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Friday, July 29, 2016

Source for your article on Obama banning gold

by Anna Von Reitz

What is the title to my previous article?

Notice the (2) TWO Question Marks? What do question marks imply? 

Mr. Obama has supported legislation and similar actions to expedite seizure of assets and at least two White House insiders have come to me saying he has drafted Executive Orders and is planning an FDR style confiscation of gold and providing drafts of the same. 

I suspect that is the reason that foreign banks have reported --again to me one on one-- that the "United States Government" has pulled out all the stops to demand information about gold and silver on deposit offshore.   Why would they need to know, if seizures were not contemplated? 

Between that and the Bail-In legislation that has been prepared, I think it is past time to Read the Tea Leaves and inform Americans exactly why these nasty actions do not apply to them and also alert them to the fact that they have to object in no uncertain terms. 

The danger is very real and could take place as early as September.  Anyone claiming to be either a "United States Citizen" or "citizen of the United States" stands to be cleaned out as bad or worse than what happened under FDR. 

Did Obama issue his EO yet?  No.  Does the one I have seen as a draft resemble the SkinnyNews parody? No, but I have to say that in its own way, the Obama draft is worse.  Why? Because "citizens of the United States" cannot own private property, they are not eligible for any compensation related to seizures of property held in their NAMES.

At this point we have information sources from all over the world in every corner and enough pieces of the puzzle to know when a threat is worth guarding against and when it is "just a spoof". 

Sometimes the Truth is stranger than fiction and a parody can introduce a very serious reality that everyone needs to think about and react to.  

The fact is that it is indeed very likely that an "Emergency" a la FDR will be declared and that direct confiscation of assets belonging to "United States Citizens" and "citizens of the United States" will occur.  The bank personnel have warned us.  The White House insiders have warned us. Foreign governments have warned us. State legislators have warned us. Members of Congress have warned us. 

More than that, past history has warned us.

FDR's swindle netted the greatest crime profits in world history and the victims didn't even appear to notice.  

Why wouldn't the current Administration follow in FDR's footsteps and try for a second bite of that apple? 

Are you still laughing?  

Get out your "personal" checkbook.  Look at the name.  If it is in all capital letters, it belongs to a federal corporation franchise-- not to you.  Every penny that you have "donated" to that federal franchise is subject to seizure. 

So maybe it is time you got serious about claiming back your good name and your actual nationality?  Time to remember that you are first and foremost a New Yorker, a Californian, a Minnesotan or Virginian and NOT any form of "citizen" at all? 

Maybe it is time to clean up your records and stake your claims on who and what you are? 
Come out of Babylon? 

On September 2 the worldwide IEX trading platform opens and the real "voting" begins on the issue of asset backed currency versus fiat currency.  

I expect to see action before that date to "ensure National Security" --- I expect it will involve all sorts of craziness and impose all sorts of Draconian liabilities on Americans who have not taken steps to reclaim their native standing and object to being considered either "United States Citizens" or "citizens of the United States". 

Having recorded Acts of Expatriation and Oaths of Allegiance to the soil of their organic states before this cataclysm can provide a basis for Americans to claim exemption from confiscations of bank accounts, gold, land, and more. 

So get serious and get going. 

Knowing what to ask them to prove is also important.  If you were born in one of the states they have to show exactly when and where you complied with the Naturalization Act.  They won't be able to do that. 

As a result they will have to admit that you are not a United States Citizen and that you are in fact exempt from search and seizure, confiscation of assets, indefinite detainment, and other abuses.
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  1. I'm very serious about this question and this has become extremely serious. Will they honor what you have told us to do, or will the circumstances coming which will be their major move to complete tyranny....simply identify people as the Constitutionalists and sovereign citizens they have already identified as terrorists and have already passed laws to move against without Constitutional rights? Will what you say wind people up in a FEMA camp? Please answer!

    1. Under the universal law of the Creator, no one can do anything to us without our consent. Do NOT consent. Those clowns in D.C. have no lawful authority over any one, except themselves.

    2. And if they don't honor it, how is one any better off? How would you intend to avoid that same treatment, just because you are breathing air? Are you going to willingly be their slave? Then you deserve what you get. The point of saying those things is this. WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE. It's not about just staying alive. IT'S ABOUT FREEDOM, AND SOMETHING WORTH LIVING FOR!

  2. OK , I know you've posted how , but please direct us to where we find that process ?


  3. I also need to again find where those born in US possessions can 'patriate' themselves into the states where they reside.


  4. Unfortunately, I have to bring the BAD "news" to those on this forum that think just "claiming" you are NOT a US CITIZEN
    will make this bogey man go away, you are in for a REAL surprise!!! I already had THIS conversation with an IRS agent that I was NOT a "US citizen" but a "non resident alien" and he LAUGHED and told me that we are ALL US citizens!!! So the bottom line is this, it doesn't matter what YOU say you are, it only matters what THEY say you are, and you can be sure that YOUR gold and possessions WILL be taken away from you at the end of a gun!!! The ONLY way for ANY of Anna's statements about this situation to be solved legally, right though she may be, is for this gov't to be dissolved and we all know THAT isn't going to happen!!! So, good luck telling an illegal and unlawful gov't what to do!!! Been there, done that, and lost and so will you!!!

    1. Department of the Treasury - Internal Revenue Service can only operate within a Federal District of the District of Columbia. If you use a two letter state designation with a zip code (such as "OH 45250"), you have designated yourself in a Federal District. If you use a mail location in this format:

      c/o 123 Anystreet Road
      near Anytown, Statespelledout
      zip code exempt

      you have designated yourself outside of the District of Columbia. All presentments are an offer to contract. If you don't like the offered contract, reject and return it. Her is a format that has been used:

      use a NON-DOMESTIC return address
      Dear Sirs,
      I am rejecting and herewith returning, within 72 hours of receipt, your offered contracts titled "Levy" dated xx/xx/xx and "Notice of Seizure" dated xx/xx/xx and "Collection Appeal Rights" dated xx/xx/xx.
      ---body of letter---
      Sincerely, from without the United States

      The above is not boiler plate, but is intended to point you in the right direction. You will need a lot of study and research before confronting the predator. It is never a good idea to speak with an IRS agent as there is no record of what has been said.

  5. So, it all boils down to the eventual barter society or "shadow barter society" that would automatically manifest itself when the PTB started cracking down? Men will always search for ways of freedom. those with the gold will make the rules, even if only in small rural feudal areas.

  6. I've been taught by you Anna,and others around me, to verify what I read. That's why I asked for more info on the confiscation of gold. In this article you talk about documents you have seen, and testimonies you have actually heard. I've never known you to lie, so that's good enough for me, and based on that, will inform everyone I know of the likely upcoming disaster. The real problem though is most will not listen until this actually happens, which is typical. Again...this is not our battle, but God's, and we are not to fret as He will stand with His people when the time comes. We must be as prepared as we can be, but realize that all that is to come was foreordained before the creation of the world...which answers the question asked about whether people like us will end up in a FEMA camp. If it is the Lord's will, yes, but if it is not, you won't.


  7. Concerning the IRS laughing at you you didn't file to exempt yourself once you file your first 1040 you subscribed . You must file to un subscribe . It's voluntary .

    1. It's about using their own law against them.

      File a Revocation of Election to file.

  8. It might be difficult to protect your body from abuse by the state, no matter what you do. But it is possible to protect your property by transferring ownership to a trust; not a statutory trust, of course (where you are still "owner"). The proper vehicle is the very one used by our oppressors: the common law contract in trust form. This is how the perps avoid all of the nastiness that "owners" endure. If they don't honor personal sovereignty, they do honor sovereignty of property. For over 20 years, Michael Clark (himself a sovereignty expert) has demonstrated the validity of this approach. See:


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