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Thursday, May 16, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies - 57 Expatriation and Repatriation

By Anna Von Reitz

There has been a lot of controversy and misunderstanding about the various forms of citizenship in this country and also about the process of declaring one's political status so as to officially change it.  

Every baby born on the land and soil of this country begins life as an American State National --- a Wisconsinite, a Coloradan, a Texan, a Virginian. 

Very soon after being born, we are all secretively "conscripted" and "presumed to be"  Territorial United States Citizens.  This process "confers" Territorial Citizenship obligations upon us and makes us subjects of the Queen.  A Birth Certificate is issued to memorialize this conscription and to "register" us as property belonging to the British Territorial United States. 

Almost immediately after that, our Good Names and Persons are leased out under the same presumption of "United States Citizenship" to the Municipal United States, which then additionally confers its own form of citizenship upon us --- deeming us to be "Citizens of the United States".  

You can see the basis for these citizenship classifications stated as Article I, Section 2, Clause 2 and Article I, Section 3, Clause 3 of any Federal Constitution. 

Thus, without you or your parents ever being made aware of it, your actual birthright identity is "unlawfully converted" and instead of being regarded as a Texan, or a Californian, or a Minnesotan --- you are "presumed to be" a Dual Citizen of the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States Government, instead.  

This Dual Citizenship political status is literally foreign to us as Americans, and it prevents you from acting as one of the People and deprives you of all your guarantees and protections owed under the Federal Constitutions.  

Some Americans do choose to set aside their birthright political status in order to work as members of the United States Armed Forces, and some also set their birthright aside to work as Federal Civilian Service workers, but the rest of us have no reason to adopt any such foreign political citizenship status and are actually and substantially harmed by being misidentified as such, because we are made to bear all the obligations of such citizenship and have none of the protections and freedoms we are owed so long as this false legal presumption of Federal (US) Citizenship is allowed to persist. 

Thus it becomes necessary and desirable for most of us to "expatriate" and "retire" from any presumption of any form of US citizenship and reclaim our birthright status as plain old Americans---- if we want to enjoy our rights and possess our property assets and be free of the oppressive statutory "laws". 

The basis of expatriation from United States Citizenship is the Expatriation Act of 1868.  This landmark legislation was passed exactly one day prior to the adoption of the "corporate" Constitution--- the unlawful conversion of the actual Territorial Constitution to serve as the Articles of Incorporation for the Scottish Commercial Corporation doing-business-as "The United States of America, Inc." that was chartered the same year.  

The Expatriation Act of 1868 specifically rejects the idea of lifetime, obligatory allegiance to any government and overthrows that foundation stone of feudalism. 

So we expatriate from any presumed British Territorial United States Citizenship via the Expatriation Act of 1868, which can then also be used to expatriate from any presumed Commonwealth Citizenship of the United States.  

It is necessary to expatriate from both forms of US Citizenship, both Territorial and Municipal.  

So, now we have exercised our remedy available under the Expatriation Act of 1868, and declared that we are not United States Citizens and not Citizens of the United States, either.   So far, so good.  We have established what we are not.  

Next, we must establish what we are.  Because we were "presumed to be" United States Citizens and then "presumed to be" Municipal Citizens of the United States as well, we have to further define our political status on the Public Record and "repatriate" to the land and soil jurisdiction where we were born--- our States of the Union. 

We each have to expatriate a total of two times-- once from Territorial status, once from Municipal status--- and repatriate once, back to our natural birthright political status as American State Nationals and American State Citizens. 

We accomplish this by recording Acts of Expatriation referencing our Legal Persons --- First Name, Middle Name, Last Name --- leaving the Territorial United States  [remember that our Lawful Persons and our Legal Persons look exactly the same on paper and that we have to designate their capacity] and our Commercial PERSONS also expatriating from all presumptions of Municipal Citizenship and all being repatriated to the land and soil of ..... Texas, Wisconsin, Maine, Florida, California..... by recording their return to their home and permanent domicile on the land and soil of..... Texas, Wisconsin, etc.

We use Certificates of Assumed Name recorded on the international land jurisdiction to establish our ownership interest and control and to declare the permanent "domicile" of these Legal Persons/Municipal PERSONS on the land and soil of our States.   

Executing and recording these actions --- the expatriation, the repatriation, the certification and the declaration of permanent domicile --- reverses the process used to unlawfully convert our political status and ownership interests.  

We are thus  "lawfully converting" everything back to our control and placing everything in its proper political status.  We are reclaiming our Lawful Persons and enabling ourselves to act in the capacity of one of the People of our State.  This then secures the constitutional guarantees we are owed, and forces the Hired Help --- including the courts --- to honor the Law of the Land owed to the People and States of the Land. 

None of this involves any repudiation or renunciation of citizenship, which is a severance and denial process that totally extracts you from relationship to your own country.  We have seen unfortunate cases where people have done this by mistake.  Do not repudiate or renounce --- expatriate specifically from any Territorial or Municipal United States Citizenship conferred upon you, and establish your "home and permanent domicile" upon the land and soil of your birth State, instead. 


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  1. If the corporate pirates that understand exist on a plane not accessable to us we are left to deal with Barney Fife and while we know they are merely fictions their guns and jails are real. Lack of enforcement has always been our dilemma. Very hazardous road to travel indeed.

  2. Transitions are almost always bumpy. And until critical mass is attained to do something on a national level, at least get the non-citizen passport to see you through the Barney Fife issues. That's the way I see it anyhow.

  3. Just putting this out there
    In 1976 they wrote a new constitution of course the persons of this country were not informed of this writing
    It's called The Constitution of Interdependence
    I believe this is their UN Agenda 21/2030/2050 crap relates to the trust of the world
    This is a world wide objective being carried out here by Rome
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. According to this blogger the big bang is significant
    Considering that the big bang series ended last night on tell lie vision I would say they working to collapse it all in a short while
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. Is the Man a US citizen or is the THING a US citizen?

    Well, of course, the THING is the US citizen.

    How does the Man get caught up in all of this?

    Could it be the Man doesn't know, and was never told, how to use the THING in the same way a player uses the shoe in a monopoly game?

    File all the paperwork you like, but if you don't know a Man is never a person unless he chooses to act in the capacity, or agent, of a person, all of that paperwork can voided by simply complying with a judge who demands you "take that gum out of your mouth," or some such thing.

    Be ware of tacit agreement.

    1. Rog, spot on comment. This is why it is so important to know who you are and know who they are. Paperwork is nothing without education to be able to stand on what you recoreded.

      When you place an order, payment follows, immediately.

      The DEAD can't operate without the living. Don't let some scarey man in a black robe give orders without a signed paper and a payment.

      With respect "Judge" I conditionaly accept your signed order to remove the gum from my mouth and the fee to follow said written order is $10,000.00, lawful money, payable before compliance!

    2. Very clever Annie! Good catch.

  6. So here's something I've been wondering... What if a person is born on the land which was and is illegally occupied according to international law by the United States? Of course, I am referring to Hawai`i, which is actually the occupied Hawaiian Kingdom. How can such a person do any of this? Any insight from anyone? Because the way I see it, then such a person is born in the occupied Hawaiian Kingdom, and while there are small efforts on their part, there's no organization, so their IDs and passports are not recognized as valid anywhere.

    1. My first instinct is that the Crown (Pope) and British privy council (Queen et al) would not let a technicality like that be an inconvenient truth preventing them from steamrolling the absurd needs and lawlessness of the psychopath within. Better still at the end of a large weapon.

    2. Oops I meant from streamrolling the victims with the absurd needs and lawlessness...

  7. I to would Like to know how this would work for the people who were brought here against their will and who were emancipated and labeled "citizen"?