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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Robert Barnes: The Left Is Running Scared Attempting To Trigger Civil War


  1. that is my comment above.
    so, at this point, what it looks like to me is this:
    • we (men and women) have been attacked without reason
    • we have proven ourselves to be peaceful, logical, and of excellent character EVEN THO we are being attacked.
    • weve refused to participate in attacking each other
    • weve refused to be goaded into attacking the attackers.
    we are good people and we have proven it.

    1. i:woman:janmarie at present believe:
      that the BAR Attorn-er System, that Robert Barnes is part of if he is an Attorney, needs a DEFENDANTFICTION.

      They dont have one when they start out.
      They have to create that too.
      imo right now it looks like they "create" their " defendants" by attacking men and women without any actual reason to do so.
      they claim you did something you didnt do; owe something you dont owe; did something to harm them that you didnt do... you say "No, i didnt do that."/ "defend" yourself, and just like magick they created a DEFENDantFICTION to go along with their fabricated CHARGEFICTION.

      even if this is only partly correct, these people are EVIL.

      but we havent "defended"!
      we werent goaded; we didnt get out in the streets and fight with each other or with them! we have, ourSELVES, remainder peaceful and lawful.
      they couldnt get us to throw the first punch no matter how outrageous theyve made their behaviors and disclosures to be.

      instead, we are standing here looking at them, thinking we know what theyve done; and knowing we have right to restor-ation, why would we need to "Attack" them?.... we're peaceful and lawful.... we know we dont need to do that because be-ing *man* we know we have right to restora-tion from men and women who harm us.
      no getting around it.

      IMO, this is likely at least a portion of why all this stalling and endless repeating is going on.
      i believe they may have gotten themselves stuck in their own system since we are not buying any of their Fabricated Constructs and Narratives.
      they have to find what "Story"/ Narrative/ FICTION we will "bite" on. And even all of their "Social Media Influencers/ Agents" havent been able to concoct any Story that we will go along with -- i keep hearing they need 80% of us to "Buy the New FICTION ["MATRIX"]" before they can actually FORCE it on everyone... masks, vaxxks may be an example of us people withholding our "consent" causing the de-railment of their Plan.
      they DO have to abide by Universal Law just like the rest of the universe.
      this is my present opinion and i will be changing my opinion if/as new facts are brought out.


  2. Listen carefully

    devils advocate

    1. He's stayed consistent for over a decade now


    Its why the aim of the UN for 2030 is to mark everyone on the planit with a surname (arms)

    Hell they're draggin natives off their lands in the jungles and civilizing them and giving them 'last names' amd birthing and identification documents for labeling/branding them all under the guise of INCLUSION and DIVERSITY

  4. The Food Wars Have Gone Hot

    Ice Age Farmer

  5. Listen up very carefully