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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Two Bad Choices, Followed by One Bad Choice, As Usual

By Anna Von Reitz

When you educate yourself about history of money in America you will hear about the "Continental Dollar" a script issued by the first fledgling government which suffered its demise through hyperinflation.  

What the textbooks never tell you is that the hyperinflation was caused by purposeful British counterfeiting.  

You will also never be told that we are suffering the effects of this same evil now, and for the same reason: British counterfeiting. 

Trillions of dollars-worth of hundred dollar bills were printed by the Obama Administration, which sent actual government printing presses, engraving plates, paper and ink, to places like Burma and China and Thailand and Kuwait so that our currency could be hyper-inflated and devalued. 

This was a supplement to "Quantitative Easing" which as Godfrey Bloom and I agree, is just another form of counterfeiting. 

So, once again, for those who are paying attention, it should be perfectly obvious that our enemy and the Enemy of all Mankind is the British Government responsible for this and for a great many other evils.  This same British Government that has been manipulating our government for many generations using means both fair and extremely foul, as in this case. 

Barack Obama was born in East Africa --- a British Territorial Citizen from the Get-Go, and no more a Communist than I am.  Following their usual modus operandi and pretending to be their enemies, they hope to blame him on the Communists and at the same time, infiltrate the Communist ranks.  Just like Hitler, he was an implant acting under the direction of the Lord Mayor of London and the Lords of the Admiralty.  His differences with the Queen were quite genuine, in that he was the Boy Toy of Westminster and the British Crown, which have sought to undermine and compromise her position for the sake of commercial interests all her life. 

And the form of "British Government" that Obama worked for --- and so far as I know, still works for, is a Bully Boy for the Pope.  The only religion these people believe in is the idol worship of Mammon. 

Let's be perfectly clear here --- I don't hate or dislike the British People.  Far from it.  Nor do I have anything against sincere Roman Catholics.  

It's the extremely evil corporate interests that have been using the Queen and the Church as storefronts for their operations that I object to.  

Just look at all the little graven images in your own pockets. These are the "products" they sell, regardless of whether they are called "Federal Reserve Notes" or "Dollars" or "Francs" or "British Pounds Sterling", and regardless also of whether or not these products are made of paper or gold or silver or plastic or anything else.  

They are just products --- like so many variations of little wooden Tiki-gods produced by Omar the Idol-maker. 

To compound the idiocy of mistaking the image for the fact, and ascribing any special "value" to any of these things at all, we trade these things back and forth, and bet on them, and hoard them and play all sorts of games with them. Via their manipulation some people live lives of total immoral sloth, others commit gross crimes for want of even a little supply of these little idols, some countries have far more than they can ever spend, and others have to beg. 

From the perspective of an Angel on Earth, this whole place has been turned into an insane asylum because of "money".  Horrible injustices have been spawned because of it.  Countries have been overrun for it.  Billions of people have died to get it or died for lack of it, and it's a mirage. 

There is no such thing as money as a "store of value".  There is no safety or reason to run helter-skelter trying to find shelter for a value that does not exist.  Imagine my consternation and grim amusement as I listen to men argue -- earnestly -- all day long, about the "strength" of gold, the "weakness of the dollar" and watch the ceaseless ebb and flow of the betting that goes on.  

It's all completely loony-tunes---objectively insane: an active defiance of logic and fact, and it is institutionalized all over the planet, locked down like a cement overcoat over (nearly) everybody's minds. 

How can such a thing be?  How can it endure?  

It's called "Operant Conditioning".   

The mouse drops a piece of litter into the cup and gets a piece of cheese.  The mouse drops a piece of litter into the cup and gets a piece of ham.  The mouse drops a piece of litter into the cup and gets a piece of bread.  As a result, the mouse associates the piece of litter with "value" because it translates into cheese and ham and bread.  

The banking system has done the same thing to delude and condition the responses of otherwise sane and sober men. 

The thing being used as money is the litter, the cash register or card reader is the cup, and whatever the "mouse" receives is the reward. And because it is rewarded each and every time, the mouse goes back for more. 

All that is simple enough and easy enough to see.  

But is that piece of "necessary" litter really worth anything?  No. 
Is it really necessary?  No. 
Is the nature, color, or material used to make the litter important? No, it's completely arbitrary. 

Because of this early Operant Conditioning and the fact that their parents have also been bamboozled, billions of people on this planet develop a Basic Logic Fault. It's like a feedback loop in a computer program. The logic process concerning money goes so far, stops, and returns to reset: blip-blurp, blip-blurp, forever and ever.  

Even otherwise well-educated and experienced people can't engage me in an intelligent conversation about this topic, because of their firm belief that money has value.  And my equally firm conviction that its nothing but a "traditional" and well-orchestrated con game.  

It's as if the whole human race is a family of pea-pickers set on automatic pilot: my great-grandfather was a pea-picker, and my grandfather was a pea-picker, and my father was a pea-picker, and I am a pea-picker, and my son is a pea-picker and my grandson is a pea-picker.... ad infinitum. 

And when it comes to money, they can't break their minds out of the seemingly inescapable destiny of being a pea-picker / money user, too.  

All over the world, people can't imagine a world without money.  They can't even entertain the thought of other forms of money, much less the all-important question of who or what should control your access to money, if you are going to use such a cock-a-doodle-loo system in the first place. 

So let's go over some important and relatively recent history and facts. 

Sovereign governments can't go bankrupt, but incorporated "governments" --- or to be exact, governmental services corporations, can.  

So these yahoos have been operating as "governmental services corporations", making false claims against the assets of the people and of the countries they are supposed to serve, obtaining credit based on this purloined collateral, charging whatever they want against credit owed to others, then going bankrupt, and leaving the victims (the presumed to be co-signers) holding the bag for them. 

The world's "governments" are involved in something that is very little more sophisticated than a credit card hacking scheme. And except for Iran and North Korea and some Pacific Island Kingdoms, they are all in on it.  

They all think they are so smart, that their actions are so secret, that nobody will figure out what they are doing, how they are doing it, why they are doing it, and ultimately, who is responsible for it.  

The generals and the bankers are responsible for it.  Both.  But when push comes to shove, you can bet that the bankers will get the bad end of that deal, now and forever, anon. 

It will surprise many people to learn that "bankruptcy" is a patented business model based on deliberate insurance fraud against the public, and that insurance is merely legalized gambling among commercial corporations. 

This is why you can't add your spouse to any insurance plan without a "marriage license" --- the license permits the legal presumption that the "marriage" is in fact a joint venture among commercial corporation franchises, and the parties to it --- interpreted as commercial corporations, not living people -- are by this pretense made "insurable".  

Also in this way, living people who are otherwise owed absolute indemnity, become subject to tax collection, tariff collection, and, in a divorce, subject to the distribution of their assets by their unseen "silent partner" in all this skullduggery, ---the same "governmental services corporation" that has secretively gained an "insurable interest" in your "marriage" and the "products thereof" ---- otherwise known as your children, via the issuance of a "marriage license".  This is also one of the primary scams they play to make you liable to debtor's prison and "impoundment".  

What does a bail bondsman really do?  He provides a "bailment"---- an insurance policy for the guilty "State of State", guaranteeing their insurable interest in YOU, with yet another insurance policy issued by another gambler. 

It's all stupid enough to provoke howls of laughter, but the damage all this sanctimonious crime causes is absolutely mind-boggling. 

Instead of people simply working together to take care of themselves as a group, they muddle along and let all these parasites and predators play havoc, and these "Service Organizations" and "Professional Associations" exponentially increase the actual cost of the services needed many, many times over.  

Now, you have the lay of the land and the stench of the stink, and it should not surprise you to find that what you think of as your money has no magical value. 
It's not special.  It's not mysterious.  It's a commodity like pork bellies.  If it is made of gold, it has the market value of that much gold.  If it is made of paper, it has whatever value people will pay for it, usually under the duress and coercion of legal tender laws. 

So, there are two established "schools" of money manipulation. 

There are the Gold Merchant Banks, who manipulated world "government" corporations to steal and hoard vast amounts of gold, so that they could force the use of fiat currencies, devalue them, drive up the price of gold, and then, cash in by controlling access to the gold supplies and forcing the great-grandsons and great-granddaughters of the people they stole all the gold from in the first place, to buy it all back at a ten thousand percent (or more) "value accrual" plus interest price.


Theirs is a simple, brutal commodity rigging scheme. They hoped to evade attention and public understanding of what they were (and still are)  doing by staggering this scheme out over decades and boiling the frogs slowly, milking the value out of the fiat currency they forced upon us as they went. This is the "Hundred Year Plan" of the schemers who built the Federal Reserve. 

They were so entrenched and so successful, that J.D. Rockefeller and the  Vanderbilts and J.P. Morgan and the Mellons and other Party Hearties decided to start the International Monetary Fund -- a vast fiat and securities-based commercial credit fund and use other commodities besides gold, but including blood and labor--- as the basis of their lending.   They also schemed to control by interbank treaties and agreements the transfer of credits and debts between banks.   

Both of these groups collude with each other to bilk and milk the public.  They simply use different "instruments" to do it, which amounts to --- would you prefer to be dismembered using a knife or a saw?  

Joachim and Boaz, pillar and post--- again.  

For the past several years these groups have been paralyzing each other, one group blocking, one group unblocking, back and forth, as they jockey around trying to keep two steps in front of the bank and securities regulators who are finally waking up and "taking steps" ---- only because it has occurred to them that they, also, might otherwise lose their heads----   and ten steps ahead of the General Public, which will roast them alive like Jacques De Molay if average working people ever wake up and realize how badly they've been abused by the whole delusion of money.  

I have suggested to both groups, that for the good of the whole world, and their own health, they should come up with a solution.  This is what they've come up with: 

They will have a group of cronies in the Municipal US SENATE ram through a new digital currency based on nothing at all but digits and false claims; they, the same guilty bankers, will parcel out the digits to their cronies and use this so-called "money of account" which is created by entering digits onto a bank ledger --- to pay off the endlessly stupid government officials and labor unions.  

I burst out laughing.  I couldn't help it. 

They create this whole problem, they inculcate this whole bizarre system of idol worship, they kill billions of people over the course of three centuries, they build a whole civilization based on fraud and criminality, they truncate and maim countless lives --- and the best they can come up with as recompense, is a system that costs them nothing, which they control, and which they can use at will to abuse anyone on Earth. 

They propose to have this "Senate Action" carried through by December the 18th, so that they can celebrate their conquest of the entire planet on their pagan holiday, the Winter Solstice.  

I had to remind them that nothing the Municipal or Territorial Officers do has any validity at all with respect to us and our land and soil holdings and never has.  So they will in fact have nothing to peddle but a glorified credit card system and more hot air. 

To say that this solution is not a solution and not at all acceptable, would be a gross understatement.   The arrogance and affront involved is breath-taking. L'audace, l'audace, toujours l'audace, but audacity on the part of capitol level criminal felons who have been caught in the act is not audacity.  

My solution involves deprogramming the Operant Conditioning. Just plain removing it as if it never was, letting people see "money" for what it really is, and letting the bankers and their "products" go spin in the wind of the Abyss. 

So, between the two extremes, they better get serious about a real solution and they'd better not expose their cronies, including those in the  "US SENATE", the Knesset, and the Parliament. 

At the rate things are going, they will need every crony they've got. 


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  1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 22, 2019 at 7:08 PM

    Best explanation of "money" I've ever read. Thank you.

    There are other things in the works though that are not going to be just more outright intentional fraud like what you say those bankers want to do.
    They seriously need to shake their heads back and forth vigorously until they come out of their dream worlds.

    Their dream they think they've realized of having scooped up all the hard assets of the world including our physical bodies and the blood and labor and sons and daughters and souls, and then imagining themselves to be the Kings of the Earth (Rev. CH 18), dividing up the "sustainable", penny-pinched-size portion they have set aside to dribble out for all the rest of us to share , while they "get naked and roll around together in the treasures they've stolen from all of us", is a mere fig'nueten of the jibbering lunacy they must be engaging in in their own heads,... having those seared consciences God has given them.
    They can't think straight.

    They need to realize.
    1. They stole hard assets and
    2. They're going to give hard assets back.
    All of them.
    Their day is over.
    Their lair is caving in on them.
    If they want to fight, we don't care.
    We're not backing up.
    Bring it.
    Enough is not just enough, its been way too much.
    They won't.
    They are cowards, harming children because they are too inept and defective to be able to make their own way in life.

    They don't have what it takes.
    They know this.

    What they are doing is all described in the bible.

    1. Hey Abbey, I don't see your attempted offers either. the answer my dear is written in history. it was long before the "Monetary System". it was the perfect "System" of NO MONEY.
      A "real" time. Based IN Reality and not "Illusion". For you Abbey like many others cannot see past the illusion.In this regard,you fail to grasp reality and will not be convinced otherwise.EVER.

    2. Anony, Why do I need to offer any alternatives at all? I have no complaints about the green stuff we are given to use; it works fine for me, even though it is what it is. Im not one bit worried about it. It is Anna who is always complaining about it - - yet just complains and never gives her alternative to it.

      But for you folks who act like you dont like money, yet are always seeking after it - you will get your wish cause before long the antichrist guy will be showing his demonic self and taking over the entire 'monetary system'.
      And when he does, he is gonna do away with all money and require anyone who likes to eat or make any kind of transaction (like cashing your paycheck) - to take the Mark of the Beast which is a tiny little implanted chip with ALL yer personal info on it, so you can electronically do what you do - buy, sell, get medical care, etc.
      This ''Mark' is far more than just some mere mark; It must have the capability to be used in conjunction with electronic devices such as some computerized equipment. It will be able to track who you are, what you do, and what you can and cannot do.
      This AC beast guy - whoever he turns out to be - will be able to totally control you by simply blocking you totally if he chooses to, in case you are not behaving yourself the way he wants you to behave.

      And so it goes. You are gonna get your wish and you wont have to be so bent out of shape over money or get your blood pressure in such a dangerous state over your hatred for you. You are guaranteed to get rid of it completely and then ......I hope you like the above stated replacement that is in the works.

      Your Anna here is helping you greatly in luring you away from the present monetary system we have and have been using all our lives and preparing the easily-led minds for the coming Mark of the coming beast.

      P.S. If I send you my mailing addy, will you send me all your cash? Im sure I can find some good use for it, lol.

  2. Once again anna has exposed her hatred of money,lol. And once again, she fails to give her idea of a replacement for doing transactions.
    Same ole, same ole anna.

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 22, 2019 at 8:56 PM

      Oh, I thought maybe I'd missed it when she had told what the replacement would be, because I dont recall her saying. I do recall she'd said that she didn't
      think we needed money. Alot of people feel that way.
      I can see what they mean, but if farmer Jones has pears and wants butter from farmer Smith but farmer Smith doesn't want pears, then farmer Jones can't exchange for butter if there isn't any "money".

      Money doesn't have intrinsic value but if everyone agrees it will be the medium of exchange at thus and so value, then it works really well... until like Anna brought up... Until somebody starts counterfeiting it.

      That's no doubt why we were to have ONLY gold and silver COINS at a fixed rate of exchange.
      No theft by inflation, etc. that way either.

      We, the people, we will figure it out now that we have more of the facts.

  3. It's pretty apparent the stage is being set for the new system of exchange.....cryptocurrencies and token cryptos with specific applications. The open question now is who will control this ecosystem? The banks and governments?? The mega social media companies?? Both continuing centralized control or the people through truly decentralized, peer to peer means of exchange. The race is on.... For an thorough and entertaining discussion on this "race" look up Andreas M Antonopoulos and his presentations to the government's and to the groups world wide of the crypts community.

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 23, 2019 at 10:43 AM

      I just lost the following comment. Am reentering it.
      ....Judging by what gets disappeared, I would say this comment must be pretty dam important! You might want to read it carefully!! Just sayin':

      "the people through truly decentralized, peer to peer means of exchange."

      I was saying that we need to make physical gold and silver part of our lawful and accepted exchange and trade methods. Soon.

      And that we will have to clear the local: county and city/town, officials out-- non-violently,... they have to leave when we, the living people, tell them to go, if they don't, they are breaking the law.

      And I was saying that in:
      1. NATURE, then following:
      2. In FACT, then following:
      3. In LAW,
      It is we, the living people, who hold and ARE the

      They, on the other hand, are the HOLDERS OF SPECIFIC and LIMITED, *DELEGATED* AUTHORITY.
      And that they DERIVE their DELEGATED AUTHORITY from you, me, us, the INHERENT AUTHORITIES: the people.

      We need to begin to accept those truths and begin to get comfortable with them!

      As for our "money" system, our/the grandfathers already figured it out and left us the template:
      1. NO CENTRAL BANK!!

      This can be a smooth transition.

      The more of us who realize that what has been done to us all is completely criminal from, the more confidence we will have to just proceed peacefully as the local "officials" come to the realization that they don't have anymore "rope" to shinny down but that their butt is dangling a few feet above the "sea" they like so well.

      If anyone of them wants "out", then just mere tattle-taling on their co-workers is not going to be enough, although it might help; they are ALSO, along with that, going to be required to show verifiable, ORIGINAL recorded proofs and/or provide witnesses, who are "the people", to testify that they:
      1. Tried to get out.
      2. And when they couldn't get out, have since that time: done everything in their power to minimumize the damage being done to the people, collectively and/or severally.
      For example:
      I have heard unverified (but from past experience, credible) reports that a number of FBI/other "federal" agents/ employees have been applying for permission to CHANGE THEIR *SWORN* TESTIMONIES!!!!
      The source said they are saying that they made such fraudulent, sworn testimonies because they were afraid,... they might be threatened or they and/or their families were or might be threatened.


      First of all, you don't take a job of that nature if you're a fraidy-cat.

      Second: You report threats against yourself or family... you don't cover them up.
      And you don't then go on to secure your safety by giving false testimony about a known innocent American man or woman just to preserve your own worthless hide.

      Third, the first time you report crimes to the "Law Enforcement" agency you are working for and nothing gets done about it, YOU QUIT YOUR JOB AND GO FIND HONORABLE WORK.
      Almost ALL of these agents /contractors have admitted in one way or another that they were there, hired on, stayed, kept quiet, committed crimes against innocent Americans to:
      1. Continue collecting their quite ample paychecks and "benees" AND
      2. wanted that retirement benefit:
      Work 20 years at $90,000.00 a year: retire for 45 years at $75,000.00 a year with full benefits,... and more?


      They don't GET to change their known-to-be-false sworn testimonies against known-to-be-innocent American men and women...They're stuck with the testimonies they gave under oath.

  4. The joke is on them because the Sept surprise is coming fast...Sept 23 is the date that the pope will be instrumental in bringing in the la dato si, climate chance, orchestrated by geta Thornburg , a 10 year old, to rally the people for climate change ..!!

    This is where the rubber meets the road..and many people will be fooled by it, just like Satan see it's not the chip implant , or the bar code that will be the mark, because people in India and China already have that mark..But it will be the implementation of climate change that will "mark" the coming of the beast system...!! You are too late Anna..whatever happens now is in the hands of the Lord because you refused to work with Kim on stopping this ...!!
    How many times do I have to tell you that one persoperson isn't enough to change anything...!! Tommorrow will be the the date that things are set in place and cannot not be changed..!! Lord, please forgive Anna, because her heart is in the right place but her pride keeps her from seeing the truth...that no one can fix this problem for it is already been foretold in the bible...!!

    1. James,
      I see you are referring to the "collection" of 66 books? Not a bad collection, But you would want to see what it says in the other ones,they did not include. By the way it's not in anyone's hands but yours. "He that endures to the END will be saved"...hope ya make it.

    2. I have long believed and sensed in my Being that all this climate change stuff is nothing but a distracting bit of crapola. I must also wonder what ever happened to their old ''global warning' montra they used to use..........until they had to admit we had way way too many frigid nasty winters.

      And so they dropped that and then started this climate change nonsense. Its nonsense because the climate has always gone thru phases and changed. It changes with the wind changing; nothing alarming about that IMO.
      So I have to say that the climate is not any part of the biblical end times method of measurement simply because it is nowhere in scripture.

      ''he that endures to the end...............of what"? If you die today, then today is your ''end''.

  5. Also the biggest mistake Christians make is that the pope changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday...He litterally replaced the 3 commandment from Saturday to Sunday by papal rule, forcing everyone to sin..!! He plans on taking everyone with him into hell. .!!
    I used to think this was no big deal , like everyone else, but it is...God made that commandment for a reason...he wanted everyone to rest on the Sabbath and at one time they did..!! Now the only thing people worry about is money...a total illusion..!!

    1. God already forewarned people not to follow after Man, but Him only. So those that do follow after man, fall into the ditch by their own ignorance.
      Saturday is simply the 7th day of the week, and Sunday is the first day of the week. I tend to think in our modern day times it makes a whole lot of difference. It sounds like OT jewish law of some kind........not sure though.
      Ultimately we do know that He says ''He looks upon the heart, not the countenance'. So IMO I dont think God looks at the calendar and goes ''oops, wrong day for worship, to hell you go'' lol.

    2. Correction: meant to say ''I tend to think in our modern day times it does NOT make a whole lot of diff..........''

  6. Yes James the Pope did change the calendar along with his buddies, but are you not still following pagan Rome's calendar? The 12 'Chodesh' begin on new moon days. Their is no such thing as a month in the scriptures. It is a mistranslation. So if the Sabbath is a sign of the Covenant between Yah and His followers and you are following pagan Rome's calendar, it doesnt matter whether you rest on Satyrns day or Sunday, because it's still the wrong day. 1 Thes. 5 Paul tells them that they know Yah's times and seasons, so His coming will not come as a thief in the night to them, only to the children of darkness. There are many folks out there diligently searching out Yah's true calendar, and they are close to having it revealed. But also remember, the weekly Sabbath was just the first one mentioned in Lev. 23. There are others like the fall feasts coming up. Of course Satan has his counterfeits which are coming up too, like Halloween, and Christmas which are nothing more than Christianized pagan fertility rights festivals. Yah has appointed times and he wants you to show up when he is there, and that is why His calendar is important. By studying the feasts of Yah, you also see how his plan of harvesting the world plays out.

  7. Make sure you send those 'money' donations care of Anna and the living law firm - we don't need it anyway it is worthless, remember

    One article we are told they will all be broke by Oct 4 and the next article we are told they shipped printing presses all over the world and printed a bucket load of money?

    And in this one they now on a schedule in the 'Senate' for a 'decision' in December but they will all be broke by Oct 4th just a few articles ago?????

    Wake up folks

  8. @Frosty. The weekly cycle (DAY 1-7) never changed and the seventh day is still the seventh day all the way back to creation. SO you see they are playing around that rule and changing numbers within months and changing names to suit them however some things are never moved and that is an encouraging thought. For example, You just used
    Yah just short of proclaiming Yahweh which is His Personal Name indeed, that which was in attempt by this same system changed to THE LORD almost seven thousand times. In my observation, it's the same story all over just like the one(s) we're dealing with here right down to the caps of the spelling as they use spells. It's a matter of reversing and understanding things back to the truth as light and wisdom is given to us from above. Through our differences, may we stand together as one in that pursuit. Until the last perfect day. Blessings to all here.

  9. Might be of some interest - pertaining to the wall

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    “Edomite Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelites in 1860.” – Encyclopedia Judaica 1971, Vol. 10:23
    "The only semites in the world are the Arabs. There is not one Jew who is a semite." – Benjamin H. Freedman (Jewish)

    PROTESTANTISM WAS BY JEW to insure destruction of Christianity in its strongest form: Catholicism. Protestants are not Christian enough to be called Christian, but duped into JEW'DAIC OPERATIONS. MUSLIMS worship the Black Cube a Talmudic JEW symbol.

    Here JEWS edit the Bible AGAIN, just as they've always done:
    Anti-Semitism in the New Testament? - Jews for Jesus Anti-Semitism in the New Testament? ... I meet Jewish people who claim that the New Testament is overtly anti-Semitic. ... by Jews, the Bible translators understood ...

    Unless & Until the JEW IS STOPPED nothing changes. Hope this helps, thanks & stay sane

  11. So wink wink do you think the illuminati are actually jews
    Interesting to note that they have to claim German nobility back 4 generations
    Lots of information in these links
    And then couple that with this
    And this first testament
    The world wide web is being used as a weapon in my opinion
    Would be intersting to hear your thoughts

  12. Interesting to note that on their UN plans and maps they intend to name the holy land Hebrewland??
    Number 26 on the list
    The area of the Holy Land of the ancient Hebrews, at present known as Palestine and Trans-Jordan, and the adjacent requisite regions as outlined on map, for considerations of history and the imperative necessity to alleviate a post war refugee problem, shall be unified as a demilitarized republic of “Hebrewland.”

    The map

    Number 16
    A World Court with punitive powers of absolute boycott, quarantine, blockade and occupation by international police, against lawbreakers of international morality shall be organized.

    Tellin you this has all been planned and being carried out for decades, IMO

    Gorbachev and his foundations role in disarmament of the american people
    Pelosi and Jerry Brown
    Multi genrational theft and set up to steal California

    The SPP partnership, Bush, Gulianni and others

  13. My God, talk about evil. On this man's twitter account he gives a description of the horrible deaths experienced by the World Trade Center victims. He's military intel.

    Greg Rubini‏ @GregRubini Sep 11
    1) Do you remember those poor people who jumped from the Towers, on Sept 11 2001? Have you ever asked yourself WHY they jumped? going to certain, painful death? It did not make any sense...
    2) answer: because those people in the top floors were being cooked from the inside,like in a giant microwave oven.not by fires or flames: by microwave radiation.
    3) Their pain was intolerable.They preferred to jump and die, then being cooked from their inside - heart, lungs, stomach, inside organs
    4) think the horror...

    On Sept 11, 2001:John Brennan was CIA Deputy Executive DirectorMichael Hayden was NSA Director Robert Mueller was FBI Director Dick Cheney was Vice President do the math....

    yes, exactly: "SOMETHING" disintegrated super strong construction grade steel in mid-air.Only highly sophisticated, Military kind of stuff can do that.(or: military-contractor stuff...)

      Israeli agents rented the 91st floor of the WTC before 9-11
      THIS WILL SHOCK YOU TO YOUR CORE: 9/11 From Cheney to Mossad

    2. MILLION People already knew about the 9-11 fake attacks. I told you that the POPE changed the calendar long ago. So Jesus Mid-November year 34BC was right, bc of major planetary conjunction occurred. So quit believing in false Xmas celebration, set up by the Pope.

    3. YES agree! jews were all over the building as Art Students. Lots of people knew LIKE THE JEWS who sent messages to their JEWS warning not to go into JEW YORK CITY on 911 - but NOT ONE JEW TOLD US, now did they?
      Cheney is Swedish jew, & the rest are JEWS & serving JEWS as Brennon is a stupid Muslim (oh Puhleeze! Muslims encircle, worship a Black Cube Kaaba, Talmudic jew symbol Satan - what sane grown mature man turns Muslim??)
      Sen. Al Franken: One of the widely disseminated stories was that no Jews died in the collapse of the Trade Towers because they had received calls telling them not to go to work that day. To tell you the truth, I got the Jew call. I had an office in the Trade Center where I used to do most of my writing. The call came from former New York mayor Ed Koch. “Al,” he told me, “don’t go to work on the twenty-third day of Elul [September 11, 2001.].”
      YES a whole lotta vermin JEWS KNEW ABOUT 911 PRIOR & did nothing! And we coddle them to this very day.
      YES victims were turned into jelly by JEW D.E.W., for fun & profit. And we coddle them to this very day. MICROWAVED, cooked in a REAL JEW OFFERING TO MOLACH. and we coddle them to this very day.
      WE as Europeans do honor Winter Solstice, & this represents the BIRTH OF THE SUN/SON. We honor our sacred traditions, which the JEW COPIED for their stupid menorah, after the Nordic Celebration of Lights, & now tries to destroy it all, placing the JEW as relevant in all things when the JEW IS NOTHING.
      "X" is an old representation of Christ but JEWS USE IT AGAINST US. Keep Christ close, no matter what those bastards born of satans backside do! Christ is Truth, polar opposite of the jew. thanks & stay sane

    4. Pinkham, about Xmas you are absolutely right. Xmas has nothing at all to do with anything BUT paganism. I use the X so as to indicate we need to X 'christ' out of that word because Christ has no association with the Paganism of their so called celebration. He should be removed from it in every way.

      As I recall, it was the RCC at rome that tied Christ together with the paganism of Mass.

    5. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 23, 2019 at 2:50 PM

      I'm noticing more and more coming out about the 9/11 "HOAX", as more threatening goes on about releasing info about what really happened and who really did it.

    6. goodboots I posted last week about a report on Zerohedge and Greg Hunter mentioned it too. The engineering faculty at the U of Alaska, Fairbanks did a 4 year study that contradicted the official story about WTC 7, and once you go there WTC 1 and WTC 2 came down the same way. Did you see that? It is backed by 3,000 members of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth membership.

      Greg Hunter discussed with Kevin Shipp who is an ex-CIA guy apparently. The story hasn't run on mainstream broadcast or newpapers.

    7. wink wink, find Christopher Bollyn : )

    8. Watched a video last week that Rockefeller actually worked to take all the property in new york specifically where the twin towers stood - they took the property via eminent domain to take the land for the build of the towers in the exact position
      The towers stood in the middle of the washington arch and the one world tower is now standing in that very place directly in the center of that arch of washington
      All of it ties back to the arch of titus too
      Then Rockefeller is pictured on the front of Newsweek I think it was with his watch set to 9 1 1 with a view of them building the towers - and get this the steel that the buildings were made from came from Bethlehem Steel in Pennsylvania
      They recently demolitioned the headquarter building of Bethlehem Steel too
      They are also responsible for the death of our steel industry too
      They killed the auto industry in Michigan too
      These are all areas they targeted for take over, Nestle now stealing all the fresh water out of the great lakes and paying State of Michigan $200 a year to drain billions of gallons of water out of the lakes and sell it back to you for profit
      State of Michigan entering a public private partnership to steal the water
      Same thing they doing in California, draining the dams and crying climate change and putting people off the land then their fellow thieves set up the wonderful company stealing the land and water for themselves
      Meet the jewish couple who uses more water than the entire city of Los Angeles
      Funny how these guys move from new york to california and end up with some pretty good tracks of land and then they get the water rights through their regionalism set ups and you limit the peoples water while you steal it all for your profit
      NOT AN ACCIDENT, PLANNED by their tightly knit community of thieves
      Even have a world headquarters

    9. They now building a $7 million dollar facility in Flagstaff Arizona
      And oh by the way the 'history' of the Rocky boys

    10. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 24, 2019 at 7:05 PM

      I just lost my comment to Will.
      I lose between one and three comments per day now.
      Always just as I'm finishing. They disappear.


    11. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 24, 2019 at 7:30 PM


      I was saying, I'm going to try to find that Greg Hunter, Kevin Shipp video.

      It seems like since we are getting closer to getting the disclosure that the Twin Towers were brought down, perhaps likely, by "Our Good Friend, Israel"...... and *not* by the accuseds,.... that they seem like they might be trying to "float" other "stories" to see what we might bite on; and trying to see if they can "bend" our perception into us accepting a different narrative?: like, that the Twin Towers were not destroyed by terrorists, but they came down a different way.
      Now that they can't hide it much longer that it *looks* like Our Good Friend Israel may have done/did/ was heavily involved in doing it.

      It reminds me of how they tried to pull that Mandela Effect on us all a few years back... Using those Bearenstein Bears.... Like: "Oh! y'all just have such baaad memories hahahahaha!!!!"
      Nnnno we don't. We remember.

      That was just pathetic.

      This is starting to remind me of that.
      I could just imagine them: "well, it's been almost twenty years now, we'll just tell 'em a different story and tell 'em we'll arrest 'em as terror suspects if they won't believe the official narrative"????

      They're always working the mindkontrol gig and trying to "manage our perception".

      It's not working. :):)

    12. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 24, 2019 at 9:21 PM

      Within right at 30 minutes of me posting this about people getting more and more info that looks like it points to "Our Good Friend Israel" who was possibly heavily involved in the terror acts on 9/11, the HUGE sound of one of those DOUBLE-PROPELLER MILITARY HELICOPTERS came rumbling right over bluebird acre and over my home, so low and slow and rumbly that it shook my windows--- rattled the window panes like in an earthquake. It was LOW and very loud. Moving slow. Co-incidences like that have been going on for well over five years. I gave been giving NOTICES to the DOJ INC for well over a year now and it has, most recently, decrease quite a bit. I have claimed the men's and women's/other private property/other to the extent lawfully allowed in all jurisdictions and venues available to me for crimes against me, if any. No one has to follow any unlawful order.


      I used to call a blogline type thing and there was, ohmyGOSH, A*LOT*, A *TON*, of military and other aircraft that would go overhead if, it seemed like, I had left a message being critical about the USINC!... Which I did aLOT because there is not much good to say about murdering, lying, child sex trafficking, gun running, warmongering, drug trafficking, slave trading, pedophile, lying, thieving cowards.
      There are some nice people in there though. Thank GOD!

      But this thing calling itself "our Military", OMG, which they are NOT *my*, an American state national's Military!... From what I have seen, witnessed and experienced: (if that is them), they are a complete and utter shitfaced disgrace. They are a smudge on mankind...Except the good ones who are actually trying to protect us. And there are some of them.

      May God return to each and every one of them their full just reward... Multiplied Generously. With no remedy. That is the prayer from my lips to God's ears everytime I am reminded of the filth they involve themselves in: in our names, claiming our lives, work, families as their own "assets" to use as they will to harm, damage, injure, violate and defraud innocent, family-loving, hard-working honest people so they can engorge their worthless, soulless, unredeemable, cursed, freeloading selves on the blessings God gave to others.
      And I also ask God to fulfill his promises in Deuteronomy 28 concerning covering them with the sicknesses, diseases, pain and so forth that *he*, not I, promised to send on people who do the things to others that they have done.

      I didn't curse them, he did.
      I just agree with him that it is right for him to do so.
      And so, in all that touches me and mine, it is established the way I just spoke it.

  14. Jimstone
    "I had wanted to post about a drone someone got into a Chinese concentration camp... This is spooky stuff, just like what Americans are afraid will happen here. It might already be happening here with so many homeless vanishing on occasion."

  15. Greta Thunberg: The disarming case to act right now on ...

    Jan 28, 2019 · In this passionate call to action, 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg explains why, in August 2018, she walked out of school and organized a strike to raise awareness of global warming, protesting outside the Swedish parliament and grabbing the world's attention. "The climate crisis has already been SOLVED. Swedish is UK's sidekick.

    Why are guys too hung up with Water Manipulation and scams on our taxes?
    As well as mark of the beast since year 1,000? The bibles had been tampered, and Jesus may have been impersonated. Anna too is goofy like a static electricity, but still better than the crooks any way. Her papers didn't work bc of the Crooks btw.

    1. Check out who her parents are

      Found this video to be telling - Robert David Steele is in this one talking about child trafficking and breeding children to be trafficked so they can be killed?

    2. And check out this one, sitting in front of lincoln memorial, triangle hand sign, dressed in black, the number 11 on his hat, and low and behold it's a climate change plea to the world
      This kid is a pawn, looks like pipi longstocking, another disney media star is born fo climate change which is nothing more than disaster capitalism

    3. You may find this link of some information

      Found this information of some interest too
      Found this excel sheet too that I thought was of some interest??
      Just found this information??

      ANNA have a look if you get this

    4. Another link that may be of some interest pertains to the UN and other affiliations
      Council on Domestic Relations??

    5. UNESCO and the Gorbachev Foundation connection
      Habitat II the UNESCO UN plan for global serfdom
      State of the World Forum
      Took place in San Franciso at the Presidio where ole Nancy Pelosi and friends set it all up nice and pretty after of course he and reagan tore down the wall (more like open up the borders)
      See even that tear down that wall was about opening up all the borders, in plain sight, of course this is after they put it up in the first place (sound like north and south korea to you)? Same set up
      Calculated moves I'm tellin you

    6. Wow you have to read this
      You have to go read this stuff appears no updates being made for a while??

    7. And here we have Cecil Rhodes yet again

    8. Anyone who thinks this UN stuff is not going on you better think again

      A quote from their meeting and what it means to all of us

      ...current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class - involving high meat intake use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing - are not sustainable. A shift is necessary. which will require a vast strengthening of the multilateral system, including the United Nations..." [1] Maurice Strong , opening speech at the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development

    9. >Greta sounds like a stupid jew & is mental,

      Her parents are Antifa communists. Couple the (((Greeen New Deal))) which is just more communist bs and it isn't hard to see the writing on the wall. This climate alarmism is just one of 1000 continuous psyops to push whites to have less children and push for communism.

  16. Shelby - yeah, tho will posit this: The position of Illumined Ones were taken over by Phoenician Pharisee jews, jewsuits same way they do everything else, simulation, reversals, occupancy, re-naming etc.
    In being aware the OUR HISTORIC TIMELINE is much shorter than we think, as our timeline is fake. Curiously Illuminati is said started 1776, & was really called Order of Perfectibilitists by Weishaupt & members, later changed to Illuminati.. by whom?? Note too they were of 'BavArian' in Austria. Weishaupt fought for freedom of learning against JEWsuits, who'd been kicked out. Note too our Founding Fathers warned against the jews & Jesuits were not to be allowed into our nation. All about the same timeframe as in Europe.
    So maybe the Illumaniti took over the Perfectibilitists?? Its said Illumaniti were the Teutonic Order 1109, again name changes, re-grouping, lots of made-up baalsh*t.
    So as we see things going on in Europe & in America as simultaneous, maybe we can see what really went on.
    What we're also learning is WHITE TARTARIAN PEOPLES BUILT CITIES in America, maps show California was an island, massive architectural wonders said built in 1800's existed prior (were gifted/granted estates to their Pharisee jews as Vanderbilts). Said Indians were barbaric slaughterers not as romanticized, flipped into some superior tribes, even Cherokee ONWED THOUSANDS OF AFRICAN SLAVES, owned PLANTATIONS, were the 3rd most slave owners after Negros & primarily jews who owned 78% (less than .35% Whites owned slaves >> jew satanic reversals are everywhere).
    Were Indians removed from lands already occupied by original inhabitants who built the 'ancient' cities that weren't so ancient?
    In the linked article you provide on Atlantean & reptilians, there are too many varied sources to make sense to me, as their definition of America. Its good to stir imaginations & can be really good to get folks re-thinking everything.
    Am not saying, but its said the image of Washington on the $1 bill Fed Note is Weishaupt. Typically jews use knowns to promote their lies & behind which they hide.
    "The first $1 bill was made in 1862, according to The Dollar Bill Collector. The bill was considered legal tender and includes a portrait of Abraham Lincoln's Treasury Secretary, Salmon P. Chase."

    Yeah I do think the jews take over everything they can, lie, steal, genocide in order to destroy us, all that is good. hope this helps & stay sane

  17. And here is yet another 'war' on something and this one lines up with UN agenda - middle class eat too much red meat and use too much air conditioning

    How about some chik fil et and tell them the cows sent you and they even put a religious spin on the shit, closed on SUNdays not SONdays

    Just listened to some of this and this guy says some of these top military brass make millions of dollars a year

    He also talks about continuity of government sound like COG's to you like
    CALCOG and NCTCOG - they are already operational all over the nation

    And this ex CIA operative knows nothing about the COG's already set up and operating?
    How about tell the people about the NAU and the military as per the UN and their USNORTHCOM, USEUCOM, etc etc etc
    If I can find this stuff why is he hiding it?

    Always flapping their jaws about what's going on but no solutions??

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 23, 2019 at 2:53 PM

      "If I can find this stuff why is he hiding it?"

      Shelby you make me laugh girl. :):):)

  18. You all make me laugh .if you wanted to solve the problem and put brakes on this train you would simply use gold at its base value and not except paper as a value but then that would be to easy don't put any kind of face or symbol on it that would be the end of the banker run system of theft and while it's true you would need stronger pockets to carry there would be less robbery even with robberbarins and family's would grow and stand strong again government would fall short and schrink to a manageable size or would be robbed them selves .IMO.but what do I know.

    1. Who do you think has all the gold now? Going back to the gold standard is what they want now that they swindled all the gold for paper. You should actually know what you are talking about before you make comments about finding others humorous, what you are suggesting is not only pointless is borderline retarded, just saying

    2. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 24, 2019 at 11:39 AM

      "they swindled all the gold for paper."

      Swindled is absolutely correct bodhi.
      Great alt-word for *FRAUD*.

      It looks like progress is being made in the people to whom that STOLEN gold/other valuable physical treasures belongs, being able to see one of the MOST IMPORTANT principles regarding all of this, that is:



      Don'tcha just love law?!!
      I sure do. :):):)



      IMO, this is what is terrifying them right now. They seem to be offering to give us back a portion/all of the private property they STOLE, if we will agree to put on a knowing, "shit-eating grin" as "annavonreitz" already suggested, and agree to publicly perjure ourselves by saying that we agreed that they could use our private property!!! Even though 'the whole world' knows now that we did not.
      So in other words, to me anyway: They are telling us that if we will make liars out of ourselves (and lie for them publicly), *AND* ALSO *not* make any other claims about them, they will quit robbing, harming, destroying, and abusing us.

      Seems like they want us to "trade in" our rightful claims in exchange for what already belongs to us ("extortion?"), more promises, and mere digits on their computer screens that they can continue to manipulate... As they continue to manipulate us!
      In exchange for them stopping committing crimes upon us?


      No. No, we DEMAND ALL OF OUR "HARD ASSETS" BACK IMMEDIATELY AND ALL OF THE GAIN, INCREASE AND ENRICHMENT MADE OFF OF IT, except for a small, reasonable fee made to the religious Office Holders for their Ministry work, AND that they stop committing crimes on us, and more.

      All that is even in accord with their own CQV TRUST ACT OF 1666.

      And so it is established.

  19. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 23, 2019 at 2:20 PM

    "simply use gold at its base value"

    Have you done this?
    Would you mind sharing how someone could get started doing this? I'm quite interested.

  20. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 23, 2019 at 2:31 PM

    " not except paper as a value".

    That is the key.

    Of course, when they are criminals and put a gun in our grandparents' faces, they didn't give them any choice about it.
    That's what they call consent.

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 23, 2019 at 2:41 PM

      "ps don't put any kind of face or symbol on it that would be the end of the banker run system of theft"

      What do you mean?
      I'm reading that as:
      "ps don't put any kind of face or symbol on it *COMMA*, that would be the end of the banker run system of theft."

      If I'm reading it right, why would THAT particular thing: putting a face or symbol on it, be the thing that ends the bankers run system of theft??

      What should go on it? Nothing? That sounds excellent to me.

    Government 101, Lesson 2 - the real reason that government's fear Cryptocurrencies. "Fiat currencies are the means of keeping people in slavery."

  22. >Taking out the 'Brits" will do nothing to stop this, no, it won't stop, it will be halted for a time, make a massive dent in their income stream, but it will not cease, as jews never cease!

    I lol'd now you understand the adage "the eternal Jew" : )

  23. >their pagan holiday, the Winter Solstice.

    ROFL smh. Yah this is also called Christmas. It is a "holiday" for a reason because it is an important date to smart people that actually want to keep track of things like when to plant, years etc. Keeping track of what the Sun is doing and when is kinda important you know Anna?

  24. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 25, 2019 at 1:34 PM

    On your esotericawakening website I presume... What's the Title of that article bodhi?

  25. The Hitchhikers Guide To Clown World

  26. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 25, 2019 at 2:02 PM

    I can't recall at the moment where I heard it but it was recently that one of the people I check in with said something like that the Pope refuses to bow to anyone, claiming to be Sovereign... BUT they said that they have seen photos or video some one has released of the Pope
    bowing to the Sanhedrin in jerusalem.
    I have seen the photos out there of the Pope bending over kissing someone's hand-- supposedly a Rothschild.

    The point that this journalist/author was making is that apparently all roads don't necessarily lead to Rome but they do perhaps all lead to Jerusalem.

  27. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 25, 2019 at 2:08 PM


  28. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 25, 2019 at 2:14 PM

    That will be a start>>>> You're an American *or* you're something else.

    Treason, sedition, insurrection, infiltration/other maximum penalties/punishments apply.

  29. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 25, 2019 at 3:18 PM

    Thanks! Heading there now.

  30. Seems they are criminal in not carrying through on accusations, where the evidence is destroyed, hidden, ignored or mediated to gobbly goop. They probably have a master computer control screen in buildings now, gov that is and corporations with data monitoring. I was a smaller one at a college, huge computer screen the main officer employee supervisor mostly monitored every part of the system on the campus. Modern data miners team up with software selling psychological success via creating advertising worlds and news feeds around individuals. Once everyone is in their own individualized digital world with only their own imaginary reality they figure control of people is easier. Omission of knowledge and seeding of internet action response tidbits, purposely misleading and saying that they only work and do it for others. Goverments mostly, election wins and stuff.