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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Oh, Canada!

 By Anna Von Reitz

Please pay attention to what I have already told you.  We know what happened--- and in knowing what happened, it's possible for you to unravel it without bloodshed. 

Always remember that bloodshed is what the enemies of mankind want.  They want violence.  They want an endless cycle of revenge. They want to stand back and watch us destroy each other.  That is their schtick.  That's how they make profits. That's how they overcome all that is good in the world. 

Back in the 1960's colonialism was recognized as the evil that it is. 

The Commonwealth, which was basically church-sponsored colonialism, was taken apart and ended---- so we were told.  

Hearing this news, people in the Commonwealth system were ill-prepared to just leap up and know what to do.  The idea of starting a new government and disturbing the established order was foreign and mostly unwelcome, and, then, add the fact that choosing and forming a new government isn't exactly something any of us would expect to land in our laps. 

"Oh, by the way, you have to choose and organize a new government....lamb chops on special at O'Connor's Market.... cloudy today, but no rain expected....."

This combination of confusion and the oddness of the opportunity led to what happened next --- nothing.  

The Commonwealth workers stayed on the job, the bureaucrats and politicians sailed right on, and so, the Public was lulled back to sleep, left dimly wondering, "What was that all about?" and not knowing what they were supposed to do in response---- if anything. 

After a period of years, no new Canadian Government had formed to replace the old Commonwealth colonial government, so the Queen came back in and set up a British Territorial Government as a Protectorate until such time as the Canadians get organized and set up their own lawful government.

This Territorial Government is a military government operated as a commercial corporation, and like the Raj in India, it has occupied Canada. 

This is a Gross Breach of Trust on the part of the Queen and her Government, which has been greatly enriched by seizing title to Canada and reducing Canadians to the status of Territorial Subjects.

The Perpetrators would claim their sneaky salvaging of the Commonwealth assets is legal --- and they back this up by hypothecating all sorts of debt against the Canadian People and hypothecating more debts against Canadian land and other assets for all these unsought and unauthorized salvage "services" they are providing. 

Most of you can now recognize that you are being serviced in the same sense that a cow may be serviced by a bull.   Justin Trudeau and Company are stealing everything in sight and selling what isn't nailed down to foreign investors --- and he may be a Prime Minister of something, but he is certainly not operating as The Prime Minister of Canada. 

Meantime, the clueless rank and file Canadians are being deprived of their Constitutional Guarantees and railroaded and taxed under Admiralty Law, in a parallel to what was foisted off on the Americans next door. 

Using this ruse, under the pretense of ending colonialism, the Perpetrators have evaded their obligations owed under the Commonwealth and have established a ruthless and predatory Territorial government, instead.  

One can almost imagine the Queen saying, "Oh, you don't like chocolate ice cream?  How about triple double-fudge?"  

The take-home message is that you still have the opportunity to form your own legitimate and lawful government, but you have to take the proverbial bull by the horns and declare yourselves Canadians (not Territorial Subjects) and get on with the business of organizing your own new government.  

If you organize and get serious, the Queen's minions will have no reason to assume that Canada is left without a government and that the Canadian People have been left stateless as a result of their own lack of initiative. 

Get going.  Every day that you delay and are distracted by the antics of political parties (that is, lobbyists intent on getting a bigger piece of your pie), conditions worsen and your slender hold on independence and good government and overall security weakens.  

Declare yourselves Canadians by origin and birthright and publish your standing on any public record database you can find (our LRS is open)  and start researching exactly what happened when the Commonwealth ended. You will then be able to discern the rest of the story and what has come to pass: the vacuum left by the loss of the Commonwealth Government was filled by political hacks and the commercial mercenaries now known unofficially as the Canadian Raj. 

And please note, that the same thing has happened to Australia, New Zealand, and all the other countries that were once part of the British Commonwealth. 

They have all been set up and victimized in precisely the same way. 


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