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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Worse Enslavement

 By Anna Von Reitz

Mark my words today—- if we allow the governments or Big Tech or CIPS or any blockchain operator (QFS) to control your access to whatever is serving “as” money or give any entity any ability to dictate whether or not you can buy and sell, you will be totally enslaved. 

The way they do these things is by starting out on the up and up.  They give everyone “sops”— that is, rewards and reasons to play their game and use their system.  And at first, everything is fine….. 

Then, little by little they begin to turn the screws - and “legislate” new “rules” for the QFS, such that certain kinds of people aren’t allowed to use it to buy and sell.  

Typically, the first group is “criminals” but nobody ever says who is making the determination and deciding who is a criminal or not, what constitutes crime, and what law applies. 

So, first up, criminals are deprived of their organic natural right to buy and sell. 

Next, political dissidents and “insurrectionists” can’t buy and sell. 

Next, it will be this or that religion or racial group or even people of a certain age will be banned. 

Simple ACCESS to the financial system will be the first “control” in such a system — to determine who lives and dies.  

After that, there will be further controls on how much “money” you can have and who you can share it with and what you can spend it on. 

This is the ultimate J.D. Rockefeller pipeline control and monopoly scheme on steroids. 

And you will be crazy and damned if you allow it and allow yourselves to be duped again. 

On September 14, 2022, all the commercial banks declared bankruptcy on cue.  This is not really any change.  They have been bankrupt since the 1930’s.  

This is why they had to dupe you into loaning them your house, so that they could create credit enough to make a “home loan” to you and half a dozen others. 

But even with those odds, they couldn’t play it straight.  

First, they had to do a bunch of name game fraud, and set up the accounts to embezzle your “mortgage” payments into a secret escrow account, purportedly owned by you, of course.  Then they had to have a completely unearned security interest in your house.  Then they had to…. You see how this goes? 

Given an inch, they took a mile. 

When we catch them doing this and it’s time to pay the Piper, they squirrel around and come up with the Ultimate Financial Pipeline Monopoly Fraud Scheme—- just watch. 

They will do the same thing with the flow of money as old JD did with oil— and it will be just as illegal, coercive, and monopolistic. 

Welcome to Crooks United, Inc. 


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