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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Bombshell! Montana Representative Goes on Record Alleging Unlawful Conduct by Montana’s Largest Credit Union

 Things have finally taken a turn towards justice in the ongoing battle being waged against Dennis and Donna Thornton, and their company, Thorco Inc., by Whitefish Credit Union, Montana’s largest credit union.

Even though NorthWest Liberty News has only been involved in the case since 2019, the battle to steal Thornton’s property has been ongoing for more than 10 years. Details of the Thornton case, and video testimony from several other victims, can be accessed by clicking here and going to the Credit Union Crimes website.


Read Mark Noland's Letter by Clicking Here


  1. it looks to me like we have no reason to think that yet another, of prob. over 1000 now, "bombshells" will result in anything but more of the British "Crown" FICTION's Criminal Charges in Commerce being DISCHARGED by themselves upon themselves.
    And we now know and we *do* say "no!"
    so, it looks like the same crooks, British Crown Agents, Esquires, Attorneys, British FICTIONAL subjects, man-made "NOBLES, Titled" (haha!!), and their Affiliates, who committed the Crimes (Commercial) upon men, women, sons, and daughters who are made in the image of God, are heading up all their own Dismissals, Immunizations, Conferrances of Privileges and Discharges of "Crimes"? but theres a price to pay for doing that and they havent paid it yet i say.

    so are they running off with their FICTIONAL "Prizes in Admiralty, Awards in Admiralty"???: that they NON-FICTIOALLY directly or indirectly participated in and knowingly merrderrred, cheated, lied, thieved, deceived, and misled, threatened, or otherwise coerced other people into doing FOR them to keep their own hands "clean"?!? ... thinking theyre safe?!... gunna run off an' hide out somewhere?!!... WHERE?
    Where in this world CANT the good, decent, honest people find them? :):):)
    seriously. theres nowhere to hide. even the islands cant protect them, neither can the underground, and some speculate that they even tried to get "OffPlanet", but it didnt work.
    there have got to be enough people working for "them" who just hate it, ...who have "played the game" but hate it and hate themselves for doing it. and not only would jump at the chance to "redeem" themselves before God for their bad decisions but are already planning and have the plans laid out to "invert" the scenario when the time comes and do a double, triple, quad double-cross??...... well, isnt thst what their "Bosses" taught them how to do?.... who says they cant use the knowledge anyway they want?... the knowledge is their "Property" now isnt it,.... cant they use it anyway they want?
    or maybe its just that they see the supposed Great Reset failing; or maybe they have already realized the fact that they will never get the "cut" they were promised (Templars); or maybe a little birdy told them THEY are the second "culling"!??
    who knows, but i have a sense that the can. nons that were constructed to be pointed at us have somehow been set up for re-calibration and are now pointing at other- than- us.... just a guess based on the frantic movements now taking place.. Qn ded, fin collaps in eur; now, if true, all FICTION Banks close on the same day, without broadly-published warnings and announcements?... to me that would look like a "Hell Mery" play, but just speculating here....

    1. cannot confirm this but its still of at least some interest, that: supposedly in 2023 in Illinois there basically may not be or will not be "law enforceent services"... it ssounded like except maybe for mrrrderr. could be FearPorn though.

    2. Speaking of Banks closing, I saw a post on TS from one who has a family member who drives an armored truck that carries cash. Stated that soon no more cash will get delivered from the Fed. NONE. But, perhaps we will have the new Treasury Notes, so hopefully just all the fraudulent banks will close. Not sure what will actually take their place. Under the Quantum Financial System, why would we even need banks? I do say, in regards to rumors of "Trump" being "arrested", if anything of the sort happens, there will be lots of Patriots, no matter how misguided, will take to the streets, requiring the Military to become much more overtly active!

  2. Hang them all. God damned criminals . The Thorntons did the right thing and got their judgement. Time to string up,the lawyers, the title company, the judges, and everyone else involved….USC18 241, USC 18 242.

  3. They don't need our credit or bonds to create money they can create/print any amount of money they want
    The whole damned thing is a pyramid ponzi scheme and always has been

    They have to destroy the old to bring in the new so called age of their next round of BULLSHIT

    Wait until they claim that some rich bastard bought all the HOA's (hos) and the 6 inches of land soil that your house is built on is built on top of the underlying international land that lays underneath of it
    And because of their word and financial magic you are no longer on your homeland soil at all but on top of international land that the soil lays upon and your house is theirs

    It's all BULLSHIT

    Grammarian at 18 minutes previous title of a lawyer
    Early 1600's in the colonies they were not allowed to practice their ART
    Frowned upon by early colonist

    Funny isn't it that today we have language apps like Babel and Grammerly to help us sheep learn the ropes of these thieves/scribes

  4. A follow up to his video I linked above

    China through the back door

    So all you Maine state national coordinators best take heed

  5. And if you're in Maine and have moneral rights to your property that have been passed down for generations you best listen up because they are comin for ya

    I told all of you how they tracked down land from generations ago that belonged to my great great grandparents and they sought out the now living relatives to sign over their mineral rights

    The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and Medici Ventures and a blockchain LRS like in Zambia Africa

  6. Look at this one The GEO GROUP

    So lets see you have no way to pay because the money is shit anyway and then they roll out a way for you to get out of it with promises of a prepaid vendor card and your freedom?

    And if the money is debt notes, you never paid for anything in the first place you are not debt free if you never paid for it


    Ever heard the saying gotcha comin and goin?

    Absolutely rediculous if the money is a debt note, a bill, follar bill, five dollar bill, 10 dollar bill, 20 dollar bill, 50, 100 and on and on it goes
    They are all debt notes/bills

    1. So even the people that think they are debt free are not debt free because they never paid for anything in the first place if they used federal reserve debt notes

      And based in this video they are not planning to put people back in debtors prisons


      What in the hell is this place?

    2. shelby,
      i ran into info about something called a Certificate of Participation that it sounds like the Municipalities use to raise funds when theyve tapped out on what the Banks will let them raise Bonds on.
      it sounds like they might be selling these to investors for a share/participation in the profits the Municipality makes off of Tickets, Liens on land, using their Fake"Courts" to steal from the peoples' "TrustAccounts"; "Foreclosures" on peoples homes; making profit on the "MunicipalWaterSystems" that belong to the people ONLY; business licenses and fees; registrations; dog tax; fees for burn permits; taxes; fines; fees; charges; contempt of their fake courts; court costs; IMPRISONMENTS!!??
      shelby i would love to know your assessment of this if you happen to find anything on it.... im going to keep searching.
      ..;:or anybody else who knows anything about this.

    3. Debtors prisons created by the very crooks who set the scheme up
      Look at this one The GEO GROUP

      The gravy train and their extortion racket - their golden globe of robbing all people of the world blind and calling it 'law'
      Bid bond
      Performance bond
      Payment bond
      These bonds were confirmed to me by an ex sheriff from Arizona that I talked to face to face
      He is now serving as a mayor in Arizona
      Good ole boys club member I'm pretty sure

      Every ticket they write equals cash (debt)

      And how about the LRS article this morning and supposedly someone hacked the system and took it down?

      Medici Ventures and all things BLOCKCHAIN

      The MOU is with Medici Ventures which was formed to incubate, launch, and invest in blockchain investments in the most fundamental processes of that new aged, such as



      For those folks in Maine that had generational mineral rights on paper and only they and their families had these records they were FISHING for you and hoping you would come forward and record so they could steal the land digitally

      And if you're in Maine and have mineral rights to your property that have been passed down for generations you best listen up because they are comin for ya

    4. janmarie I will check in to what you wrote above and see what I can find

      In the interim check this article out

      And on the subject of mind control and their MK Ultra BULLSHIT

      All the mind control delivered in the Wizard of Oz has been directed at the MK-Ultra mind control victims who are ALL OF US. The mind control victims are all those who have come to believe that this 3D space is real and have totally lost focus with reality. The MK-Ultra victims are nothing more than a smokescreen to hide the fact that we are all totally compartmentalized, and controlled and manipulated in our ability to reconnect to our original state of wisdom. If we look to the situation of the mind control victims and consider how fortunate that we’re not in the predicament that they’re in, then we’re in that very predicament. We, like them, believe we’ve somehow missed the mind control and are somehow immune to the luciferian / illuminati inspired agenda. We then consider, (in our trance state), how we can, in someway, and somehow, maintain and protect our pretty little asses within this trance state. Not realizing for one minute, that SAVING OUR 3D REALITY is the WHOLE PURPOSE AND INTENTION of the AGENDA CONJURED up by the LUCIFERIAN THINKERS.

      All children’s stories that have made it into the scope of worldwide acclaim are all mind control tools of the thinkers. All the works of Hans Christian Anderson of Denmark, including the Littlest Mermaid, The Princess and the Pea, and the Snow Queen are all flogging the agenda of the thinkers. Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, etc. … everything is a mind control tool.
      All are indoctrinated within us as little children by the teachers within the educational systems based on lunacy. Once this is realized and recognized to manipulate us into believing that our 3 dimensional lives are of value and are real, it’s a simple HOP, SKIP and A JUMP (another subliminal) to lock us into the notion that we should then maintain the illusion at all costs. All this is indoctrinated into us in the HALLOWED HALLS of the EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS. We know who the god of halls is!

      So, this is the mind control involved behind the Wizard of OZ. Wasn’t that a WIZ, … if ever a WIZ there WAZ.

    5. As this guy 'predicted' they were going to do


      The movie The CROODS
      Earthquakes, mountains rising up out of the earth etc etc etc
      Following the SUN
      In the movie the exclaim they changed all the rules and from now on they will follow the SUN they will stay out here and follow the SUN

      At the beginning of the movie they exclaim they had neighbors but most are now gone from get this
      the flu
      mosquito bites
      They are a cave man family hiding in a cave at night and hunting eggs by day
      Guy teaches them about fire and hunting animals/meat
      He teaches then how to wear shoes
      He teaches them about having animals for pets

      The movie is very revealing

    6. shelby,
      great! i hadnt heard of this before, so i am wondering if this might be very damning for them. im guessing: yes. because it could be tied in with the For-Profit Prison-ing Systems that these FOREIGN AGENTS, going by BAR ATTORNEYS, "JUDGES", CLERKS, BAILIFFS, SHERIFFS, LEOS, DAs/ other might be INVESTED IN.
      SO that regardless of the Conflicts of Interests, all this IMPRISON-ING, FEE-ING, FIN-ING, FORECLOS-ING, TAX-ING, LYING ABOUT, MERRDERRING, CHARG-ING Americans that theyve been busy doing is done in part becauseall add up to making their own Investment profitable??
      i mean, it looks like they keep building more and more prisons because they are violating more and more Americans rights.... while they make their own private investment return on each imprisonment??? hmm... not lookin good for them right now in my book.

    7. shelby/others,
      i just thought of something else that might become a pertinent detail:....
      1. Theres the CAFR investment Account.... seems like that is the Account Balance that is looked at to determine the amount that the Municipal Corporation's Controlling Bankers will allow the Municipal Corporate ENTITY to "float" Bonds for ---- not 100% sure on that.
      but anyway, so, then when the Bank says NO MORE (?),
      what??? the Municipality starts writing more Traffic Tickets, puts more liens on homes... stiffens the Rules and Regs so it can charge fines and fees for violations?.... or foreclosures... how about fines and imprisonments for Contempt of their FOREIGN LYING "COURT" SYSTEMS??... and then sells a Piece of the Action to "Investors?"
      THese, and more, are questions we all need the answers to imo.

    8. More of their beam cutting in action as the brain dead watch the casket of this whatever the hell she is be paraded around

    9. I believe they have already cashed out all those CAFR's?
      CAFR sounds like calf right, like a golden calf

      The pensions and social security of any kind will need destroyed because their aim is UBI, ya know to make it all fair, equal blah blah blah and shit

      They have to destroy the old to bring in the new

      Their plan in their fiction corporate set up is to bankrupt them all yet again like they did in detroit

      Ole Ronnie Howard one of the inbred so called royal bunch did a movie about how they choked the life out of Detroit
      It's called Hillbilly Effigy ya know like the Beverly Hillbillies from back in the day
      All the inbred stars of hollywood were in the film

      It shows how they destroyed Detroit and how the families all resorted to drugs and alcohol and now live in delapidated cities that were formerly great before the same inbred bunch of thieves made deals to send all that industry to their other made up democratic communistic run China and India - it was done on purpose

      One of their 21 goals was to destroy the family and create unemployment out the ass so that the families would resort to drugs and alcohol and ultimately end up as part of the statistics of those now dead

      They've had this shit going for the last century folks and hollywood and tell lie vision is front and center in the theft

      Makes you wonder who the hell is really in the box or in the box at all during all this pomp and circumstance shit going on with the so called queeny
      After all she is LYING IN STATE ya know

      The brain dead serfs all standing in a Q (queue) to walk by the box and pay their respects to whoever the hell this actor is/was

      After all this is their MAGIC KINGDOM

      Remember the Committee of 300?

      Some more symbolism is in the selection of Beijing as the city from the East to host the 2008 Olympics. This choice of Beijing is symbolized by the story of Gideon in the old testament holy book of the luciferian illuminati elite. Gideon was a man chosen by the god entity (who is lucifer) to slay the Midianites. The Midianites were the people from the EAST in the old testament writings. There were well over 100,000 Midianites to contend with. God said to Gideon, take the men I help select and go and destroy the Midianites. (Such a loving god). Gideon received a total of 300 men whom he divided into 3 companies. Each member was given a trumpet, an empty pitcher and a torch. At the appointed moment, which was at midnight, the middle watch, these 300 men of Israel surrounded the Midianite camp and sounded their trumpets and smashed their PITCHERS to expose the TORCH inside. The next thing you know the whole army of the Midianites started killing each other with their swords thinking that there were being attacked by a massive army.


      These are the so called 300 who set the Agenda 21 goals of destruction of all other families and good on the planet for their end game of total enslavement of the masses and their next 1000 year reign

    10. Italy

      As in the DAZE of NOAA folks

    11. The lying kings

    12. Fiona aimed at Puerto Rico

    13. Check this out EFFIGY
      Let’s go one letter further and see the letter E which precedes the F. This is a strange little arrangement of strokes. We see that the 3 horizontal lines are all connected by the 1 vertical stroke. This again symbolizes what’s coming just ahead in the alphabet. Except this time it’s telling you flat out that the next 4 letters are a lie. Here’s how it reads, E, F and G speak of an effigy.

      You think that maybe the so called royal inbred ronnie howard might know a thing or two about this shit
      According to greg bradford and his you tube channel ronnie howards 'son' is playing the role of prince harry
      The writer of the blog seems to think hollywood and their children are pawns but I think they are all inbred family members and they know the score as in museic score



    16 minutes in what an absolute crock of shit spewing from this guys mouth about this so called holy so called woman serving her people/subjects

    And it's back to Greenland Theory and the not dead Roman Empire

    The surname and the roman army
    The worlds military

    And this book
    Pagan Babies at 9:41 in and the book she displays??
    Catholic Memories

    Luring the pagan babies in to their churches

  8. You can't make this shit up.....
    Goat (Baphomet) leading the "Queens" funeral procession.....
    Baphomet is a deity allegedly worshipped by the Knights Templar (Masons) that subsequently became incorporated into various occult and Western esoteric traditions. The name Baphomet appeared in trial transcripts for the Inquisition of the Knights Templar starting in 1307.

    1. sickening.

    2. Interesting the fake love child harry

      harry, his alias, aka ron howards son

    3. Like father and his son follows in his lying footsteps
      This schmucks daddy played an attorney general and several other roles in the world wide CON of the masses

  9. so now it looks like a whole 'nother crop of "Influencers" are being unleashed upon us.... guess were s'pose ta follow 'em.?? this time its looking to be a bunch of "Former" "MindKontrolle" "Slaves" that "GotFree" and are now "Coaching" "other" "MKUltra" victims..... for munnee, of course, $100.00/hr, $300.00 for the weekend "Seminar"..... but they say they "believe in jesus", so, its all good.... blech. "Weve ALL been MKUltra'd". "ALL of you need this Course. Pay HERE!!"
    the scuttlebutt among some new Influencers with these "SecretConnections" to their claimed "Secret Intel" who are giving "unauthorised disclosures" on YTUB are that:
    supposedly there are 7 phases to this Great Reset/Depop;
    one was the vakksceevee and one is "TheWar"(Ukraine?), but i think i can find at least 4 distinct phases/attack cycles .... and if they only have seven, well, theyd better git a move on it cuz theyre runnin outta time...
    1. medical mistreatment of our elder family members and the sick, shutting down hospitals, for ceevee; vakks, poison, bioweapon, homeless/sick/suicidal veterans, harm veterans, delay or deny treatment; things in food, water, bebe formula; sprayed/aerosoled in the air.
    2. manymany false flag events; many involving young ones; burn the west coast, construct calif drought, floods in midwest killing hogs, and floods during planting season, very cool weather in august (grain needs heat to ripen and dry) but cattle deaths due to "heat", burning down chicken processing plants and other.
    3. antifa; blm; burn and or "occupy" cities; close mental institutions; release actual criminals; rampant homelessness - no bathrooms; PublicOffice buildings and Officers not regularly available/closed; LEOS Sheriffs Troopers gone wild, brutality, lying, meerrdeers, false reports, deleting records, eraseing bodycam videos;
    4. Corporate "Tribunals" pretending to be trials, held before FOREIGN BRITISH ESQUIRES IN SERVICE TO THE QUUEEN AND POOPE pretending to be Judges....held using video.
    Attorneys/Judges/ CPS/ Sheriffs/Troopers/Police/ Courts, Authorities, Officers, Officials blatantly let actual criminals walk free, but are stealing our farms, homes, land, accounts, AND OUR SONS DAUGHTERS AND ELDER FAMILY MEMBERS; selling our water sources, our minerals you raine e em for personal gain
    okay heres 5: border invasion, trillions$$$$ to FOREIGN countries, trillions to illegal bordercrossers; banks "re-calibrating", catch and release.
    6: trying to remove gnus, shutting down lead plants in usa; are- ming Federal (a.k.s. FOREIGN) Officers, emps, and Con-tractors with hall loe poy nt bu lats

  10. so if the Municipalities Incfictions under the Vatican Incfiction cannot get the BankIncfictions to advance anymore fictional "Commercial Value a.k.a. Credit" to them, (based on the actual, physical land, air, and water that belongs ONLY to the men and women natural born upon that land,....) for the purpoes of the FOREIGN BRITISH TEMPLE BAR Attorneys aka Judges/Affiliates to have COLLATERAL upon which to use to create debt, (as they live out their worthless lives like PrizeHogs at the SlopTrough),
    well then, it looks like they are/might have been "SellingShares"/Tickets to participate in the Divvying Up of what these FOREIGN Corportion's FOREIGN Agents, pretending to be Americas "Public Officers" and "Judges" and Affiliates, steal from the American people.... obtained from violating our God-given rights.... under beat down, lock outs, "seizing" our homes, seizing our family members, seizure and imprisonment and torture of our own God-created bodies, lying about us to family, friends, and neighbors and so much much more.
    to anybody whos been knowingly doing this shit:
    you knew what you were doing you worthless lazy coward.
    dont expect one iota of sympathy from me. or mercy either.
    you knew and you did it anyway because you thought you could get away with it.
    or you turned your head and looked the other way when you found out that someone else was doing it.. you did not try to stop it because you wanted the "Rewards" you were getting.
    you listen to me.... refs.: matthew 7:2b... "and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again."
    i agree: the size of the scoop that you have used to measure out what is right upon your neighbor is the very same sized scoop that will be used to measure what is right back to you again. if you used a little scoop, then that little scoop will be used to measure righteousness upon you again; if you used a big scoop, then a big scoop of righteousness will be used to judge you.
    you chose it.
    now live by it.
    and itbis so.

  11. Uncovering cemetaries and the history they've been burying for decades

  12. Look at these CRIMINALS and their World Headquarters in New York

    An Accord for a healthier world?
    Hmm you mean maybe something like the
    Abraham Accords?

    SEANCE will win

    Have you noticed Zero carbon footprint
    Or the Zero products coming out
    Like Hershey and their ZERO sugar chocolate
    Zero Point Energy

    How bout those Z tags?

    The third day and the next 1000 years of their purple reign

    The 3rd day - the next 1000 years

    Nasty things happened in the first 1000 years of the Christian Era as well, but history records well, that none of the events of the first 1000 years after the Jesus myth began, can compare with the horror of these last 1000 years, and mostly accomplished by the Roman Catholic Christian Church. This last 1000 years has been the time of preparation, when total control of REALITY would be attempted, through the Rebirth of Thinking, so that the illusory eternal Messianic Kingdom on earth could be introduced as the New World Order.

    The luciferian Mindset has totally seduced the whole illusory body of humanity into believing this three dimensional reality is NOT an illusion. These 2 – 1,000 year periods, equal the first 2 days of the luciferian Christ era on this earth. We are told that “one day is as a thousand years with the Lord” and so these last 2 – 1,000 year periods – have been the time of the Christ Kingdom (luciferian Thought Process Kingdom) on earth. The first 1000 years is thought effectionately, as the time of taking the gospel (the good news) to the world. Breaking down this word from a subliminal perspective, offers up a different conclusion:

    GOSPEL = GO – SPELL – in other words, GO put the world in a SPELL, or the TRANCE STATE, through religion and science, the rebirth of thinking.

    The 2nd 1000 year period is the time of slaughter of this illusory body of humanity. These past 2,000 years will have occurred with the culmination and completing of the New Jerusalem heaven and earth – also known as the New World Order. The New Jerusalem is located in the New World, that has it’s power base centred in North America, and especially in the United States of America and Canada. These two countries have been used by the luciferian Mindset to work a slippery scheme, to lead the rest of the world into utter lunacy. The pages that follow will describe fully, just how absolutely insane, and all encompassing this Trance Inducement scheme really is. The New Jerusalem will be shown, right down to the very ROCK, or KCOR, or CORE, of what it entails. Be very prepared for what you’re about to read.

    This New World Order coronation will be the beginning of the 3rd day when the illusory, Christ (the son / sun god) will sit down on the throne with the illusory Father god (luciferian Mindset). This 3rd day is when the Christ will have RISEN from the DEAD. See Page 13 for more information on the subliminal hypnotic significance of the 3rd day when Christ ROSE from the DEAD. (The Order of the Rose and The Order of Death).


  13. Climate change denial now a mental health disorder

    Criminal insanity and it's not the deniers that are mentally disturbed either

    there is nothing they won't try
    never heard the word impossible
    this time there's no stopping us

    It's why ole papa bush put all those mental health 'laws' on the books a decade or so back

    The psychos are running the asylum

  14. Wow have a look


  15. They're rituals and all their BULLSHIT

  16. You gotta check this out

  17. You know that article about the LRS and the LRO that was done the other day

    You do know in computer lingo terms that those are referred to as 'portals' or technically, graphical user interfaces (gui's) pronounced like gooeys

    Portals to what you say - like maybe you are on a ship and looking through the port hole?

    As other subjects sign up, sign in and log in to the portal the TRANSFORMATION continues without the passenger being any the wiser as to the transaction in commerce they just engaged in

    Even this communication in the form of a comment is considered a transaction in commerce

    The IP addresses are PORTS like at a shipping dock

    AIR SPACE the newly created SPACE FORCE

    Tricky little devils and word smiths now aren't they

    1. Land

      LAWS, they've got all their bases covered
      SPACE being their home plate/base

      You know like you are on a SPACE SHIP (SS) flying through the air and the ship is 'named' Mother Earth aka GAIA (GOOGLE ID or the ENTERPRISE) and the earth ball flying through air space and the Galactic Council/Federation with it's 7 heads and 10 horns rules the world/UNIverse

      Hard pills to swallow but you can bet that is the set up

      Your GAIA ID - gmail address

      GAIA INC
      Incorporated in Colorado in 1988

      Remember that Colorado was the base of the operations for that there Earth Constitution

      A while back I wrote about and posted some information about the constitutional convention goings on in Colorado and the gang was all there like sheriff Joe and the guy from Crownsource the Truth who was the main guy recording and publishing their air time spectacle

      I will go back and try and find the information that I posted here quite a while back

      Ties in with their First Earth Battalion shit that is all over these BURNING MAN videos

    2. Do you think BATman will save Gotham City

      And of course if they kill the current UN then the new one can rise from the ashes like magic and the Earth Constitution and World Parliament can be birthed?
      Their Build Back Better plan

    3. This shit is so deep you need boots

      It's all relative folks ALL OF IT

      KHOU in Houston we have a problem on CHANNEL 11 says
      KHOU kind of sounds like cahoots like maybe their in cahoots with their handlers
      Read the comments under the video - this is where you will see that the audience is deaf dumb and blind or they are BOTS or from langley writing the comments

    4. Land
      SEE; SEA; MARYtime LAWS
      Space ?

      Hard to tell with these magic wizards of oz

  18. Interesting is it not that ole olive oil here is front and center like her hidden kid with john travolta was in the events that took place in OZtralia that cost the goy their gun rights and their complete confiscation/disarmament

    Ya think it's connected - you bet it is

    My bet is she ain't dead either it's theatre a stage play and the glow ball elite are performing for their audience reduced to cattle and LINCOLN it all in with the bable

    That's All Folks
    Ta da!
    It's like magic!

    Ole olivia did a song called
    Nothing Can Stand in Our Way

    People are so brain fucked at this point they will never see the wizardry of it all

  19. And the shit google page today
    Matt sums it up here

    Absolute BULLSHIT and the alternative media shit shew is offering up the solution to all that woes the world


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