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Sunday, July 31, 2016

They Stole Our Names.....And Now, They've Lost Them.

by Anna Von Reitz

What I am going to tell you all today is going to blow your minds--- if they aren't staggered already. 

First, the rats under FDR pretended that our Trade Names, the Upper and Lower Case names we were taught to use in grade school styled like this:  Felix Morton Morganthau ---- were actually Foreign Situs Trusts belonging to the "Federal Government" doing business as the United States of America (Inc.) and represented franchises of that bankrupt private, mostly foreign owned governmental services corporation. 

So, those entrusted to act as public servants instead acted as public hogs and placed false claims against the American nation-states and the American People.  And our parents and grandparents were so trusting they didn't catch on. 

Year after year, they toiled away, paying debts for crooks----debts they never owed. They didn't even get a thank you for it.  The perpetrators snuck off with their buddies in the Beltway and snickered to themselves and patted themselves on the back and sucked up and siphoned off the wealth of America while sending our young men and women off to war for profits---and not even profits for themselves, but profits for the perpetrators of these abuses. 

So they stole our names and bankrupted them and now, they've lost all record of them.  

You have to go back to court and do an adult name change from FELIX MORTON MORGANTHAU back to Felix Morton Morganthau. 

Even worse, they've done the same thing with the States.  

Where does this bunko stop?  Where in the name of Jesus does it end?  

You have to adopt your own given Name and then you have to seize upon and reconvey the bogus franchise trust NAMES, too.  And Expatriate them.  And bring suit against the rats in the proper venue.  

And you have to do this to save yourselves and your country.  

Do you hate this situation yet?  Do you feel betrayed yet?  

You've been subjected to the greatest fraud and identity theft in human history and the people you have relied upon to protect you and your interests and paid well to do so---- are the ones that have done this to you and yours.  

If you aren't righteously angry enough to get up off your couch and start talking and walking, too, then I don't know what I can say to you.  
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  1. Gotcha , it only figures that these skunks would complicate our lives even worse ; where do we start ?

  2. I found this blog abt 2 wks ago. Since then, I have read both of Judge Anna's books, spent all my waking hours researching, and had the Secretary of my State of States authorize the birth certificates of my household. I get the gist of the majority, but the easiest concept to wrap my head around is the fact that these "reps" (and u can pick any link in the chain) are nothing but a bunch of liars. I have not and do not believe a word that spills from their mouth. Why should I now begin to believe them? Why should I trust & reuse a corrupt, incompetent service that already abused then "lost" something they promised to secure & protect? This would be either a delay tactic or a trap & I am not biting the bait.

    1. Mr. Bright Thinker,
      i have a question. Allow me to illustrate.
      Let's see, if i comprehend what you are saying...If Anna were speaking sooth, she would be dead already. Did i get that accurately?
      Correct me if i get this wrong...Perhaps we should give up and lie to each other if we would like to continue living. The only useful and worthwhile information to study and apply is false data. We should be thankful and graciously accept our fortunate circumstance as corporate subjects and simply shut-up & get back to work. The next time international banking cartels feel a little short of funds we should compliantly & merrily go on about our business of shooting each other and take advantage of modern weapons technology. You know, the bigger bombs that kill more people faster with less effort.
      i see now! It all makes so much sense! What's your address?
      All The Best,

    2. I will say I'm on the fence too as is James Alan. Even with this post where we are told "So they stole our names and bankrupted them and now, they've lost all record of them" there's no reference. This is the first time I've ever seen this. Where, when, and how have our NAMES been lost? I completely agree with much of what Anna has discovered and conveyed to us, and have used some of it. I'm not ready to bail out yet, as I believe it's too early on to write off the bank and the law firm, as these things don't happen overnight. I'll continue on with Anna, but do wish she would be precise when she makes a statement, and let us know where WE can find this information ourselves, as I really don't trust anyone to simply tell me. I don't think she is a shill for the Zionists either, and is just someone who is prone to mistakes with her own perceptions just like us all.


    3. The Karatbars doesn't link because "someone" is trying to prevent our bank from moving forward. Ah,duh? Anyone guess who wouldn't want a legitimate bank in town and why I might be facing an uphill battle?

      Oh, but now, it is more convenient to do nothing and stand in the shadows, unidentified, as a government mole on my own website, casting doubt, which is what you paid Trolls do all day long. If anyone doubts it, go watch the movie, Masters of Doubt.

      And then you might grasp how you are being led around by the nose every day of every year and how you got into this mess in the first place.

      Yes, we do have the patents that were developed by Merrill Lynch and adopted by Bank of America and from there used by every other bank to swindle people who accepted what they thought were home loans.

      Yes, we do have the paperwork that shows how your parents were misled and defrauded when you were born and how that led to you being enslaved as a chattel to the British Crown Corporation.

      Yes, we even have the Smoking Gun paperwork that shows where the (State) Bar Association claims the right to designate whoever receives the benefit of your estate---- after they have you declared "civilly dead".

      We also have tons of other information pouring in--- far too much information for a couple dozen volunteer lawyers and paralegals to process and make sense of across fifty different states and then just hand to you all in a neat little package that you can use to receive the Instant Gratification that you have all been taught to value and seek and demand like little mewling babies.

      But I am not your Nanny. And this is not CNN telling you what to think and what to do 24/7.

      If you aren't learning anything valuable and you can't imagine where to start digging for yourself, then get off my website. I share what is going on and what we are doing in general terms. When we get to a point where we are ready to go public with explicit information and instructions, we do so.

      Most recently, we told people to change their names. What we have done ourselves is to change our names from all upper case: ANNA to upper and lower case: Anna.

      You don't have any "proof"? You need "proof"? Well, why not toddle on over to Pacer and look up Case No. 3PA-16-01387Cl IN THE SUPERIOR COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT AT PALMER (Alaska) where you will see my own filing for name change.

      There's proof of what I say and what I do for anyone who has eyes to see or ears to hear and anyone who says otherwise is nothing but another disgusting liar.

      I don't recommend things that I don't thoroughly research and try for myself. I don't recommend things that are difficult or complex or cost thousands of dollars because I know that 90% of you don't have the education or money to save yourselves via any such means.

      This much I can say and will say--- several of our team members have "results" and I am looking forward to having my own "results" to share in the next two weeks and until then, all you armchair critics and sit on a Coke bottle and spin for all I care.

    4. On All Court Types Party Search Name Von Reitz, Anna Third Circuit,Alaska Page: 1: No records found
      It tells me case # is not valid. I am a newbie at forgive me...but I signed up to and could not find the case. I had never heard of before. Thank you for that find. NOW I need to learn how to use it and hopefully I won't go broke trying to learn it. For the page with "no records found" it charged me 10 cents! wow!

      I guess I need more instructions on how to find your case on can you help?

  3. "annas" really "the People's" information is very easy to find if you read. just because she does not spoon feed you every time she make some statements on the micro level, which she has done a multitude of times at different junctures anyhow, it is ALL there for the inquisitive minds. if you are starting from the beginning, good luck, this is from years and years of work and understanding as i and many others have done arriving at similar conclusions from a variety of sources. anna is not the end all be all but she has been very good at articulating very complex info and regurgitating it on an easy to understand level while being very humorous at the same time.

    1. again if you would read you would know. as i mentioned before, i have researched this information for myself over the years. I did not learn from anna, rather, she is just confirming what i already know... see the difference. you would be better off NOT trolling as it really is very obvious, especially with that picture.

    2. and um, oh yea, read what? hmmmm have you ever heard of the constitution (there are more than one ;o) and public statutes at large or your state's constitution, hmmm, maybe the declaration of independence and bill of rights? bouviers, blacks law or 1800's oxford dictionary's etc, yea those boring reads that you probably slept through in troll class. i would probably start there for kickers.

    3. you are barking up the wrong tree fido.

      if you had read them, you wouldnt ask me that question. you are proving yourself more and more incompetent. sorry, your troll school system didnt work to well with reading comprehension it seems ;o)

      as a matter of fact the codes specifically say how much the U.S. pays the STATE for the USE of the NAME and how much the hospital receives per NAME that they get to register your baby troll NAME too. But you want me to tell you which one and do the work for you right? Nahhhhh sorry.

      happy trolling.

    4. penny don't wast ur brain time or talent on loosers that wont conect don't wanna understand anything but there own brain washing bs. We know what we have here with anna. The loosers are just that. LOOSERS! let it go girl you did your best. when this all comes to a close guess who will be LOCKED out! Yup....the ones that DON'T HAVE EYES TO SEE AND EARS TO HEAR

    5. Paul-- kindly ban "A A" from the site? She (or he? who knows from all the information shared, eh?) is obviously nothing but a Troll. Anyone who can look at the eleven pages of nothing but references in Disclosure 101 and who could read the 300 pages of "You Know Something Is Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" and accuse me of not providing "proof" is a whackjob and a liar and I have no time to waste on such people. Just cut her off.

  4. the fact you are slamming someone who is trying to wake you and everyone else up is moronic AA yes that's MORONIC with a capital AA. Get off your ass and do your own research and you will see what Anna is trying to open your eyes to is truth. I have know this for 35 years because I have done my homework. Do yours and stop the slamming bud. until you open your eyes you will not see shit ! do some research ! You seem to be slamming Anna quite regularly just like a paid shill would do .........hmmmmm makes sense to me !

    1. AA proves the quote "No good deed goes unpunished". When you try to help change the world, people will always through doo doo at you. I learned this too while working for a whistleblower who was saving lives do to the chemtrail poisons they are spraying on us. And people will turn on the whistleblower and try to stone them. It has made me realize that the problems in this world are much greater then just the cabal, illuminati, satans, aliens etc. The problem is with this human race, they are little minnie me's of dark forces. If everyone was love and light, Christ consciousness, this world would already be rainbows and fairies but this world is dark and it's because the human race manifests what we see in the world. It's a holographic universe proven by the Mandella effects that are now happening, that we live in a holographic reality. The human race has manifested the evil world they live in.

    2. problem is there is no "them" it is "us" do you really think a corporation lives? no "we" give it life and act like the fictional entity is doing it to "us" haha watch fight club. it will totally explain our psychosis.

  5. So what's YOUR point, AA? Who are YOU trying to save? If you're trying to save the people in this forum, I would suggest that you are wasting your time and energy. Even Jesus Christ wasn't able to save the world. What makes you think that Anna, Paul or YOU can do that? The fact is that some people are beyond saving by anyone. If you are your own savior, then I would suggest that you save yourself or start your own guru salvation website and build your own following offering all the criticism of other people's efforts that you want. Perhaps you may even find something original and substantive to offer.

    1. So you can have a gut instinct but no one else is entitled to theirs? Just keep hiding behind joker face because that is apparently your reality, and your buddy mad who agrees with you, both of you are broiled in infant thinking.

  6. Wow we have a shill here who's doing what he's paid to do - instill doubt that Anna is not the real deal. Happens everytime people get too close for comfort for the rats. It's the same old mantra, talk trash, use profanity, and bash the 'stupid believers'. Hmmm I'm not buying any of his trash.

  7. Could you let me know what I need to do to get my identity back and protect my land and assets?

  8. SAVING THE WORLD AND USA FROM CORPORATIONS please watch... new banking .. jailing the corrupt peace.

    1. Keep Hope Alive, Reparations for African American, BLACK LIVES MATTER. Ask yourselves, Who is Environmental Justice Advocates of MINNESOTA? What is the focus of Fusion Issues? FEMA MINNESOTA Duluth - Federal prison camp facility. Camp Ripley - new prison facility. Investigate the capabilities of this FEMA Camp in MINNESOTA. Headwaters Foundation for Justice. Control issues with nuclear fusion:- The goal of scientists for the last 50 years has been the controlled release of energy from a fusion reaction. If the energy from a fusion reaction can be released slowly, it can be used to produce electricity. It will provide an unlimited supply of energy that has no wastes to deal with or contaminants to harm the atmosphere — simply non-polluting helium. I suppose you think you are safe.


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