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Monday, July 4, 2016

Epic Failure or Deliberate Program of Destruction - You Decide

INDEPENDENCE DAY 2016 - What are we celebrating?


NorthWest Liberty News: Operation Wildlife Rescue

The BLM’s land management has been an epic failure and has either driven out, or burned out, much of Northern Nevada’s wildlife

Jim White at Northwest Liberty News, a trusted friend and super patriot, published this article this morning on INDEPENDENCE DAY for your consideration.

I agree as wildlife managers the BLM are destroying the wildlife, which seems to be a failure to any normal and reasonable line of thought. But we are not living in normal or reasonable times. I would like to ask you some questions.


What if they, the BLM and other so called agencies of government, are acting as corporate mercenary agents of a world wide program of control and destruction designed to destroy our food supply in anticipation of a totalitarian takeover by mostly foreign owned bankrupt corporations masquerading as government, and ruling by Fraud, deceit, threat, duress, intimidation, coercion, and force of arms.  What if these people REALLY ARE criminals of the first order who have decided that if they can't own the whole world, lock, stock and barrel, they will burn it to the ground, and kill all their primary creditors in the process?

What if in the process of grabbing complete power and control over the people of the world, and enslaving them, they are willing to commit heinous crimes of genocide, wanton murder, and starvation of the people, not to mention thievery,  identity theft, semantic deceit, personage, and barratry and most of all, JUDICIAL TYRANNY,  just to name a few?

What if they have already taken over the entire judiciary structure of this country, so much so that these so called courts, which are nothing but corporate tribunals operating in the law of the sea, or admiralty jurisdiction, can steal your land, your wildlife or anything else they want including your FREEDOM at the whim of some bureaucrat regulation, and DO SO ON A REGULAR BASIS against the people, as in the case of the Hammond family and the Bundy family, and the Finicum family?

What if these corporate tribunals of the sea are making pirate runs against the people of this land on a daily basis, by PRESSGANGING you off your land, and into their sea jurisdiction like the pirates of old when they raided whole villages and press ganged the men into service as slaves on their ships?
The crime of Press Ganging has carried the death penalty for over 200 years.

What if, in that process of takeover and control they are willing to kill off the wildlife to destroy the food supply of the people, their enemies, you and your neighbors. What if, once you have no food, they then offer you some of their food stash in trade for your guns.  After all, at that point you have no reason to have a gun, because "there is no game to shoot", and that's the only legitimate reason to have one anyway, right?


What if these people are all world class CRIMINALS who have never been brought to justice, hiding in their pirate's lair called New Columbia, or Washington DC, but in plain sight and in every state?

NOW ASK YOURSELF.  Who is going to fix this mess? Is it going to fix itself?

No, and if we don't help fix it, it's not going to get fixed.  How do we fix it?

The one thing these criminals can't stand is exposure to the light of day. Once the people, the police, the military, and the lawful militia REALLY UNDERSTAND who these criminals are and how they operate, and we all just stop participating in their FRAUDULENT banks, governments, corporate tribunals, and bureaucratic structure, they will be powerless to impose their police state on us any longer. Once the police, sheriffs, military, and militia realize the illegitimate power grab these corporate imposter governments are wielding, and stop enforcing their edicts, their entire power structure will fade and be replaced by legitimate and lawful and moral power exercised by local people.

If that seems like a pipe dream, don't believe it for a minute. It's already happening. Read the articles on this blog by Anna Von Reitz, and at her website

Watch the formation of a brand new banking system to replace the old system of control. Watch the people form up their land jurisdiction unincorporated republic structure as the founders had in mind when they gave us the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, and the FREEDOM we are celebrating today.

Thank God for your Freedom every day, and beg Him to give you the grace to help preserve it today and every day, because that Freedom starts and lives in your heart and mind, by perfect obedience to His eternal laws of justice and mercy.

 COME, Holy Ghost, into the hearts of Thy faithful, and kindle in them the fire of Thy love.
  V. Send forth Thy Spirit, and they shall be created;
   R. And Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.

Let Us Pray
      O God, Who didst instruct the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Ghost, grant that by the gift of the same Spirit we may be always truly wise, and ever rejoice in His consolation. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Paul Stramer


  1. Who's celebrating?

  2. This gentleman is obviously knowledgeable and sincere in his effort to communicate. He is talking about matters that are not familiar to me and I don't know what to make of what he is saying.

    1. LOL. U must live in the east.

    2. It's a whole informed look most don't know because we are compartmentalize
      in a box everthing is fine go to the mall and spend and go back to work it's fine.

  3. the founders had in mind when they gave us the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, and the FREEDOM we are celebrating today. Error: It's true the founders gave us the "Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and the bill of rights but our "FREEDOM" is a gift from our creator. Just trying to be helpful.

    1. You are right Steve. Freedom is from God. The founders did put it into words, ideas, and law. Americans have forgotten that. Words on paper don't do much unless we live it.

  4. The almost victory of those subject to the temporal power of the pope and Jesuit mind control drugs is what the great majority is celebrating - America the has been. America is finished destroyed and decimated without a shot being fired, silly American 'unicorn.'

    1. You won't find any true Pope in Rome. He is a bigger imposter than Obama. I never mentioned the Pope or any Jesuit. America is a perfect example of a country whose people abused their freedom and turned to the evil worship of pleasure and away from God. That is the problem. Real freedom means to be perfectly obedient to God's laws. Anything else is slavery to Satan and his minions. I don't know many in this country who are obedient enough to be really worthy of freedom.

  5. This rancher has been raised around it, lived it and still lives it. You can only know the land if you have been part of it. These are far and few between. And, he is right, if TRUMP does not get in, your steaks will be coming from CHINA!

    1. With what is coming if they have their way, we won't get any steaks. They will have them all.

  6. Times writer david brooks says it well we don't care if the ppl know just as long as we keep on running everthing.

  7. Hello and good day to you, I've looked into and listened to what Anna von Reitz presents by word and voice. I feel she knows her sources and I admire her stance in defending and restoring freedom for residents in the USA, exposing many lies and fraudulent procedures. As a judge using her discernment as wise as possible.

    As a citizen born in Holland, daughter in a Calvinistic church-family with a minister as father, I'm rather cautious about the religious foundation much of this work is grounded in, despite this information's value of being the truth, to me.

    That church-institute, a manmade one, is a station I have left pretty far behind me. To me, it seems far better to leave out the prayers and salutations. If it's an essential part of Anna von Reitz' or Paul Stramer's life, I've got nothing against it.

    Only why not hold that reverence within, without mentioning it out in the open? It doesn't loose its strength, if it's genuine. I myself am all for privacy in religious practice and experiences. I've got members of our extended family, living in Canada. I know that church-life and the cohesion as a community thereof, is much valued, often in the vibes of the 50's, the decade where many Europeans left Holland and built a new life in Canada and the US. It's evolved in a very different way, compared to religious life in Europe. There is a large number of people in Europe, who have found their individual manner of praising God or Great Spirit.
    Only the form is different.

    Specially in Holland, people are in general not impressed anymore with these sort of expressions, in the way it is presented here and in Anna von Reitz website.

    Without meaning offense, in Holland it is perceived with giggles or sighs... like "Oh yes, there we have it, now we know where that's coming from". Laying it aside, neglecting.

    Manmade religious institutes have created an enormous amount of havoc and destruction, as long as humanity can remember. To keep it silent within is a better way of coming forward with this sort of information about the true nature of those at the top in the US. Reaching many more people that way too, as I see it.

    People in Europe for example. I hope you get what I mean, it's not shared as a critical note, but as a note with my view and suggestion, on the way to express our relationship with God.

  8. History of the Ukraine and Stalin surrounding that country actually starved 10 million people. Holodom if I recall correctly. So many ways evil can attack humanity when they fall asleep as many Americans have. America is faced with fascist leaders who aspire controlling the world.

    "If the people ever allow private bankers to issue their money through inflation and deflation the corporations that will grow up around them will leave their children homeless on the Continent founded by their fathers". That is just one quote from a founding father of America. And that quote has actually come to complete fruition and tent cities arose from the carnage.

    What a crossroads the entire world has come upon! Stay well Anna and Paul and all those that are doing!

  9. and the true meaning that they hid from you is summer solstice. Powerful day to manifest in the stars hence many independence days, but they dont want YOU to know. Make those dreams come true today!

  10. stop giving them your power by celebrating their rituals

    1. We all understand how corrupt the AshkeNAZI Zionist New World Order is. How ever it happened we have all figured it out but the real danger is the Sleeping Sheeple who refuse to wake up.

      I have been researching and then writing my books for 20 years in an attempt to wake Christians up as to how corrupt the Bible and religion is and how dangerous the AshkeNAZI, Sephardic and Merovingiain Global Elite are but they remain sound asleep. If we could waken them we could take our country back.

      Yes the Bible and the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church is a corrupt religion it always has been and we need to wake the Sleeping Sheeple up about this also. Google Angellica Goodson - Lord and read some of my information in my book introductions. You don't have to purchase my books. Essentially we have also been lied to about relgion. The original movement around Jesus Yashua was destroyed along with the real followers of Jesus Yashua who were murdered. Marcion who organized the ORIGINAL New Testament who opened many churches in Rome may have had to only original uncontaminated Bible known as Marcions Bible that was added to judiazed and corrupted as it was put in the Bibles we have today.

      Most people have no idea that the gods and yes I said gods of the Jews were evil entities. This data was in Marcions New Testament which were burned and buried by the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church (JROCCC).

      The Sephardic Jews and Levi Priests were part of the institutionalized groupies who formed the JROCCC. They rule the world through religion today where the AshkeNAZI are the government leaders, banks, corporations etc., The last group of Semites were the Merovingians who became the blue bloods of Europe who ruled the world through the monarchies. They are the evil corrupt global ASM's.

      We have to wake up to how corrupt religon and the monarchy is also because they are all part of the END TIME DELUSION OF MANKIND.

      We need these Sleeping Sheeple so let's keep trying to wake them up.

  11. All of this talk about a "new bank". Why doesn't Anna and her group partner with the Lakota tribe who I understand already has such a would be simpler to do that it would seem without re-inventing the wheel? Is there something wrong with the Lakota bank?



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