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Thursday, June 8, 2023

A Love Letter --- the ABA/IBA Lien and More

 By Anna Von Reitz

There have been numerous parties coming forward now, long after the ABA/IBA Lien has cured, wanting to sign it as a lienholder, and wanting to add new charges to it.  

That isn't possible, but that doesn't matter. You are still covered by what has already been done. 

Please stop besieging me with tales of woe and stories of the abuses of the court system.  I already know, believe me, I do.  

And please understand that I am not acting as a gatekeeper determining who gets recompense and who doesn't. 

We will be flowing recompense through the Global Family International Trade Bank, and later through individual International Trade Banks in the Blue Dot System.  

Go online and sign up for your own account.  

Admit that many aspects of the abuse we've suffered are injuries that don't equate to money and can't be paid back with money. The only thing money can do is buy a new future for the victims, and while that's far better than a poke in the eye, the past is past. We have to let it go, or it will stand in our way. 

Read that: mooning over the past and what was and romanticizing it stands in the way of what is and what can be.  

It's alright to remember all the good things we've had in the past and that we've enjoyed in our lives, but not to live in regret or cherish bitterness.   

Remember that there is no price to be placed on one's sense of security, the cost of one's good name, or the loss of an opportunity to go to college ten years ago. Money can't restore a broken arm, or take away scars. It can't mend broken relationships. It can't give us back lost time or lost quality of life.  

Such losses can only be overcome from within ourselves.  We can decide to move on, to learn, to grow, to be better for it --- and our happiness now, right now, in this moment and every moment going forward, will be our triumph and revenge. Our true recompense. 

For many, this means a whole new life path opening up, and it's important that you think of it in those terms. 

What you had before was financial slavery.  What you have now is financial freedom.  

Take time to understand yourself and your own needs, quite apart from the commercialized world where "everybody" wants a new Lexus. 

That's the same plastic world where every woman looks like "Barbie" and every man is "Ken" and Santa Claus comes every year to dump more plastic crap on us --- mostly stuff we don't need and don't want.   
If we are honest, most of us don't need a new Lexus, and having or not having one is a matter of indifference to us --- individually, personally.  Sure, they are nice cars, but... 

For many of us, having a sturdy old pickup truck is the truth in our heart that gives us joy and fulfills our needs.  Or a zippy little commuter car that gets 30 miles per gallon.  Or a.... 

We honor ourselves when we honor the truth about what we need and want in our lives, instead of letting telemarketers and other people tell us what we want and what we need. 

We are each competent to stand apart and decide these things for ourselves.  So do so.  

For many people, their childhood dreams are the only dreams they ever had, and for various reasons, they didn't believe those dreams. For many, their parents or teachers or other authority figures told them, "You can't.... " and so, they didn't even try. 

That's sad, but let's face it, maybe we don't want to be a ballerina for the first time at age sixty. 

It's time for many of us to dream new dreams in a world where we've forgotten how to dream. Relearn. Rethink. Be honest. Be true to you and who you are now.  

Right now.  

Don't listen to any sales pitches from other people or try to figure out an inheritance that you can leave your children.  

Don't just assume that a new Lexus will make you happy.  You have to search and dig out the truth of what makes you happy.  

Always remember that happiness doesn't come in "one size fits all".

Happiness is unique to each one of us, hand-tailored, special (even though, for most of us, having a warm blanket and a warm puppy helps).

Your children already have an inheritance beyond their wildest imagination, and they will find their own path forward and dreams of their own to realize and fulfill.  No need to worry about them. 

Think about yourself.  Just you.  Love your highest and best self for a few minutes every day.  Get reacquainted.  Let your old dreams smile at you and new dreams take root.  Sink into the magic of being fully present in this moment called "now".  And be you, your own true, authentic self.  

The door is shut on signing the ABA/IBA Lien, but the future is wide open because other people already did that and took other measures to protect your interests and to renew justice.  

You don't have to fight anymore, you don't have to struggle anymore, you don't have to worry anymore.  

You can now look in the rearview mirror and see that those days are behind you.  

So dream now--- just be sure that you are dreaming your own dream, and not someone else's!  

Much love, 



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  1. Grounded and supportive words to heal with, and build newly with...
    Many thanks for guiding us with your wise soul words, and the tough love that we all need right now.

    The hardest things to do, for many is to forgive, forget, and heal. Yet it is going to be the single most crucial action on our part; to create a new world together. Not looking in the rear view mirror for any reason but looking forward to what we do have left to work with, the relationships we have left to expand into loving in ways we never were able to (or allowed to) before.

    This time has at its fulcrum a portal bridge that has a HUGE ask! That ask is asking you to forgive all the horrible experiences you have either witnessed or experienced first hand, an absolutely huge ask and I'm personally working in forgiving the sorry sick and distorted world we have been living in and all those responsible for landing us here...and also the part I played by either my inaction, numbness or misaligned response. Forgiving self for all I didn't know or couldn't do to correct the course that got us here is a HUGE ask!!.

    1. It sounds like you are carrying around a HUGE load of guilt about things you have done in the past, so please only speak for yourself.

  2. Time stolen in the past can never be returned. Our Creator knows the ache in our hearts and minds as we contemplate how he can ever resolve any of it. But, He promises that the former things will pass away and He will remove every tear from our eyes. I still don't understand how He can fix any of it; I just know that He can and will.

    So, every time anger comes up in my heart over past injustices and losses, I allow it a moment of memory and sometimes tears, but then let it go, because there is really nothing that I can do to resolve it.

    As the years pass, the hurt and the anger fade, but never disappear completely. He has given me new blessings, but people cannot be replaced, and money cannot love you or be your companion. I have resolved not to take revenge, but to wait for the wise solution from my Creator. As I watch the world events shape to fulfill prophecy, I know my wait is nearly over.

  3. Gee….am I the only one who doesn’t even know WHAT the ABA/IBA lien is??
    It would have been nice to have something included to say what it is/was and ‘how’ we are supposed to be benefitting from it.

    1. No, but you seem to be the only one who hasn't figured out how to do a search on Anna's website

    2. Here's what i just did: Went to and in the search window between Anna's pic and the flag i typed in ABA/IBA Lien. Three articles popped up that should be helpful.

    3. We already knew what it was. Catch up.

  4. well i look for my creators promise for a new time from this old world passing away, and his inheritance for this new world that he promises his people.

  5. Please publish the link to the Global Family International Trade Bank where we can sign up.

  6. I was searching as well and can’t find the URL to the Global Family International Trading Bank. Please can someone provide a link?

    1. from danny new york assembly

    2. But that just gives pdf files to read about it. Need a direct link to bank plz.

    3. Its intentional. She says go sign up and then doesn't provide the url to do such at. Only those who are allowed will get the handouts. Shes a front for the Elites and self-chosen who put themselves above everyone Else who is being left to fend for themselves. Same story, different crew this time around.

  7. Replies
    1. The living God gave it to me for free.

  8. Where do I join the Global Family International Trade Bank?

  9. In order to sign up for the bank account, you need to have corrected your political status already. Only then are you eligible for an account.

  10. Blessings via service = free labor from the gullible.

    Its a Do this, THEN we'll do that for you. The question is if registering birth certificates trafficks one into the incorporated jurisdiction for the legalities to take advantage of the one so trafficked, Why hasn't the automatic registration of birth certs been halted? Why does it proceed? Clearly the process of "recording ones paperwork" does not Change the misassumption that every incorporated registered birth certificate was known to be such by the named on it.

    All the constant addressing to authorities telling them to clean up their act go ignored and nobody even pretends to hear whats been "proclaimed". At some point one should be objective about the total lack of forward motion aimed at Correcting the National policies that Screw decent americans and reward the wealthy and the transvestites. How does one who Self proclaimed themselves as the US fiduciary actually realize authority from that claim? Nobody but they who believed her version of events has recorded their paperwork, usually with some Other Carrot being held in front of them to get them to go along.

    I dunno. When objectivity about the circumstance is applied, whats Actually been accomplished besides an increase in all the possibilities of whats gone on via the commentary Anna pushes?

  11. it all depends where you are at in your learning. frustration does set in based on the world around us however Anna is not the reason for the frustration and does not owe anyone anything. when this happens kindly share the good news with your family.

  12. all peace-full and law-full man upon all landstates: States of America:
    except Louisiana and a portion of the ALASKA Law, that are BOTH under NAPOLEONIC CODE!!!!;
    are under authority of State (American) common law: and that is under authority of the laws of nature and natures creater;
    and same requires (a) man come forward, make claim that can be veri-fied true, with proof of claims and other require-ments.
    otherwise the claim is false and man harmed has right to require restoration for harm done by man who makes false claim/s and false claimer stands for penalties and punishments for bringing false claims before God and man.
    not only do i say so, but common law says so, and law of creater is 'do no harm to man; and if you do, restore man'.
    thats just the way it is.

    also, FICTIONS have no authority over God-made man or gold or food or land air water houses buildings.... material or immaterial substance... all belong only to creater /"God" and man. all of it.
    no exceptions.

    this is our, man's, law.
    its our right AND our *duty* to use it to keep or restore peace upon our land.


  13. saw one of those temporary flashing along the road signs on the side of the road today that read
    warrants, call today for forgiveness

  14. where is the contract and what are the terms when you apply for you so called new and improved 'status'
    where is the contract
    did you get one
    how about the terms and conditions that apply to your online signing up
    ever read the fine print and everything there is when it comes to using the internet or a web application or PORTAL
    portal ya know like on a ship


  16. I am a displaced person and don't have two witnesses near me who have known me for at least 7.5 years. How can I correct my status?

    1. 928 documents don't require any witnesses. You can do those instead. It's a little more involved and will cost you money to record via the Town Clerk but you won't have to worry about tracking down any witnesses.

    2. And for people with European passports?

    3. For those you have to create a reverse trust and then invert it twice. Then you'll be good to go. Don't mention it.

  17. You will have to hang in for the next 7.5 years, acting faithful to the land & soil jurisdiction on the land/soil state to which you are making your home.

    While doing this, meet and greet and record the development of your connection to these people who may witness for you 7.5 years from now.

    Join the effort of the people upholding the nation state assemblies, you simply should not be permitted to avail yourself to land&soil until you have the required bona fides.

    What?, would you want the invaders breaching borders of our 50 nation states who infiltrate (as per the British Empire all over again) and take over and enslave you and anyone you may one day love? They shall be refused, is that right?

    Are you an insurgent, infiltrate?


  19. Just perfect your status..I've been burned by ak(state of ak)child support for 30 years..B.S.and you know I've never signed my name..ijust write all rights reserved in place..on everything i.d.card.. get my ss. ;my friend laugh s sez u ain't signed name in over thirty years.even wrote that UCC1-207bullshitt on on all child support money orders..state don't need status I'm beat and have harassment over no signuture..THEY DO WHAT THEY WANT..???u know Satan's state employees .... darren907 202 3294

  20. NO SIGNATURE JUST-all rights reserved..oh and I sticker NOcontract..they just seed more,,it don't work..also darren 9072023294