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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Long Overdue

By Anna Von Reitz

This information has been "Flash Banned" by many sources, but it is brief and simple enough to understand. 

The "Vice President" is an office that has always been charged with handling vice operations, as in "Vice Squad".  

In the United States Municipal Government, this initially meant that the Vice-President was responsible for riding herd on the regulation of interstate manufacture, sale, and transport of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.  These so-called "Sin Taxes" were established initially as the means to fund the operations of the Federal Government.  

It falls primarily under the heading of the Municipal Government because it involves (or is supposed to always involve) business between organized corporations engaged in "interstate commerce", and commerce is the realm of the Municipal Government.  

So from the very first, the Vice President's Office has been concerned with: (1) regulatory activity concerning commercial operations and specifically commerce in controlled substances and commerce in foreign trade; and (2) enforcement activities related to sin taxes, trade in controlled substances, and "vice".  

Unfortunately, when the wrong people get into this Office, it is easy for things to go sideways and instead of being a comptroller and regulator seeking to promote Public Safety and collection of taxes and tariffs on controlled substances and oversight of commercial transactions with foreign business partners involving commodities subject to tariffs and fees of various kinds----- gross abuses occur, which is precisely what happened with Joe Biden.  

Joe Biden couldn't resist feathering the family nest in a big way.  

While there is no evidence that he, himself, directly received funds from these activities, it is clear that he abused his office to rig deals and peddle influence highly beneficial to his son, Hunter Biden. 

By all accounts, Hunter Biden is a man with a troubled history of drug addiction and instability caused by drug addiction---- but because of his Father's office and deal-making and pressuring of foreign governments, Hunter received improper appointments and contracts. 

In the first incident, Joe Biden got his son, Hunter, appointed to the Board of Ukraine's largest private producer of gas, even though Hunter knew nothing about gas production or the Ukraine and had no experience with either.  This netted $50,000 a month, plus a $3 million backdoor payment laundered through other countries. 

A Ukrainian prosecutor was alerted to the money laundering of the $3 million, and began investigating the gas company and Hunter Biden.  

Joe Biden held up $250 million in aid to the Ukrainian Government for ransom, until the prosecutor was fired and this investigation quashed.   This is a crime.  It's called Obstruction of Justice and Economic Blackmail.  Joe Biden bragged about it afterward.  

Nepotism, influence peddling, coercion, and other lesser crimes are also self-evident.  

A second such intervention by Daddy Biden netted Hunter Biden over $1.5 billion dollars from China ---- that's "billion" with a "b".  

Clearly, this not just some petty one-time dalliance of a morally compromised politician finagling a quid pro quo for his son.  

This is a Vice President of the United States getting involved in vice for vice's sake, participating in vice and criminality for unjust enrichment, and abusing his Office "in our names" to do it 

This, when Biden's actual duty as Vice-President, was to control and combat such corruption,  regulate vice-related substances, and collect sin taxes related to controlled substances and foreign commercial tariffs.   

One wonders what the governments of Ukraine and China can think about our country and about us?  

It is outrageous that Joe Biden abused his Public Trust and Office in this manner, but unfortunately, it has become par for the course in Washington, DC.  This and behavior like it, is the reason that the voters hired President Trump to drain the swamp.  

Obviously, those pigs--- or alligators?---- at the trough in DC, are resisting exposure of their dirty deeds and criminality, and so are trying to magically transform this information into a whole new fictional story line, claiming that President Trump did something improper by inquiring about Biden's activities as Vice-President. 

News for the Beltway: Biden behaved as a criminal while occupying the Office of Vice-President of the United States. 

Biden shouldn't be walking the streets, much less running for President. 

More News for the Beltway: President Trump did nothing wrong.  

Still More News for the Beltway: The Party is Over.  

It also appears that the families of John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi have been involved in similar activities, and there may be Republican Lawmakers who have also engaged in this kind of criminality, too.  It hasn't been investigated until now, "out of respect for Congress".  

Obviously, our respect for Congress and all other elected officials has to be predicated on what Congress does, and influence peddling, economic blackmail, and similar activity don't merit our respect, our trust, nor our tolerance. 


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  1. It is NOT too late to fix America Interlocking problems. America still has until 2024. Don’t try to match the target date with the common erred Astrology tools.

    America Fraudulent & Interlocking problems:
    The software bug (satanic agents) affects hardware(you). Anna approach: is to use assumed good software to fix software bug, NOT possible. I recommend you: to send a repair expert to remove/replace that bad software.

    Remember Satan can appear in 2+ forms, even as Jesus. Why NOT? Read GEN 6:2 – 6.

    Even in GEN 6:2 – 9 king James version, the bibles are all corrupted like American laws. The word Nephilim is removed. I am troubled when you call Jesus as Lord, because Satan (Capricorn/ December/ Bankers/ Crown Templar) can appear like cold Jesus/Judge. See their similar cross on UK Flag center. We don’t have the first hand knowledge of whether Jesus is Christ, so please do not demonize everyone if you want America back. The good feelings had deceived many. The Wall Street Fed's were Capricorn or other sign-transforming into a Capricorn(devils) at older age.

    1. The Software bugs(vermins) and hardware(people) are my parable to illustrate the issues.

    2. What do I mean by DRACO / DRAGO star system is mapping to WA D.C.??

      I mean Dracula Star system controls/influences the White house = WA D.C. to do evil.
      Can I prove this Geo-mapping scientifically? YES if you paid me in advance. Most of you are broke, so you can’t never pay me, therefore be thankful that I give you this info for free.

    3. Abby, the Illuminati know what I'm talking about. You already admitted that your brain cells are weak and cannot comprehend what's I'd tried to help you. You presumed, and bid on the contaminated bibles at all costs. I tested everything I said here, by analyzing before and after the effects, of good and bad brain cells. You definitely have some negative energies inside you, presuming like the rest of patients. Doctors say all patients deny having problems.

      I don't need to insult anyone, but I do love you America, get better....

    4. I'd like to know more to Bodhi

      Have a listen to this womans first video that plays when you go to her channel - very interesting

  2. Enemy everyone is bribed by the bankers who bring money into existence out of thin air no one that is honest can do that.

    1. Bubbapatric, what you're saying is That outer level. Every man is controlled by his/her central Brain cells, tied to affected DNA of good and bad cells. I tracked all of these cells behavior with 100% accuracy, and know what I'm talking about.

  3. My approach, as stated, is flat-footed and practical. We arrest crooks and put them in jail and deal with the corruption. It may be a nasty job like cleaning out a filthy dirty refrigerator, but someone has to do it.

  4. Good Anna, but it's sounded like this group is losing hope, due to non-working SIMILAR NAMING ISSUES.

    To answer question, just in case people wonder why Capricorn is the location of Satan/Devil? Drago/Dracula Star system is located at Capricorn 22 degree, MAPPED to WA D.C. FIXED by Geo-nature. England & France are mapped also, to using WA D.C. as their workplace,#6, which brings their manipulative incomes in for them.

    Why Draco or Dracula has anything to do with Capricorn, Bankers, Judges? See this video.

    Once America problem is fixed, be sure to NEVER use WA D.C. as the running house.

    1. Pinkham - can see how these entities would form their infrastructure for their own interest, like planting nodes. If they were going to do it, they'd chose those nodes beneficial to their intent.
      We see a sinewave countering the 'good sinewave', not that we're correct on this point, but we see sinewaves as a natural pulse. Energy Nodes on Earth are countered. Like having a stream's flow redirected by cutting even a small trench eventually leaks, flows to form another water body. It doesn't take that much to get it started.
      Earths natural nodes identified long ago & structures were made there. Reoccupying those nodes, or tearing them down looks like their plan of disruption. So picking a zodiac to empower their purposes makes sense.
      Philadelphia was the original location. Would this location be in a 'good' empowering one?

    2. Found this information about ley lines, guy wrote a book about them
      Found the above link in the below link

    3. Eric Dubay is his name
      I watched the pyramid code already Bodhi

      Found some of the comments of some interest such as this one
      Good article but what you fail to mention was benjamin banna ka was appointed by goerge Washington to survey the area. He layed the city outon ancient black science. He was the only one to mention sirius in his almanac, the existence on the universe outside our solar system and the study of stars being like our sun. Ben banna ka also had the first clock which is based off the heavenly movements, thats why dc is a giant clock and black history that masons used in rituals cuz they enslaved the people they stole it from. Nobody was talking about sirius until his almanac prove it

      Some other comments in there to youmay want to check out