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Friday, May 17, 2019

The Golden Goose Speaks About Donations

By Anna Von Reitz

There are now hundreds of hucksters out there selling my work to profit themselves.  They cherry pick and combine my work with other information and they Mix and Match as they see fit from other sources and then they "re-package" this mish-mash as a "Freedom Package" and they sell it.  And then people try to blame me for whatever results they get from buying these packages. 

Nope.  I am not authorizing or reviewing or approving any of these other efforts. I only take responsibility for mine.   

Very early on, the decision was made to make the information coming in from our research available for free.  The reasons for this are simple enough to see.  Number One--- nobody should be denied freedom simply because they are poor.  Number Two --- many of the nation's poorest people are our own veterans, who paid for their freedom and mine, already.  Number Three --- for our efforts to succeed, a great many Americans must be awakened from their deep slumber and anything that restricts or impedes that process is to be avoided. Number Four -- for our efforts to succeed, people have to start working together in a spirit of brotherhood and common cause instead of hiding out in the woods and hoping to avoid contact with Big Brother.  Giving everyone the benefit of the work encourages people to give back whatever they can give in return. That then encourages community spirit and the effort blossoms. 

There is exactly one official source for our work on the web, and that is Paul Stramer's:

When you push the donate button on Paul's website, you are saying "Thank you!" to him for countless hours devoted to keeping the website going and the information flowing despite many obstacles and irritations.  You are saying "Thank you!" to him for forwarding your messages to me when you can't get through any other way.   He uses your donations to keep the website up and running, to make improvements to it, to expand the readership and otherwise advertise and gain exposure for the information.   If there is anything left over at the end of the month, he forwards it on to me and I divvy it up to our non-Bar lawyers and auditors and researchers who are in need. 

Other websites and other purveyors of my information are also presenting you with donate buttons.  It should be understood that none of that money is coming to me. It's going to support those websites and whoever is managing them.  

It should also be understood that I am not involved in those websites and they are just "re-posting" --- and hopefully respecting my copyrights.  

If you want to donate to me and to my team (other than Paul who is very much a part of the team, and simply has his own donate button) I  prefer to receive  donations via Snail Mail at: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.  

Your direct donations enable me  to send support to our guys in the field, the non-Bar Attorneys and researchers who donate their time and energy to this effort for free, but need help covering the expenses of their work.  

Some research requires money -- travel, certified copies, even just plain copies can cost a lot of money, fees of various kinds---- it's not all just a matter of sitting in front of a computer.  Some information requires us to chase it down like a runaway dog. 

Court cases are always expensive.  Always. 100% of the time, THEY ding us for all their fees and copies and bonds and so on and on.  

Some of our researchers are past eighty, living on very limited incomes, and still doing their best.  For them, your donations pay electric bills, copy paper and ink, and other expenses they cannot afford to donate because they are so poor themselves. 

Almost daily I am humbled by the sacrifices so many people worldwide are making to free themselves and regain control of their governments and the legal systems that have run amok.  We can't do this alone. We can only do it as whole communities working together with a common vision.  

Those of you who are reading this, please pause a moment and think about what you can do, what you can contribute.  If it's five bucks or five minutes or thirty seconds to say a prayer, whatever you have that you can give, please remember where all this information is coming from and at what price it is coming.  

And remember that there is only one official website that is connected directly to me: . 


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