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Monday, April 25, 2022

Grandma Plays Donkey Kong

 By Anna Von Reitz

This answer to one particular whiner applies to a lot of people who still just aren't getting it, people who are sitting around waiting.....and waiting..... for someone else to do it for them:  

You can gripe and feel sorry for yourself all you want, while you stand there and engage in "administrative processes" and don't do what I tell you needs to be done. 

Do you need an administrative process?   No.   You are not part of their system.  Neither are, or were,  your two cars.  

The ONLY reason they get away with this, is that our Assemblies aren't providing the Court functions for our own people.  

It is the United States Attorney's job to defend United States Land Patents and Patent-Holders.   It is the Provost Marshal's job to defend people and their property from illegal confiscation.  Neither one of these offices do their jobs because there is nobody home to give them the Orders and Indictments needed for them to proceed.   

Get a clue, the "District Attorney" isn't going to serve an indictment against his own Privateers Club members.  No, we have to do that for ourselves or it doesn't get done ---- but guess what?  

The Washington Assembly hasn't been sitting around waiting for someone else.  Oh, no.  For the past two years they have been learning law and pre-qualifying jurors.  

So guess what they did this weekend?   They called their Grand Jury into Session and they deliberated and they issued a Writ of Mandamus with Order to Compel --- forcing both the United States Attorney and the Provost Marshal to get back to work, and, they issued a Criminal Indictment against the "Sheriff" and the "Sheriff's Detectives" and the "County" ---- how do you like that?  That's Law in action.  Actual Law. Not any "Administrative Process". 

Washington heard the message, followed the instructions, did the work, and so they were ready to meet this challenge in an appropriate and powerful way.  

Don't you wish that you had a competent State Assembly and State Court ready to defend your rights?   Ever stopped and thought about why you don't have that when you need it?  

Could it be that while you have been dithering around doing THEIR "Administrative Process" instead of building your own Assembly Court and enforcing your Public Law, they have been getting away with dereliction of duty and every kind of crime for profit? 

Could it be that you are your own problem, because you actually have all the power, but you don't educate yourself and you don't work and you don't organize and you don't bring others together in common cause to get your own courts up and going?

Just sayin'.  As long as you are willing to sit around on your rump and let your employees boss you around and steal whatever they like, and let foreigners operating foreign courts steal you blind and treat you worse than an animal, and enforce THEIR foreign laws on you and exercise CORPORATION BILLS OF ATTAINDER in a country where Bills of Attainder have been outlawed for two hundred years (!!!!) --- well, that's the way it will be.  

So what if it's against the Public Law?  You are the Public and you aren't doing your Public Duty to enforce the Public Law.   So there it sits, all tied up with a bow: The Public Law, The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence.  And none of it means a thing, does it? And why is that?  Again?  And again?  And again?  

It's your Public Duty to populate your State of the Union.  It's your Public Duty to build your State Assembly.  It's your Public Duty to serve as a Juror or elected Court Officer.  It's your Public Duty to know and enforce the Constitutions.   It's your Public Duty to protect your own rights and your own property and to help your neighbors do the same.  And how do you do that?  

Well, Little Jimmy, you put on your Big Boy Pants and you do the job.  Or you sit at home with one thumb in your mouth and another in your ear. 


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  1. Well.... let's see the outcome and how long it takes... I would expect maximum Title 18 remedies..

    1. I want to see the criminals that attacked Teri arrested. Keep us up to date with the results. Typing up indictments and arrest warrants is a far cry from actual arrests by a Provost Marshal and a prosecution by a United States Attorney who is a foreign agent to us and a "shipping clerk". I would love to see hard jail time for these criminals as Richard states in his comments.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Anna, give us our Sign In America checks and then our Vendor Cards and see how fast we set up our courts. The corporate courts are funded. All the employees are paid. We cannot do our courts out of our own pockets! Get moving on this. We need action not stories!! Keep your promises. This was to be accomplished last Christmas! This is the only way this will get done!!

  3. Here's Another One Judge Anna Von Reitz Has Been Talking About, A YouTube Must See "Overthrow: 100 Years Of U.S. Meddling & Regime Change From Iran To Nicaragua To Hawaii To Cuba" This Is Just One Of Many. This Is Also Another Reason The Government Is Trying To Shut Down All Of The Militia Groups. The Government Is In All Of Our Online Activities, So What. Everyone Including The Militias Must Put Aside Our Disagreements And Focus On What's Happening Now. Unnecessarily, Yet Again We Have A Huge Nuclear Arsenal Pointing Directly At Us. And Yes, Their Are Real Live Nazis In Ukraine. This Has Been Confirmed. We Have The Government Arming Known Nazis And Israel At The Same Time. This Is Classic CIA. Now Back To The Militia's, there's A Lot Of Unnecessary Disagreements. However, There Is One Very Obvious Fact: "There Is Only A Few Thousand Of Them In Front And Behind The Scenes, Calling All The Shots" There Are Millions Of Us. And This Is Our Country, We Pay Their Salaries. And It Was And Still Is Our Families Who Fight All Of Their Illegal Wars. The American Government Has Been Broken For Well Over 50 Years And Clearly These People Are More Than Willing To Run Our Entire Country Right Off Of A Cliff, Or Worst.....

  4. Mandamus with order to compel....ha ha ha ha ha

    Its what John Darash aka John Videurek tried years ago in New York . I sat and watched thier courts run circles around him ( us ). Months and years went by with lots of trips to Albany ...and .....nothing.
    Maybe wacky " Grandma " has another angle with " our own courts " but I have my doubts.
    I have been here for probably 20 years . Been visited by the Feds several times, helped people with paperwork, donated money , been involved...hell I even put my phone number on this blog and gots literally a 100 phone calls from people confused and at wits end complaining about " Grandma " going off the tracks while I defended her. (Most of my posts are deleted by Paul because , Hell its his ball and he can take it and go home....or send you home....but I digress). The real point is we do not live in Gods world. We live in Satans world..just know that. Its the perfect explanation for us complicated idiots.
    Jesus worked and toiled all his life and Satan thought , when Jesus was making progress that crucifying him would put an end to His progress...but no, Jesus defeated even death and won. 3.5 billion people today follow Him...about 1/2 of all living people....
    Maybe we should use Jesus as an example of how we are to defeat Satan again...lets just not get crucified.
    Booting up,the assemblies and organizing is difficult, growing teeth and having power is certianly up to us. I moved out here to Wyoming because it was His will...I had my sights set elsewhere. With less people( to deal with ) my job is barely tolerable , trying to redpill people. They are a bit less polluted in the brain out here and I am still crazy until they get it and then I am the " smartest guy in the room " ... there is no satisfaction in that...anyway...regardless of how much or little you have , the job still needs to be done.
    You won't fail, you will always have a roof over your head and food in your belly if you trust in Him.
    Its 1 foot in front of the otner, one moment at a time ...its His Will , not yours, accept it and get on with the task at hand.

    1. Well,,, If Title 18 and Commercial Liability means ANYTHING,,, Use it. CL has been used to remove public officials with success. ENFORCEMENT in numbers should work.... as opposed to fighting the battle on your own....Time for talk and promises to end... Walk the Talk..

  5. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you

    Somewhere in these documents, I am currently looking for the right ACT, it says that everyone on earth will take part in their own self government

    Has anyone read this document?

    The several links above were recently created in 2022

    World Government is already operational

    The RFD rural free delivery Andy Griffin Sheriff bullshit is the bottom of the pile under all this other shit
    It's the bottom rung of the fucking ladder in their World Democratic Federation of Earth BULLSHIT

    Google Privacy Policy my ass
    GAIA ID is what it is and they ARE collecting and monitoring all of this shit to see who's ONBOARD or not

    This shit has nothing to do with building gods kingdom on earth it's them building their fucking kingdom on earth

    I've said it all along unless you understand and comprehend how these friggin computers are being used to build this monster you will never get or see this

    This Constitution has been translated into twenty-two languages and is being promoted world-wide by the World Constitution and Parliament Association, and the Institute On World Problems. (It has also been claimed that over 2200 Non-governmental organizations worldwide are in support of the Earth Constitution, but the WCPA has not been able to verify this claim.) The Earth Constitution provides for a federation of nations and peoples, creating democratic participation for every citizen of Earth within a tricameral World Parliament.


    1. Another paragraph from the same Bill listed above

      The fragmentation of the system of sovereign nation-states recognizing no enforceable law above themselves and its tandem system of global capitalism in which the rich corporations, banks, and nations exploit poor people and nations worldwide has been replaced by a holistic world system under the Earth Constitution. The paradigm shift to a holistic world system established on the principle of unity in diversity has clearly predictable consequences for peace, prosperity, justice, freedom, and environmental sustainability, just as the present fragmented world system has definite consequences for each of these domains – consequences that we see all around us in the form of war, poverty, injustice, slavery, and environmental destruction.

      Another way of saying sustainable development and The Green New Deal Marshall Plan

    2. poor, poor John. You should really be more careful with your words. You run the risk of causing them to misrepresent you as foolish or idiotic; one not possessing the capacity to develop intelligence. That's not you! You obviously do have intelligence, but somethings way wrong with your dot-connectors. You are sovereign John, in a way, but you have missed the way. Your words make you dependent subject multiple times and ways, while claiming independence? John, we al can joyfully reflect on those first moments when the scales fell from our eyes and we saw from a new, inner light. And all we thought we knew, what was in front of us the whole time, was reassociated and realigned, all things in their rightful place, and voila! Hey, there's not a million billion little things! There's just one thing! One Big Picture, happening now. The wonder felt standing in light, and the comprehension of our mighty faculties and staff; unseen servants granted as helpers on our journey. See? Our Father, and yours in the first place, promised He would never leave us alone! It mustve occurred to you during this phenomenal outpouring that you cannot be the only one this is happening to? Surely you recalled that if there be one 'like' you, to whom this is happening, there must be at least 7,000?! And, did you forget that "No scripture is of private interpretation?! C'mon John, humble yourself. It is un-"becoming." Only when Truth becomes one's Treasure of Heart, can one know true wealth. And, to those who love not the truth will He send strong delusion to believe a lie." Why claim earth, this land of atoms, or the dirty stuff in it? Did you forget who gains the whole world in exchange for his first estate made a irrevocably retarded deal?! And, once you gain that which was claimed from the beginning by Who made it and is responsible therefore its origin, existence "the earth is Mine. And all it contains!" Just so you know Who you're calling out and stepping into the ring with. But yeah, what do you think He will fight you for it? Hahaha. It is already set for total destruction, annihilation in fiery inferno - "even the elements shall pass away!" Then what are you holding John? A purse with holes in it! And you're newly disembodied self on your way to the nether regions called outer darkness for eternity. There will be weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. But, they will all have chosen their place by their words and works. And, the children, sons and daughters of Light, shall live happily ever after in love, peace, and joy in the Light of our Benevolent Glorious Father. And the children of wickedness, shall never bother them again, sealed in their preferred state, each. All there is - is light and darkness. This is the key to everything. Leave atoms alone. Darkness to, if you would live.

    3. I am only taking you at your words john, which in context, explain everything. You are (you think, believe, and speak) a sovereign subject and child demanding inheritance, which is a minor asking to be relieved (robbed) of his heritance; heritage; estate. Which is the kind of "mumbo jumbo" that children say. Bless yer lil heart. "Yes of course you are God, little johnnie wonnie"

  7. Combine this

    Interesting why they names their little patch of heaven in Nevada as Area 51, May Day

    With this guys writings

    1. And here it is, the fans are interactively working on the Alieance

      All the stars have differnt Alias and wearing different lask as they are all from the same acting families

  8. Apparently were still under martial rule ,Provost marshal ?
    Standing Army was forbidden except in national emergency . The tyrant nick name Napoleon by John Adams for starting the first standing Army then appointed himself commander .
    Immediately threatened the Christian south to shut them up.
    When Jefferson assented president he pink slipped the navy and told milita to patrol in row boats .
    But if you can fenaggel help go for it .

    1. Tyrant Alexander Hamilton crypto Jew Rothschild agent real name Cohen .
      Absolutely walking disaster
      Shoving a corrupt constitution down our throats and Patrick Henry was right given away our hard earned freedom.

  9. Attorney General back to military rank again patent enforcement? Useless as tits on a bull

  10. Listen carefully to this one


    She cannot issue you American checks nor prepaid vendor cards

  12. He does great shewing things going on outside of their mainstream media bullshit

    Burning down Colorado, Arizona and flooding and much more

    Food Ministry?

    Kind of like
    The Minstry of Land and Natural Resources and spearheading the operations is none other than Medici Ventures and Patrick Byrne

    Everything is a Ministry, imagine that

  13. "The ONLY reason they get away with this, is that our Assemblies aren't providing the Court functions for our own people."

    How can US citizens (TWTEA) and other CODES not apply to them trying to get out of the system using the system to get out .......LOL

    The B.C is the problem and solution

    1. yes, we who are naturalborn upon this, our land we were created from, have right to use our traditional American common law system for *man*; and in that system all harm done to man requires that the man harmed be restor-ed by the man who harms him if the harmed man calls for it and proves it to the people.

      i *suspect* theyve already "closed the FICTIONAL "Birth Certificating Program" out" along with the FICTIONAL Municipal Bankruptcy, if such Bankruptcy took place in their FICTION.

      they likely have FICTIONALLY Constructed a BrandNew STEAWMAN FICTION