefine the mexicans to be "naturalized french citizens". anytime they refer to these new naturalized french citizens, they always call them "mexicans" of course, the actual definition for "mexican" they keep in their private code book, nevefr uttered in public. they flood the airwaves with news about all these "mexicans" and never reveal they are french or they have redefined the mexicans too.

      that is a closer analogy. any actual government would consider such things an act of war against a peaceful civilian population.

  8. The way I see it, we should have never left England... All we did by using all their ships (their property) is to come here and start an even worse situation that we had in England..And we destroyed another nation that was already here....The American Indians..!! We are no better than our counterparts...instead of recognizing that America belonged to the indians, we instead declared war on them in order to take the LAND over, and then you wonder why we are in the trouble we are in....!!! And like I said a million times before, the Constitution is too complex for anyone to agree on, especially those 19 delegations of authority....the way I interpret it, since those delegations were specifically designed for the military to be for National defense, it's logical to assume that the military was to control the LAND we call the United States of America....because they knew that the Brittish would never let us get away with "THEFT"..!! All we have been doing since we came to this land is fight, fight, fight...!! Was it worth it...?? You still believe in our false narrative of "declaration of Independance" and Constitution of nothing but useless words...!! The corruption from England was just transported to here like a virus that finds its way here from China...!! From now on the only thing I believe in is the bible (as law) and not "independance" or a constitution of no value...!! I place more value on an assault weapon....!! At least here..!! I just want to live in peace, with people who care about each other, and without megalomaniacs that just want to be kings over a country..!! And cable TV...thats it..!!

  9. As long as attorneys exist to destroy our language through fraud and deceite, and then have a whole Nation to pay homage to them as if they were Gods, this will always be an evil nation of greedy and corrupt people...!! Now that they corrupted the LAW, we don't need that anymore either...!! Let's just go back to the wild West..!! It will save a lot of money supporting law enforcement agencies that are always asking for more and more money...!! If we were to get rid of all law enforcement we could tru ely be the richest Creditors in the world overnight...we can all take care of ourselves thank you very much..!!


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