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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Silly People

By Anna Von Reitz

Silly people still don't understand.
They think all this circumstance is about politics and religion and race and "culture wars" and even about what adult people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms.
It's not about any of that.
It's about crime. It's about fleecing and controlling us all. It's about keeping our house divided, so that Mankind cannot unite and overcome the demonic forces picking away at us day and night.
I got a piece of mail across my desk today saying that "sovereignty" is anti-Semitism. That is how crazy this narrative has gone. It's as if people are brain-dead. Not only are they too dumb to catch onto what is actually going on, but they can't even sort apples from oranges anymore.
They can't tell the difference between private business and public business, between one country and another.
We have Phil Hudok and others, including Flag Officers, too clueless or disloyal to realize that if they stand under the King's Law, they subject themselves to the King. And lose their heritage as Americans.
We have LGBTs "embracing" Pedophiles, as if the knowing acts of adults are comparable to and in the same league with parasitic rape of children.
Please do all that you can to wake these people up. Observe that we are all being fed a line of tripe and that all these "Issues" are being used as a smokescreen by real criminals.
First, they have constructed a phony public trust.
Second, they have set up a scheme to get your Mothers to unknowingly donate you and your assets to this bogus trust.
Third, they have used the falsified documents to create false legal presumptions.
Fourth, they have used these false legal presumptions about your identity and political status to prosecute you in foreign courts run by the same perpetrators.
Fifth, they have developed an institutionalized set of mechanisms based on criminal private patents to accomplish their racketeering and piracy under color of law.
Sixth, they have replaced civilian peacekeeping forces dedicated to upholding the public law with private "Law Enforcement Officers" loyal to their own corporate agendas.
Seventh, they have created a worldwide interlocking trust directorate scheme involving 147 corporations to set up a system of Commercial Feudalism to serve their ends of ruling over all the Earth and all Mankind, forever.
If we don't wake up and call upon the Spirit of the Living God to end this criminality, madmen and criminals will rule over us and the Earth will be destroyed.
It is that simple.


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  1. It is NOT too late to fix America Interlocking problems. America still has until 2024. Don’t try to match with the common erred Astrology tools.

    America Fraudulent & Interlocking problems:

    The software bug (satanic agents) affects hardware(you) . Anna approach: is to use assumed good software to fix software bug, NOT possible. I recommend you: to send a repair expert to remove/replace that bad software.

    Remember Satan can appear in 2+ forms, even as Jesus. Why NOT? Read GEN 6:2 – 6.

    Even in GEN 6:2 – 9 king James version, the bibles are all corrupted like American laws. The word Nephilim is removed. I am troubled when you call Jesus as Lord, because Satan (Capricorn/December/Bankers) can appear like cold Jesus/Judge. We don’t have the first hand knowledge of whether Jesus is Christ, do please do not demonize everyone if you want America back. The good feelings had deceived many. The Wall Street Fed's were Capricorn or other sign-transforming into the Capricorns(devils) at older age.

  2. Where is the statute about how to enforce Z-tags. We're looking for useful info.

  3. As I said already several times--- Regulation Z is an international banking regulation that was passed by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and later codified as the Consumer Protection Act and related legislation. The idea was to identify property that was private and exempt and so protect consumers from loss due to confusion and improper revenue collections by the various elements of the government corporations.

  4. You can find references to Regulation Z scattered throughout Federal Code--the Federal Highway Safety Act, USDA Acts, Federal Communications Acts---but they very rarely say anything very helpful until you dig really far back. The only very explicit verbiage was the 1956 Highway Safety Act.

  5. I skimmed the 40 some pages of the 1956 HSA and could not locate any explicit Z references. Does anyone know the dimensions of a Z-tag? How wide, how tall is the Z?

  6. al - we're looking for Z tag images. Zero. Now if we're looking for Z tags for cattle, got plenty (we being their cattle). IF memory serves it looks like link below w a bold Z. Only ones we recall are white w black Z, not recalling a black w white Z. Its maybe 5" oval.

    Its almost as though it no longer exists anymore OR the thugs have taken its info & images out. Hells bells lets make our own & record our info about it.

  7. Years ago they started to take everything out of the library's that could help people or that clearly portrayed the law..!!
    They did this with one of the writs that judges hate to this day...the Writ of Error. This writ gave REMEDY to abuse of power by judges, saying that they made an error of law and that they were liable..!!
    But they remove that writ from every library so no one could use it..that is why you have to say I am going to bring you up in " the nature of a writ of error", which they have not removed..!!
    Every court was allowed to call it something else, but the most used one is " supervisory control"..!!