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Monday, June 14, 2021

Committees of Safety and Executive Committees Aren't For Us

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am asking that all State Coordinators be given this information and burn it into their brains.
The Continental Congress delegations set up "Committees of Safety" to connect resources coming from their State Assemblies to the military, that is, to supply the Continental Army, to conduct intelligence gathering, and do contingency planning.
We are not assembled in any Congress---yet; we have no need for "Committees of Safety", and most importantly, we are not at war. We do not propose to go to war with each other or with our own employees or with employees of our erstwhile subcontractors, either.
We propose to hold those same Principals to their contracts by lawful and peaceful means ---- and if they do not concede and correct their operations on our shores, we will show them up to the entire world as criminals that are completely untrustworthy, vile, and lawless.
That's our "Plan".
If they contrive to attack us or get any kind of conflict going on our shores, we will Outlaw them and give them no rest until they are driven out of business. Every other country on Earth will know them as oath breakers, con artists, inland pirates, human traffickers, frauds and hypocrites, bullies, murderers and thieves. The US Raj.
Nobody will want to do business with them. Nobody will believe a word they say. Nobody will trust them anymore. Nobody will listen to them. Their own actions will show them up for what they are.
Just like Nasty Gossips caught lying. False Friends that betray a trust. BFFs caught looting your locker.
We humans may have our faults, but we all still know which way the wind blows.
We aren't preparing for war. We are already ready. We've been ready since 1776. Millions of us.
Yes, there is one silver lining in having been abused and conscripted as slaves and mercenaries and occupied by our own Armed Forces. We all know more than we want to know about military operations and running surgeries out of kitchens.
We don't need any "Committees of Safety" at this point, and if we ever do need any "Committees of Safety" both London and Rome had better kiss their asses and their money good-bye, because we won't be the only ones coming for them.
So forget about Committees of Safety and forget about those promoting Committees of Safety. They are taking a historical fact, twisting it, and using it out of context. They are misleading patriots into taking actions that can needlessly endanger good people and also potentially provide the Vermin with an excuse to "crack down".
Don't take the bait. They are the ones under a microscope. They are the ones on the run. They are the ones that need to be afraid. Keep your nerve. And stay in your lane.
Everyone in your Assembly needs to be clued in and settled down. Everyone needs to stick together and support each other as friends and neighbors. Our State Assembly Militias are perfectly lawful and devoted to Public Safety as Peacekeepers. Not soldiers.
And now I want to point out that "Executive Committees" are foreign to the entire concept of an American State Assembly. The very word "executive" should give you a clue. Our executive power is vested directly in the people of this country, not some clown pretending to "represent" the people.
Our Assembly Chairmen are spokespersons, not executives.
Executives run corporations and the corporations are what have brought us all to this madness and mayhem----Robber Barons and Bankers out of control, Silicon Valley Nerds, Hollywood Scum, Big Pharma, NEA, CDC, WHO, et al.
Those who are dragging their corporate experience into our Assemblies need to be corrected and prevented from perpetuating the same evils all over again. Remember the plain, simple truth that Hannah Arendt taught---- if we don't watch ourselves, we become what we hate.
Just like the idiots decrying racism and teaching "Critical Race Theory" ---- they have become what they pretend to hate: racists teaching racism to others.
When you come to our Assemblies, cast away your assumptions about hierarchy, authority, and "executive power". Our Executive Power is vested in the Public Law and the people upholding it. Period.
I trust that these two examples are sufficient to point out the necessity of thinking before acting. Liars are not welcome in our Assemblies. Neither are gossips nor pot-stirrers nor power-mongers.

If that's all you've got to offer, people, stay home.


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  1. AWESOME Anna !!! Your Monday night webinar was wonderful, and thank you for all your hard work.

  2. I was told at a meeting long ago that in a Republic the vote has to be 100% not no majority vote like in democracy where the majority rules .... mob rule.
    if I'm wrong let me know with facts not just what you think
    thank you

    1. Thanks for the crux of Plato .
      And the applicable ways the vermin change words regularly.
      The Confederacy was a catch word like quantitative easing catchy .
      The succeeded south adopted the heart of the article s of Confederation in the new southern constitution simple no big central government.

    2. goes much deeper goodE2boots

      platonic philosophy and neoplatonic variants, allow mergers. a thing can be 2 things at once. combinations/synthesises are allowed, if not mandated

      aristotle, traditionally (later apparently "reconciled" with platonic ideas) a thing can be one thing only.

      how does this apply? EVERYWHERE.

      money. marx was said to be aristotlean -- only precious metals or similar are actual money. plato allows "credit money" and "paper money" and "monetized debt" et. al.

      bible. no worldly kingdom. (aristotlean)

      even son of joseph (peaceful carpenter, rides in on ass, said to show up if the jews were "bad"0 versus son of david (comes in glory on/from the clouds, to conquer, this is also the revelation/apocalypse one).

      plato: merges the 2 together. ditto "the lord" versus "our lord". plato allows "merging" the two so you get 1/2 satan 1/2 christ. aristotle, new testament, is "light only".

      plato creates light and darkness.

      endless endless other examples. "at law" (or in law, depending on who/what you are talking of: the case, or people themselves) -- according to the course of the common law, aristotlean. plato, allows meta-expanding on another level -- can mean many things, all "related" but distorted/expanded/metaphorical.

      due process. states. people. "god". all these things, this applies.

      there is no area this split does not apply. even plato's "republic" can be "platonicized" and brought to another level.

      in truth, plato's republic is shifting sands, and always was. it was also built on eugenics and only breeding of select of people and "the state" will find them "mates" -- see timaeus

      "understand plato's concept" we are doomed for multiple reasons if that's what the american "republic" definition is/was.

      and because of supposed "atlantis" connection, it is poseidon rising out of the sea, yet more millenialism/second coming. this is no conjecture, read rosicrucian and similar writings. why they are so obsessed with "atlantis". some even say explains the many flood myths.

      platonicism goes much deeper. platonicism is luciferianism -- anythign goes, any "merger" is allowed, any "synthesis" is permitted. traditional aristotlean philosophy, a thing can only be one thing at a time.

      these are opposing systems of philosophy, but also 2 different types of LOGIC. thus, they permeate all written words, all philosophies, all religions, any idea. any idea, can be interpreted where luciferian "mergers" are either allowed or disallowed.

      to say america is built on plato, is to say it was always luciferian and synthetic.

      part of "reconciliation" is plato didnt explain where souls/spirits came from, what happened to them, etc. aristotle supposedly covered a bit of that. so plato was making "religious" claims but was not fully fleshed out/complete. in that sense too, platonic logic was never compatible with any religion or bible except luciferianism and maybe things like alchemy/tao/etc.

    3. if america is built on plato's republic, then:

      1) anythign goes, there is no truth, only endless mergers
      2) its all alchemy/tao, incompatible with actual christianity, judaism, and the bible
      3) the con artists that be are well within their "rights" and can just "make it up as you go along"

      platonic logic is the system of "make it up as you go along"

      a further example, involving physics, can be seen in thomas bearden "excalibur briefing" book, also briefly discusses these 2 types of logic. he finds aristotlean logic lacking for physics, and says platonic logic is needed to cross boundaries. (really, platonic logic ALLOWS "boundaries" where a thing can be 2 things at once; aristotlean logic does not)

      so, besides gov, law, religion, philosophy, money, politics, this also affects science, physics, mathematics, what type of "logic" someone is using.

      there is no problem per se -- except people not specifying which type of logic they use. there would be no confusion if people understood they are separate, incompatible, cannot be reconciled, and if people would specify which type of "logic" they are speaking of.

      platonic logic is very useful for abstract, meta things. it never gets down to concrete/actual and everything is temporary, ever-shifting, merely seasonal. it is no basis for law or government unless you want a eugenicist technocracy that is allowed to "make it up as you go along"

      if america's "republic" is plato, then there is not much point "rebuilding". it is just building the luciferian kingdom on earth. just means the devil is in heaven and wants the earth to match.

    4. platonicism can also be called hermeticism/alchemy/tao/etc.

      neoplatonic hermeticism is how you get "gnostic catholics" pushing vatican II.. it is how you get eliphas levi "more catholic than the pope, more protestant than luther". it is how you get revelation/apocalypse too, round two. it is how you get "christian socialism" and the pledge. it is how you get legal tender and FRNs.

      if platonic logic and plato's republic is what america was built on, then the frauds that be are well within their "rights" for all these things. including sterilization and eugenics and attempt to murder the employers.

      this is the "golden age" the millenium 1000 years of "peace", the "wicked" are all destroyed and "bound" (everyone who isnt luciferian)

      if america is platonic logic, people are getting what they asked for. the employees are delivering. and, despite marxist's aristotlean position on money, this is the communist heaven on earth where all the evil "capitalists" are gone.

      everything the luciferians that be do, is built on plato. its why they are so obsessed with atlantis.

      you will not truly comprehend unless you meet such a person in person and see how they create "mergers" any time they want, because they do not believe anything is real. how can you justify selling out and enslaving your fellow man? because they aren't real, no guilt, no regrets. this is strongly pushed with "you create your own reality" type new age "religions".

      this is scalia's "formalism" type of "rule of law" too. "rule of law" also has been platonicized multiple times, has 3 or 4 definitions. "law" from time immemorial. case law made by judges. jury nullification. anything a legislature or congress encodes/statutes/writes into law/code.

      this is where "rule of law" is at nowadays. anything a legislature does is lawful. judges, juries, case law, "god", can all be overturned at the whims of a legislature. this is full roman civil law. no reasoning or precedent needed, no need to "show your work" or quote prior cases. just write a code up, that is law. even if it conflicts with past cases, past juries, natural law, "god", the constitution, contracts, ...

      luciferians and dictators love plato for a reason. anything goes. anything is allowed.

      alchemy, at least recognized this was not god but merely nature. it was always false demiurge, god of the blind, just wants to take over the world, power for its own sake.

    5. re: case law made by judges
      these were really maxims. "made by judges" is what the scalia "formalist" types accused them of. they were accused of making new law, they insisted they were merely abstracting a common rule for future reference, "refactoring" for simplicity, for maintenance and clarity purposes.

      in that sense, the legislatures accused them of platonicism, but the judges insisted their maxims were from real cases and history; the legislatures, ignoring case law and maxims, were the ones "making it up as they go along"

      another example, of "rule of law" having multiple definitions because platonic logic. maxims were an attempt to escape legislatures "making it up as you go along" -- a judge, in order to abstract thusly, would have to show precedent, case law, and the intention was future cases would default to the maxim, unless there was good reason and sufficient circumstances that it did not apply, or a new maxim was needed, etc.

      maxims were one of the prior "rule of law" definitions, and enforced precedence being respected. if there was no precedence, a new maxim would eventually be needed.

      legislatures who want to "make it up as you go along" without showing any work, who themselves are "making law" as they go along, accused the judges of "creating law" (overstepping their branch)

      so this still occurs today, with "rule of law" having multiple definitions, and is nowadays "platonicized" to mean a legislature can make any "law" they want, overturn anything on a whim.

      and, this is also how you get:
      jerome used aristotlean logic; a thing can only be one thing at a time. the meek missed out on heaven, get earth and a worldly kingdom instead, see quote.

      plato/revelation/apocalypse/luciferianism, allows a "worldly kingdom" of supposed "saints" because "mergers" are allowed.

      thus, with plato's logic, the meek are "heavenly" and "earthly" combined, and this is heaven on earth, and they are god on earth, instead of the walking dead who missed out on heaven.

    6. to clarify: scalia's "formalism" type of "rule of law" merges "god" and the state/court/legislature/etc., and law is no longer "god" or "god's law" or even nature's law, and tehre is no "spirit of law" but only the letter.

      in other words, a person in proper clothes/uniform, can do no wrong. the clothes make the man. appearances are EVERYTHING.

      thus, it is a platonic logic-based merger of spirit and flesh, exactly the same as revelation/apocalypse "the meek" inheriting the earth.

      with no spirit of law separate from "appearance of law", anything a court, a judge, a cop, anyone does, is "god" and infallible. they are a court/judge/cop/legislature, they can do no wrong. there is no law (spirit of law), only legal (appearances)

      law was spirit, legal was appearances. the 2 may or may not coincide or match in any particular instance, but they are totally separate concepts. arisotlean logic.

      scalia's "formalism" merged the 2 together, and he called it "rule of law". with plato's logic, this luciferianism is allowed, and man becomes god on earth. this too, is yet more millenialism/revelation, the modern legal "rule of law", is all built on plato.

  3. King George the 3rd wrote a sentence over 300 words long I am told and seems it redefines land penaltys in someway and by the end of reading it few could understand what it meant. Attorners turned over property to George using the new "law"

  4. I watched some of two video interviews with Edwin Viera, Jr. I think that he said there that he thought that we were poorly prepared because we are not set up as Organized Militia as we should be. (Also, I heard of a group of ten defeating one hundred because the ten knew how to work together.)
    Audio of one of the two here: .
    Interview with Vieira about the Militia here: .
    Clayton Cramer put photos of law books on his website under Primary Historical Sources:
    Militia Statutes: .