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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Making It Up As HE Goes" ---- A Reply To Larry Becraft

by Anna Von Reitz

Let's recap how this "conversation" began.  Larry Becraft, a card-carrying Bar Attorney pretending to be a patriot---- which is an oxymoron concept if there ever was one, began by telling people I was wrong and that there was no bankruptcy of the United States of America.  

We promptly presented him with all of Title 5 and the exact Executive Orders declaring the bankruptcy and reams of citations from the Congressional Record and Senate Reports detailing exactly HOW wrong he was and indeed, how disastrously well-documented and official the bankruptcy was and is.  Not being wise (or decent) enough to skulk back whence he came and admit his inglorious defeat, he has replied with this diatribe:

           More than a decade ago, Victor Varjabedian wrote a book
           entitled “Cracking the Code” and therein he provided an
           alleged quote from “Penhallow v. Doane’s Administrators, 3
           U.S. 54; 1 L. Ed. 57; 3 Dall. 54" which he claimed stated
           as follows:

           “Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an
           abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government
           can interface only with other artificial persons. The
           imaginary – having neither actuality nor substance –  is
           foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the
           tangible. The legal manifestation of this that no
           government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court,
           etc. therefor can concern itself with anything other than
           corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them.”

           However, that case DID NOT make this statement and it was
           completely fabricated by Varjabedian. You may read and
           search that case here:


[Only it turns out that the quote is genuine.  It's just in the Appendix of the case and not in the case itself. So, just as above with his claim that there was "no bankruptcy" Mr. Becraft is revealed to be the only crackpot blowing smoke--- accusing others of doing exactly what he is doing himself.  This is an old British routine called "calling the kettle black"---- you simply accuse someone of doing something and then do it yourself.  Welcome to the World of Larry Becraft.]

           This has been a problem for years, as a large number of
           gurus are promoters of “making it up as you go along” law.
           The “making it up as you go along” crowd gets people into
           trouble, and ole Vic got a lot of people indicted.

           Anna von Reitz claimed a few days ago in an email to me
           that both the IMF and “USA, Inc.” were French corporations
           and Crackpot Arnie slops it up and promotes it. The IMF
           was created as a result of the 1944 Bretton Woods
           Conference and a scanned copy of the 1944 Articles for the
           IMF is posted here:


[Ah, but notice, what I actually said was that the IMF (and the UN Corp) were chartered in France prior to the end of the War and interestingly BEFORE the charter of the United Nations itself (1945) and that the IMF became involved in our affairs as the governmental services provider doing-business-as the UNITED STATES after the Bretton Woods Conference--- which is exactly what happened and exactly what I said----- but Mr. Becraft chose to misrepresent what I said and twist it into something else.  See the misquote above.  This is another Ye Olde English gambit called "Reply to What Isn't Being Said"---- you accuse your opponent of saying something they didn't say in the first place, and then reply to that and "disprove" it, thus appearing to discredit them when they were never the author of the lie in the first place.  Welcome to the World of Larry Becraft.]

           I attach the 1945 act of Congress whereby the US became
           one of the members of the IMF, an entity under the
           auspices of the UN.  After providing these documents,
           “Misleading Anna”  refused and has continued the refuse to
           prove her contention. She is just another willing
           participant of the “making it up as you go along” crowd,
           saying “It IS a French Corp and you have done absolutely
           NOTHING to prove otherwise, Larry.”

[See above.]

           Here is another one of her jewels:

           “There are three international Trustees named as
           caretakers of The United States Trust (1789).
           “They are the Pope, in His Temporal Office, the British
           Monarch, and The United States Postmaster (Civil).”

           So here is your chance, “Misleading Anna”, please prove to
           all the recipients of this email the claims you make
           above.  If you don’t, you are just another “making it up
           as you go along” guru.

[The proof is in the Treaties leading up to the Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, and most particularly in the French Alliance Treaty of 1778 and the Treaty of Paris 1779 in which the Spanish King made the Land Grant to form the United States Trust---- which by the way, is what Larry and his Bar Attorney pals are trying to bust into and plunder, and which I and my cohorts are depriving them of. There's another notch on my gun and another big fat zero for Larry. Welcome to the World of Larry Becraft, where he pretends to know it all, but somehow constantly reveals himself to be either ignorant or deliberately deceptive. Also notice the common thread running throughout of accusing me of exactly what he is guilty of himself.  So, whatever he accuses me of doing--- be it dancing naked in the moonlight--- just look sharp and you will see that Larry is the one dancing and dangling.]

           Larry, Nemesis of the Liars and the “making it up as you

           go along” gurus.

Sign me Anna, Nemesis of Larry the Windbag.
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  1. This is interesting, but frustratingly incomplete. I would like to know if Judge Anna has responded with a full rebuttal of all the points (debunkings) Becraft makes here:

    Becraft makes very damaging points, if true. I have searched Anna's Web site and this blog for "becraft" and found only this post and two articles that do not treat this matter completely.

    Keith DeBrunner

  2. From Anna:
    Who is responsible for implementing the fraud against the American People? Answer: The Bar Associations and their Members.

    Who is responsible for British Equity Courts even being on American soil, much less pillaging the American People? Answer: The Bar Association and their Members.

    If I am a "fake" judge, why hasn't Larry or any of his ilk attempted to have me arrested? Answer: Because they know they would be trespassing on my jurisdiction and that in the ensuing battle, their entire foreign fraud system would be exposed for what it is, and the U.S. Army would have to come in and clean them out.

    In fact, if he ever tried to make good on his big mouth and his allegations, it would very quickly be shown that he is a foreigner on our shores practicing "private law" and totally unable to perform, perfect, or execute public law at all. Just ask him straight up--- what kind of law does he "practice"---- public or private?

    He will probably turn red in the face and refuse to answer. Or come up with some sophistry like, "I practice public law for private purposes." which is just more gobbledygook used to confuse his audiences. The fact is, he can't practice real law --- law of the land--- owed to the people of this country, because he is a Bar Attorney. So when someone trained in the law breaks ranks and actually does the job "for the people" instead of "to the people" it causes a lot of consternation.

    Only God knows what would happen if the people of this country woke up and realized that they can run their own American Common Law Courts and stop being prey for these foreign predators? And that I am that rare thing, an American judge standing on American soil?

    He constantly uses the old tried and true deceit of talking about "the Constitution" without admitting that there are three (3) "constitutions" involved in these discussions, much less having the decency and honesty to admit which one he is talking about at any given moment.

    He similarly obfuscates which "United States" and even which "United States of America" is being discussed. He leaves people thinking that, of course, there's only one.... which is not the case and never has been.

    Like all his predecessors, Larry makes ample use of semantic deceits to obstruct the truth.

    For example, he takes quotes out of context, and replies to arguments that were never presented and allegations his opponent never voiced---- he just claims that I said things I never said, and then disproves them and pretends that he rebutted what I said, when in fact he never addressed what I said at all.

    I can show you at least a dozen instances where Larry has attempted to use that old hack lawyer's trick, and no doubt ignorant/innocent people continue to be fooled by it, but every time I call him on it, all you hear back is dead air. Silence. He can't answer because he's been caught.

  3. Thus all the statements he makes in the referenced article are in fact deliberate misrepresentations of that kind, taking what appear to be quotes out of context, or misrepresenting a quote from a source he "mysteriously" can't find, or deliberately misunderstanding (and not telling his audience) which "United States" or which Constitution I was talking about----- just plain old chicanery.

    But until people learn to take these vermin apart at the seams and dissect what has actually been said, until people learn that there are three "constitutions" and all sorts of different meanings attached to "United States" and really look hard at what Larry and his Brood of Vipers do and how they operate---- how can I protect them from such complete and utter horse-hooey?

    Instead of trying to sift through Larry's bogus "rebuttals" of things I never said, why not just direct them to read "America:Some Assembly Required" so that they finally wake up and realize just how deliberately they've been duped by shysters like him? ----And more importantly, why they have been duped?

    These guys are professional liars, but they don't lie just for the fun of it (though I have had many admit that they enjoy lying and twisting facts sideways) --- oh, no, there is a very fat prize to be had, and that is really why people like Larry and his Bar Association Brethren lie and obfuscate everything from the color of the sky to the color of the grass------ money. Lots of it. Your money that they would like to have. Your land, that they would like to have. Your cars, boats, airplanes and even your children. They want your inheritance. They want to lord it over you. They want it all.

    And the only way they can do it, is to lie, lie, lie. Lie about you and lie to you and then tell some more whoppers in hopes that you will all be dumb enough to believe them and allow these sanctimonious British Equity Court prigs to address you and drag you into their foreign jurisdiction and screw you silly.

    That is their entire stock-in-trade, so of course, they have to lie and say I am a "fake judge" because they are fake judges. The pot always calls the kettle black in their world. Whatever they are guilty of themselves, is what they accuse against others. It is as predictable as water flowing downhill. So just get a clue and start looking around the corners and see what you see.

    If I am a "fake" judge, why can't they arrest me? If Larry is "genuine" (as opposed to "fake") -- why can't he operate under public law? Why are they operating "States of States" and Territorial Court Systems? Why are they dragging Americans in off the street and attacking them as if they were all born in Puerto Rico?

    Hey, how is it that these vermin claim that your constitutional guarantees "don't apply"? And they will "hold you in contempt" if you mention your rights again? Hmm?

    If you don't know, you had better start listening to me instead of Larry Becraft.