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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Reply to John Chapman, Also Known as "The Devil"

 By Anna Von Reitz

 I don't see how you can accomplish anything as confused and misinformed as you are.  That is a real stumbling block to accomplishment of any kind, much less re-making the world. 

I am aware that the Evil Ones adopted "Ucadia" in 2015 and I am aware that you all pirated your own version of Frank's work and abused it for your purposes --- but the fact remains that Frank never gave any of you (or THEM) permission to use as much as one word of his work for any such purpose. You all violated his private copyright and trademarks, which is an international law issue and in the air jurisdiction, a patent issue.  

Frank is a brilliant man and learned scholar and a pure heart despite everything he has had to muck through in his life ---- but he is also crippled by his indoctrination and years of work within the corrupt Roman Catholic Church hierarchy.  

There are some truths exposed by Ucadia --- for example, the need for a new 'time" standard, but as we are talking about something that doesn't actually exist, and which is a cataloguing device for our own convenience, it is less than urgent. 

I replied to their action well-within the ninety (90) day reply period and re-established the sovereignty of the National Governments.  And that action is recorded worldwide. 

So everyone is having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that they have FAILED, but they have.  Remember the Wizard of Oz?   The scene where Dorothy grabs a bucket of water to save her friend, the Scarecrow, from burning --- and doused the Wicked Witch, too? 

All that "beautiful wickedness" ---- "melting, melting, melting...." until it's finally gone in a puff of smoke, because it never really was?  

Well, that is your condition, too.  Everything you and the Pope and everyone else has done regarding Ucadia and everything else seeking to foist off a Satanic World Government, has been in the realm of the dead, and concerns nothing but legal fictions.  It has no substance at all.  And I have called you on it. 

It's over.  It's already done.  The spell is broken.  The fraud is fully revealed on Earth and in Heaven.  

The True God, the Lord of Life, accepted Abel's gifts, not Cain's sacrifices.  

So, now that we have bested you in all jurisdictions, it's time to fold your tent and go, and it is the responsibility of the Galactic Federation and the Precessional Council to make sure that you do.  


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