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Thursday, October 27, 2022

Donation system for small monthly donations on this blog, and how the donations are used.

 Who is Paul Stramer

If you look in the right hand column on this blog you will find two Donate buttons.
The first one is for a PayPal donation with any amount of your choosing, and which you can make a recurring monthly donation if you choose, or leave it a one time donation.
We send a  big thank you to all those who have used that button over the last 7 years. You are the best, and God Bless You and Yours'. You are in our Prayers daily.

I have added a second button now that uses Square UP and takes you to a page where you can set your amount and also set it as a monthly donation if you so desire.

I have been working at this now for over seven years full time, and I am going to level with you all about what it takes to make Anna's words and writings go around the world.

Publishing her articles is just the beginning of what we do here.  The idea from the start was to let what Anna is saying in her articles build a consensus around the world that would lead to freedom for the average man or woman instead of the victimization by "government" of the people of the world we are currently experiencing. I have never found anyone who understands the history of fraud by government that has brought us to this evil time better than Anna Von Reitz. She was the first one to come on the scene who had fully assembled the puzzle of fraud so we could get our minds around it.

The idea behind this is the principal that evil can only operate when it's victims are deceived about what is happening to them and why, and that exposure to the light of day will usually reverse the evil once the truth becomes pervasive enough. This has been the case throughout history. The reason is that God has written his 10 Commandments into the heart of every man, and people will know what is true, and what is false, provided they are given good information.

The Romans learned that the hard way. They learned that it is difficult to fight an idea with swords and clubs. It's impossible to fight a good and true idea whose time has come in God's Holy will, or His timeline in history.  We are living in a time such as that, where people see the evil in governments around the world, and they want information that will counteract the evil and lies, and solutions to get the evil exposed and out of power. We are living in a time of great awakening, although many are still asleep. We haven't reached enough people yet.

This is the reason that I concentrate my efforts in the field of education and advertising the truth, and the discussion of what is being written. You will find that the discussions in the comments section on this blog are far more open than most blogs. You will find, as I have written in the blue header above every page, that there are many opinions of many different people here, some of which are directly opposed to others, but that all the writers (who are not deliberate trolls) are deeply concerned about the future of freedom in America and around the world.

Believe me when I say that moderation of that comment section is a huge task that takes up hours of  my time.

We can not expect to get these articles of truth out there without a steady stream of advertising to find new people to read those words, and to that end I have created some very hard hitting ads that we are running on as many places as we can afford.  Here is one such ad we have been running by email for a few weeks, that is getting good results and has added hundreds of people to our mailing list for the announcements when Anna writes a new article. Go ahead and click on this ad to see what happens.

To see all the ads we are running and help us support our advertising campaigns go here:

The fly in the ointment with ad campaigns is that it is difficult to finance ads like this by donations when the donations are not monthly.  When we don't know what will come in from month to month we can't plan for and buy paid advertising on an ongoing basis.  I have only two systems that I have bought on a continuous basis for the last 7 years or so, and now have over 465,000 email addresses of people who want more information about finding an on line opportunity who I can email to on a daily basis.  I slip the ad above, or other ads from the page above, into that system about twice per week in between the ads for Quick Silver and Civil Flags, and we are getting lots of interest with that, but it should be 465 million instead of 465 thousand.

So this is why I have said over and over that we value small monthly donations as much or more than we value one time donations. You are free to do either of course, but those small monthly donations are what really keeps us going with the advertising efforts.  Another thing about small monthly donations is that if you must quit once in a while to catch up with your bills, it doesn't hurt our efforts so badly.  Think about it. Would you rather have one person who donates $1000 each month, or 200 people each donating $5. It's still $1000, but what if that one person gets in an accident, or runs out of money? You can see the picture from our end of the situation.  Another point is that the $5 donation is something that just about anyone can do. And if you can't, well God Bless you Anyway. You can always Pray for Us.

Thank you for reading this and for anything you can do to help.

Paul Stramer

PS  Here is Anna's take on what I do for the effort: