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Friday, May 11, 2018

More Proof That T-ROH is Crazy Crap

By Anna Von Reitz

I exposed the completely ridiculous nature of the claims being put forward by Keith Livingway and his band of Merry Men, so they answered by issuing an "International Arrest Warrant" for a non-existent person --- an "Anna" Hapsburg no less---and other innocent people that these cretins have absolutely no relationship with, and no authority over. 

Which goes to underscore the fact that these people are dangerously delusional, vengeful, and basically dishonest because they won't accept correction when they are shown to be wrong and won't respect the rights of others to voice their opinions and won't admit their wrong-doing in stealing the work of other people and claiming it as their own.  

Here's an example of their unsubstantiated lunatic BS: 

And here's my answer back: 

Yeah, good luck with that.  Someone should have issued an arrest warrant for Keith Livingway as a nutcase and as a plagiarist and copyright infringer.   I am trembling in my shoes, since none of you can come back from Costa Rica, and if you do, you won't be welcome.  But why don't I issue an international arrest warrant for all of you?  At least I have a logical basis for the authority to do so. 
I repeat:  

A piratis et latronibus capta dominium non mutant.    

Any property captured by pirates does not change ownership.  

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  1. Falce. arrest is a crime were is his jurisdiction ? American judges can't touch Porta Rico.IRS.they moved there. For that reason.
    Careful more than likely agents of sinister universal agents trying to drag you into one of Thai courts
    If they try to touch you using the corporate name send it back person not here.

    1. Quite comical how the small minded super Ego's are on meltdown mode right Now!!! Typical bullying, hot air, worthless reacting due to their losing any relevance and "following" and "control" they thought they had,lol!!
      Best part: "deport to vatican city" thats absolutely hilarious!!!!

  2. LOL...If "publishing communist propaganda" was actually a crime, then George Soros, the Clintons, CNN, The New York Times, and a stadium full of bad actors would all have been hauled off to the hooscow already. What a joke. These are the actions of those admitting defeat and falling on their swords, but trying to contrive a final falsehood as they go.

  3. They aren't that stupid if they get people to believe in them, just like all of us have been deceived...!!!

  4. Kieth likes his throne and goes nuts when someone puts their nose up at him. Seeing as he has a society that means every one of his followers can be held accountable for Kieth's actions. That is why we have assemblies. Everyone accountable for themselves only. That is why assembly members cast a ballot.

  5. So why doesn't he try to de nuke the North Koreans like Trump instead of picking on Anna and the others that are working to make America great again?

  6. open letter to keith livingway:

    what could anna or anyone else possibly do to make things "more communist?"

    specie is banned/outlawed, noone is running an actual treasury or actual banks. the "Feds" routinely kidnap "native" children at birth and "naturalized" people and place them in international waters "federal citizen" instead of actual state national and/or citizen. the "Schools" do mastery learning a thousand which ways, the "capitalist" advertisers use all the same "Brainwashing" the "Communists" do for all the same reasons. the native law of the land is supposed to be american common law. that is the bill of rights. where are the actual courts? "corporations" and "Stocks" and "bonds" are not in the "constitution" because it was for "we the people" and "posterity" not "We the corporations". (roman) civil law is all "foreign". the pope/vatican claiming the whole earth is "right wing "christian" communism". monetized debt is "Slavery". purposely inflate the "money" to force "full employment" is "communism". real estate people expecting prices to always rise is "communism". the more you inflate and do your endless "Fractional reserve" "contradictions", then a "Welfare state" is "inevitable." you are at > 2000% inflation right now. "commerce" is international. permanent martial law with the "war flag" is the norm. no actual courts. the "churches" declared "interdependence". lookup "pledge" in a dictionary sometime. you already pool everyones credit, force them to work for their own credit, spend it for the "State" before they have a chance to even reach "age of consent".

    "your" government is already 100% "communist".

    what could anna possibly do to make it more "communist"?

    what part is missing from the "plan"?


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