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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

For the Pope, the Queen, and the Flag Officers

By Anna Von Reitz

You think that we are poor in spirit; but we are not deceived. 

We are not fooled by your deceits. 

We are not stumbled by your simple ruses, your attempts to hide your business affairs and avoid your obligations by doing business under many names. 

We don't miss the point that the Queen rules the Commonwealth for the Pope.  We see that the Pope working as the Roman Pontiff rules the Municipal Governments of the world.  

We see how you have used  similar names to "represent" us and our country and yes, even our Armed Services, seeking to abuse and destroy us from within. 

We see how you have used both virtues and vices to your ends. 

We see how you have used the Roman Catholic Church as a storefront for the benefit of evil, and how you move to use the United Nations organization in the same way. 

We hear how you laugh at us and we know what you think. 

You think that you own all that you see and that you have inherited the Kingdom of your God.  

You think that all the Earth is in your power and you rejoice in the evil and the deceptions in which you are willingly participating. 

You have always mistaken the Power of Death for the Power of Life.

And you think --what are we? Frail children made of dust?  

We are those who have come from Heaven to collect your debts.  

We are those whom the Living God has made.  We belong to Him alone and His Spirit dwells with us. 

We don't have to do anything, or make any war against you; indeed, we only speak to you so that you may be made fully aware of your own choices. 

And so that your guilt or innocence may be firmly established for everyone to see.  

Foolishly, you place your faith in death and in bombs and in poisons and in plasma technology.  Our Father has made everything in this world to test you and your spirits. 

Even now, you come to your own judgement and shall fully know what it is, and will have no questions about His Justice. 

But as for us, we are incarnate by an Act of God: we do not have to work against you, because you undermine yourselves and choose against the better life and more abundant life we wish for you and which we would freely give you.  

So be it. The Order is given. 

By His Spirit you are overcome. By His Spirit is this battle won. Not by flesh and deeds of men, but by the Spirit of the Living God, making all things new.  

As for Donald Trump he will triumph and his works will stand, because he humbles himself and does not rely on the wisdom of men.  He will put you to shame, even as Cyrus did; he will stretch out his hand and none of the guilty will escape. He will roar and the mountains will remove themselves. 

You will witness this for yourselves, and even then, you will not believe it. 

Oh, stubborn, hard-hearted sons!  How easy it would have been for you to just come home at last, and be at peace.  How easy to accept the truth that you cannot fight against... but now, as then, you will not humble yourselves and accept the gifts of your Father. 

You will not hear the wisdom of His Counsel nor seek the help of His Fiduciary, so your troubles will mammothly increase, and all those evil things you seek to do will vanish like mirages from in front of your face.  Your arms will be useless.  Your faces drained. 

From this moment on and until you repent to your bones and your heart, His Spirit will rest heavily upon you and your guilt will be illuminated as with a spotlight.  

Nothing you do will come to harvest.  No cruelty you inflict will have the result you expect. Those you mislead and misdirect have heard the words spoken by the Spirit; yes, they now awaken. They shake off the dust of ages and see you for what you are. 

Let no man think you haven't chosen this misfortune for yourselves, for well and truly, you have committed these atrocities and told these lies, even after you have been well-warned, well-counseled, and well-advised. 


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  1. The Trump Sting/Bait Operation against the Democrats - PURE GENIUS. Stay tuned for thread details on how the “Sting” was done.

    Greg Rubini‏ @GregRubini 7h7 hours ago
    person A: "it's crazy and frightening how the CIA is publicly attempting to overthrow the President!"
    person B: "yeah, they usually prefer just to kill Presidents"

    Side Note: There have been 23+ FAILED assassination attempts on Trump. Secret Service agents have died protecting him. Trump has what Kennedy did not – military protection 24/7.

    The Trump - Ukraine] phone call was the MOST GENIUS bait operation of the Century.Thank you, Rudy! @RudyGiuliani and the DemocRats - who are gullible and Low IQ - fell for it, hook, line and sinker. maybe I should write a [THREAD] about this Genius Bait Operation.

    2. now the DemocRats are cornered. if they try to IMPEACH >> they lose. if they don't >> they lose.

    Joe Biden is finished. [TERMINATED]. and Biden crimes... lead to obama's crimes...

    John Brennan went to the Ukraine with a fake passport. Name used on Brennan’s fake passport was: Ivan Toentraptrumpsky = To entrap trump sky…pronounced with a Russian accent….lol

    1) "John Brennan is frightened to death" I have no doubt. TREASON, Seditious Conspiracy, illegal spying on a Presidential Candidate & on a President-Elect are CAPITAL CRIMES.

    4. and I bet Hussein Soetoro/Soweto (aka obama) is frightened to death too. it was Soweto/obama who requested the British GCHQ to spy on Trump. and he requested the Italian Prime Minister to spy on Trump, too (Mifsud / Renzi / Vincenzo Scotti connection)

    Trump has FISA warrants open on Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi? perhaps on Nadler and Feinstein too?

    2. on Sept 5, 2018, Sen. Lindsay Graham and Brett Kavanaugh set the stage for the use of Military Tribunals: "American citizens who collaborate with the Enemy are considered Enemy Combatants" "and are tried by Military Tribunals"


    1. Kevin Shipp – Former CIA Director Brennan Will Rat Out Trump Coup Criminals

    2. This all sounds so exciting with Trumps genius sting/bait operation - but I wonder =>

      Is Trump operating in the interest of The United States or is he operating in a more humane approach and still in the interest of the United States? Could the former be a smoke and mirror-veil to the later? I'm new and confused w/o apologizing!

  2. Just wanted to share this with others

    Lots of information and books that he shares that you may want to look in to

    Thanks to Anna and all for never ceasing in our quest

  3. PG&E in California announced Tues Oct 8 that as of midnight 09Oct19 they will be shutting off the hydro for almost 1 million people predominately in the north, the agricultural region for an undisclosed time. Their defense to the wild fires and litigation for hydro causing the fires.

    This is the deep state's way of fighting back. Those who support them will have their eyes opened and hopefully awaken to the fact that this is pure genocide and exactly what will happen if the people allow these corporate demons to continue across nations.

    No more time for begging or bargaining with these soul-less entities. Time to take back our power and take control.

    1. Here is America Interlocking problem. The software bugs (satanic agents) affect hardware(you). Anna approach: is to use assumed good software to fix software bug, it's NOT possible. I recommend you: to send a repair expert to remove/replace that bad software. When how? they will come, Anna & you need to co-operate and be open-minded.

      Remember Satan can appear in 2 or more forms, even as Jesus. Why NOT? Read GEN 6:2 – 6.

      The Holy Spirit/Ghost also can appear in many forms, not to harm you/me, but with always the Truth. I don’t think God allows Satan to simulate Him or appear like the Holy Spirit like Abby claimed. Put your logic in the proper perspective. You all are ill patients in a hospital, you need more help than me.

    2. Even in GEN 6:2 – 9 king James version, the bibles are all corrupted like American laws. The word Nephilim is removed. I am troubled when you call Jesus as Lord, bc Satan (Capricorn/December/Bankers) can appear like cold Jesus/Judge. We don’t have the first hand knowledge of whether Jesus is Christ. The good feelings had deceived many. The Wall Street Fed's were Capricorn or othersign-transforming into a Capricorn(devils) at older age.

  4. Attention, anyone in California

  5. I don't know who READY is, but he is right on..!! The CIA is at the head of every controversy between countries forever..!! Why Trump just doesn't get rid of them completely bothers me to no end...!!
    This country will never be free as long as they are around...not only that , but they should all be arrested and shipped off to GITMO to await trial..!! This along with the IRS and Internal Revenue Service...!!

    1. You are 100% right. I thought that Trump was going to drain the swamp, they all need to be outed-----

  6. Interestingly, something unexpected as a source of surname.

    The family had emigrated to America from a Scandinavian country.
    Upon reaching Ellis Island, they were presented a book of surnames (copyrighted surnames??), to select from.

    The family member relating the story explained their history. Stating that their Scandinavian name was entirely different, not all similar, nor even a close approximation to their original Scandinavian surname.

    One would expect that surnames, crossing Ellis Island, were corrupted in translation. It never occurred to me that their surname upon entering America had been "selected"(?) from what is described as catalog or book of surnames? Which some Ellis Island official had presented to them, from which to choose.

    One may wonder - were people "selecting" previously copyrighted names? If so, who holds the copyright?

    A curiosity? Or something more?

    What if one's surname falls into some category such that the copyright to "their" surname is previously held by someone not of you or your family??

    1. I was married to someone of Polish decent
      When his dad was in the military they could not pronounce his name that has several Z's in it so they dropped the Z's from the name all together?
      I have read the surname was created for taxation purposes?
      According to other information your true name is your first name only, no other names apply?

      Look at all the people from India and other nations that their surnames are all similar in nature say like praveen is a common one

      Spreading the babylonian system throughout the world by giving their slaves surnames for taxation purposes

      I've worked with benefit enrollment electronic data of folks they have brought to the US and their is no SS number - they assign one to them when they bring them in - their slave number

      IMO these are some thing to look at

      Now you have to ask yourself about the geneology stuff too like ancestry dot com now don't you

      Just how do you choose a surname and then pay this organization for a service to get the real facts about your 'family' lineage

    2. According to an article from Anna a woman carries the dna from all sexual partners? Remember that article?

  7. Could be of very interest
    Simon Parkes latest Vid (15 min)

  8. Their plans already underway to replace the UN

    And within the Earth CONstitution we have 'climate change' and the CO2 CON

    No coincidence that the con who claims to be the pope and keeper of the earth has signed an encyclical about climate change
    And we all know that climate change is being caused by weather modification and not us


  9. We don't miss the point that the Queen rules the Commonwealth for the Pope. We see that the Pope working as the Roman Pontiff rules the Municipal Governments of the world. REMEMBER AMERICA IS ONLY PEOPLE AND THE PEOPLES NOT SOVEREIGN STATE ARE PRIVATE, YOU CAN'T PLAY NO GAMES ITS A CENTRAL GOVERNMENT UNDER A UNITARY SYSTEM RUN THIS