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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Breaking - New Robert David Steele on our Corrupted Political System

This is a must watch to understand the depth of the problem of how evil these people really are.\

This guy makes a lot of good sense. Better than most. He has some real solutions.

The Herland Report TV: "President Trump has said that we have a rigged system that is pay-to-play. And that is exactly right. Our Congress today makes laws based on who pays them for what, ot on what is in the public interest. So, intelligence as decision support is how the public can manage its own democracy," says Robert D. Steele, CEO of Earth Intelligence Network. SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE

Found Here:

Election reform:


  1. Of course it is corrupt and this is how they will eliminate the governments of the world for their one world rulership saying it is for the good of humanity
    Thats why all this stuff is being put to the surface and systematically being rolled out to fit their objective
    Earth Intelligence Network? Really to go along with the Earths first land trust they rolled out
    British I s r a e l - created to bring about the end times like written in their books and the brainwashed go along with the 'prophecy' while they hoard all earths resources and depopulate to their desired number
    Just my opinion
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  2. Robert David Steele is controlled opposition.

    1. Yeah am inclined to agree. I started to wonder about him awhile ago. He has been all over the map on issues and tactics. They once you are CIA you are always CIA, a bit like the mafia.

    2. This is all complete mafia
      From gambling, to drugs, to traffic of all people in all nations all over the world
      Their god is Gold Oil Drugs its written right on their mammon money
      This site is a wealth of information
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    3. Not necessarily Will, Kevin Shipp was also CIA & has come out against them & they tried to kill him & his family. He wrote the book ‘In the Company of Shadows’ about them & speaks all over the country. Google him if you’ve never heard of him.

    4. First off, I have a lot of respect for what is being done here by Anna and Paul, Paul has said how much work it is and he is to be commended and I am not questioning his judgement or sincerity in choosing to publish helpful material.

      Marilyn I am thoroughly familiar with Kevin Shipp, in fact he was recently interviewed again by Greg Hunter on his platform. I won't disparage the man he appears to be a fine, decent, earnest guy. I have not read his book and I suppose that in the interest of scientific discovery I really should. I didn't say he was controlled opposition, nobody did.

      I think he has to walk a fine line with regard to what he is able to say, too much truth surely is a career killer. Speaking of killer, I don't know what to think of his statement that they tried to kill him. And missed...

      If you look at what happened to Julian Assange recently we have no idea whether that really played out the way it did, or if it was just fine kabuki theater as a convenient distraction from some other event. Somebody knows but not me, that is beyond my pay grade. I simply look for the truth, many people do. I have a curious mind and I want to know the truth about the reality we exist within and herein. Many people don't, and there lies the dichotomy. I think it might be fair to say that the deep state will appear to tolerate a certain amount of truth and knowledge being disseminated out there, but there is also a line that they will not allow anyone to cross. So many sources (including Anna) point to the Vatican as the top of the pyramid with the Pope, especially a Jesuit Pope for heaven's sake. Wow!

      And Anna seems to be perilously close to one of those lines when it comes to reclaiming the states and finishing the reconstruction. Thus the push-back from them with regard to the apparent thwarting of the establishment of the jural assemblies, especially in Colorado and others. Colorado is just an obvious red flag to me given what goes on there, I offered that opinion recently.

  3. I put this up so you would create new content and comment. Please tell us how he is controlled opposition. A liar has to tell 95% truth to get his lies believed, so please tell me what you think he is lying about, within the scope of the subjects he is talking about.

    1. I wouldn't want to be accused of a "type and dash" and never defend or clarify my position. So Paul I admit that I did not watch this particular video this morning when I said I am "inclined" to agree with the other comment that he is controlled opposition. I would not have said it as tersely as the other bloke, but what the heck.

      I have seen many of Mr. Steele's videos before and I did follow him and listen to what he had to say prior going back through some time previous. Something about his message just wasn't resonating after a period of time. I try to keep myself well read on a wide variety of areas because there is a lot at stake and I would rather participate in talking about the solution than be considered part of the problem. Now, I have to admit that he hit a lot of talking points, he refers to Trump as his hero. At around 13:10 he calls out the bad actors responsible for 9/11, and then talks about wanting to raise a billion dollars to develop his own "open source" intelligence agency with Bill Binney. I would be a lot more impressed if he said he was committed to finding a way to work with Anna to put D.C. back in the bottle from whence it came.

      At 17:48 he specifically called out all the bad actors but at 20:05 he called out the solution as being election reform. Really? Ask Anna if she agrees with him.

      I might speculate that why Mr. Steele might be accused of being controlled opposition (I have seen it from many other people too) is because he is espousing information that is fully available at zillions of sites on the internet, and thus he is simply disseminating information that is already known, and the deep state knows WE all know that too.

      At 22:20 he called out Tulsi Gabbard as a fake, and sounded the alarm about how D.C. works right after that, but stopped short of saying that D.C. should never have expanded beyond its original sandbox area. Why do NONE of the talking heads address the real problem, which is what Anna talks about day after day? Nobody even on alt-media ever addresses the real problem that Anna does, why isn't this viral on the internet?

      I suspect that this would quickly be a career killer, and certainly a Youtube channel killer even faster. I watch a guy on Youtube who is a patriot, named Roy Potter and I respect his passion and I often think he knows more than what he is letting on. Mr. Steele may know more than what he is letting on but Anna seems to be the ONLY voice crying in the wilderness on this, and trust me I have looked for any other voices. I just wonder if too much truth could be a career killer for anyone on the internet. Look at Julian Assange and what has happened to him if you want to see a slow motion train wreck of what happens when you publicly embarrass the deep state. He never did say what the shadow government was, but we know from American Intelligence Media and their research that the SES is that British controlled layer trying to thwart any progress or reform. Anna is on the right track by doing what she is doing to draw attention to the elephant in the room that is never talked about.

  4. Hi Paul,

    Twice I tried to post a comment about what sleigher posted about Robert David Steele. I don’t agree with him at all. I think Steele along with Bill Bonney & Kevin Shipp are all decent men trying to get the truth out. Steele is also Chief Counsel on the ITNJ (International Tribunal of Natural Justice) which I believe meets in Belgium & investigates human trafficking & child sex abuse. I have followed all three men for several years & believe what they say. Seems like some commentators just like to act like they know certain things but really don’t. Video about the ITNJ below.

    Best wishes & God bless you,


  5. Please, listen again and listen carefully not to what you want to hear but what he is actually saying. Remember these people are masters in mind-bending and manipulation.

    1. “As a spy you think you walk on water like a Jesuit….” Since when do Jesuits walk on water? I also want to point out that Trump was brought up and groomed by Jesuits (the Army of the Pope). He also wants no more separation between state and church. Just for those that think that Trump is the savior. The agenda is clear, is it not?

    2. Another thing he is the founder and CEO of The OSS (Office of Strategic Services) was the former Name of the CIA. So, what exactly are we looking at? Now he wants to open source everything that would mean that this will be the same BS just under a different name. The goal is the same end of all privacy, free speech, individualism and free will. Big brother is watching, the perfect Orwellian State.

    3. He also mentioned Marcuse. Please, read Herbert Marcuse’s biography. A Jew and Marxist. Communism comes in many forms.

    4. Steele also commented on X22 Report that it was okay for VA governor Northam to paint his face black.

    I say ‘yes’ in our youth we all have done stupid stuff, but the problem that we are facing now, are the very things that have been right in front of our eyes and yet they have been overlooked, overheard or declared harmless. So, we do not have to be surprised that the government is made up of racists, satanists, liars, thieves and on and on.

    It is all there – eyes and ears open.

  6. I beg your pardon , we follow Shipp Bonney, Steele.
    Focusing on 9/11.mainly but this situation goes back hundreds if years
    To Rothschild take over of bank. of England 1666.took over printing currency for England Rothschild took down Nopolian.not Wellington . Everything is by Rothschild design .

    1. Hence he is called Lord
      I s r a e l was created in the same way that the united states was created by force and death
      Except for I s r a e l is to fulfill their end time prophecy as written in their holy books
      Allah, Jesus and whatever other entity you can think of derived from their writings and distributing the material to the people for obedience while they collect hoards of money from the unsuspecting victims of the fraud
      It's as plain as the nose on anyones face based on this map they are herding all people of all nations into desired locations for total control and then they will eugenics us all right off the face of the earth - mental health is being used now to prescribe prescribe prescribe for their complete saturation of the populace to complete destruction - along with the vaccine agenda
      All the wars were perpetrated and carried out to achive this end result
      5G is the mechanism by which they will track and trace the financial transactions through their rfid chip that's why the push to get 5G up all over the world
      They will impoverish each country to the point of no return to the point of complete extermination withholding food, water, everything until they comply
      This is no joke people - they are psychopaths or insane is my definition and yet we think we can bargain with them? Seriously There is no reasoning or bargaining with insane psychopaths
      If you have ever had experience with a sociopath or psychopath then you would know what I'm talking about
      Dealings with a sociopath is what opened my eyes 5 years ago and lead me on this journey
      Just my opinion
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  7. Rope and gravity is the cure for this "government". Start fresh with self governanvce like it is supposed to be.

  8. All who refuse to state that the Declaration of Independence requires us to remove our entire government from office right now are controlled opposition. Anyone who supports a democrat or a republican is telling you they're a liar.

  9. Paul...did you receive that pdf file I sent you, so you can post it here on this site to get what a New Declaration of Independence would look like ...!!

    1. No James, I must have missed it. I get a ton of email here. Try it again.

  10. Evidently no one got the memo about the declaration of interdependence that was signed in 1976
    You see they have already changed this and this is their NWO manifesto
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  11. Dr. Katherine Horton is a targeted individual and believes Robert David Steele is a disinformation agent, still working for the CIA. Listen:

  12. Everything is already opensource. If you come from an information technology background you know this already
    Right now I know people working in the IT arena that their projects are through Microsoft and they are working to combine the internal infrastructure with all countries - this is their control of all resources and their distribution using the corporations they created to do it with like WalMart - created to be the one an only food, clothing whatever distributor putting all other competitors out of business
    China, Viet Nam, Haiti, all being used for slave labor to maximize profits and supply the US with goods - one they impoverish this nation to the point of no return we then become the slave laborers which is why they opening the borders and sending in cheap labor to displace Americans
    It ia a carefully crafted annilation of all countries, depopulating by any means necessary as they have moved forward, hollywood, mafia, gangs, churches, schools, vaccines, food, water flouridation, chemtrails, weather warfare, you name no trick they won't use or pull
    Do this, sing the Lavern and Shirley song
    This show was centered in Wisconsin (I believe) they worked at a brewery (they have been sold to foreign interest, Cindy McCain comes to mind) all Wisconsin industry gone and now they have moved in FOXXCONN which in China these people jump to their deaths to not have to work there anymore but it's the only jobs they have, low wages, long hours, horrible conditions, SLAVES
    As I states in other comments
    Tim Taylor in Michigan, Home Improvement (Lowes, even use the same logo as on the show) - destroyed motor city
    National Lampoons Vaction - Wally World - WalMart
    One Day at a Time - Indianapolis - single mom, divorced, advertising executive
    RoseAnne - Lanford Illinois poor white trash depiction
    MASH - glorify and make war humorous
    Last Man Standing, Tim Taylor now in Colorado with 3 girls not boys because they've killed all of our men in one way or another leaving no one to defend the nation
    While theu kept us enteertained or programmed they were destroying all of it and now their end game is upon us
    Best of luck to everyone no matter what their status because I don't think they give a damn
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserve