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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Warning Notice For All Public Employees and Licensees

 By Anna Von Reitz

It is now confirmed by the Patent Office, Government Contracts, and Congressional records that the Department of Defense and the unelected National Security Council have, with malice aforethought, knowingly conducted a campaign of genocide within The United States and abroad. 

The motive for this appears to be nothing more than financial profit. 

The US Congress exempted themselves and their families and their Staff members and their families from all the mandates and demands they made upon their Employers, the American people.  They also exempted CDC Employees and pharmaceutical company officers and employees complicit in the scheme.  

They did this knowing that the seven year survival rate is 1 in 40,000 for mRNA "therapy" recipients, and they evaded all normal security and safety protocols to do it, using pre-arranged loopholes that prior Congresses provided. 

What they have done amounts to infecting everyone who took the shots with a form of AIDS.  The victims die from a myriad of opportunistic diseases as their immune systems break down. They are calling the results "Adult Sudden Death Syndrome" as if they don't know the cause of the 7,500 "Excess Deaths" per day that our nation is suffering.

We have already endured the equivalent loss of fifty Vietnams. Two-thirds of our population will be dead and gone within seven years, young, old, rich and poor, black and white, liberal and conservative.   

They think that as members of "a" Congress they are immune from prosecution, but that is not true.  They are operating foreign governmental services corporations for profit and are reduced to the same status as any other officers of a commercial corporation. They have no state immunity and cannot offer any immunity to others. 

This circumstance and the facts attendant mean that anyone who is complicit in this scheme is subject to immediate arrest and trial before a military tribunal or American Common Law Court.  These are capital crimes on land and sea.

This Warning Notice is being sent out to all public employees and licensees to apprise them of the situation and allow them to quit their jobs, and to tear up their Bar Cards and Professional Licenses.  All professionals are advised to exit into private practice. 

District and Municipal Assemblies and School Boards, County Commissions, and any other quasi-governmental groups are advised to disband and cease operations until such time as these matters are fully addressed by the American people.  The DNC and RNC Political Parties are also advised to shut down and clear out. 

Legal and commercial action is being taken that will result in severe punishment of the offenders at all levels, however, with over 160,000,000 victims of this insanity now being among the Walking Dead, there will be violence and the Washington, DC, metro area is no longer a safe place to be or to live.  It is no longer safe for the United Nations to meet in or maintain offices in New York City.  Anyone who can get out of Metropolitan California is advised to do so.  

Our people have suffered the final abuse at the hands of their own employees; we can safely assume that the bereaved parents and grandparents will take a large portion of those responsible down, one way or another, before they leave this Earth. 

Members of the newly elected Territorial Congress are advised to conduct all and any business via teleconference and to entertain no actions that are not in strict compliance with the Constitution of 1860.  They are also advised to regain control of the Department of Defense/DOD operations by any means possible, including complete severance, court martials of the officers responsible, and auditing. 

This is not a political matter or action.  This is a criminal matter of genocide against peaceful civilian populations by foreign commercial corporations under the influence of undeclared foreign powers. These so-called service corporations have impersonated the victims, stolen their identities, hacked their credit, and now, have contrived to murder two-thirds of their victims, who are also their Priority Creditors.  

These criminals do not deserve to live among the decent law-abiding people of the world and you do not want to be voluntarily associated with them in any way.  

The United States of America

Federation of States


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  1. where do we the people get the authority and enforcement to take down the criminals - employees of public services
    Who will come forward from CONgress or any other law office and jail the traitors?

    1. -- this can ?

    2. Do you not have the right to kill someone who is trying to kill you?

    3. Maximus Our military will take care of this matter. Tribunals will be set forth. Our military is working with this as we speak.

    4. Self-defense is written in CODES granted as privileges (stand your ground)

      In the system we have today - the right(s) are what the BAR people put in place of our original unalienable rights.

      However the system is using codes created on or about 1860 and 1871
      and 1917 TWEA to purloin our property.

      Look at the battle NJ is putting up to eliminate the latest Artical III court decision of 1791 Law - they are trying to get around the Bill
      OF Rights. As long as the B.C. is believed to be ones own all will not change - See if any Man -Father ever signed the B.C... Its just recondition of an event and not ours!

    5. ""AnonymousJanuary 10, 2023 at 12:15 PM
      Maximus Our military will take care of this matter. Tribunals will be set forth. Our military is working with this as we speak.""

      All armed service is having big problems, vaccines, recrement and the good side and the evile sid withing the services 1/2 fighting the other 1/2

    6. we get our authority to protect ourselves from the God who creates nature, and us.

    7. we dont have any Military. That belongs to Washington, District of Isis/ Vatic-an/ European Monarchies/ "Crowns".

      all we have is us and our God.

    8. Every last one of these bastards, from those who created this bioweapon, to those who worked and continue to work in Pharma pushing this Goddamn "Waxine", every last one in anyway complicit with this, needs to disappear, AS IF THEY'VE NEVER BEEN! POOF!

    9. we HAVE to have fair trials for every man though.
      every man has right to stand in open court of record before God and man and say what he says is true BEFORE he is judged by his fellow-man.
      its not optional. its our law and we are the judges on our land.

      Foreign "Militaries" holding proceedings in closed courts using laws they make up are NOT our law.

      The Foreign Militaries pretending to "Serve" us have done enough damage.


    10. anony 1-10-23, 12:10pm.'s comment below, telling about the man getting "medically"- abducted, gives a perfect example of why every single one of us need to start to *INSIST* that we hear from every man HIM *SELF*, regardless of the situation because
      almost all of us know by now that this very same type of abduction by the Corporations pretending to be our Government is done to sons and daughters too, and also to our precious veterans when they go in to the VA for care.

    11. based upon the now-disclosed dishonesty of so many of the men/wo who Contract with these Foreign Corporations', we have no reason to just give any of them the benefit of the doubt on ANYthing, especially when it comes to ABDUCTING OR "TAKING CUSTODY" OF ONE OF OUR PEOPLE.

      We need to hear DIRECTLY from our own people, SAFELY AWAY from the Foreign Corporations Hirelings because at this point we can rationally suspect that many Hirelings lie and fill out false paperwork to get money.


    12. unkn258p,
      ive heard of it but dont know if its real or not.... heading that way right now to check it out....

  2. why does your avatar look like a hindu god

  3. Is the US Government Killing Healthy Citizens? Medical Tyranny Alert!

    "My patriot friend, John, who is about 78 years old, called me today in a panic to tell me that a medical vehicle came to his friend's home --his friend is a man about 80 years old and picked him up against his will. They grabbed him and strapped him to a gurney and then rushed him off to some "medical" facility to force a "Quick Kill Protocol" on him."

    "So, John contacted a patriot Sheriff, that is a trusted patriot-friend of his and reported what happened and to see if the Sheriff could help them get the man released. Also, John mentioned that the man was in good health--he did not have COVID --and he was not suicidal.

    The patriot Sheriff said this sort of thing--medical tyranny is happening all over the USA. Certain people are targeted as they are profiled.
    The Sheriff said there is nothing he can do, except he said to warn your family and friends."

    1. I thought the sheriff is strong and can do something??

    2. Still Happening! Medical Kidnapping & Murder For Profit
      "Using COVID as a pretext, the US government continues to prey on vulnerable people, kidnapping and murdering them. An attorney confirms that as much as $500,000 is being paid for a "COVID" death. "That's a big incentive to kill."

      First Comment from G-
      Henry -  I've no doubt this is going on due to the below.

      Medical Kidnap of the Elderly

      Hospital Wouldn't Release Man - Killed Him

      CMS Payments to Hospitals for 'Covid' Deaths-
      Originally this began as known at $13k for a positive PCR Covid test, plus $39k for ventilation. Later attorneys found that 'bonuses' were also given for administering killer Remdesivir plus Midlozaim, Morphine & Fentanyl. Patients were also not being given fluids or food. Initially this 'extra; payment was assessed at $100k/Covid death. An attorney has confirmed that the amount can increase to $500k/Covid death. That's a big incentive to kill. Positive PCR test can be had by running higher cycles until a positive is reached.
      Patients are isolated & restrained for drugging. Powers of Health Care Attorney are not recognized and the police/Sheriffs will do nothing, not even a Health & Wellness Check."

    3. Attorney Explains how to Protect Against America’s Epidemic of Senior Medical Kidnappings

  4. We won’t be here in 7 years. Agenda 2021 changed to 2030, many think Yahushua will return in 2030 and that’s why the people who know the Bible and hate it and us changed it, so their will be more human carnage, I believe mankind will never make it to 2030 and He will cut the time short as He said because no flesh would survive. We don’t know the day or time of His return but it doesn’t say we can’t/wouldn’t know the year or the season.
    We also don’t know the exact date of Yahushua our Messiahs birth year, but narrowing down historical facts, Herods reign etc, we do know it was between 5BC to 0. He was 33 1/2 when He allowed them to take His life in the Month of Abib which we call April, hence Passover (there goes all you Christians who still claim He was born in December & on the 25th, not only wasn’t he born 12/25 but no where in scripture does it say to celebrate His birth day if He was, or anyone’s birth day for that matter, we aren’t more special than he was), 6 months from April is October, the same month as Sukkot (When many think this is the season He will return.) Pagan gods were born on Dec 25, not Yahushua the Messiah. He had to be 30 years old before He could become a Rabbi, this is Tanakh Law, so He couldn’t start His ministry before He was 30 and scripture tells us His ministry was 3 1/2 years long. He followed every Law in the Torah or He would have sinned, this means dietary laws, all of Yahuah/Our Creators Holy convocations, Holy Feast Days and especially Commandment #4, the only Commandment Yahuah specifically says to: “REMEMBER” to keep Shabbat (Shabbat is also the only day of the week He named). That’s how important it is to obey/keep the 7th day Shabbat, Yahuah wrote to us with His finger to Remember Shabbat and keep it Holy, the only day He named (some call the day the Sabbath), it is Not Sunday which it the first day of the week, or any day anyone “feels” like it.

    Revelation 6 and the world tells us the 1st Seal (was the jab), 2nd Seal (He gave the rider on the red horse the power to take peace away from the earth & allow people to slaughter each other, the 3rd Seal (is famine), folks better get prepared. 1/3 from the earth are already dead. The man of perdition will be here soon, then the 2 witnesses.
    Many are called, few are chosen, if you don’t know His name & His Sons name and if you aren’t following His commandments, laws & statutes like He told 100‘s of times and also told us they were for the Israelites and everyone who was grafted in from generation to generation, forever & ever.
    We keep ALL the same Laws during the 1000 year reign of Yahushua our Messiah, so the folks that say the Old Testament Laws were done away with, I have news for you, you don’t know your Bible, stop going to modern church and buy non Catholic bibles, that means burn your King James, NKJ & many others, Messiah spoke Hebrew & Aramaic, therefore we should know was He is really saying instead of depending on the scribes, translators & todays modern pastors who have led the flock away from our Master and will be judged harshly for this.
    Good bibles: Cepher, Complete Jewish Bible, World Messianic Bible, it’ll take time to translate/remember some of the names like John to Yochanan but the rest you’ll understand. None are perfectly translated but these are way closer that the UK, USA crap they’ve had out for years.

    It’s the CRISPR that destroys. There are 3 great videos on Triple Helix, & Serum of Satan Parts 1 & 2 on Bitchute from I highly recommend them all. I am not affiliated with them or know them.

    Prepare my beloved brothers & sisters the time is near.

    1. i also know these bible words to be true, in that he will cut those days short ....

    2. Yeshua also says to repent....

  5. It may be time to shut comments off. Some trols should not be heard. Is this just a blog? If people don't like what Anna says hear they can just go away.

    1. just prove the commenters wrong.

    2. show proof. or youre a liar.


  6. US House of Representatives to Vote on Bill Abolishing the IRS and Eliminating Income Tax

  7. America doesnt have Common Law Courts.
    From what i read, thats British Common Law.... very complex, is run by their Attorneys, and is inferior to almost all other British jurisdictions.
    in the united States of America (the) man is the court.
    1. the man brings his court and records into the open/ "in open court"
    2. before God and his own "states"men upon that state's land
    3. to be judged true or not true, according to the laws of nature and natures God, and perpetual record is kept of the judges/jury's judgment.
    thats it.
    again, its simple. elegant. fair. [Ref.: is the same way jesuis taught man.]

  8. Thanks Anna and of course Paul, For all those what seemed endless hours of attention to us, I am forever grateful.
    Finally we are at the juncture,of no return. As the discerned and above will know. Where the Sons of the Most High stand to protect The Children of the Most High. For separation is about to occur . that of the Walking Dead and the Living Ones. There has been no other time like it,nor will ever be again. So buckle UP my beauty's, you know who you are. For our time is actually here. Check your
    "Armour" and of course the "Oil" in your "lamps"? For you have an "Invitation" to attend. Where as you know? The Great Door is soon to be closed. maybe even get a hair cut because that crown you have been trying on. Is ready for fitting, of course when the "Door" closes. You know the one? you knocked on before and "he" answered? Remember? Well I'll see you all there. may your Blessings continue. For You are the "Elect".

  9. Thank you for your sharing. I left my 300k a year job, as I could not be an employee, I could no longer bare the lies and deceit of corporate whirled. Good people showing up and forcing themselves to work in jobs they hate, pretending to like the job in hopes of being promoted to some mystical fantasy land of job security and getting better; I found the better I did, the more work they gave and the more cost cutting they wanted, it was never enough, 15 percent growth this year, then lets do 20 percent next year; actual results 17 percent - reply - we will have to cut your lat for not making your goals. And I watched for years while I and others accepted
    this treatment. It felt great on so many levels to end working as a w2 employee. It also took me a lot of meditation, knowing and praying that I will be of wealth and abundance and that the meek shall inherit the earth and the actions for their money is not worth my spirit of divine love. I also know wealth, strength, love, wisdom and the divine are always with me.

    1. Thank you for your comment, My Wife has just undergone exactly what you have disclosed, to the Letter. She resigned from her Government job on the 3Rd of Jan, the first day back at 9Am and refused a Job in the same with "all medals&badges" being provided and a third of the normal Salary? For the (with "Reviews" every 3 Month to keep one "On their Toes".)
      "Higher Educational Authority" A Government Body of the "highest order". An arm of the NWO,Human Data Retrieval. Connected Globally to most (About 200)University's servers. A Complete Human observational facility. For the implementation of World wide control&slavery. As My Wife put it "Not many nice people there now" I would say "a building full of Vipers" with few good people left. Enrolled in a game of "Snakes&Ladders" Being played upon by "Draughts" players. In the endless loop of Corporate misery. you have described in you comments. Not being as "Alert" as me to "The Greater" Game of "Chess" being a White player who always move first according to Universal Law. Have the privilege of seeing whats coming and around the corner told her, she saw it herself and resigned. being in demand because of her Higher Education and Accolades, miraculously offered a new position elsewhere. After making a stand for principal and Integrity. So the bumpy"narrow Road" and it,s major silhouettes and regrets dissipated because someone? shined a Lamp to her foot".
      It is good to be on "The Road" with you, to find, I would have never have known unless you shared your comments. To find somebody who's on the same exact road enduring the bumpy ride, Which we are promised wont be much longer. may the Power of The Greatest Love be with and upon You. Columbanus.

  10. Where is this 1 in 40 K have 7 years left data available or published ?

    1. It won't be that drastic in my humble opinion. It's been said, Providence protects fools and children.

    2. One cannot source oneself. Where is an actual clinical report?

  11. Three ring circus

    Listen at the beginning of this one as to the real identity of a savior/Borgia

    1. Epstein
      His sidekick

      They're all in on it

    2. The US Military‘s DARPA created the vaccine bioweapon, the NIH patented it, the Pentagon and White House ran ‘warp-speed’ pandemic logistics, BigPharma delivered the execution-shots via their network of treasonous bribed doctors, and now Klaus is well on his way to achieving his kill-targets.

    3. They're next target is your kids and grandkids

      Be sure and read the comments

  12. Ms. Anna mentioned a DOD study, revealing that, just 1 in 40,000, survive, 7 years after mrna injection. I would, very much, appreciate a link to, or pdf of this study. Thankyou

  13. The Fraud is in the Air!
    "We Now Have Key Evidence Pfizer Committed Fraud
    What Pfizer claimed is in the vaccines is not what’s there."

    By A Midwestern Doctor

    1) Showed that Pfizer beyond a shadow of a doubt intentionally committed fraud.

    2) This fraud directly undermined the entire basis for their product."

    Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free and Healthy, and the rest of the world will follow. m