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Thursday, March 2, 2023

Reply to Stanley Davenport

 By Anna Von Reitz

Please post in Mattermost and everywhere else people can read it and get an adequate understanding of why things are the way they are and what options we have.  


Although it hasn't gotten through to most people yet I can only state this so many times: 

We have been "occupied" by our own Army operating under the direction of a foreign Territorial Government Subcontractor for 160 years.  These courts are "carpet bagger courts" and exist for the same purposes now as they did in 1865 --- the collection of "war reparations" from Municipal citizens of the United States.  They aren't courts.  They have nothing to do with law or justice. 

They are privateers in the business of debt collection operating illegally on our shores and they are getting away with it because we are not standing up our own courts and operating our own government.  While they are allowed to function in a custodial capacity, we lose.  

Their courts have a 96% conviction rate, because the PERSONS brought before them are already condemned to slavery and guilty by the Fourteenth Amendment.  

We are all "presumed" to be PERSONS until and unless we prove otherwise, and therefore we are denied our Constitutional Guarantees and misrepresented as PERSONS, because it is convenient and profitable for these yahoos to operate under these False Legal Presumptions. 

People keep yelling about "enforcement" and "where's our enforcement?" and yelp, yelp, yelp.  

Get it through your heads that we are our own enforcement and there is nobody here to do it for us. 
We do have the lawful and peaceful means to extricate ourselves from their system (Ex Parte Milligan) but we have to set up our own courts to serve our own public to do it.  So stop whining and griping and DO THE WORK!  Get yourselves organized so that you can shut these "courts" down with respect to you and your property.  

Otherwise, it is easy to see how these "judges" are profiting themselves and their masters at our expense, and how they are exercising their "discernment" in each case in favor of their bottom line interests.  

The only other enforcement that is supposed to be in force is the military itself, which in occupied territory is supposed to protect and secure the rights of the civilian population --- and fails to do so for obvious self-interested reasons. 

There are laws and statutes on the books that force them to discipline the courts but that requires the development of a cadre of trained "Private Attorney Generals" --- a PAG is an ASN who steps in to defend the public law when officials and officers fail to do so.  They are not attorneys, but instead function as "belligerent claimants" to drag the military officials into defend civilian interests.  

Here is an example of one such PAG who has taken up the challenge.  It's easy to see why people have to have great courage and need training to function in this capacity: 

We are doing outreach to try to get a competent PAG program going but until the military as a whole is redirected and the population of this country wakes up and takes action you can see what we are up against.  

The only other avenue -- other than setting up our own courts, and other than developing hardcore and fully trained PAGs among our ASNs, is to "fully inform" the members of their Territorial Congress about these issues of misrepresentation and failure of the military to perform and provide remedies which the civilian population is owed.  


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  1. Today I was able to get a $240,000.00 Civil suit against me dismissed. An ex police officer filed it on me in 2019 for “negligence”. And I beat it.

    1. Grand Rising - Congrats! Please do share how you accomplished it - thanks!

    2. Awesome, hurrrra!
      DearAlmightySpiritusIntelligence TrueLivingGod, present in WeTheLivingPeopleDNA, MakeAmericaFree of BabilonianDogma andHealthy, andProsperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

      OPPT what's it about?

    3. Was this accomplished by following the remedies offered by the FoS as depicted in the ASN/C forum or did you figure it out on your own? Congratulations by the way. Good win for you.

    4. Why is she talking about Trump as legitimate president? He is part of the Cabal.

  2. Interesting that Anna should highlight PAG Estevez. She works directly with Nancy Kramer's ASN's in California who split with Anna and the Federation over a year ago. Nancy's group is going STRONG in SoCal

    1. Thank you! Would it be possible to provide a link to any further information regarding Nancy and/or her group? .........

    2. Do Not let the deep-fraud divide WeTheLivingPeopleEver.

    3. '' Nancy's group is going STRONG in SoCal,,, "
      The Question Is .. just where is "Nancy's group" going? ?
      no one, or group, comes even on the planet in providing the credentials and provanance as Anna and the Federation..
      Look very carefully before you leap into a baited trap.

  3. Is this Adrian Estevez as sbove??
    One of the People in a Court of Record (Judicial Tribunal)

  4. Is it possible to see a copy of the letter to Trump???

  5. To the poster who requested links to Nancy Kremer's group:

    1. Video of the Orange County, California Assembly (not part of Anna’s Federation) with Adriana Estevez:
      (Found at:

  6. Here in Massachusetts we have had a State National in jail for two months for falling asleep intoxicated under a tree. No harm was done to anyone and the judge placed bail at $250,000 or home confinement at the latest hearing. Not wanting to contract with the State our man is I believe still in the pokey. It would have been advantageous to have a plan prior to his incarceration.

  7. Hmmm. My bullshit meter is detecting something.
    Mexifornia is a joke. It’s full blown whacko and always has been. There are good people there but it’s a cesspool of corrupt satanic dark souls. ..just like New York.
    This in my humble opinion raises more questions than it answers, confuses the whole thing and muddies the waters even more.
    Where is the manual ? Where are the classes ? Who is actually telling the truth ?
    I was recently arrested after using Anna’s “ 90% “ method for a stupid” failure to signal a turn “ non sense while bringing an Amish friend back from a cancer clinic in Arizona.
    To say I am pissed beyond comprehension is an understatement. I did everything to the letter. I political status has been corrected on the public record since 4/2019. I used to help with the paperwork here. I know my stuff. Many of you and Anna know me as does Paul.
    Frustration is not even coming close to how most of us feel who have been involved for as long as this group has existed.
    I am no dummy. I read constantly. I am aware. I pray. I spread the word and spend my time volunteering, helping people and moving the ball forward.
    What the hell is going on ?

    1. Let's sum things up folks and maybe you'll understand. All of the politicians , state, federal and city are ACTORS!!! THEY ARE ACTORS! There are no politicians as you think they are. It all actually culminated in Hollywood, CA about 100 years ago. All of the mainstream media is not only a lie, it's an act! When you read something that sounds real to you, you automatically believe it. It's designed that way. It sounds feasible so you think it's true. 95% of what you read and hear in the mainstream media, on the internet or in the alternative media is not true. If you stop and think about it, you will realize that it's just more bullshit being expounded to keep you full of the deception and mind control that keeps you looking for more.

    2. Rogue employees and organized crime is whats going on. You need an army to back your play. Since none of us has an army to back our play it is now time to start banding together in groups. I'm talking to the Patriots and country folks who know how to fend for themselves and defend themselves and their families. It is now time for us to come together as a cohesive every state in this country. North, south, east and west. Don't fall for divide and conquer games. It was always going to come down to this.

    3. To mar 3 5:11 Your bullshit meter works just fine .I have one thing to suggest and that is NO group will be recognized! One has to achieve recognition by one's own merits.Everything you said is true and if I had been sitting in your car at the time of your arrest and you had told me what you planned on doing ...well I would have predicted your result and I am sorry you learned the hardway. Look at sentence #2 above again. Now what?You must work within the paths "they" have constructed to be recognized. They know what a state National is. Need Proof. Look at Title 8 section 1101 paragraphs 21 and 23. Now look at paragraph 22. See what they do! The avg Joe will not see the
      trickery there. Now you can whine, bitch complain about how devious they are but I am telling you you are wasting your time and breath. Learn what must be done to accomplish the sobriquet found in 21 and or 23. See if you can some other posts I have made.

  8. I became an ASC to make a difference and to add some credibility to what I have felt about life on this earth through the majority of my life. I think if you ask the participants on the Tennessee Assembly I will get a favorable report as a hard worker and one who often aske the tuff questions. But this is not about me. It is about people working together to rebuild and restore and reclaim something that was stolen from us, and by the grace of the Creator "WE WANT IT BACK", sooner rather than later.
    In the course of coming to the aide of a fellow Tennessean, I dredged up emotions about the things that are a constant distraction for ASN/C's. That is all the many rabbit holes that magically open up on the Mattermost forum. It is painfully obvious to me that while we need a place to come together and discuss things, like the Liberty Tree of old, the main purpose should be to gather pertinent and useful information that we can then take back to our Assembly and apply to the next step in standing them up in full measure. Now is not the time to be allowing our attentions spans to be pulled here and there by all the so called "remedies", popping up on the forum. So we should ask ourselves, how much time do I spend chasing a shiny object down a rabbit hole in the form of a remedy compared to how much time I spend working on a committee assignment? I mean EVERYONE is on at least one active and forward moving committee, right!
    I love controversy if it creates growth in a positive direction. I don't mind becoming the face of a big teaching moment. It's all good.
    Bottom line is we need a Common Law court in every county on this great country. Anything short of that will continue to keep us in the war zones of the enemy, our employees.
    So join the Jural Assembly committee structure and make a difference. When we have our true law courts functioning then we can nullify all of the so called many corporate codes and other things that are nothing more than color of a law. I yield.

    1. What will you do when the FBI (2agents) come to your door and demand the names of the Jural members, known as domestic terrorists or they already have a list and want to know your intentions?
      Well Mr. FBI guy me and a bunch of others have decided to convene a real court of law and then nullify your statutes and codes. That my friend will not go over well.Yes I have had this happen. These people have all the guns, at least better ones than what the public has. What will you have to ENFORCE your will?

    2. Maybe a well regulated Militia? I'm hopeful anyway. Thanks.

    3. I might add that if we have a truly "constitutionally" elected Sheriff in our county, they will have authority over the FBI. Couple that with 50 Militia members and I think there will be no problem in keeping our unalienable rights.

    4. I have joined my court and it is assembled. However, I was told by the court justice that "we will not be going after the corporations."

    5. Hi Stanley, didn't your post on mattermost say that anna was producing useless remedies? That acted to ensnare the one making use of them instead of Freeing them from the snares? Just trying to get clarity around the commentary. Been following Anna for a decade now and given that the REGISTRATION automation that traffics people into incorporated jurisdictions at birth still hasn't been halted, whats the point of recording ones status back into the unincorporated jurisdiction of the land? Are Any of Annas proclamations being deferred to Anywhere?

      It sorta sounds like standing up common law courts with a local militia is what you are aiming to do, is that correct? Does that require the Recording paperwork to do? Or?

    6. "useless remedies" in the sense that they are being promoted as valid with no proof except for an occasional win here and there. If the remedies were valid then all of them would accomplish the intended purpose, and when you look at how much effort is put forth by a small army of participants and the length to which the De Facto employees must be noticed via Register Mail, ($18.00 a pop) and emailed and then having to notice the Corporation CFO and CEO and make phone calls and on and on just to get one offset for a monthly bill or for some acknowledgement of the fraud by the Secretary of State or any other Public Office holder, well, it is a tremendous amount of work. What I'm saying is all of that effort would provide a more substantial ROI if it were put into standing up all the states 4 pillar Assemblies. Which would include having a "well regulated Militia", and a fully functional Jural Assembly which includes Common Law courts in every county on a state. As it should be. Once those are in place with Constitutional Sheriffs and properly trained JoP and all the other personnel and a jury pool for trials, needed to run a court of law we would be able to, state by state, take the criminal employees to task for crimes against the people. From nullifying color of law traffic codes and automobile registrations and a long list of corporate policies enforced by POLICE Power Corporate officers. | Yes, one much change their political status from that of a U.S. Citizen to an American National. American State National or American State Citizen. Thanks.

  9. matthew-austin:culverMarch 3, 2023 at 11:32 AM

    Excellent video of Adrian Estevez! Play the entire 1hr, 25 min. interview enough times to understand everything she says. Very courageous woman! She verifies everything Anna has posted regarding the deception. We have to be courageous if we are to overcome. Ask God to help you to make the decision to put your life on the line--it's a life and death commitment.

  10. Anna thanks again. Very good information from this Adriana Estevez PAG Be Blessed.

  11. Monumental book 500 pages on revised history one glaring thing in intro ,
    Europe knows true history it’s America that’s kept in dark because we are the only ones who can break free , and if we break out it’s game over .
    Might add another work about history called “the great upheaval “
    How when Rabbel in rags beat the Zionist control English military lost it caused a shock wave that now everyone wanted free France,Dutch,Spanish, Russian’s fought England after we did . Except Russia fought Ottomans for water front property in black and lost .
    Thing is we again can cause world upheaval.

  12. And another thing when the south tried to succeed although failed it sent shock waves through the world. We were the first to attempt separation from parent county but since then 120 nations have succeeded.

  13. [thAT’s-nICE:dEAR]

  14. Stanley, does the process look promising or do you have to test the water. Sounds interesting. Thanks

  15. I am a little lost, knowing that we have the “Celestial ability” to detect and avoid accidents and bodily harm, but seem to be lacking in discernment regarding the way forward with the same clarity on how to establish and execute freedom the way the Creator intended it.

    Adriana Estevez says that at the time of this referenced recording, she has actively been in this warfare for about 12 years and so far has been able to disqualify over 1600 De Facto officials. All that without formal training and perhaps without a large following/organization nation wide.

    Meanwhile, we have and organization, with trained personnel in our ranks, and have been perusing this Status Quo for about 40 years more or less. Yes, we are now more knowledgable about the lies and deception and now that it is time for action. So when obvious concerns are voiced, would it not be more productive to stop and study the issue(s), with a view towards finding solutions!

    We are all in this together, we all want the same thing and it is obvious that no one person has all the answers. There would be no International Assembly without a General Assembly. This is not the time to flex muscles of superiority, but rather to put our heads together. Just think how disastrous it would be, for the proposition of having a population wake up and take action, ie "DO THE WORK”, without a proper structure and leadership. Remember what happened to Thomas Becket, archbishop of Canterbury, when 12th Century Henry ll of England made his nonchalant comment about “taking care of this pest”, who was also his best friend in times past.

    Many are willing to do the work, but we need to devise, a true workable template that is a strategic / planned / tactical guidance, or else the process becomes a trial and error effort which slows progress.

    So Let the THINK TANKS begin by getting together.

  16. Anyone here heard about Chase Alllen? We have to wake the populace up to stop this type of thing with the territorial and municipal terrorists. The police answering the call were told to turn off their cameras. If Chase didn't have a phone recording this action, this could all be swept under the rug. Be careful people.

  17. I desperately want my status reclaimed but people I know used Annas process and keep running into problems. I appreciate Annas template as to how to proceed. Then I read many peoples experiences and processes and I am very confused now as to what is the actual way to follow. Some who have already returned to their Birthright status and claim it was fairly easy and had no problems, wont explain how they did it. I find this very perplexing and highly frustrating. Its as if theres an arrogance to those who are having problems. As long as they accomplished returning their status, they dont care if you do or not. Clearly they dont want People to unite together when theres strength in numbers. What does this mean for this nation to move forward and reclaim our land and property and a non corrupt Justice System? I see this mentality and attitude every day from "So-called Americans", personally I see these people more as Non-Americans, that would be far better off finding an unpopulated island and establish their own country, otherwise what good will they be to come together and care or help others? It would be so much more helpful to have a successful process we can all use to achieve our status. I am open to any suggestions. Thank you.

    1. The 928 package is a good place to start and it contains much for correctly changing our status. However, I am convinced it does not take things far enough. Besides recording us on the LRO and our step to recording us on the local county level of our state and the SoS and a letter to the IRS, there must be additional notice served on a national level. Maybe even sending the Pope and the Mayor of London a copy of our paperwork along with a fee schedule. What I am saying is, we do this status correction and think all is going to just drop into our laps and yet we have no more power an authority than we did before the status change. Maybe there is a list somewhere of those that we must notice with our 928's and I missed it somehow. FIIK.

  18. Imagine 3 basket ball courts side by side all playing basket ball at the same time. Every time you go for a basket someone is in front of you trying to stop you from scoring. You can't run to the basket and imagine the opponent is on one of the other courts and they will not be in your way. There is a scripture that says there must be opposition in all things. If you do your paperwork just right will there be free access to the basket with no defenders to stop you. There will always be defenders to stop you and they if they can will change the rules as you are running down the court. Just saying this is more like an athletic game than anything else. There is a defensive linebacker that is mean and ugly and he is going to stop you any way he can.

  19. Peace & light all, wondering if anyone have any insight on my situation. My NC tags were blocked due to insurance lapse and I was sent a letter to pay fines $110 for each vehicle and I have 4 vehicles. The vehicles are registered with common law and intent was to purchase insurance through common law but website says not accepting new applications for insurance. I have purchased insurance with progressive but letter from DMV says I'm not able to use my vehicles untill fines are paid in full. Any suggestions


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