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Monday, July 25, 2016

Cow Patties and Shoe Shine --- My Challenge Back to Tyron Parsons and His Ilk

by Anna Von Reitz

Most people can’t tell cow patties from shoe shine, but it is important that everyone learn.

We have to learn to recognize it when we are seeing things through a filter----a fact or set of facts overlaying the actual truth, which then leads us to wrong conclusions.  The most common and deadly filter is a half-truth.

Satan told Eve a half-truth when he told her she wouldn’t die from eating the forbidden fruit.  Well, she didn’t die, did she?  Not right away….

Everyone knows that Cain was Adam’s son, because he was the brother of Abel, right?   Yet, Cain doesn’t appear in the long list of Adam’s sons.

It’s half-truth to say that Cain was Abel’s brother, because Cain was a half-brother.

The writings of Paul of Tarsus fill a considerable portion of the Bible and they similarly serve to put the Gospel through a Roman filter.

Jesus was of the tribe and lineage of King David, a Hebrew’s Hebrew.  He grew up in a matriarchal world where a man’s estate and social standing come from his Mother, not his Father.  He spoke a language (Aramaic) which has one word (wo)man for both sexes.  Women were freely allowed to follow Jesus and study with him and were a fundamental part of his entourage.

Who first heard him declare His identity and mission on Earth?
  A woman---- and a Samaritan woman, at that.  Who knew and accepted the terrifying misery of His Passion and anointed Him for it?  A woman. 

Who stood at the cross and suffered with him while most other disciples ran away?  The women.  Who were the first to hear and bring tidings of His Resurrection? The women, again.

And never, ever, did Jesus say or do anything to condemn women or hold them in any disrespect or suggest that they were subservient.  If anything, He proclaimed that the servants among us are the masters--- a fact which all those eager to oppress women should finally hear.

Here is my challenge to Tyron Parsons and all those of his ilk: show me one instance where Jesus ever taught anyone that women are subservient to men?    Or that white men are superior to black?  Or that members of the Ten Lost Tribes--- Israelites---- are superior to the Tribe of Judah --- the Jews? 

Jesus didn’t teach any of that.   That is the truth. 

Paul, a Roman who grew up under Roman patriarchy, is the source of the women are subservient malarkey----a Roman filter overlying the Hebrew truth.

Generations of men have grown up confused, unable to tell the difference between the actual Gospel taught by Jesus and interpretations of the Gospel taught by Paul and other Disciples. 

In the same way, people mistake Articles of the Constitution as being the same as Amendments to the Constitution.  They are not.   The Articles are the actual stuff and substance and body of the Constitution.  Amendments are just codicils of the Will established by the People (that is, Militia), adopted by some members of later generations.  Amendments are in no way equivalent to the Articles, but everyone misses that fact, too.

For a Christian, the actual Gospel---the words, deeds, and teachings of Jesus--- are the only dictum that matter, the only true authority that exists.   All the rest is interpretations and add-ons, filtered through the prejudices and experiences of other men.

For an American born on the land of these United States, the actual Articles of the Constitution are what matter, not the Amendments.  In the same way, the Amendments are just add-ons, filtered through the prejudices and experiences of later generations.

If we want the truth, we must go to the foundation and contemplate it for ourselves.  We cannot rely on Paul or Pastor Phil or Tyron Parsons for our salvation.  In the same way, we cannot rely on Amendments and interpretations by the “US Supreme Court” to guarantee our freedom.

When we know and act upon the Truth, the world comes back into focus.  Sharpen up your Shinola Sensors, Campers!  Scrape away the filters and look at what the actual Gospel and actual Constitution say----and stop being misled and confused.  
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  1. With all due respect. Since you good at fact-finding, take a good look at the history of the bible, who created it and how many times it has been changed and by whom. It shouldn't take too long to see that it is a huge tool of manipulation by the parasitic cabal. It contradicts itself many times. Half of it has people worshipping a psychopath out of fear, while the other half speaks of love. Don't get me started on the Jesuits and their rituals and many atrocities committed throughout history. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a pentagram somewhere on their alter. Stop looking outside for God and start looking within. Did Jesus not say to "know thyself"?

  2. Are you saying there are no rules for life? What about the 10 Commandments given to Moses? What about Natural law? Are you saying that God doesn't exist outside of man? Are you saying God in man, no man, no God? Then how did the human species come into existence, and is there no reason to live a good and moral life? After what we see happening in our country, are you saying it's hopeless to try to be good, and change anything?

  3. "Natural Law"? Universal law supercedes all 'law'. It is cause and effect for sure, but not a bunch of confusing and written law open to debate and misinterpretation. Keep it simple folks because that's what Divine Creator did. Love is all there is. Stray from that and observe what follows.

  4. "Natural Law"? Universal law supercedes all 'law'. It is cause and effect for sure, but not a bunch of confusing and written law open to debate and misinterpretation. Keep it simple folks because that's what Divine Creator did. Love is all there is. Stray from that and observe what follows.


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