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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Again, America is Being Ruled by a King - Carol Bundy Interview

Carol Bundy, wife and mother of 5 political prisoners, graciously took the time to speak to Jim White of NorthWest Liberty News.

*** Editor Note: The Interview was conducted outside, for I had no other choice. Please overlook the background noise and focus on Carol's words.*** Thank you

Found Here:


  1. My sincere thanks to all of you for you hard work and dedication to educating us.

  2. She was right the Mormons were run out of Missouri so they headed to Utah there they stay

  3. America is not necessarily run by a King, but the United States is.


    1. That is correct.
      You want to be an Americsn citizen,
      You do not want to be a citizen of the Unitef States.

      Pastor Eric Jon Phelps offers an extensive course on how to not be ruled by the Queen of England who is Jeduit ruled and controlled.
      Listen to Phelps on 247 world radio archive June 29 2016. He has successfully gone to court and has abolished the Queen of Englanf and is now officially an Amerocan citizen with no more all cap letters in his name and no longer ruled by the King the Corporation of the United States.

      Pastor Eric Jon Phelps has solved the problem whileKudge Anna wastes her time sending documents to the Pope, the enemy of all Americans.


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