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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Constitutional Enforcement Pre-Study Materials - Part 8

By Anna Von Reitz

Here are all the links to the Austin meeting pre-study materials up through part 8.


  1. Is it my understanding after reading these Eight articles that our only remedy to prevent this "final takeover" as American State Nationals not yet American State Citizens with fully staffed Assemblies is contacting the clueless corporate legislators and boards of supervisors by late December to turn this ship around???

    The Impower Movement has used "Notice of Liability" Actions against "public officials" to gain a foothold to stop these people from running all over them. Are ASN"s prevented from using these actions because of "transgression" to the other turf??

    It is my observation for some people, you never get their attention unless they are faced with actual loss of something dear to them... With the NOL it is obviously money and assets. It would be interesting to know the NAMES of these people Anna deals with either as military or bankers etc... The least we could would be place a big centrally located billboard with their photo and a few choice questions.... Direct peer GROUP pressure sometimes works wonders...because now they all deal in the dark. even with Anna's private discussions with them...

    Any thoughts.....

  2. Thats one reason for 50 sovereign states rather than one huge "thing" With so many people it takes a lot to make the voice necessary to be heard. Fox and other billboard image spewing sellers just won a law suit on appeal since it was brought up that news companies have never been required to tell the truth. The case was over workers who sued them for wanting them to lie about a big chemical company, poison and harm to us all or a lot of us anyway and even one harmed by a liar is too much. Once the voice level is reached military by law then must act, do their job. Arn't they sayin we cannot help you since few Americans are viewed as State Nationals but as franchise employees and subjects of the larger "thing" staffed by people of one sort the other. Seeds grow, gotta nourish care for and give em time, no other way works.