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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Regarding System --- Reply to Scott

 By Anna Von Reitz

Scott, neither you nor I nor anyone else on this planet needs more structure.  

If you really want it, you guys already have over 80 million "laws" that you can't know or obey or pay for the enforcement of.  

That should be enough said on the subject of laws and hierarchies, shouldn't it?  

There's no duality, just as there is no "national debt". 

Darkness is not the opposite of light; darkness is the absence of light. 

Death is not the opposite of life; death is the absence of life. 

Law is not the opposite of love; law is the absence of love. 

Psychopathy is not the opposite of conscience; psychopathy is the absence of conscience. 

It's what is missing that holds the cure, not what you try to sew onto a corpse. 

Law, which you cannot obey, is what condemns you. 

Love is what sets you free.  It's pure and simple, cause and effect. 

Everyone, always, is seeking freedom, fighting for freedom, struggling to achieve freedom --- but freedom has always been within everyone's grasp. 

When you learn to love, you will be free.  You will no longer suffer the delusion that you are not free.  You will stop pushing on the pull door. 

What you need, Scott, is what all of us need ---- more life.  More love. 

The whole of mankind's need for both can be summed up in two truths, which were given to us thousands of years ago --- (1) Love the True God with all your heart, for that will give you life; (2) Love yourself and love others as yourself.  

You will notice that crucial parts of the message were omitted --- the explanation that loving the True God results in the gift of life, and the fact that you must love yourself before you can have a standard for loving others.  

Now look at the vast overbearing complexity of the "world" that hue-mans, meaning "persons" have created for themselves, and look at the vast complexity of Ucadia. 

All of this, yet, people have still not learned to tell the truth, be fair, or be kind. 

Things everyone should learn as small children defeat all the false wisdom of the world. 

Look at the endless complexity of the surveillance state and the bureaucracy of Ucadia and know that the Truth is always simple.  The lies are always complex. 

We don't need more lies and more complexity.  We need more truth and simplicity. 

We don't need more meaningless "jobs" pushing paper.  We need more honest work as the caretakers we were meant to be, more passionate expression of our best dreams, and the fulfillment of our compassion.  

So do we want to "take over" Ucadia?  No. We want something else entirely.  

We desire simplicity, love, and life.  We desire fellowship and meeting of the minds. 

We wish to express our eternal devotion to the True God, the Lord of Life, and our steadfast love for our planet, our many diverse cultures, our animals and plants and even the rocks given to our keeping, our water, our air, our fellow caretakers and countrymen.  

The only laws we need to know and follow are the Two Truths fully expressed above. 

This is a simple complete message in plain language and pure emotion that everyone can understand. 

To everyone who stares aghast at this message and who looks around at the modern world and thinks, "But, but, but.... love is not enough! We need Highway Commissions and Subcommittees of the Subcommittees to control ourselves...." 

Let me point out that besides life----  love, or absence of love---  is all that there is, and all there ever was, or ever will be. 

The final answer is that we choose life and we choose love and we accept only the True God, the Lord of Life ----  as our eternal king. No man stands between us and the divinity within us. 

The entire trial that began between Eve and Satan and their respective progenies is at an end. Eve is declared the winner.

The entire trial that began with the anointing of Saul by Samuel is at an end.  
The Lord of Life is declared the winner.  

The end of the Age of Pisces is here and the Age of Aquarius has begun. 
The delusion of Pisces must go, and the entire Saturnine Brotherhood with it. 

Thus it is ordained under the Universal Law, hallowed by life, and sanctified by love; my voice has spoken it, my heart has accepted it, and my True Lord, the Lord of Life, has made it so. 


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