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Monday, November 2, 2015

Dead Man Pays Multiple Mortgages 34 Years After His Death

Notice to Sheriffs, Troopers, FBI, Militia

By Anna von Reitz  11 2 2015

Today, I learned that my Father, who has been dead for 34 years, has been paying nine mortgages---and still is.  To be exact, nine filthy rotten crooks have been plundering his trust accounts to pay THEIR mortgages when they are NOT his heirs and NOT his beneficiaries and when he never owed them a dime.  They did this by claiming that his trust accounts were "abandoned", just like they claim all "foreclosed" homes are "abandoned" properties. 

People, take this information to your local sheriffs and shove it down their throats.   

These rotten, filthy, disgusting crooks have been allowed to run rampant by "members of Congress" and "Presidents of the United States" for 150 years and slowly the Sheriffs and the FBI and even some Federal Marshals have become like Pavlov's dog, and are doing the bidding of the bankers and lawyers against the people they are bound to serve and who pay their wages. 

These black-robed vermin and criminals in nice suits have been allowed to rape and plunder our National Trust while taking their paychecks from our public funds and stealing our identities and abusing our credit in the name of "representing" us.  They have been charging off all their expenses against trust money owed to dead men and women who died defending this country and stealing the money owed to retirees.   

They are ALL in gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Default and Dishonor.  

Take this information to your local "law enforcement" personnel and inform them that they are working for and taking their orders from private banks, not any branch of any lawful government. Tell them they have no lawful Oath, no lawful public office, and no immunity from prosecution. 

Tell them that the Article I and Article III Courts that are part of the Federal Court System have jurisdiction ONLY in the international jurisdiction of the sea and no jurisdiction over the people nor the land.   The Continental Court System referenced by Article I and Article VII pre-dates their "company court" system by over 200 years.  

Tell them that the Article VII Courts are reopening all across the land.  Tell them that Common Law is about to become very fashionable again. 

Tell them that "statutory law" applies only to entities created by "statute" and all these court cases they see every day?  These are ALL frauds.  These are acts of personage and barratry being carried out against Americans by foreign corporate mercenaries hired as privateers by the British Government---- the Bar Associations. 

These rats lost their privateer licenses as of September 1, 2013---- so any "veil" of propriety has been stripped from them and they are nothing but common criminals subject to bounty.  Along with their brethren working for the IRS.  

Please note that the American Bar Association and the Internal Revenue Service are both owned and operated by Northern Trust, Inc. which is under liquidation.  

Here's a nice word for all the "law enforcement" professionals worried about their paychecks and all the unemployed members of the American Armed Forces--- "bounty"---- you can be paid up to 20% of all that you recover as a bounty levied against the members of the Bar Associations, the DOJ, and any other "federal agency" misrepresenting itself as anything but a private, for-profit corporation offering "governmental services" for sale. 

Any corporation engaged in providing "governmental services" to the American People from now on had better make sure those "services" are something we ordered.  

Tell them, these "law enforcement officers" that the Bar Associations are here operating in violation of the Treaty that allows them to be on our soil and that they are additionally in violation of their own corporate charter--- which means they are subject to liquidation as criminal syndicates operating on our shores. 

This is why we have issued and will defend a commercial obligation lien of $279 trillion dollars against the American Bar Association, the International Bar Association, and the Department of Justice--- which is just another private, for-profit corporation masquerading as a lawful unit of government.

Tell all the members of "law enforcement agencies"  that  obeying orders regardless of where those orders come from, and an idiotic trust in these sanctimonious black-robed devils has landed our country in the worst chaos and condition of criminality it has ever seen and unless they start waking up and arresting these vermin and holding them accountable, everything that they and their forefathers worked for will be stolen right from under their feet. 

Tell them for me, an actual, factual, fully-functioning Common Law Court Judge under Article VII of The Constitution for the united States of America, that "law enforcement officers" are aiding and abetting commercial crime every day of the year, are guilty of these crimes as accomplices, and are completely 100% liable for their acts and omissions and usurpation of jurisdiction. 

Tell them that as of this moment, we know for sure that EVERY "mortgage" in America is fraudulent, null and void, owed no enforcement, and that any attempt to evict or harass or harm any living American with respect to any alleged "mortgage claims" is an international commercial crime and a war crime against non-combatant civilians who are protected persons. 

If they assist in any evictions based on any mortgage claims brought forward by any banks, investment companies, holding companies, title companies, or property management firms,  they are acting as accomplices and as commercial mercenaries on American soil.  They can be arrested for this activity by any member of the community under citizen's arrest and held for trial in an Article VII Court and they can lawfully and legally be shot if they enter private property, rustle cattle, or perform any other act repugnant to justice and peace.  

Tell them that if they participate in the sale of "personal loans" and "personal bank accounts" they are aiding and abetting criminal fraud.  And tell the same to all the local politicians and any members of "Congress" who dare to show their faces on American soil. 

Tell the military and the militia that interlopers, banking cartels, are ordering the Joint Chiefs around like barmaids and the Generals are acting like bar maids, because they they believe the banker's illusion of money and they have forgotten where all that juicy credit actually comes from and who actually pays for their wages and their toys and, by the way,  whose sons and daughters give their orders any meaning whatsoever. 

Tell the Coast Guard Commandants that they are worse than worthless excuses, for they have betrayed and failed their job more than most, and have failed to protect Americans from inland piracy, press-ganging, kidnapping on the High Seas, and enslavement. 

These matters are not up for discussion any longer.  They have been proven far beyond any rational doubt.  It is now incumbent upon us all to stand up and take action. 

But, Judge Anna--- what action should we take?  

Gripe, complain, educate yourselves, form focus groups, start shaking down the huge LOAD of  local politicians, state politicians, county politicians, borough politicians and the thousands upon thousands of public employees that you have been carrying on your shoulders.   

Tell them all where to stuff it and how high and in no uncertain terms. Tell them to get their free-booting bottoms off our land and back out to sea and don't even THINK about claiming any jurisdiction more than one mile inland from the natural high water mark. 

Go to the Churches, all of them, for they have betrayed you all for filthy lucre and have "incorporated" and run themselves as for-profit businesses at the expense of your souls and energy, and then while immersed in this rank idolatry, have told you to "Give" while they have participated in stealing you blind.  Ask for a copy of your Baptismal Certificate and you will be told that there is no such thing--- they didn't retain a copy.  

That's true enough, because they forwarded their copy of the record to the Vatican and have pretended to "sell your soul". 

And now that you know just how bad this truly is, maybe you will get up off your couch, study your own history, and exercise your power as a living breathing sovereign being who has employed all these people and institutions in good faith and paid them loyally with your labor and your share of the Earth's resources, only to be hoodwinked and defrauded by your own employees and trustees and people merely pretending to "represent" you. 

Bring suits against them by the millions in their filthy admiralty courts and overburden them with their sins.  Lien their property. Make their lives miserable until they finally come to heel and do what must be done to expose these frauds, liquidate these criminal organizations, return our property to us, and clean this mess up. 

Go to their meetings and demand redress at every hand.  Bang your dishes on the floor like angry dogs.  Knock on their doors. Sit in the halls outside their offices.  

Bring complaints to every commission, every community council, every club and school district. Spread the word. 

Learn how to execute a citizen's arrest and tell your "County Sheriff" that he had better decide whether he works for the actual County and occupies the public office you elected him to serve,  or if he works for a private corporation merely calling itself the "County of........" and is therefore an impersonator and mall cop pretending to be a Sheriff. 

If he is an actual Sheriff on the land, and if he accepts that office, it is his duty to deputize as many men as he needs to go and claim all and any Americans who are being held under false arrest in private jails and "federal correctional facilities"---which are only competent to hold Federal United States Citizens. He can do this lawfully and upon his demand all American prisoners must be released to his custody within 72 hours.   

It is his duty to give notice to the commercial mall cops of where their "authority" begins and ends.  

It is also his duty to protect the people living in his County and in his State from acts of international piracy---- that is, fake foreclosures and evictions, false commercial claims, kidnapping, fiduciary malfeasance, extortion, personage, barratry, and other acts and omissions resulting in fraud against the people, including counterfeiting of their lawful money by private banks and corporations.

Get going, America.  Start talking and thinking and moving.  The profoundly evil men and women in back of this situation may still think of us as a vast herd of sheep ripe for the taking, but it isn't what they think of us that counts.  It's what we think of ourselves that counts.

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