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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

The Insular Tariff Cases - 1900 to 1904

 By Anna Von Reitz

As we have noted, our unincorporated Federation of States was impersonated by a Scottish-chartered commercial corporation calling itself "The United States of America" --- Incorporated, beginning in 1868. 

We call this entity "the Scottish Interloper" and credit it with a National-level identity theft scheme in which it passed itself off as our Federation of States in order to gain access to our credit --- similar to what credit card hackers do today when they pretend to be their victims, run up a bunch of charges on the victim's credit card, and leave the poor sod to pay for all their unauthorized spending. 

Eventually, of course, enough people caught on -- especially their German Creditors -- and the perpetrators of these international crimes against our country and our people -- hit upon the idea of going bankrupt and leaving us as the presumed Secondaries responsible for paying their bills.  

As a commercial corporation, The United States of America, Incorporated, was eligible for bankruptcy protection and instead of laying the burden on Scotland, its debts were landed on the completely clueless American Public.  

This ultimately led to the First World War, but let's pause here at 1906-07, when The United States of America, Incorporated, was being entered into bankruptcy and the time period just prior to that--- 1900 to 1904, when the bankruptcy was being prepared. 

After all, there had to be an effective means to extract the payment out of the American Public for the bills that the bankrupt Scottish Corporation had run up in our names. Right?   

So now, we need to study the Insular Tariff Cases, which ostensibly dealt with foreign subject matter quite unrelated to the corporate bankruptcy scheme, but ultimately setting things up to administer the phony bankruptcy.  

These several related United States Supreme Court Cases all revolved around questions that arose from the Spanish-American War and the change of the formerly Spanish colonies to the status of United States Possessions. They also dealt with how tariffs were to be collected and who was responsible for this function and how these officers were to be held accountable. 

The foundational case discusses Cuba, but the same situation also applies to Puerto Rico, where the Spanish Law of the Inquisition was enforced and maintained as part of the law of belligerent occupation.  

It's important to note that from 1860 to 2020, the actual American Government was silent, so that all the acquisitions that the British Territorial Government made remained in Territorial possession under the provisions of the Northwest Ordinance. 

Because there was no land and soil jurisdiction government in Session and able to take possession of the land and soil of the new territories, Puerto Rico, like the other Post-Civil War insular states and possessions (which included the western States-of-States entered into Territorial Statehood) has remained in limbo and under military occupation, and, that means under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition. 

So with this background, look at:  U.S. Supreme Court Neely v. Henkel , 180 U.S. 109 (1901) Neely v. Henkel (No. 1) No. 387 Argued December 10-11, 1900 Decided January 14, 1901 180 U.S. 109 APPEAL FROM THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE UNITED STATES FOR THE SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK Syllabus There is no merit in the contention that Article 401 of the Penal Code of Cuba, which provides that the public employee who, by reason of his office, has in his charge public funds or property, and takes or consents that others should take any part therefrom, shall be punished, applies only to persons in the public employ of Spain. Spain having withdrawn from the island, its successor has become "the public," to which the code, remaining unrepealed, now refers. Within the meaning of the Act of June 6, 1900, c. 793, 31 Stat. 656, providing for the surrender of persons committing defined crimes within a foreign country occupied by or under the control of the United States and fleeing to the United States, or any territory thereof, or the.... 

The upfront of this is that even though Cuba (and also Puerto Rico) were no longer Spanish colonies, they continued to be under occupation and administered under Spanish Law ---which is how the Spanish Law of the Inquisition was retained in a US Possession.  

The additional and important point, is that this decision allowed for the extradition of government employees responsible for financial affairs in Puerto Rico or under Puerto Rican jurisdiction, even if they fled to one of the States of the Union.  

This was to be of vital importance later on, when the vast Internal Revenue scheme led to the creation of millions of Municipal Government corporations being set up in the names of Americans in Puerto Rico and thereby becoming subject to the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.  

This was also key, when it came to mischaracterizing millions of Americans as British Territorial "Taxpayers" --- meaning that these Americans were acting as volunteer Warrant Officers in the British Merchant Marine Service, responsible for collecting taxes and tariffs and paying them to the Crown.  

This is the essence and basis of the fraud and the power and the means of enforcement contrived for the Internal Revenue Service to operate offshore and still be able to extradite these millions of clueless American Taxpayers cum British Merchant Marine Warrant Officers into Puerto Rican jurisdiction --- and try them under the insanely draconian and self-serving law of the Spanish Inquisition. 

Even if we "fled" ---having never actually been in Puerto Rico-- to one of the States of the Union, we could still be extradited and jailed and tried under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition, thanks to the law of belligerent occupation that allowed all this nonsense to exist and to continue for decades after it should have been resolved. 

Other mechanisms and presumptions created to implement this gigantic fraud scheme were set up by other Insular Tariff Cases, most notably, Downes v. Bidwell, and Hooven and Allison v Evatt. 

It was all about mischaracterizing Americans and impersonating us in various ways and capacities, so as to "legally" but not lawfully justify misapplication of foreign laws to us and confer foreign obligations upon us. 

This whole pile of dog dung is ready and waiting for anyone hearty enough to dive into it, determined enough to come out the other side, and within the context of the times, realize that the perpetrators backing the bankrupt Scottish Corporation dba The United States of America, Incorporated, were preparing the means to collect the debts of that Scottish impersonator from the American Public, upon its upcoming bankruptcy in 1906-07. 

They continued and elaborated upon this scheme when they imported the Internal Revenue Service, Inc. via the State of Delaware franchise in 1925.  

All of this convoluted and inbred fraud was further expedited by false salvage claims under Admiralty Law, when all the bogus Municipal Corporations warehoused in Puerto Rico were targeted as abandoned franchises of a bankrupt parent corporation and all assets vested in these presumed to exist Cestui Que Vie Public Trusts were deemed to be subject to salvage as stateless and civilly dead "prizes" adrift on the High Seas and navigable inland waterways in 1953. 

And absolutely all of this is gross international crime and fraud brought to us by the British Crown, the British Monarch, the Pope, and various other parties thought to "represent" us.  

The only one to dissent consistently was Chief Justice Harlan, who recognized the potential for all the "mischief" these Insular Tariff Cases could cause via the misapplication of Admiralty and Maritime commercial law to members of the American General Public--- precisely what has happened for the past hundred and twenty-three years--- during which Americans have lived in fear of foreign debt collectors engaged in foisting off foreign debts on them. 

We note that the age and duration of a fraud is insignificant, and that there is not statute of limitation on fraud, whether in Admiralty, Maritime Commerce, or Roman Civil Law. 

We have brought our claims before the High Courts which are refusing to answer for their sins and also before the Court of Public Opinion worldwide, so that everyone in every nation can see how we have been abused and betrayed by our own employees and our purported Allies.  

In view of this and other examples of premeditated fraud and self-service on the part of the British Crown and the British Government and the Popes and the Roman Curia and the Government of Ghent --- and these dog piles of prior-arranged court cases serving to implement the frauds and false claims benefiting these perpetrators --- we must ask, why would anyone do business with them?  Why would anyone trust them? Why would anyone believe a word they said? 

Like the Naval Agency and Dispositions Act passed by the British Parliament in 1864, there is a clear and obvious premeditation involved.  These people knew that they were committing fraud and crimes and they provided for it in a premeditated and self-interested fashion behind the backs of their trusting victims.  

They used a storefront and pretense of "law" to do it, while in fact operating as a criminal syndicate under color of law. 

Their latest gig has been to promote the "rule of law" which does not imply anything related to any actual or true law, but rather to their literal "rule" as despots using secret code and star chamber courts and undisclosed private corporation "laws" to promote their criminality throughout the world.  

We do not doubt that they will attempt to popularize this onslaught of corporate criminality in the name of "democracy" --- a form of government that they have never even attempted to practice.  


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