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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Obama Bans Gold Ownership for "United States Citizens"? So Who's a "Citizen"?

by Anna Von Reitz

Those of you who have been following along for some time know that the United States is not America and that "United States Citizens" are not Americans.  Chances are high that if you are an average Bread and Butter American you are not a "United States Citizen" and probably never were.   

A "citizen" is obligated to serve the government.   A "national" is one of those that the government serves. 

The Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783 that ended the Revolutionary War described the "citizens" as "Inhabitants" --- British subjects left here to provide "essential government services" and the state nationals were described as "the free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States."

Which one are you?

"Citizen" = British subject, an inhabitant "residing" here, for the purpose of providing essential government services (Article IV) and by definition these "United States Citizens" are all foreign with respect to us and to our organic states, just as we are foreign with respect to them. 

Thus, while you, a man born in Wisconsin, serves in the military, you are considered a "United States Citizen"--- but when you are discharged you are no longer in that political status. You are by nature and right a Wisconsinite and an American State National, owing no obligation to serve any governmental function at all.

You are not naturally a "United States Citzen" nor a "citizen of the United States" nor are you a State Citizen unless you hold a public office in the government of one of the organic states of the Union.

The truth is that though the Federales and employees of the federalized States of States corporate franchises routinely impose upon us and presume that we are "United States Citizens" instead of being American State Nationals, the fact remains that:

1. None of us who were born here went through any Naturalization process as required by the Naturalization Act, Seventh Congress, Session 1, Chapter 28, Sections 1-4 to become "United States Citizens".

2. The only people here who really are "United States Citizens" are (a) those born in the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico or what we consider the "Territories and Possessions"; (b) federal civilian employees; (c) federal military personnel on active duty; (d) federal welfare recipients; (e) elected officers of the federal and federalized "state of state" corporations; (f) political asylum seekers; (g) African Americans who were never accorded their State National status and then, there are the "citizens of the United States" which are all (h) federal corporations.

It is this last grouping that causes all the trouble, because to benefit themselves the foreign United States, Inc.  has busily created "franchises" for itself and named these THINGS after you. 

Thus, there is an "international organization" calling itself by your name FIRST MIDDLE LAST and a public transmitting utility calling itself by your name FIRST MIDDLE-INITIAL LAST and both these legal fiction entities are "citizens of the United States" under the so-called "diversity of citizenship" clause the rats in Congress gratuitously granted themselves without your knowledge or permission.

They have been infringing upon the copyright of your name all your life, indebting you, prosecuting you for collection of their own debts, conferring the slave status of "citizen of the United States" on you ---- their actual employers --- all without your knowledge or consent.  They have done this via an undisclosed surreptitious process of "registration" of your given names that happened while you were all still babies in your cradles.

Now there are some things you should know about these fictional incorporated "citizens of the United States"---- they are all bad characters.  They are bankrupt most of the time, engaged in shady dealings--- rum manufacturing,  drug trade, firearms manufacturing that sort of thing---- and when they are charged with anything in court they are guilty by definition. 

Oh, and they are also all slaves by definition and unable to own any property. 

So, if you want to own any private property at all, much less gold or silver, it is absolutely essential that you understand these definitions and conventions which have been "assumed" about you and your "voluntary" political status as a "citizen of the United States" or as a "United States Citizen". 

Mr. Obama, like FDR before him, is trying to shore up these despicable presumptions upon the American people and prevent a collapse of the "United States Dollar"---- which, as you have guessed by now, isn't American either. 

Their "United States Dollar"---- a piece of paper with the "good faith of Congress" as its backing---- has been deliberately confused with our "United States Dollar" which is an amount of fine silver.

Time to wake up, Campers.  

It is past time to notice what the "good faith" of the "United States Congress" has been worth for the last 150 years and note that these infernal scoundrels have been stealing us blind, maliciously infringing on our copyrights and trademarks, practicing identity theft and personage against us, arresting us under false pretenses,  collecting taxes from us that we don't owe, and other criminal acts too numerous to mention----and doing all this while taking their paychecks from our pockets.

Mr. Obama says that "United States Citizens" living anywhere in the world can't own gold.  Mr. Obama says that "United States Citizens" are subject to indefinite detainment.  Mr. Obama says that "United States Citizens" have to buy their health insurance from him and his flunkies.  Mr. Obama says that "United States Citizens" have to...... spread their legs wider? 

Please join me in saying, "Hell, no, Mr. Obama, I'm not a  "United States Citizen" and you aren't the Emperor of China, either. You are just an undeclared Foreign Agent here on my soil and on my payroll to provide me with essential governmental services and doing a piss poor job of it."   

Remember who you are.  Remember who employs who.  And make it stick.

If Obama sends any revenue agents around to collect your gold and they enter your private property and attempt to bully you after you have plainly stated that you are not acting as a "United States Citizen" just ask them to prove that you are one?  Where is there any evidence at all that you ever complied with the Naturalization Act? 
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  1. Good article! Thank you Anna and Paul again for your hard work and dedication to freeing the masses.

  2. It is overwhelming the amount of treachery this government is performing against Americans. This treason cannot continue.

    1. How long can it go on? It has continued ALREADY. It's existed for hundreds of years, because "this" isn't our government or any other government, it's a banking/power cartel that has existed since the Rothschild family crookedly captured the finances of Europe 300 or so years ago. The founding fathers were well aware of it and fought it. Its history actually goes back to roots in Babylonian debt slavery and has been practiced since in different forms, always a form of slavery, although the terms differed. In ancient times through modern times, it was called empire,where countries were held to harvesting by tribute of all kinds, in Feudal times, it was called kingship and serfdom on the land. In the modern era, it's taking over real governments and peoples, draining them via central banks, fraudulent incorporation, "national" and private usury on money banks generate from nothing and then collect the principle and interest, forever binding in debt. It's not really about money at's about CONTROL. It's about POWER. I know I'm over-answering your frustrated question, but knowing the history of what has been done to us, and to people for ages, by clinical psychopaths of every era, is important to knowing how much house needs to be cleaned and where the dirt is hidden.

      There are good books to read if anyone's interested in really finding out who these people are. Several are written by Joseph P. Farrell: Babylon's Banksters, The Financial Vipers of Venice and others. The famous "Creature from Jekyll Island" will really open your eyes to how things really get done and how the Fed was formed as only part of the deal. Of course, Anna's book "You Know Something is Wrong When..." tells of the American corporate heist. There are many other books you will find as you go.

      The important thing to know is that banksterism is based on deep secrecy and violent implementation and continuance. It also can't exist long without military support. That's where a permanent state of war comes in. It can't be done without fiat money, which was created to implement the fraud.

      What we see now is public exposure, failing of military support, knowledge of the false flags to create war and chaos creation, of mainstream media propaganda, sinking fiat money headed for complete collapse....and most importantly, a new international financial system arising that boxes out the viper's fiat creation.
      We are in the middle of a paradigm shift. It's slow-motion but irreversible. People have simply woken up and are revolting against it. That's why knowing the history is important, so we will never repeat it again and can rout it out where it is hidden.
      Make no mistake about it, the power/controllers have an agenda that goes beyond financial control. They will take it to the max because their greed for control and power knows no end and is never satisfied until they dominate utterly everything and everyone. If allowed they will create a dystopia of unimaginable proportions as they themselves have described in what they call the New World Order, in the UN Agenda 21, on the Georgia Guidestones and many other places. Not conspiracy theories, their own words. We're not just in a fight for financial freedom, we're in a fight for our lives.

    2. The U.S. Marshall has the authority to walk in to the White House and arrest the President for Treason without any interference from anyone and without any consequence. WHAT IS THE REASON THAT THIS HAS NOT TAKEN PLACE AS OF YET. Is it because the U.S. Marshall in a 'national' or a foreigner left here in 1793 to govern American by the Jesuits that control London with their headquarters in Westmeinster.
      What is the reason that Americans do not use their second amendment to tell the U.S. Marshall to arrest the President of obvious treason. If the U.S. Marshall does not do as he is told then form a 'militia' follow him home after work and 'shoot' him. Isn't this exactly what the second amendment is all about. Yes it it. Why is it not being used by anyone?

    3. M L has put forth an extraordinary summary of truthful and factual events. This along with Judge Anna' writing is very educational and a must read for everyone to know.
      All the books that M L has put forth are very useful in this regard.
      May I add this book; Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, by; Father Charles Chiniquy, a renamed Jesuit priest. Chiniquy was defend from the Jesuits by Abraham LIncoln, the lawyer, successfully, before he was elected President.
      The book has a huge amount of insider information about Jesuits, the Pope, and the American Civil War that you will not find in too many other books. He was there for all of it. It is a first hand accounting. published in 1886.
      After reading chapter 54 of this book I have a new and tremendous respect for the Catholic Nunns an the Catholic woman and all that goes on behind that beautifully smile and abundance of everyday energy and kindness.

    4. This spelling check thing has a mind of its own.
      Please forgive all the grammar and spelling errors.
      Thank you

      God bless you Paul]
      ... You are a very good person.
      I don't know why as of yet but that doesnt' matter.

    5. Utah is and remains a gold backed state. Obama has no jurisdiction. Tough luck Obama.

  3. When did Obama say 'US citizens' couldn't own gold?
    Actually, it doesn't sound like US Citizens own ANYTHING,

  4. YES INDEED, its more of a rotton, lowdown, dirty shame .. This is why THEY never have public meetings for the average Joe, cause Joe has woke up and smelled their funky socks!!!

  5. Thank You Margaret Louise, that was a bit long but you def captured it, and anyone who doesn't see it by now, simply will never get it til their ox is gored. With the help of Judge Anna and others I've done my due diligence to understand this.I continue to be astounded at the level this evil goes. Humanity is truly at risk, I grieve for what I know I will witness shortly...the heart is desperately wicked left to it's own demise.I pray much for all come out from Babylon and be separated. Godspeed to you and thanks again for summing it up so nicely

  6. Please explain to me why 325 million Americans are not headed for WA DC to camp out at the US Capitol mall and quarantining the WHITE-HOUSE, to demand an arrest for this murdering coward, war criminal, rapist, child pedophile and child killer who has committed many tens of child murders in that WH, and end this insanity, and then take down the Black Nobility of the Jesuit Order of the Black Pope, the real oligarchs and SATANIC Luciferian rebels of left brain psychopaths, who came here after they escaped from the atmosphere they blew up on Mars.

  7. Everything Judge Anna has put forth is true and accurate and good information that everyone must know about.
    On the other hand it is totally meaningless because it is 'all' under the rule of Admiralty Law where the foreigners left here to govern can do whatever they want and change their minds and put forth whatever they want as the Captain of his ship on the open sea can do and does including ignoring 'all' the rules and making his own up out of thin air to suit his own self serving agenda and the the best interest of the ship as is taking place right now in America and Canada right before our eyes and no one can do anything about it because they have read turned their backs on God and therefore cannot go into battle in win 'without' Gods blessing. The Jesuits control North America working with the Pope and the Fake Jews of the Synagogue of Satan.
    Jesuits hate Catholics. Catholics hate Jews. Jesuits hate themselves being Satan worshippers against God.
    All we can do is to choose sides.
    God or Satan.
    Jesuits Catholics Orthodox, Jews, Baptists mean nothing.
    God or Satan, that is all there is. That is the only choice we have. Ephesians 6 12 wraps it up real nice in the KJV Bible.

    1. the catholic pope is a Jew, so is the queen, Hillary, Bill, The Bushes, Rothschilds, Rockerfellars, and Obama is 25% Jew and 75% Sunni Muslim.

  8. Hugely wonderful changes of, for & by the people are in deed afoot about to burst forth, by God's grace & perfect timing- Halleluyah! Keep looking UP while BEing & DOing peacefully lawfully 4 good of ALL in whole/Holy Spirit of Peace, Love,Truth, Joy & Abundant Thanksgiving- Living. Blessings 2 ALL!

  9. If Anna's source was this then it was a satire piece.

    Here is the full list of executive orders:

  10. This is where I have a problem with some of the things Anna says. I believe most of her work is right on point, as there is sufficient documentation to support it, but then we get a statement like U.S. citizen can own gold, and there is nowhere I could find that it is supported. When, and where did Obama say this? It's important as we don't want to be shooting our mouths off regarding something that isn't fact. Please confirm, and do so quickly.


    1. As per margy, where is the evidence??? This looks like an attention seeking headline without anything to back the claim.
      1st and last time to this website.

  11. If such an Executive Order exists.....what number is it?


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