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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

The Final Word on Climate Change

 By Anna Von Reitz

You may have noticed that in recent days there has been a decided "pulling away" from the whole climate change narrative and also a fairly wholesale exit from the vaccine lobby seats.  

No doubt the people pretending to be our "representatives" have been a bit unnerved by our sudden appearance after 160 year silence and our unprecedented knowledge of jurisdictions and history and bank accounts and who bloodied and cheated who, when, where, and why.  

No doubt, they don't like it when we laugh at their promotion of "democracy" when most of them don't know what the word means and don't know that that is not the form of government Americans practice and don't realize that they haven't practiced it, either, having never had an official mandate of over 50% of the population to do anything at all.  

It is a giant farce.  It is laughable.  What else can you do?  Here you have all these people dressed up as news commentators and they have no clue whatever. They don't know what has gone on, is going on, and can't guess at what will go on in future.  
They actually believed that humans and cow farts could account for increasing percentages of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere --- instead of it being caused, as I have always said, by increased volcanic activity, especially along the mid-ocean ridges. 

And now in other places as well -- places that are more visible. 

Remember: one large volcano spewing gas clouds for a week can account for the release of more carbon dioxide than humans have emitted in the entirety of their time on Earth.  

Remember: that there are on average around 200 active volcanoes erupting at any given time, and that number is increasing steadily as we approach the turning point in the Precession of the Equinoxes. 

And here you have Gregg Braden calmly, kindly, and as an expert geologist ----explaining what is happening and what has happened in the past and why this occurs on a regular basis: 

Instead of running screaming into the bushes or allowing yourselves to be further distracted by the flapjack journalists trotting out old news clips from disasters that happened 30 years ago as if they were happening in the Gaza Strip today, stop.  Think 

What do you and Mother Earth need at this moment in history?  

More meddling from idiot politicians and corrupt church officials?  Genocide via polluting our blood and genome with foreign DNA and RNA? More genocide promoted using giant laser weapons?  Land and power grabs?  

A bunch of idiots promoting Corporate Feudalism as "Globalism"? 

No, that's not what anyone needs now. 

What we need now is to discover our latent ability to connect our hearts and minds and dream of a new and better future for mankind.  

Strangely, this is precisely what is needed at this time.  No hysterics.  No bloodshed.  No sacrifices to Baal.  No DEWS. No wars.  No politics.  

Put your hand over your heart at the left-center of your chest and center your attention on your heart. Feel it. Listen to it. Breathe slowly and comfortably. Be grateful that you are in a secure and peaceful place. Build upon that reality and accept that and say, "Thank you!" 

Let your gratitude guide you.  Nothing great is ever accomplished without gratitude.  As the truth becomes clearer to you, as you know that you are loved and that you are guided and that you have always been guided, let tears come, let love come. 

Realize how precious you are.  

Realize that all those nasty clamoring voices of unknown strangers on the television talking about and showing pictures of ugly things are trying -- purposefully -- to distract you from all the beauty and peace of this world.  

They are trying to distract your attention and drag your attention over to what they want you to focus on.  

They are interrupting and co-opting and commandeering your attention like a bunch of squalling two year-olds overdue for a diaper change. 

And they are trying to frighten and distract you with stupidity and nonsense -- climate change, phony democracy, deadly vaccines, poisons of all kinds, cannibalism, aliens, vicious mercenaries, clueless religious zealots, sexual perversions, money worries, natural disasters, horrible new weapons of mass destruction, corporate feudalism aka globalism, politics, every kind of lie and threat and disgusting prurient distraction they can throw at you.  All they offer, all they have ever offered, is a never-ending panoply of death and destruction. 

What's needed is peace and joy and love, quietness, generosity, strength, wisdom, grace, sharing, honesty, beauty, patience, faith, and gratitude. What is needed is a concentration on life and all that makes life worth living. 

The choice has always been set before you. 

The children of Satan have lost the contest; they will not inherit Earth; so now they plot to destroy it, but they are prohibited from that ---- and instead, they must scheme to find a way to make you destroy it. 

Choose life.  Choose it with all your heart, soul, and mind.  And as for those who are choosing death, let them die. It's apparently what they want, because that is all they think about and plan for. 

Close off their avenues to you.  Stop listening to them. Turn off their frequencies and their broadcasts.  Stop being interested in what they are trying to sell.  Stop feeling afraid.  Stop being angry. 

You have a choice and you are free to choose. 

Decide what you want. 

A life of joy and purpose and caring?  

Or a death of pain and ignorance and fear? 


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