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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Why You Are Special

by Anna Von Reitz

All day, every day, I have encounters with people claiming that they are special in some way.  Some of these people are at pains to prove that they are special, and so, they trot out all sorts of facts about themselves or some group that they belong to and the guts of their recitation is always reducible to: "I am special because...." followed by any variation of reasons:  because I have suffered, because I am black, because I am white, because my ancestors lived here the longest, because I believe in Allah, because I believe in Christ, because I am heir to some ancient treaty, because, because, because....

The other people who claim to be special do it in a different way.  They attempt to order me around and command me and tell me what to do and what to believe, that is, they attempt to prove that they are special by force or by displays of wealth or power of some sort. 

They don't know the Truth.   

The Truth is that they are special by definition, because each one is utterly unique, a tribe of one, handcrafted, beloved, irreplaceable.  And that's all you need to be, to be "special" in the most profound way imaginable.

More than that, each one is a Child of God, the inheritor of all dominion over the Earth, born a King or a Queen of such vast riches and power as to stagger the imagination. What use have such beings for proving that they are special?

They simply are. 

So how do we get involved in this False Argument and waste so much time and so many resources on this game of  "I am special because...." ---- when it is perfectly obvious that you are special to begin with?

And so am I.

And it isn't because we are black, white, Jewish, Catholic, Native American, came from the oldest family in Bohemia or eat lentils on Tuesday.

It is because of our One Each nature that we are special.  All the rest is illusory, some kind of external projection of our "specialness" on others, that occurs to the extent that we recognize ourselves reflected in others.

We think, oh, they are special because they are like us!  (And therefore, we are special because we are like them....)  But at a slightly higher level of perception we see ourselves reflected in everyone and it all comes down to this: we are all special because we are all absolutely unique, and, at the same time, we are like everyone else, because we are all part of the Family of Man.

Is that so very hard to understand?

At the same time that I struggle every day with people trying to prove or force me to acknowledge how special they are --- a fact that I already freely recognize and grant --- I struggle with people who assume that I am special for reasons that I am not.

When I took the first step on the path I am on now, I did it in gratitude to God. I realized I had been blessed and I said, "Here I am. You must have had a reason, something you want me to do?" 

People are missing a very crucial part of the Bible story.  God, the True God, never forces us to do anything.  He didn't force David to take up his sling, nor did He force Jesus to take up his cross. 

No, David said, "I will go face Goliath." He did it of his own free will.  In the same way, Jesus prayed that the cup would pass from him, but when it didn't, He accepted it the same way his Mother accepted it when she said, "Behold, I am the Lord's Handmaiden. Let it be done unto me..."

We choose to offer ourselves to be the servants and champions of God, and then, God chooses us to be His servants and champions because we have agreed. Our agreement comes first. All else follows afterward.

Then it comes, that David, a poor shepherd boy strikes down Goliath and becomes a King.  Then it happens, that a woman risks her life and her reputation and the man she loves and becomes the Queen of Heaven. Then it happens that a carpenter from Galilee rises up to be immortal.

We call these things miracles beyond all reckoning, and they are, but what is really happening is that in every case, a man or woman opened their heart in gratitude and love and gave back to God their willingness to serve and go and be and do.

I made my commitment.  I said, "Here I am, Lord." 

And then in the next breath, I thought--- "Boy, this is ridiculous.  As if I can do anything? Look at me!  I am a woman and an old woman at that....  Not rich as the world counts it.... Living in this tiny little town in Alaska...."  It was laughable. It is laughable.  Yes, it is ridiculous to conceive of me as a threat to the government, much less the whole Kingdom of Satan.

I have no strength or beauty that is not faded, no armies, no riches, no power, no political party, no organization at all standing behind me.

Yet it delights the Living God to raise up the weak and lowly against the power and expectations of kings and princes.

Goliath laughed. The members of the Sanhedrin laughed---right up until the curtain in the temple was ripped in half. The members of Parliament laughed at the "half-naked Fakir" named Gandhi.  I am sure that Wall Street is laughing and the snide, pompous members of Congress, too. 

They can't imagine the power of God that lives within me.  They can't conceive of the army that God is building from out of every place, every race, sex, age, color and creed.  They don't know that the reign of Satan is ending, yet I am here to tell you this is so.

We, the people, the small and the old, the weak and the infirm, the poor and the ignorant and the silly, meek, humble, unlikely and wretched, we shall make it so. Out of our poverty we shall declare riches, and from our losses we shall find great gain, and the power of God will stand over us like a flame. His storehouses of unseen bread will feed us. We shall walk and not be tired; we shall run and not be lame. Our land is already healing.

Satan shall be cast down and in my time shall not rise again.

And none of this is because of my strength or any "special" quality I possess. Rather, it is because I and millions of others will say, "Yes, here I am, Lord. I am ready."

We will take our slings and meet Goliath.  We will raise our voices and Truth will spill from our mouths. We will find our way forward, guided by Wisdom that is so much greater than ourselves.

I stand with Jesus and Buddha and Gandhi and all those others who have said enough of suffering, lies, and death and poverty of any kind.  I stand with them because I know they are right in the same way that I know 7 - 7 = 0.  Their Truth is mathematical fact. 

You cannot return evil for evil and do anything but create more evil.

You cannot stand here and with one breath denounce the "Doctrine of Discovery" and with the next breath offer it as the reason that, because your ancestors discovered America several thousand years earlier than Christopher Columbus, the same false and illogical "Doctrine of Discovery" should be applied in favor of your claims to own the land and disinherit everyone else.

You cannot stand here and with one breath plead your long-suffering and the prejudices that have hurt you, and with the next breath offer to make others suffer and to subject them to your prejudices, too. 

You cannot say that you serve the Lord of Life and with the next breath advocate policies and ideas that lead to wholesale slaughter, all based on greed and desire for vengeance.

You cannot stand here and say that our government is in "interregnum" when we never left.

You cannot say that we or anyone else are owed "postliminium rights" when we have not been conquered but only set upon by criminals and pirates who were allowed to pillage us by unfaithful trustees.

These are all facts. Truths. There is no avoiding them.

No, each one of you needs to consider why you are special. What great mystery created you and brought you to be here now?  And what will your answer be to God when the choice is yours? 

Will you say, "Here I am, Lord."--- or will you hide from the Truth and run away, never understanding why you are special?  

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  1. Well said!

    We are all indeed special. IMHO we weren't meant to have dominion over Earth or anyone, we're supposed to be guardians of Earth, living in harmony with nature and each other. For far too long we've been living backwards lives (evil), living in competition with each other and working against nature. Take a good look around you and look at what we've done. It's time for change.

    1. Wow
      Anna Von Reitz. Awesome!

      Proof that true authenticity and empowerment comes from within from spiritual source. If you want to make an impact, think outside the box/matrix. Above all, THINK. If you have to follow for awhile follow. But THINK, THINK, THINK. Babble less, think more. Anna is a leader. Politicians are shepherds.

    2. There is an old story about the apostles asking Jesus . . . tell us truthfully where are You going? . . . tell us about what is going to happen, and what about us? . . . what will the end be? Jesus responded, “are you so on the mark now that you want to know about the end? Jesus said,“ to know the end you first have to know the beginning.” “ I AM THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA.” MEANING: in the beginning God made you, in the end you will be with God.
      One of the most marvelous stories is when Mary and Joseph took Jesus to be presented in the temple. There was a man named Simeon, who was righteous and devout, who had been waiting for a sign from God of the time of God’s Salvation. Simeon was very old, but was impressed by God that he would not see death until he had seen God’s Messiah. The story says that when the parents brought in the child Jesus into the temple. . . Simeon took the child in his arms, and Blessed God, and said, “Now Lord, Thou dost let Thy bond-servant depart, in peace, according to Thy word. For my eyes have seen Thy salvation (Jesus Your Revelation. . .the Fullness of God), which Thou hast prepared in the presence of all peoples,
      ‘A LIGHT OF REVELATION (act of revealing) TO THE GENTILES (the ones knowing not God), AND THE GLORY OF THY PEOPLE ISRAEL (the ones who seek and know God and who have been anxiously waiting for His salvation).
      God’s Love. His Life. . . is actually God Himself. The fullness of Himself. Forever and permanent.
      Jesus is the revealing of that great Love and Life to us. . .the revealing of God to us.
      Jesus said when you believe in that perfect love. . . you love Him.
      Jesus said”when you love Me. . . I and My Father will make our abode in you!
      THAT IS THE GOOD NEWS! It is the beginning and the end . . . it is complete and perfect. . . it is Him!
      The greatest thought anyone can have is God’s thought of you.

  2. Replies
    1. The Truth is Self-Evident...and sets us free from any illusion otherwise. It may take some time, but truth does reveal itself. Truth is based on Principle, not opinion. An example of this is, a single candle brought into a dark room, makes it light. Light is the Principe, not darkness, which is just the absence of Principle (Light). Also, Truth is empowering; ex. A single candle can light a thousand other candles without diminishing it's own light. It(Principle) becomes ever-so-much-more-so. That is how I see where we all are, whether we know about the Truth, or have been mislead, and don't know the Truth of all this. It is becoming Self-Evident...and it's so exciting, I can hardly stay in my skin! Thank you Anna, and your team, for all you do to facilitate the Truth. When the student is ready, the Master will appear. Majority of us are ready, Thank God, So Be It! Chrissie Cox aka Blue Sky Woman

    2. The Truth is Self-Evident...and sets us free from any illusion otherwise. It may take some time, but truth does reveal itself. Truth is based on Principle, not opinion. An example of this is, a single candle brought into a dark room, makes it light. Light is the Principe, not darkness, which is just the absence of Principle (Light). Also, Truth is empowering; ex. A single candle can light a thousand other candles without diminishing it's own light. It(Principle) becomes ever-so-much-more-so. That is how I see where we all are, whether we know about the Truth, or have been mislead, and don't know the Truth of all this. It is becoming Self-Evident...and it's so exciting, I can hardly stay in my skin! Thank you Anna, and your team, for all you do to facilitate the Truth. When the student is ready, the Master will appear. Majority of us are ready, Thank God, So Be It! Chrissie Cox aka Blue Sky Woman

  3. I'm still not buying this woman's BS until I see some documented proof of what she speaks about and preaches. I'm not talking about the whole "special" thing. I'm talking about the allegations being made about the "government". This woman wants people to stick their neck out on the line yet she has never really provided one solid piece of evidence for the things that she, or they speak about. I mean even these alleged people they got out of prison. Where's the proof? Where's the smoking gun pertaining to this whole " fraud"? There has to be sone sort of documentation. I mean even ONE document would suffice. Yet I haven't seen any. Yes I've seen corrupt politicians getting away with things that the normal person would go to jail for, but that crap has been going on since antiquity. That doesn't prove the whole "government" is a fraud. The reason I do not trust this woman, or group...whatever it is, is because of the sheer inconsistency. There is no continuity in the message. And every good screenwriter knows that continuity and consistency is everything. I am not a shill, a naysayer, or a hater. I just want proof. I'm open to anything if it's going to change people's lives for the better and free them finally. BUT...I want proof. Not BS ramblings about how we're doing these great things, and writing orders to have Obama arrested blah blah blah. By the way...How's that working out for ya? If this deluded woman thinks that we can take back this FRAUDULENT "GOVERNMENT" as she claims against these "criminals"...on our own...without the assistance of another superpower... she is deluding herself. Once again...I challenge you Miss Von Reitz to show me the evidence of these allegations you are making.

    1. Oh...and please don't sit there and tell me you don't have to prove anything to me, or you don't care if I don't believe you. That answer right there will be a big red flag. Because anyone who claims they're doing this for the American Natiobsld, and who KNOWS THEY'RE RIGHT, and HAS PROOF that they're right...doesn't need to get shi##y or snippy with people. That is...unless they themselves are frauds, cult leaders, or disinfo agents.

    2. First of all... you know absolutely nothing about me. sound like you need some serious medication the way you ramble on. I never said anything derogatory about this woman. I said show me the proof! Articles...are NOT proof. Anyone can write ANYTHING. Screenwriters do it all the time, ya dummy! Show me documentation where it CONCRETELY PROVES...WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT...that this "government" is pulling a fast one. And want me to stick my neck out on the line...THEN YOU BETTER PROVE IT TO ME, because I ain't nobody's guinea pig. This woman expects families to put their necks on the line, some with small children, and go out there, and go up against this "false government" without any documentation to back them up except some book she allegedly wrote? Are you kidding me? LMAO. You may as well bring the Harry Potter books while you're at it. I don't think any person with small children should risk going to prison, because someone has some "theories". You know this "government" considers all this stuff "paper terrorism"...don't you? So if you're going to go up against this "fake government" then you better be DAMN SURE you know EXACTLY what you're doing...boy or girl...and that you have REAL documentation to back up your BIG MOUTH, because they will throw your butt right into prison 1 2 3. I am well aware of what is going on in this country. What is going on in this country is the same as what happened in Rome. They became too big for their britches and the waistband snapped. So don't sit there with your ideologies insulting me whilst thinking you're some bad a## "patriot", because believe ain't! I have done more in the past 5 years to further causes, and to assist people...THE CORRECT WAY...then you have ever done in your entire life, BIG MOUTH. You sound like a gullible, drunken fool who will gladly rush in for the slaughter. Like I better know EXACTLY what you're doing if you intend to follow a particular path. He who rushes in against his enemy without proper weapons or already dead. So she better start coughing up to American Nationals all this alleged proof she has from all these so called years of research, or she's gonna have blood on her hands. Shills tell people not to follow a particular course of action OR to follow a particular course of action. I am doing neither of those things. You can do whatever you want. I don't know you. And what your filthy mouth thinks of me is none of my business.

  4. Sorry to say we lost the battle... in fact it is moving exponentially toward taking everything we own to put in there ZIONISTS pockets. No laws or statutes do they obey. My house is totally paid off and they want the full price of it in their queens trusts. And then they will sue me for more. Time to just give up and slit my throat. If anyone becomes disabled just give up right away and jump off a cliff trust me you will save yourself so so so much pain. The NWO is here to stay.

  5. Here is a blessing to you ALL Mankind!

    There are definitely real events taking places even thru this median and there is NOTHING that can stop it. Lets not be quick to judge one another but simply OBSERVE and leave the emotions out of it, that's a challenge in itself.

    There are three major doctrines that have mankind mentality enslaved; that's the doctrine of mankind being immortal, the doctrine of Hell and the one that will cause the most cognitive dissonance in your minds even Anna, the doctrine of "FREE WILL".
    For those of you that want the short version here is the link:

    For those of you that want the complete script here it is:

    If you can come to terms with this reality you will come closer to the Creator than you can ever imagine. NOTHING happens by chance, its all part of our experience in becoming spiritual beings.


  6. you're right anna. god so loved the world (each and every one of us) that he sent his only begotten son to die for us that whosoever believes in him might have everlasting life. that makes us special. we would all consider ourselves special if we knew someone would be willing to die for us. much less god himself. and we should consider all others special because he did it for them as well as us. luther said that the christian is like a cat....he licks the fur of the state to keep it clean. you do a good job of licking that fur, anna

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Excellent post, once the worlds people realize, that each one of us is "one-part" of the total sum of all characteristics of the devine master architect, then they will understand the meaning of creation itself. Mush Mouse


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