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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Still More for the [Misled] Flag Officers:

By Anna Von Reitz

Well, you are not all misled, just some of you.  And it is to you Misled Fellows that this is addressed.  

Here's the accusation: 

She is again obfuscating the facts about what the founding docs really were/are. The King's founding and the foundations America was built on (follow the money please)  was just a business venture documented in the 1606 First Virginia Charter of claims and was never canceled.   Virginia received three charters1606, another in 1609, and the third in 1612. The differences among the three charters lie primarily in the territorial jurisdiction of the COMPANY. He who owns the most land wins. He needed Real Currency so he claimed a share of all the Gold, Silver and Copper found in America by his surveyors and all that would mine for it. These shares would be passed on to his heirs in perpetuity. A good conquest businessman he was to even take care of his future family members. And all at the expense of the Native Americans.   

Here's the answer: 

Of course, the colonization was a business venture.  Of course, the Virginia Company and the New England (Bedford) Company and several others as well were chartered by the King of the Commonwealth and other European Monarchs as well.  So what?  

The private business dealings underlying that progress has nothing whatsoever to do with the public business of our government as of 1776, other than the fact that the private British business interests were preserved by the Definitive Treaty of Paris, 1783, and again, all within the British Territorial Government doing business as "the" United States of America, operating "in our name" under our specific delegation of powers.  

There's nothing exotic about any of this.  The actual entities being referenced are clear throughout all the documents and the nomenclature is both specific and consistent throughout.  Our country and our Federation of States has a Proper Name.  That Proper Name is: The United States of America.  

There is also "the" United States of America, which is the British Territorial Government doing business "in our name" and functioning under our delegated authority.  That government functioned as a business which was later, by 1856, incorporated as "the" UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  

And again, so what?  

All that is about British corporations chartered to do private business and make investments in the New World and they were allowed to continue to function in their own Territorial jurisdiction even after The War of Independence.  If you bother to read the first few pages of "You Know Something Is Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probably Cause" you will find that I years ago described this situation and what everyone got out of it.  

It simply doesn't have anything to do with our actual government and our actual country, The United States of America.  

The King is Arch-Treasurer of "the" United States of America, not The United States of America.  

Get it through your head. 

And though they are very similar names, as any lawyer worth their salt can tell you, "The United States of America" is a very different beastie than "the" United States of America. 

Here's the accusation: 

That's it! Except as a CYA Act the Congress agreed 1789 no one shall take an oath to " the Constitution for the United States of America" because the United States of America was hi$.  

And here's the answer: 

No, again. As I explained yesterday, there are three (3) different Constitutions with three (3) different names.  

The one passed in 1787 is the Original Equity Contract and Federal Constitution. 

The one passed in 1789 is the British Territorial Constitution.  Therefore it makes perfect sense that the 1789 version included the prohibition against taking an oath to the 1787 Constitution, and also, the 1789 Constitution included the Federal Judiciary Act, allowing the Territorial Government to have Sea Jurisdiction Courts. 

Until you get your heads out of your pockets and realize that you are dealing with three different governments all operating on our shores, each providing different governmental services, you will be left making stupid assumptions.  

The Constitution for the united States of America--1787-- (American Service Provider).  

The Constitution of the United States of America - 1789 -- (British Territorial Service Provider). 

The Constitution of the United States - 1790 - (Municipal Service Provider). 

Do you think they created all three of these separate documents and passed them over a period of four (4) years for no reason?  

Whenever you see "the" United States of America or the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, they are talking about the British Territorial entities and the British Territorial United States ---- meaning the Insular States and Possessions. 

Absolutely none of this is talking about our actual country or the States or its civilian government at all. 

Here's the accusation: 

The only thing  I may add is basic contract law is simple the articles were overwritten ie replaced by the new Contract ie Constitution. In international law a sovereign needs another sovereign to co-sign so the articles agreed to the change in terms to be able to conduct commerce internationally which was needed at the time to pay off debts.. Classic case of those with power writing a one-sided contract. 

And here's the answer: 

The Articles of Confederation were never "overwritten", and neither for that matter was anything else.  The entities involved had no such powers.  The States of America ceased to function in the wake of the Civil War.  They were American business entities operated by the actual States and thanks to British betrayal and duplicity, the American States never "reconstructed" these businesses. Until now. 

Here's the accusation: 

Further, the names she uses are not even used on official docs nor internal ones. And all the capacities, characters and conditions she speaks of, not one is explicitly authorized. Sounds like she is actually doing PR that jailed Heather tried floating, as well the one who claimed she was in Illuminati, I and broke free. We did what we did because the Creator asked us to be evil so that you may see good. Remember, SHE came out initially saying it was all fraud. We were born free. 

And here's the answer: 

You are just too ignorant to know what the documents are or what they say. The language and the nomenclature is absolutely consistent in all the Federal Constitutions.  The entities are named throughout the Congressional Records, throughout the Constitutional Conventions, throughout the Federalist Papers and it is all the same and exactly as I have described it.  We have the documents and we have the dates when all these things were decided, named, and put into effect.  We know why it is the way it is, and it all makes sense. 

Our history is consistent.  Our interpretation of the situation and the nomenclature fits.  

And yours doesn't. You're just talking through your hat and making assumptions, which is a dangerous thing to do, when the fate of your country hangs on it.  

Here's the accusation:  

Now she is saying you are subject to a state and what they did was ok - LOL. Claim your political birthright. She attacked Phil and for claiming the proper and recognized birth right. Sounds to me like a well-planned long term psy-op courtesy of the master manipulators. aka Tavistock. They were behind this long term ie late 50s and beyond social transformation. My my my where we have gone in under a generation.

And here's the answer: 

The problem is that because Phil is acting from wrong assumptions, just like you, he didn't claim his "proper and recognized birthright" as an American.  He claimed his birthright as a British Territorial Citizen, instead.  

And he's allowed to do that and so are you, but as I also explained --- it means that you are a British Pauper living on the clemency of the King and standing good for all his debts.  

That's all well and good, if that is what you want to do and mean to do, but if not, it's time to get your heads out of your nether regions and listen up.  You can always admit to making a mistake, but the only mistake you can't correct is the one you won't admit. 


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  1. Here is Trump promise with his Signature to drain the swamp.

  2. There is my findings and conclusion

    1) The EU Illuminati & deep-state are bad, stealing defrauding people around for themselves and EU. So the sneaky UK should be penalized.
    2) USA Unincorporated is also bias, accusing others of taking shares of her gold etc. She doesn’t know other people long slavery history, by the same vermins.
    3) Christians since year 1000, are close-minded, believing in untested contaminated books, accusing God of working in vain (creating souls to sin and rescue later, so far 150 – 225 billions lived and died on earth).
    4) The Chinese are bad, getting greedier, fast-copiers.
    5) The issues of stealing had to do with resources takeover, by force or fraud.

    The Bottom line is, Do you have ANY better fruits to offer the world economy other than words? NOP! BUT certain group does, to increase the world economy/resources. The Illuminati may be willing to work with such a group. So your words and opinions don’t mean anything. I don’t trust #1 to #4. I recommend ALL to compromise, reconcile at the same time, to move forward.

    1. Pink,no sorry, we dont all do compromise.

      ~ The chinese just got their wings clipped, trump took back their 40 yr contract of long beach port in calif. which obumbo gave them back in 2012.

      ~ by now, things have gotten so passed around, duped, abused, lied about, stolen, taken back, nobody knows where anything is, or what belongs to who.

      ~ not even Anna can sort it all out, tho she thinks she can. And with names misspelled over the years, especially at Ellis Island, most of us probably dont know who we really are or how to spell or names correctly, LOL

      But no, we dont do compromise and just 'reconcile' ....just to move forward. Im already moving forward every day......this Forum is just a sideline for me, not my Life.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Pinkham:
    The so called Illuminati have proven to always do what is best for them....only. Duplicity is their trademark. Make a deal now that seems equitable, then down the time-line when other party's guard is dropped because deal seems right, betrayal. Therefore cannot be trusted and must be erased. There is no "working" with such people/entities/forces. Only erasure.

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 10, 2019 at 11:03 AM

      Agreed on all points.
      Here, from para #2 of this article, is just one perfect example of the basis for your conclusions:
      "A good conquest businessman he was to even take care of his future family members. And all at the expense of the Native Americans."

  5. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 10, 2019 at 7:25 AM

    IMO: the avr-construct chiding others for not getting things right, in many of its examples, is correct; but is also many times, the proverbial "pot" calling the kettle "black" regarding its own intentional(?) misinformation/ erroneous material; for example, this, its:

    "Our country and our Federation of States has a Proper Name. That Proper Name is: The United States of America."

    I have to wonder just how stupid does it think we are at this point? It just spins on and on with this crap as though repeating erroneous information will somehow make what it says come true! It won't!

    In these twenty words quoted, it has, IMO, knowingly, again, given out very-easily-checked-to-be-wrong information, that is:

    1. The United States of America is not and never has been a country.
    Check the Articles of CONFEDERATION and Perpetual UNION; and see for yourself that it is a CONFEDERATED UNION OF SEPARATE COUNTRIES/ NATIONS, CALLED STATES; and
    2. That the "Proper Name" does not refer to a *Federation* at all, but refers instead to the Confederated (meaning: WITH sovereign States' rights held intact) Union formed in those same Articles!

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 10, 2019 at 7:28 AM

      The avr-construct finally mentioning Tavistock (the english mind kontrol institute) is interesting because that is what is perhaps being used to impose upon us, IMO.

      Like I have been saying, IMO, here's their problem:
      They didn't get our consent that they were REQUIRED to get at the beginning.
      They knew the rules... freewill universe = consent *absolutely* necessary.
      What does consent do?
      With consent, crimes aren't deemed to be crimes. They get off the hook. They get off scot free.
      They have been falling all over themselves excusing, covering for and pardoning each other in THEIR Man-Made "jurisdiction" ... But they are still criminals in ours!!!... That is why the big huge push to take American traditional common law out of the hands of the living people. They are desperate. Even to the point of trying to encroach upon the DeclarofIndep, now, IMO, or so it seems.

      Perhaps that is why this avr-construct has given us the suggestion that we just put on a shit-eating grin and what? pretend like we agreed to be acted upon criminally or something like that?
      The answer is, NO!

    2. well, their position is basically if you dont murder them you "consented"

      which is basically the "illuminati" position too. of course, one and the same in many ways (see rosicrucians, francis bacon, new atlantis, ad naeuseaum)

      when the articles were routed around, and 9/13 IIRC states signed on to the new federal constitution, a bill of rights was forced at the last minute, but consent/procedure was never followed.

      thus, their unspoken opinion is that fraud does not contaminate all, rather that people don't say anything for decades.

      ever since then, from WW "make the world safe for democracy", to FDR's "new deal", and trump's "pledge to workers" (and UN speech, everyone the world over is human capital) there are just adhesion contracts...that they assume everyone "agreed" to if they don't say anything.

      the 68th convocation of the rosy cross order, fundamental laws, 1916, spells it all out (pun intended, they are into "spells"). freedom of religion is a sham, 2nd coming is just a plot to reunite with england (and mexico), there CFR/round tables have nothing to do with the actual arthurian mythology, etc.

      woodrow wilson: rosicrucian. FDR: a better WW than WW himself, in edward mandell house's eyes

      if god doesn't strike them with lightning, we all "consented" to everything they say and do. same as the jacobin's crowning the "goddess of reason" and switching to 2nd coming/holy spirit during the french revolution.

      god didn't strike them with lightning (except benjamin franklin, and an illuminist courier, who else?) ...therefore everyone "consented". thus is illuminist "logic" and "reason"

    3. Thank you good boots and xerces yakir!
      Good boots underscores the vital necessity for getting clear about the Organic Laws (that includes this forum). Xerces yakir underscores the necessity to be "wise a serpents" by telling the most radical truth about the world system no matter how 'political incorrect' it may be in anyone's opinion.

    4. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 10, 2019 at 10:44 AM

      Thank you chef; yes, if the foundation isn't solid, the building won't stand.

    5. goodboots, Ive been observing and analyzing all of the Articles posted here for a very long time, and Ive had it in mind that there seemed to be a hidden agenda going on, but wanted to make sure.
      Ive felt like there has been a deliberate attempt to lead folks in some desired direction, and for some special purpose, but was waiting to try to make sure just what that purpose was. I do not readily just accuse people, but I have had a suspicious yanking on my collar all this time, that something is very very wrong here.

      And so Ive waiting patiently to see if anyone else would ever notice or suspect the same thing, and so finally you have stepped forth and apparently see the same things Ive long suspected.
      In fact its why Ive never taken step one even, to accept any of the avr directives; how do we really know if we arent stepping into a pile of dung, just by taking ones ''trusted word' for it being the 'right thing to do'.
      And so Ive simply followed my ''gut feeling' (that still small voice inside that has been saying, dont do that) because it has always been right for about 40 plus years now.

      So thanks goodboots, for speaking out like this. I concur and confirm.

    6. Abby & Good Boots. Thank God for the both of you! You are obviously led by the true Holy Spirit and I just want to share-- Psalm 32:8 " I will Instruct you and teach you in the way you should go . I will Counsel you with my loving eye on you?

    7. Typo .Abby & Good Boots. Thank God for the both of you! You are obviously led by the true Holy Spirit and I just want to share-- Psalm 32:8 " I will Instruct you and teach you in the way you should go . I will Counsel you with my loving eye on you(no question mark) For I concur and confirm too!

    8. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 10, 2019 at 4:35 PM

      Thank you Abby!

    9. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 10, 2019 at 5:02 PM

      Thank you W.M.!
      You could have no idea what that scripture means to me at this very particular time, but our heavenly father does; it is so important, that I wrote it on my bible leaf (blank page) with today's day and your name and will pray for you when I read it. :)

    10. WMThomas, thank you so much for that; it means a great deal to me; a rarity indeed. Yes, I am led by the holy spirit as well as having been taught by that one same Spirit; I am ever so grateful for having had access to such a Teacher.

      For those who think one has to be special to come about such a blessing and to be taught by The Master, I want to say, no, it just takes a repentant one who then becomes a very willing attentive serious Student; one who is willing to be taught irregardless of what Truths may be revealed, as not all Truth is necessarily pleasant.
      Truth is knowledge, and with some knowledge, comes sorrow. One must be prepared for that, and people pleasing must go by the wayside as it cannot be a priority.
      Truth can also bring loss or isolation, so Truth must be held as being of the greater value. It must also be realized that Truth is Love, even though it may hurt at times and be seen as hateful. All that is Good must be build on a foundation of Truth.

      32:8 is also very timely for me, and at this time, as well, W.M. so thank you again, as they are Words from the holy spirit of God.

  6. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 10, 2019 at 7:39 AM

    Presently, to me, looking around me and watching what is going on and seeing the trajectory of where we're all seeming to be perhaps being led, --not just by the avr-construct,-- alot or most of it seems to me to be us being led to ULTIMATELY giving or being deemed to have NOW given the consent that was necessary from the very beginning but wasn't obtained.
    Even with the sudden massive amount of disclosures of previously hidden information handily wound around so many constructed, and therefore false flag, unnatural events.... Those disclosures had to have been given from the beginning and weren't.

    Such that they acted upon us and others criminally for their own "unjust enrichment",-- by USING AND CLAIMING the spiritual authority in the 1611 KJV bible to do so.
    Then they broke those spiritual rules that they took oaths to abide by.

    We think what is going on now is about "us"... But, No, it mostly isn't.
    They're being called for a spiritual accounting for their crimes and for their intentional misuse of the spiritual authority claimed and for knowingly taking oaths that they did not intend and or choose to fulfill thereby "duping" the creator.

    All in my opinion.

    1. the masonic/illuminist "creator" is two-faced as all occultism/hermeticism tends to be. see prometheus offering zeus bones wrapped in fat. they are perfectly loyal to their "creator".

      they see themselves as the "rejected stone" -- 2nd coming pagan jesus, saves all the heretics/non catholics/non christians/etc.

      the sooner people see masonry/illuminism is simply "reverse christianity" "reverse catholicism" and they very much do follow "the bible" -- they just purposely pick all the "rejects" and "sinners"

      ultimately, just satan trying to get into heaven.

      "freemasonry" and "illuminism" == is simply the reverse of the below
      According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon. 11For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

    2. goodboots: the masons/illuminists DO follow the "bibles"

      they just purposely "do the reverse" 99% of the time. or find some supposed "hidden" book/revelation/etc. -- always trying to find a loophole.

      if "the bibles" says the sins of the father go unto x generations, they say "that's not fair! better help some cripples! it's not their fault!"

      if the "bibles" says no hidden combinations, they form them.

      this is how gnosticism works. all bibles/religions/prophets/messiahs are fake, or at best, temporary.

      they figure by this "do the opposite" they will outlast/survive all the phonies. and become all-knowing, all-seeing, all-wise, etc.

      in that sense, they pick and choose from everything.

      they see this as "purifying" "humbling themselves" -- accepting the blame of becoming "satan" to all religions, so that they might become wise.

      the last will become first. they see themselves as the "true christianity" the "true catholicism" (universalism)

      so, basically you get 2nd coming pagan jesus, they believe they will be "saved"

      ad naeuseum, if another prophet/messiah comes along, they will create/believe in a "reverse" version of him that eventually will come back and "save" them.

      light is dark, hell is heaven, etc. "illuminism" is pretty simple. up is down.

      think pac-man -- by going off the edge of the screen, they think the last will become the first. "everything goes in cycles" -- rosicrucianism.

      history doesn't repeat, but if often rhymes -- attributed to mark twain.

      what could be more "love thy neighbor" than cozying up with all the heretics/satanists/etc. ?

      if you accuse them of twisting things, or preaching and not following, then "judge not lest" ...

      those who call evil good and good evil.

    3. goodboots: they almost always follow "bibles"

      if the "bibles" say people are supposed to be "saved"

      then the illuminist/mason motto is "making good men better [there is no "fall", all prophets/messiahs/etc. are fake]"

      it's just "do the reverse" ad naueseum.

      if "noone goes to the father except through christ" -- then they try to go to "the father" outside of christ.

      "to the mason, god is our father in heaven, and we are all brethren"

      hence america's "the creator" "nature's god" -- in many ways, just "reverse roman catholicism"

      if the catholic church says holy ghost (1st coming), everyone else is damned, they say holy spirit (2nd coming), everyone else is damned.

    4. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 10, 2019 at 10:55 AM

      Yakir, am absorbing what you've written and condensing it into concepts backed up with credible info, that's my goal with what you have written here, so will probably have questions,--for clarity and to make sure I'm understanding it correctly. Thanks.

    5. Goodboots:Troll=Verified Truth Teller. Can you give your remarks on Phil Hudok? This info is at Anna has already given her remarks on Arbitration Awards/ Treaty of Peace 2020. Phill Hudok does indeed claim his natural birth status in his "PROOF OF CLAIM" What say you? Do you have a private email you will share? .Many have told me that when they come on this site and try to be transparent and open just trying to learn the truth their comments have bees swiftly deleted/removed.

      They say Good Boots is able to speak his mind and voice his opinion with out being benched/barred. Many are even saying that Goodboots is Anna Von Reits Husband and is why you are still on. Looking forward to your Answer.

    6. xerces, you talk a lot but you never seem to reveal where you are coming from. You point out things about ''others' but dont say exactly what ''others' you are referring to. And so ultimately you dont make any sense, and you dont really set anything as being facts, in any way. Instead you are just all over the place, like mixing salt with sugar and who knows which is which.

      But let me try to set you straight: You ought to learn Truth from The Bible and then when you hear or see $hitt you will recognize it from Truth. God DID set an indelible line in the sand, lines of demarcation.
      IF you would bother to try to learn Truth, you wouldnt be here throwing out all these various thoughts without any validity to anything, but just bring forth more confusion.

      You sound like a disillusioned catholic because 'catholicism' didnt work for you, and the reason it didnt is because it is a religion of paganism. And so you come in here condemning everything.
      Instead, you ought to go get in a corner, sit down and ask God whats wrong with you, and to straighten you out, cause you are sure scattered all over the place.

    7. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 10, 2019 at 3:09 PM

      W. M. Thomas,

      Well, first of all I have only been commenting for about three months, but have identified myself numerous times to be a woman!
      So no, I am not Anna's husband!
      And I am one of the ones often telling this avr-construct that it is, IMO, giving out incorrect information, so I do not enjoy any kind of "favored status". In fact, avr has even asked Paul Stramer to block me, which he did not do.

      And, oh, no, I am pretty much constantly (it seems) having my comments "wiped"-- often around the preview stage but sometimes before.

      It does seem that this site is being extremely heavily censored, and trolled perhaps too, for commentor comments, but I dont think it is Paul Stramer doing it. JMO since when Paul takes issue with something, to his credit, he seems to come on the blog and make it clearly known.

      Your comment: "Many have told me that when they come on this site and try to be transparent and open just trying to learn the truth their comments have bees swiftly deleted/removed."
      We really need to be able to hear everyone's ideas, thoughts, questions and so on, concerning getting our political status corrected... But I guess the point of censoring people, if it is being done, is to keep that from happening.

      Now though when one of my comments gets wiped, I have been putting a blurb at the top of it when I retype it, saying that: It got wiped so check it out because it might be important!!!
      ...and then I just sit there and peck it out again; and it has always gone through the second or third time so far.
      I would encourage everyone who has verifiable information of substance concerning our political status that they believe will assist others, to do the same if time permits them to do so.
      Others have contacted Paul through email (I think) and asked him to look in spam and so forth for the missing comments. He seems to always graciously oblige and often/always finds published (?) comments that "disappear".

      No I don't presently have private email, but yes I would share it if I had it.

      Continued: for Phil Hudok remarks.

    8. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 10, 2019 at 4:24 PM

      W. M. Thomas,
      CONTINUED: Phil Hudock

      Someone found the Phil Hudok information awhile back and wondered about it too, so I did hop over to the Hudok website at the time and take a quick look at it, and said it looked like it might be a good thing for some people... but didn't actually get into the details of it.

      If avr is correct though, about having to claim to be a British territorial citizen/other than an American state national, in order to get a settlement, then that would HAVE to be explained to the people and put in writing in the people's own language in no uncertain terms that:
      they were giving up their natural, God-given unalienable rights, and any other rights required, for that monetary settlement. (if in fact that is what they actually have to do.)

      You know, nearly every system can be a good system for certain people, IF THAT'S WHAT THEY CHOOSE, under conditions of full disclosure without duress, at age of maturity, with all of the possible or actual perils, risks, obligations, responsibilities and so forth, lawfully disclosed. It is the lying and sneaking, the non-disclosures and slavery that are such an offense, along with the intentional and unnecessary undue pain, abuse and suffering they cause.

      Do you see that the settlement being offered, if any, is accompanied by full disclosure fulfilling all of the elements of lawful contract?
      Are the people having to agree to lose their unalienable rights in order to collect the settlement?... (The settlement lawfully belongs to them anyway without them giving up ANYthing at all, so might it might be construed in some venues and authorities to be something like "extortion" or coersion or duress if something like that is required.)
      Also, how would any American state national know they could trust even a written contract with England (and/or some others) since it has such a long history of perfidy/ backstabbing its "friends and allies", and has such a bad reputation around the world now for making agreements and breaking them, and THEN also threatening use of, or actually using, undue force when someone tries to hold them to their word?

      I'm interested in your thoughts about all this, because it all affects American state nationals and American State Nationals, and I guess State Citizens, too.

  7. Anyone in California, I cannot stress enough that you watch and spread the video
    Yes some may not agree with his flat earth stuff but lots of information he shares that is critical

  8. goodboots, here is a thought that has run thru my mind:

    We have all seen how things have changed over the centuries and decades, and how it is said that we the People have been ''lied to and hoodwinked' by those in power.
    So I have to wonder, is this really what has happened, or is it more like the progression of things over the many long years? Could it be that it is just the normal course of changes, even though some rights and freedoms have been taken from the population?

    Yes,we know theft has taken place, the banking system is really white collar criminality, etc etc, but is this all just part of the progression of things....rather than a case of ''trying to take our country back''.

    Is it more a case of people yearning for more of 'the way it was' rather than 'waking up and saying we need to do thus and thus and thus to undo a bunch of stuff''.

    We could look back at the days of the wild wild west and see how one could just shoot another person just for riding off on their horse - - and we could be saying 'hey lets file a bunch of papers to get our free shooting days back' like back in those days.

    We could be saying hey we lost those freedoms to just shoot people like we did back then - - but now we have 'lost those freedoms' and we should do this and that to ''get back our (old) country''.

    But when we look at all that, those wild wild west days, we can say we have simply progressed from that to this. We didnt really lose anything, we just became more civilized and even though we cant just go shoot somebody for now stealing our car, we now have a different era that we are living in. It is all a part of the progression of things, of our society has changed.

    We could also think and saying 'how much success could we possibly have if we tried to reverse things and go back to how it was during those ''freedoms of those old western days'.

    We could also look back and see.......what of the past has ever reverted backwards to that past time? And so, we could say today...what of all this mess that is talked about in here, has any chance of reverting back 100 years?

    Your thoughts?

  9. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 11, 2019 at 10:00 AM

    I'd have to say:
    Probably about the same chance as Biblical principles being observed again, since the principles of a lawful life under creator's authority never change and living such a life is a private, freewill desire that is a publicly-declared election,... just as it has been for the last 2000 years.

    1. goodboots, of course there is no chance of reverting back to how it was 100 years ago........and that is what Anna's entire directives is all about. So isnt it pretty much all a waste of time, and doesnt it just build up false hope? And so I just wonder what is the advantage to anyone.

      We all know there are many things that are wrong, but those would fall more in the line of a law suit, which seems the way to 'get rid of some of those things'. But Anna would rather have everybody jumping thru hoops rather than Her filing suits on behalf of The People. And even tho she has previously stated she has filed things ''for all of you''......we have seen not one iota of results or actual benefit for anyone.
      This has been all talk now for several years, but has not proceeded past 'just talk'. Things get filed by Anna, and then that is the end of them all.

      See whats wrong with this whole picture? Fraud is still no reason for anyone to have to ''correct any political status'.....and just what does politics have to do with our 'status' anyhow.

      I mean, it is all just a stirred up mess, and still .....'no cake'.

      However, I wish to clarify that I am simply stating what I observe. I am not personally bothered by any of it; The Market can crash, Im not bothered by it. I dont need these directives to work for my survival, nor am I sitting with baited breath for anyone to 'fix this world'.
      But I will report whatever I see going on, thats all.

    2. Abby...
      IMO, That was the best demon-stration of how you like being a slave to the system. Bravo!!!!
      I love this one...
      "Fraud is still no reason for anyone to have to ''correct any political status'.....and just what does politics have to do with our 'status' anyhow."
      OH MY.... you literally have no clue.

      Anna talks history, real history, she offers insight on how to perceive things for the betterment of all man in general.

      IMO... Abby... You are here to stir things up, except your mainly negative and IMO, you are presuming much, in my opinion.

      These are just silly opinions, not cited references, thank you.

      Documented Americans Assemble!
      Do your research! Make your own OPINION.
      Ignore the negative commentors with more brains than heart, trying to make a mole hill into a mountain.


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