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Friday, May 17, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies - 58 Reading the Constitutions Correctly

By Anna Von Reitz

Most Americans have been taught to revere the Constitutions.  Generations of military and civil service workers have been indoctrinated to "defend the Constitution (whichever one they work under) from all Enemies foreign and domestic."  Many Americans mistakenly think that their rights come from the Constitutions, but in fact, the Constitutions merely limit the federal government so that the people can enjoy their freedoms unencumbered by government. 

Most Americans don't know that there are three (3) Constitutions --- the actual Federal Constitution called "The Constitution for the united States of America", the Territorial Constitution called "The Constitution of the United States of America" and the Municipal Constitution called "The Constitution of the United States".  

Many people also assume that everyone in this country is protected under the Constitutions, but this has never been so.  Territorial Citizens known as United States Citizens, and Municipal United States Citizens known as Citizens of the United States have never enjoyed any constitutional guarantees. That's why when you are acting as a "United States Citizen" or "Citizen of the United States" you are told that the Constitution doesn't apply.  It doesn't.  And that's just one reason that "US Citizenship" is not a prized status. 

Another wrong assumption is that the Constitutions are so "special" and "sacred", when in fact, they are just commercial services agreements mandated as part of the settlement of the War of Independence.  If you read The Definitive Treaty of Peace (1783) you will see that exactly the same verbiage is used in the Constitutions.  

When you see the words as in Article 1, Section 2, Clause 2:  "No Person (Legal Person/Municipal Officer -- not acting as one of the People) .... "Citizen of the United States" (Federal Civil Service Employee)..... an inhabitant  (temporary foreign resident) of that State....."  this is all language directly derived from The Definitive Treaty of Peace (1783) and has all the same meanings.  

With these meanings in place, this is how Article 1, Section 2, Clause 2 actually reads: 

"No Municipal United States Officer shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty-five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the Municipal United States, and who shall not, when elected, be a temporary foreign resident of that State in which he shall be chosen...." 

This is telling you the requirements that foreign Municipal United States Officers acting as Citizens of the United States (the Municipal Government) have to meet before they can be elected to "represent" the other Citizens of the United States living on a temporary basis in one of our States of the Union.  

It says nothing at all about us or about us being represented in their Municipal Congress --- nothing about us at all.   It is talking about the internal affairs of the foreign Municipal Government and its citizenry that is on our shores to provide us with the services of the Municipal Federal Civil Service. 

Our States agreed to receive certain enumerated services from the respective service providers doing business as "the" States of America, "the" United States of America, and "the" United States.  These are just doing-business-as names of commercial corporations in the business of providing "essential government services" per Article IV.   They are acting "for" our actual American Government and operating under our delegated power, so they are acting "in our names", but "the" United States of America is not the same as The United States of America, and "the" United States is not the same as The United States.  

The Constitutions apply within their separate jurisdictions.  

The Federal Constitution (The Constitution for the united States of America) which is supposed to be administered by the States of America (the missing Confederation of States) is an international land jurisdiction contract between the land jurisdiction States of the Union (and the People inhabiting those States) and the Confederation of States of States that are supposed to be working for our States of the Union.  

The Territorial Constitution (The Constitution of the United States of America) is an international sea jurisdiction contract between the land jurisdiction States of the Union and the British Territorial United States --- the Queen.  

The Municipal Constitution (The Constitution of the United States) is a global air jurisdiction contract between the land jurisdiction States of the Union and the Roman Pontiff --- the Pope in his Secular Office. 

The only place for these three "principalities" to meet on common ground is on the international jurisdiction of the land, with the Vessels of the Queen being dry-docked, and the Air-ships of the Pope similarly being moored upon our shores. 

You can begin to see why the sudden disappearance of the Confederation doing business as the States of America caused such disruption in the Federal Government.  There was suddenly no established and agreed upon dock, no tie-down to conduct business on the land jurisdiction.  And everyone conveniently forgot that by Operation of Law, all the powers delegated under the Federal Constitution immediately reverted directly back to the States of the Union.  

Nobody told us, the People, what was going on. 

So there was a problem that needed to be fixed, a Confederation of States of States that needed to be "Reconstructed" by the States, but instead of being forthright about this problem, the other contractors closed ranks and chose to use the situation as an excuse to usurp upon our lawful government. 

The British Territorial Government  deceitfully substituted its own Territorial States of States for our Federal States.  That worked out so well for them that eventually the Municipal United States Government also got into the act and substituted its STATES OF STATES for their States of States in order to expedite mutual pillaging and plundering under "presumed" trust agreements. 

They claimed in  Breach of Trust that our government had inexplicably disappeared, was "missing, presumed lost", that our government was "held in abeyance", and most recently, that our entire continent was "abandoned".  

According to them, there were no actual Americans left, just Citizens of the United States and United States Citizens, ready to duke it out on our soil to determine which group of dishonest and disloyal foreign employees would take over our country.  

That is what they had planned--- another big "Civil War" on our soil, with millions of deaths of  innocent Americans, who are their actual Priority Creditors, and billions in profits from reaping life insurance policies placed on their victims, and all the "abandoned assets" up for grabs. 

America would have been just another Banana Republic and the Pope and the Queen would have laughed all the way to the bank, except for the fact that Americans began waking up out of their trusting slumber, reading the history, and raising hell in diplomatic circles, exposing their Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract, exposing a century and a half spent pillaging and plundering the States and People they are supposed to protect. 

The Constitutions are multi-national treaties and commercial contracts which have been severely compromised and undermined by foreign banking and commercial interests.  There is nothing sacred about them but the Public Trust that has been plundered and eroded.  

The Perpetrators of these evils, these lies, these sins of omission, have used and abused our Armed Services to promote wars for profit around the globe. They have used and abused the resources of America to promote their own vicious and self-serving agendas, to profit themselves at our expense, and to promote such criminality worldwide. 

They have promoted the Rule of Law and ignored the Law itself. 

When the Federal States of States failed, the powers delegated to them returned by Operation of Law to the Delegator, The United States of America, its member States, and the People of those States.  All the Federal assets that survived the Civil War also returned to our ownership, but were "retained" by the Office of the Alien Property Custodian and administered by the States of States  and later by the STATES OF STATES as State Trusts.  

Today, the Office of the Alien Property Custodian has been collapsed and the duties have been inherited by the United States Attorney General.  His office has been borrowing large amounts of money against our assets to fund the bail out of the Big Banks that are largely responsible for defrauding Americans and causing the mortgage crisis, racketeering, and embezzlement.  As collateral damage, millions of Americans have been thrown out of their homes by employees of these foreign corporations operating under false legal presumptions on our shores. 

It is more than past time for us to wake up and see the Constitutions for what they are --- blueprints for a government under contract to provide our States with certain essential governmental services --- which haven't properly functioned or been respected by our subcontractors for a century and a half. 

By falsely "presuming" that our American Government is "missing" and by further falsely presuming that our People are all somehow magically transformed (without their knowledge or consent) into either "Confederate Enemies" in a mercenary war that ended 150 years ago, or United States Citizens owing allegiance to the British Queen, or Municipal Citizens of the United States owing allegiance to the Pope--- these Monsters have contrived to excuse their abuse of the People and the States that they are hired and under contract to protect. 

They have prepared to wage yet another Mercenary War on our shores, buying billions of rounds of ammunition and setting up over 800 FEMA (Concentration) Camps, and arming their clueless American Subcontractors to the teeth. They anticipated murdering millions of us and removing our native population off the land our Forefathers won, just as the Queen's filthy government removed the native Irish and the native Americans.  We are facing the Raj on one side, and the Pope's Minions on the other.  

There is power in knowledge and numbers and diplomacy and in exposure of these verminous plots against the American States and People.  There are still millions of good, law-abiding, American State Nationals and American State Citizens and our Government is alive, well, and functioning according to our Common Law which is the Law of Peace and the Law of Love.  There are still billions of good people worldwide, who are willing to help put an end to this criminality which has spread like a cancer throughout the world. 

Read the Constitutions in the light provided by The Definitive Treaty of Paris (1783).  Read them for what they are--- multinational treaties and commercial service contracts that have been breached and undermined by the purposeful inculcation of false legal presumptions about us and our government. 

There is nothing sacred about these documents.  Their only importance is as meal tickets to the federal employees that depend upon them for a livelihood. And perhaps more to the point, these service contracts have been badly breached and dishonored and both the Queen's Government and the Pope's Government are under demand to correct their operations on our shores, and to return our assets as Truth, Honor, and Justice requires --- free of debt or encumbrance.


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  1. Article IV of the Articles of Confederation reserves the right of "free inhabitants" to live in any state but to be immune of being prosecuted by any state, while partaking of whatever benefits the particular state the free inhabitant may be currently in. This is a complete free pass to enjoy benefits but have no accountability, so it appears to be a very desirable a-political designation and status.

    Article IV of the Constitutions is silent about "free inhabitants" so this special kind of inhabitant soon fell from anyone's memory. I have assumed that was the term given to State Nationals without calling it by that name.

    But Anna claims anyone going by the name "inhabitant" is a special agent of the British government providing government services to U.S. Citizens. The term inhabitant was more commonly used in the 18th and 19th centuries, but appears to have fallen into disuse in our day.

    Does Anna have further insights into the terms "inhabitant" and "free inhabitant"? And how it is she has determined "inhabitants" were those authorized to provide government services to U.S. citizens?

    1. Joel, please re-check your claim of "inhabitant" as agents. I do believe "residents" are the agents Anna speaks of and that is why it is necessary to expatriate.

      Inhabitants are the American nationals. I could be wrong and stand corrected.

    2. No you not Dan, and the new Constitution I recently sent Paul spells everything out they did to us in our current environment...He is reading it over the weekend and will post it hopefully on Monday . It is 8 pages long , and was written over 30 years ago that I got when going to patriot classes before computers were invented and there was no internet...!! You can see that even without computers, people out there knew what was going on , but getting creamed by our corrupt court system....!! Maybe now people will listen....Its pathetic that good and deceint American people fought a brutal war for their independance, then just let the losing side, Great Britain, dictate the writing of the "Treaty of Peace"...!! After a war, people just are to tired to keep going on...!! The Brits just won't give up...but now it's time to set things right...permanetly...!!

    3. By the way this condition is labeled "The Declaration of Independence for the American Inhabitant "...!! Key word being American Inhabitant, who are free....!!

  2. Thank you Joel!

    I underscore the necessity for greater clarification at this site regarding "the terms 'inhabitant' and 'free inhabitant'."

    As you most probably know - the "Articles of Confederation" were believed to have been replaced by the Constitution of September 17, 1787 even though there is no act of congress that repealed (or otherwise diminished) those "Articles." The false belief is just another example of how storytelling of American history "rewrote" the law.[1]

    This is the place (IMO) to finally tell the truth about American history. It may not be pretty at times however "truth is not beauty."[2]

    It might be a challenge to have radically honest complete communication cycles here toward a full clarification on the "free inhabitant" - possibly on account of the overall mission to have State Citizens who qualify for the "Jural Assemblies."

    [2] Francis Vincent; Zappa in "Joe's Garage"

    1. i didnt check those 2 sources (on slow computer) but below matches.

      a book "the conspiracy in philadelphia" (may be wrong title) claims that articles provided an amendment process, this was ignored (Articles are supposed to be "perpetual" too IIRC).

      so, they just got 9/13 IIRC "states (people, not state legislatures) to ratify the constitution. this was not proper procedure even if all 13/13 "agreed". they just figured "the people" consented, and none of the states of articles of confederation challenged it.

      i dont have the book handy, but google should turn it up. so, never repealed, supposed to be permanent union, but they made a "more perfect union" and noone ever challenged it.

      the question then becomes proving one is a member of these articles states (or before) if that is desired...birth/blood seemingly is best option. unsure how someone would claim "Equal rights" etc. although one can argue that was "intended".

      note this switcheroo is common pattern: "adhesion contracts" basically, ignore the constitution/articles, just see if you can trick people into "agreeing" to go outside it. law merchant is same story, so is federal citizens, etc.

    2. That's why we need a "more perfect union" than the outdated one that was supposed to be more perfect....!!

  3. Since There are so many People Awake Now and Ready to TAKE ACTION-----I see close to 300 Million People PEACEFULLY AS POSSIBLE --striking the perpetrators Including all Three Branches of this District of Columbia Removing them from their office if they fail to Remedy the Mistakes and Execute our Demands" all of them at once" Including That Queen and That Pope---- enforcing claims and Declaring in and on the International Public Record return of "Our Property" All of IT! Including our Land and Our Country and Our Names and Our Lives and Our God Given Gifts including our FREE WILL! I for one Will Do IT No Matten What ! Will YOU? Gods is Ruler over this Land and Its true People.

    1. They have already failed to Remedy. They deserve no further time. They just need to be removed by whatever means necessary.

    2. Again Dan your right and this new Declaration of Independence spells that out clearly...!!

      By the way, we were always Americans and have no need to expatriate from anything....if anything our govt employees are the ones that need to expatriate from the foreign United States, not us....!!

    3. James, I would be interested in reading that. Any chance you can email me a copy?

  4. Yes, it is quite an expose, cleverly written by someone with a lot of knowledge of Law and terms they use...!!

    If we could get behind that declaration as last ditch effort "in mass"to restore our Rebublic , it would be better than the alternative....WAR...!!
    You all know it's coming...!! And they want it without Trump...!!

    I'll get my brother to send it to you Dan, while I watch him this

  5. Interesting fact. The census for the united States prior to the civil war was labeled free inhabitants. After the civil war on habitats. The southern state had to state an oath of fealty to these united States.

    So what has been a very informative sequence by Justice Anna is about reconstruction to original status, standing and capacity. There is a multitude who even after all her time and effort who still do not get it. Only you can do it, not an advocate, delegate, representative, trustee or any other for of fiction. Either your the people or you are not and right now the constructed public record is a strong presumption of facts that you are not.

  6. Hence...the need for a new updated "Declaration of Independance" for the American Inhabitant....!! One document should achieve separation from the foreign United States once and for all...