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Friday, January 13, 2023

About Ron Vrooman and Other Would-Be Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are numerous Johnny-Come-Lately organizations springing up all over, some of whom have been attempting some kind of process since the early 2000nds to return to the land and soil jurisdiction and organize to do this. 

Invariably, they make the same mistakes. 

First, and foremost, they don't  establish the identity, standing, and political status of their members on the Public Record. 

This means that their actions are "subject to discretion and interpretation" --- to their disadvantage --- and neither they nor their organizations get beyond first base.

Second, having failed to identify themselves on the Public Record, they don't establish their claim to the Express Trust established for them as progeny of the State Citizens who created the Federal Constitutions.  

As a result, they have no Constitutional Guarantees at the Federal level and are assumed to owe duties instead.  

Third, they fail to realize that they are "at sea" when they start this process, so they attempt to get back to the soil jurisdiction by direct claim instead of accessing the soil jurisdiction by going through the land jurisdiction--- which is actually required. 

Our Forefathers deliberately isolated our country's soil jurisdiction to prevent it being overrun by European Freebooters; this protective structure means that you can only come home via the international jurisdiction of your State of the Union.  

Fourth, they don't establish Express Trusts for their public and private assets and do not inherit the protection of my Express Trust established for "all those with hands and feet, in whom the blood flows and the flesh lives" who enter our State Assemblies.  

As a result, they are not indemnified to conduct business as a State Government nor on their own as private parties, and are, as a result, dependent on foreign governments and subject themselves to foreign law (such as Federal Code and State of State Statutes) as unwitting dependents.

Fifth, they don't shut down or re-register the various STRAWMEN created for them by the Municipal Government as a means to collect money, labor, and other assets from them, so they remain open to commercial attack. 

Now, most of this is understandable.  We have had to learn everything the hard way, too--- but they are stuck in the position of being Territorial "States" long after we have threaded our way through that miasma. 

Our State Assemblies are already established, are established correctly, and everyone within the State Assembly is protected pending their individual notification to the United States Secretary of State - Bureau of Consular Affairs, State of State Secretary of State (Lieutenant Governor in Alaska and Hawaii) and if appropriate, the head of their former branch of service in the military. 

There remain some important aspects to resolve --- the return of our assets, public and private, and the recognition of the genocide that these madmen have unleashed against their own "citizenry" --- but nothing that gives us pause to reconsider any action we have taken to protect ourselves or each other in the midst of this insanity.  

There is certainly no advantage to any member of any of our State Assemblies in going back and joining some other organization claiming to be "a" state assembly; as I have tried to explain to Nancy Kremer and Ron Vrooman and any number of others who have set off on various tangents --- there is only one actual State and one State Assembly.  If you are an American claiming your birthright political identity and inheritance, you belong to The State Assembly in your State of the Union, either as a State National or as a State Citizen. 

You owe it to yourselves to know the facts and join the right State Assembly and stay in the right State Assembly once you arrive home.  You have control over your international jurisdiction via your State Assembly and you have control over your national jurisdiction via the County Assemblies within your State of the Union.  That's how it works and there is no benefit in trying to meddle with it,  because when you do, all you get is an entity that isn't recognizable and isn't heir to anything.  


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  1. what law requires man/land to do these things?
    ... declare a political status?
    ... participate in Commerce at all?
    God doesnt require any of this.
    Both Trade and Commerce are covered, by our nations/States, in our Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, here:
    art 3 trade
    art 4 trade and commerce
    art 6 parag 4 trade
    art 9 commerce parag 1; trade parag 4
    i see nothing AT ALL about man/land having to become any kind of Trust a.k.a. Corporation a.k.a. ArtificialPerson. in fact, it looks like trade and commerce done by our nations/ States dont involve man/land at all. Thats on purpose, i believe, so no Land Bonds and Labor Bonds can be placed upon man/land: because placing bonds on a man/land is SLAVERY.

    who is making up all these rules that God doesnt require, for man to "Step-To" in order to participate with his fellowman in trade andor commerce??

    1. in a nutshell:
      how is requiring that a man/land make a Trust/ Debt-Bearer out of himself/land any different than the Foreign United States Inc making a man into a "Legis-latively-Created 14thAmendment Citizen/ Trust/ Corporation/ Artificial Person" for the purpose of Bearing the Debt of the Foreign United States Corporation?
      the only difference i can see is this time the man will be openly making himSELF the Debt-Bearer rather than the Foreign United States Incorporated making him the Debt-Bearer of said Corporations Debts, behind his back...
      ... without the mans knowledge or agreement that said Corps(e) is "Pro-bait-ing" his "E"-state as if he is a "Ded Man", so they can, throughout his lifetime, make "Charges" against it for their "Serve Us's" that he often doesnt need, want, use, or benefit from.

      other than that, it looks like same noo se, different rope.

    2. While you are "in" your "nut" shell," Ms. (standing alone) women:janmarie consider this paraphrase from Benjamin Franklin "If we don't hang together we shall certainly hang alone."

      Furthermore all god's creatures may need to "hang" together?:

      Birds flock
      fish school
      buffalo herds
      whales pod
      quails covey
      Mankind mass
      etc. etc.

      Women:janmarie, how you propose to tell your tall tale to god who may prefer all creatures work (hang?) together, by law of "kinds" e.g. two by two they entered the Ark?

      Particularly considering the masses (billions!) Or are you now revealed as being among the advocates of depopulation?

    3. You woman:janmarie;

      You seemingly do not read, or either, you do not know what you have read, which is above your head (sic)

      Above your head, Anna writes of "express trust."

      woman:janmarie, did you ask "what's an express trust?" No.
      woman:janmarie, did you help teach what is an "express trust? No
      women:janmarie, do you claim "we the people" have a "God Given" claim and obligation to say what goes on the land, air, and water" No. You actually obfuscate.

      woman:janmarie, did you reveal who stole our "we the people" - "God given" right and claim to the Land, Air, and Water? No you did not help with this either.

      Now answer this question woman:janmarie - Who, first made an "express trust" claim over the Land, Air, and Water?

      And now, woman:janmarie, if someone takes something from you wrongly, what is your first obligation to recover what is wrongly taken?

      Maybe you have to "re-claim" it?

    4. anony504a: made up unfounded insults instead of providing answers.

    5. anony 545a,
      if you answer the first question i asked, youll have the answer to the questions you asked me.

    6. Dear "Nutshell,"

      Do you not ask absurd question(s?):

      "what law requires man/land to do these things?
      ... declare a political status?
      ... participate in Commerce at all?
      God doesnt require any of this."

      Absurd because the answer is axiomatic - there is NO law that requires YOU to do anything, unless YOU intend to obey some similarly absurd law.

      You may as well ask "How does God require you to survive?"
      You may as well ask "How does God require you to breathe?
      You may as well ask "How does God require you to eat? sleep?
      You may as well ask "How does God require you to procreate?
      You may as well ask "How does God require you to persist?
      You may as well ask about God having you on this blog?

      God doesn't so require these of you by Law. Maybe He does by His creation? Who would know how to answer you. I suggest you spend more time productively praying, elsewhere.

  2. I notice, as usual, there is no clarity in this. It’s all, in sum, obfuscation. If you don’t know the secret paradigm your are anathema. It’s convoluted epistemological-speak in fancy abstraction. No names and contact information are given for the supposed “assemblies” in your area. This is all abstracted non-sense only for those who know the secret handshake, or…? Does anyone really know the handshake?

    Truth speaks clearly and plainly. This is not that: it seems like some Jesuitical doublespeak in fabricated political mysteries. It all seems too papistical and too Roman. The Roman Whore (Roman Catholic “Church” = Synagogue of Satan) speaks in riddles and mysteries to allure the naive to her adulterous bed of “religious” communion. Those who kiss the ring or toe of the papacy (the antichrist) — directly or indirectly — and thus acknowledge his claim to sovereignty over all souls, is of the devil’s ilk.

    Perhaps Anna might be on to something of substance and real meaning, but it is shrouded in obfuscative layers of convoluted or nonsensical “speak”.

    This is not about the glory of God, but of men. “They zealously affect you, but not well; yea, they would exclude you, that ye might affect them.” — Galatians 4:17

    1. Hey you "Anonymous January 14 at 1:24
      Your "word salad" above is the one that needs the "salad dressing." As in "dressing you down" - total blah blah blah.

    2. anony430a,
      which part/s of anony124a's comment do you say is un-true?
      please cite specific examples; and then show your proofs, will you please? so we can all learn what you know.
      ty. i will check back.

    3. No, instead I suggest you inform this blog of that which is not: Blah blah blah, within the "word salad" above. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case the "salad."

  3. Seems clear to me.

    1. Yes, clear to me too, their are parasites in the is site. If wolves form a pack, as in a pack of wolves, what would one call a bunch of parasites on a site? An infection of parasites? a culture of parasites? a problem of parasites? I don't know?

    2. Greek Derivation of word "parasite" - one who comes and sits down for dinner, but never brings any food.

    3. Thus, a website infiltrated by parasites could be called a "dining table of parasites?"

  4. you have control over your national jurisdiction via the County Assemblies within your State of the Union. My question is Anna: What is the proper paper work or proper procedure to insure our counties are lawfully in session? Could anyone point me in the right direction on this most important topic? I have been asking for months.

    1. Hi Baldwin,
      You have to explore this site. Please go to the home page an click on "or use our new search system" The click on the link in the upper right hand corner "American States Assembly"

      Once there, start exploring until you can comfortably navigate. Please access your opportunity to create your necessary "rebuttal paper work (my term)" Then you can more usefully ask questions, which may get you the answers you seek?

  5. You people with all this knowledge need to suck up your pride(biggest sin of all) and quit fucking around with we the people. All you Fuckers with all this knowledge are no different than Faucii and his goons.

    Have the meeting of the
    minds already and quit fucken around. You were given your knowledge for a reason from our creator. Integrity cannot survive in this world without truevalue. Just as we cannot survive without one another.
    So please get off your high horse, suck up your pride work together for the solution to save man kind and we shall follow.

    "Meeting of the minds."

  6. "Pride(biggest sin of all) How about not.

    You are totally bamboozled. How about genocide, etc. being way bigger!
    Get off your hobby horse "meeting of the mind," and get on board land while you may yet can? Or go overboard in the sea.

    1. "How about genocide, etc."
      How about it? Exactly!

      I got your attention and cannot make you do a single thing. I don't like to use profanity and I don't use God's name in vein. I did use profanity to get your attention but I cannot be no more blunt than that to get my point across. I

    2. FYI-
      Pride is NOT Genocide. You - who give a pass to genocide, by instead invoking "pride."

      And what, "God's name in vein," since you write of "vein" - FYI Greek derivation of "Pan Pipe," "invented by the ancient Greek "god" "Pan," the ancient false god of the suffering Greek shepherds, is Mr. phony baloney "Pan" which (by duplicity) and means "all," as in god of the god of ALL, as in pandemic, pandemonium, panic, panopticon, etc

      Derivation of the word "Syringe" = Pan Pipe. (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

      So Mr. "meeting of the mind," what did you have st=uck into your "vein?"

  7. Oh! Did I forget to mention "PAN American" I suggest you all and each, go to Anna's home page and click on the link "Or use this new search system."
    And get on it NOW.
    Because we do need a "meeting of the mind."