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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Done with the Republican Party

This email is my official resignation from the Republican Party,
and as the State Committeeman from Lincoln County effective immediately. Today is August 29th 2012.
The Republican Party has been completely taken over lock stock and barrel, by the same elite one world goons that are backing Obama. It's just a different clique that wants power in their hands. This is the same outfit that Bush senior et al belonged to, and they will never relinquish their power to the people. They will pull every dirty, unlawful, immoral trick and method they think they can get away with, and I won't be a part of their so called "party" ever again.
After the way the Ron Paul people were treated at the Montana Republican convention and now the national Republican convention I believe there will NEVER be any hope to return the party to the people, and I am sick and tired of wasting my time and money in trying to do so.  I believe that Romney can NOT win against Obama because he is too much like him. I will NOT be voting for Romney. I can NOT vote for the lesser of two evils. I will be writing in Ron Paul's name or voting for someone else. I don't really care what people think about that. What I really care about is what God thinks about my vote.
I have much more important things to do to prepare for what I believe now is an inevitable battle for freedom that will be won or lost at the local county level.
I will be focusing my efforts on Lincoln County in making veterans, and active duty service and law enforcement personnel realize their duty to uphold the oath they took when they got the job.
And I will be holding local candidates feet to the fire about that same oath and many issues that are NOT receiving the attention they deserve such as Agenda 21, and local loss of land and water use and property owner rights, and also the comprehensive annual financial report that shows Lincoln County to have lots of money salted away for retirement funds that could have been used to rebuild our roads and bridges and finance education.
I will also be educating the people of our county and state about how to keep their oaths of office, and urging attendance at the next convention of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association in Las Vegas in September.
I will also be spending a significant amount of time at the local gun range with my family and a few friends practicing the skills I learned at Front Sight Firearms Training in Pahrump Nevada recently. I have come to the conclusion that we are NOT going to preserve freedom in our country without defending it at some point. Notice I said DEFEND not aggress.  I won't be starting anything, but I will be teaching people how to be prepared to defend their families, property and freedom.
I will also spend quite a bit of time teaching people how to communicate during any such emergency using ham radio and other more secure radio communications, for the safety of our families and neighbors.
Of course I will continue to attend about 20 gun shows around Montana each year as a vendor with preparedness products that you can see here: for radio gear, for bullion silver, for fuel preservative,  and for solar power products  I will be doing this as long as I can without putting my family in danger.
I will also be showing many new products never before seen on planet earth, much of which is heretofore suppressed technology that the elite don't want us to have in the fields of alternative energy and health, and much more.
If anyone has any further questions about my motivation for this decision please feel free to call me.
To keep up with what we are doing in regard to all these things read and subscribe to my blog at which as of today has 1056 articles written since May of 2008.  We have now had well over 100 thousand page views.
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