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Thursday, October 27, 2022

Useful Proof About DC and the Municipal Government

 By Anna Von Reitz

I get tired about arguing over things that are stick-in-my-face obvious to me, so here is another source telling you the truth about the founding, ownership, and nature of Washington, DC, as a Roman Catholic / Holy Roman Empire enclave on the banks of the Potomac, and also a handy explanation of all the occult and pagan and Roman symbolism haunting the place: 

This is a foreign capitol with respect to our country, owned and operated by Federal Subcontractors allowed to be here (see the Residence Act of 1790) for the purpose of fulfilling their contractual obligations --- including the obligation to provide a neutral meeting ground for diplomatic purposes and serving as an administrative hub to organize and administer the delivery of certain "essential government services", for example, Postal Service. 

When you truly understand that our American Capitol is and has always been Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and not Washington, DC, you will have the beginnings of wisdom and will be far better able to thread your way through the morass of jurisdictions, forms of law, and contracts and treaties and obligations --- on all sides --- that make up the totality of "our government" and its instrumentalities exercising enumerated delegated powers. 

So have at it.  The Truth may leave you stunned and a little sick and woozy, but  it's better to know what you are dealing with and know that it is literally a foreign government, than to assume that Washington, DC, is ours.  

Look at what happened when Rod Class assumed that Washington, DC, honors the Constitution?  I tried my best to tell him that it is a foreign, independent, international city-state and that the members of Congress rule over it as plenary oligarchs, just as it states in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17.  But he took his deer rifle into town just the same, and got arrested and stomped silly for his efforts, all because he couldn't quite believe that Washington, DC is literally a foreign entity perched on our shores and functioning under its own Municipal Laws, not ours. 

You can ask the January 6th Protesters about this Flying Factoid, too. They went to Sodom thinking it was their Capitol City, and of course, they had a right to peacefully protest there. Their lives wouldn't be in danger.  They would be treated well in their own capitol, right?  


Municipal citizens and officials and their employees and dependents are obligated to observe our Constitutional Guarantees, if we are actually Americans, and if we are standing on our own turf outside of Washington, DC.--- but in Washington, DC, Nancy Pelosi reigns and it is the Witch's Castle.  Municipal Law, not Constitutional Law, is the order of the day within the boundaries of the Municipality of Washington, DC. and the members of Congress can do whatever they please. 

So far, they've reacted like scared goats, clambering over each others backs to get away from the people they call "constituents"---- and pretend to represent.  

But read this little article via the link above, and you will better understand that "the" United States of America is not the same as The United States of America and "the" United States is by no means the same as The United States, either. 


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  1. Kirby Case North Carolina Assembly. Going forward we The Americans have so much to learn. We have Americans who have been pissed on their whole life while others have lived a very good life. America must forgive and forget PEACE TO ALL.

  2. George Washington the REAL George Washington was a Mulatto Moor and murdered by Adam Weishaupt. It’s Weishaupt’s face on the dollar bill and said to be Goege Washington all in the Masonic garb.