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Sunday, November 1, 2015


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  1. Of course the words of Mr. Damon's speech closely resemble content originating with Howard Zinn, most noted in my world for the book ' A Power Governments Cannot Suppress'.

    Mr. Zinn is a freedom author to say the least, and apparently Mr. Damon has had close ties with Mr Zinn throughout his life.

    To come out like that and state what the problem is succinctly, truthfully identifying the heart of the problem, is commendable and courageous.

    Hats off to Damon and an encouragement to all others leaning in the direction of the thoughts conveyed initially by Mr. Zinn and subsequently shared in this youtube post by Mr. Damon.

    If and when peaceful means become ineffective against the ruling elite corporate fraudsters, we know which direction we must take as the final remedy.

    Till that time comes, which truly may not be too far away, within the law all remedies are found to return the nation to full republic status. Including, for most American State Citizens born on the land, the ability to rid your life of a totally deceitful IRS that has been 'legally' (not lawfully) pilfering your livelihood, if we have the courage to stand up to them!

    This applies to all aspects of the federal services corporations acting as sovereign bodies of law, who presently fraudulently occupy the top public offices in the land.

    Firstly, knowing the law and and secondly, properly filing all necessary paperwork, are the initial fundamental keys to standing the de facto federal government down and eventually ridding them from our court houses as well as all other public offices.


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