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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Men and Angels

by Anna Von Reitz

Begin with the fact that everyone on this planet exists as a physical body inhabited by a spirit. Everyone knows this at some level, but we don't normally think about this and the implications of it.  

Without a spirit the body cannot live, and without a body the spirit lacks a material, physical vehicle to do work in this dimension.  The spirits that inhabit us are immortal and boundless and easily transcend both time and space.  Our bodies are like space suits---the means for the spirit to adapt to and operate in this environment. 

Vast, vast amounts of energy are required to create and maintain this three dimensional reality. The amount of energy it takes to create and maintain your fingernail is currently beyond your wildest imagination. 

Your spirit which exists as ordered energy is able to plug into the energy grid of the Universe and it generates a spirit body to do so.  This spirit body has organs just like your physical body has organs---- eyes for example ---- but it also has its own peculiar organs including the spinning energy vortices called chakras.  

You are thus a marriage of immortal spirit and mortal body.  This appears to some people to be a mismatch, as if you must hate one and love the other, but this is a basic misunderstanding.  An astronaut may find fault with his spacesuit.  He may chafe against its clumsiness and restraints. Yet, he needs his spacesuit to survive in space, and would be a fool to abuse it. 

The same holds true for our physical body.  We may chafe against its limits, including its short lifespan, but if we want to explore and interact with the Third Dimension we need our body to serve as our vehicle.  

Okay, given all this, it should be apparent that there are different kinds of spirits, just as there are different kinds of physical bodies. The spirit of an angel is different than the spirit of a man, yet either may inhabit a man's body, and while in the flesh they are close enough to mate and create viable offspring. 

Think of two quite radically different species of horse, for example----a draft horse and a carriage horse.  Or an Airedale and a Springer Spaniel.  They can mate.  They can have viable fertile offspring.  That isn't saying that they should mate or that life for the offspring is going to be easy, but physically, you can cross a Dachshund with a Bulldog and you wind up with something that is recognizably a "dog". 

Thus in many instances in the Bible angels are described as looking like comely men---those that went down to destroy Sodom and Gemorrah for example---though obviously also different enough for Abraham to recognize them for who and what they were. 

Satan is an angel who mated with Eve to produce Cain---- a man without a conscience. To this day, about five percent of all people are born with no inate sense of right or wrong, and they create the lion's share of all the trouble in the world.  

They can be taught social do's and don'ts the same way a dog can be trained to fetch slippers, but as to why something is wrong or right, or how to know the difference----all that is a mystery to them.  They continue to ask, "Am I my Brother's keeper?" and they continue to tell lies and half-truths because they have no internal yardstick. They see no reason to prefer truth to falsehood. For them, there is no such thing as morality, so they become natural proponents of immorality. 

Cain spawned progeny like himself, the Canaanites, and they in turn spawned their own religion--- Satanism. Satanists practice to deceive in every way imaginable. Every lie and half-truth is a prayer to their Father, the Father of all Lies.  Think of Brer Rabbit and the Briar Patch.  Think of Jacob Rothschild loaning you your own assets at interest.  Think of training you to call yourself a "United States Citizen" so that from childhood you are taught to unknowingly cling to your chains.

Satanism in turn became associated early on with another venal religion of the Mideast --- the Sumerian cult of Ashtoreth---- also known as Astarte, Isis, Cybele, and Columbia. Yes, as in "District of Columbia".  You see Ashtoreth's image all over the Middle East: a beautiful woman with rays of light coming out of her head.  A giant statue of her stands in New York Harbor. It's called the "Statue of Liberty".  People need to remember that "liberty" is what British sailors are given when they reach port and it has nothing to do with freedom. 

Ashtoreth is called the "Mother of Harlots" and the "Mother of all Abominations".  The religion she founded practices sex as a sacrament, blood sacrifices, infanticide, capital punishment inflicted by being burned alive, worship of idols, and chief among the idols--- graven images, also known as money. 

It used to be common to see bas relief carvings of handsome, curly-haired, one-eyed Satan copulating with Ashtoreth, but as their cults have come forward into the modern world fewer and fewer of these remain.  Apparently, the adherents of these ancient profane religions don't want you to make the connection and figure out what is going on. 

These religions have been suppressed many, many times because they are so nasty, so vicious, so deceptive, and so destructive.  Sodom and Gemorrah, the Great Flood, Carthage, Phoenicia, and the Druids in Great Britain---- all associated with these religious practices and their suppression. 

For millenia these religions have been associated with the sea.  Take a good look at the Greek god Poseidon, the god of the sea?  Horns, scaly tail, curly hair, carrying a trident.  It doesn't take rocket science to figure out that Satan and Poseidon are one-in-the-same. It also doesn't require a lot of thought to see why these religions are associated with civilizations that have been great sea-going powers and why the Law of the Sea is infamously unjust, an "upside down law" where people are presumed guilty until proven innocent, positive arguments have to be stated as negative averments, and facts can only be established by asking questions. 

This is the flip-side of our British heritage, the dirty secret hidden in plain view.  The British Monarch has always occupied two offices, one Christian, one Pagan, just like the Pope.  For those who have followed Muu'ad Dibh's charges against the Queen for violation of her Coronation Vow, it all now makes sense.  In one office she promises not to create legislation, and with the other hand, in another office, she signs it by the reams. 

This connection with Satanism also explains the long-standing bad reputation of the British Government and the appellation "Prefidious Albion". Take a hard look at what Britain did to cause the current situation in the Middle East.  They came under the guise of establishing a "Protectorate" ---- so they drew some lines on a map and arbitrarily labeled it "Palestine" and thereby also created "Palestinians" out of thin air. 

Then, having created one "group" via this labeling process, they set out to create the opposing team by dumping a lot of displaced European Jews on the same little plot of ground. 

This was done with malice aforethought, deliberately, to create, enhance, and guarantee conflict between the arbitrarily defined Palestinians ---most of whom are Muslim Arabs, and Israelis----most of whom are Jewish.  

Then the perpetrators stood back and let the two sides begin duking it out, and they have faithfully done so ever since, resulting in multiple wars, terrorism and genocide.  

This Satanic practice of labeling groups according to arbitrary differences and then playing them off against each other is Satan's Standard Operating Practice----which is more than simply "divide and conquer".  It's divide to conquer, profit, and commandeer. 

Britain's set up of the whole Middle Eastern conflict is a picture book perfect example of Satanism applied.  First you identify and label two groups--- let's call them Republican and Democrat.  Then you pit them against each other.  And use this for your own ends. 

In the case of the Republican v. Democrat match up, the purpose isn't to wage war or even to engage in any honest corporate policy debate.  The purpose is to keep the American people hoodwinked and enthralled and entertained---- keep us believing that this sideshow is "our government" and that we have a voice in it and that our votes count----when in fact absolutely none of these statements are true----and to keep us voting in their elections instead of booting up and operating our own government. 

Driven by the false idea that the United States is America and the false presumption that the federal corporation is their government, millions of Americans faithfully trot to the polling stations and vote in private foreign corporate elections every year-----thereby needlessly blaming themselves for the outcomes and identifying themselves as "United States Citizens"----when in fact their votes don't count for anything but a popularity poll and most importantly, they are participating in the affairs of a foreign government. 

What if someone convinced you that "Sweden" meant "America"?   It's a good trick, but imagine that that happened somehow.  Now imagine that the same people convinced you that a single Swedish corporation was the government of America and convinced you that when you voted for officers to run that privately owned corporation you were instead voting for people to fill public offices.  

THAT is what has happened here, and it is the height of Satanic deception at its finest. The Holy See and the British Monarch set the fraud up after the Civil War and have milked the fraud and deception ever since.  France got in on the act after the Second World War, and now we have to deal with the UN. 

Absolutely all of this has been accomplished via semantic deceits, half-truths, and deliberate deceptions, using Satan's full basket of tricks. And it is all fraud. 

The good news is that we finally caught onto it.  

Once you realize that the United States is not America and that you are not (most likely) a "United States Citizen" nor a "citizen of the United States", it is easy to see why you are not eligible to vote in their elections and also easy to see why you should not do so. 

Instead, you need to be expatriating yourself from any presumption of "United States Citizenship" and putting your energy and money into fully restoring your own government and especially concentrating on restoring your court system at the local and state level.  

Without your own court system and your own enforcement capability you are at the mercy of their foreign statutory and martial law courts and that is where they have been fleecing us blind and oppressing us for so long.  They are only able to do this because of our ignorance and failure to run our own courts, and it is therefore very much to their advantage to keep us ignorant and bamboozled.

Imagine the set up they've got?  They have control of all our public lands and resources and the benefit thereof, without having to pay a penny.  They get to issue "money" on our credit-- just boot up the printing presses and exchange their promises to pay for our gold and silver and land and labor and everything else that is actual and factual on a "dollar for dollar basis". They get to charge us whatever they want for all the services they provide and sell us services we don't want, like Obummercare.  They get to steal our children.  They get to conscript us into their mercenary armies.  They get to steal our homes and land.  They get to import drugs and aliens into our country.  They get to run human trafficking operations and sell slave bonds.  They get to do all this and they also get to throw you in jail and make more profit off of your labor and from charging you for this "service".  They get to tax you into oblivion and do it all with a sanctimonious veneer of "legality" backed up with Mall Cop corporate "sheriffs" for hire. 

Are you sick of it yet?  Ready to get off your duff, learn a few things and kick some judicial rump clear to the ceiling?   

Then stop talking about Trump and Hillary.  Stop thinking of yourself as a "United States Citizen".  Stop mistaking the "United States" for America.  Stop being complacent, helpless, exhausted, and scared of people who are taking their paychecks from your purse.  

Whether they be men or fallen angels, they are due a major come-uppance from God's Children.
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  1. I have a few pretty big reservations about this article, but I agreed to publish all of Anna's work as it comes to me, so here you go. Some day I hope to sit down with her face to face and have an in depth discussion about religious ideas. First we need to be free to do so. So you can see where I am coming from, I also will publish an article now and then in a series I have called Sunday Prayers for Patriots which has been a part of this blog since 2009 when it started. Please feel free to comment on Anna's article and I will make sure she sees your comment.

    1. I really pray for your success for all our sakes. But knowledge of the fraud and taking action against it are two entirely different things. Satan possesses one very important thing besides his deceptions against gods people...."fear". And it cannot be overcome with faith alone, because it is far more indoctrinated into human consciouse than faith. I know because i am an identical twin and we both have stuidied law and are well aware of the fraud that has been going on for at least 20 years. The difference is i am willing to take action in our courts to learn how to deal with them but he absolutly will not. He wont even be a witness for me if it means he takes any liability for it. In other words i am totally alone to stand up against a standing army of corp. employees ready to put me in jail or kill me and instead of helping me, he would rather take their side instead of helping me because of his outright fear of them. If i cant get my own twin brother to stand uo for me "in faith" how do you expect complete strangers to come together for Americas good. If you cannot break the bonds of "fear" from people that actually know about the fraud, how in the hell do you expect to win a war that decididly requires "faith". These people, you call Americans, are completely disorganized and utterly steeped in fear, whereas our enemy is completely fearless and work together very efficiently and extremely confident because they back each other up. It reminds me of the gosple when after witnesing first hand the miracles of Jesus, he tells Peter, "the rock", that the evening of his capture, he will deny him three times that he even knows him. Thats the kind of fear im talking about. Its a dibilitory emotion that makes faith take a huge second place too. Before we can change anything in this world, we first have to deal with peoples fears, otherwise all our collective knowledge of this fraud wont mean squat. How are we going to change that...please tell me. Because no one is a "rock" by himself. Even you, at least had your husband beside you. I dont even have my own identical twin brother to depend on. We need people that are willing to show up to court with us who can give us strength to face our enemies...where are they, because i need them. I cannot depend on my brother or friends. Can you give me a list of people that will have my back when faced with the have your husband, i have no one. Talk about a "leap of faith" for one lone "man" to take action when even "Peter" himself couldnt do it. At least you have the advantage of being a judge. I live in california, which is one of only 4 states out of the entire 50 that cannot even be bonded. These 4 states have been deemed to be so corrupt, that they have choosen the very least way they can be using a pool of insurers to insure their employees, instead of lawfully bonding them. Give me some guidence...

    2. James, I got your back brother. I am retired from Fortune 500, executive management. I feel your pain, my brothers and my friends and family would rather think that I am crazy, then to step away from the idiot box, and do a little homework. I will testify for you as a witness. I am a qualified expert witness, as therapist and a hypnotherapist. You mentioned fear, several times. Well, no light, no dark, no love, no fear. Know Love, no fear. In my mind the answer is LOVE. There are only 2 motivating forces, in our world LOVE and fear. Fear is easy, you sit on your ass and get stoned, all day, and never leave the house, and live in fear. Fear is always the first battle. The strength of fear always gets defeated by the power of LOVE. If you want to live in LOVE you have to risk rejection, and despite all of the slings and arrows, cast by people engulfed in fear, by design. Like a single candle lit , in the darkness. No amount of darkness can extinguish a single flame. But a single candle (like LOVE) can light 1,000 other candles, without giving up any of it's own brilliance. Contact me: and I would embrace the opportunity to lead by example and show our LOVED ones what truth is all about. Thank you.

    3. Thank you brother Hypnotixx. Its hard to believe that a total stranger is willing to have my back when my own twin brother wont do it. How in the world can judge Anna von Reitz accomplish what she hopes to achieve without creating WW3. These people are unconsciousable tyrants who, unlike us work together to accomplish their goals, no matter what they think of each other. The only thing i know is im tired of facing these phycopaths on my own. Too many, much smarter than me have tried and are sitting in jail right now. Ive been there twice now, and that was enough for me. Even though i know more now and could probably expose the courts fraud, i cant be sure he will ever do the right thing and dismiss the case. But the last time i tried, he knew i had the truth on my side and made sure i was never in his court again because the one thing he couldnt do is get my consciousce. They are very good at getting people to feel guilty, with no injured party or property, but they arent very good when a defendant turns it around on them. They see very few people that know enough about the courts and how they work to make them feel guilty. Thats when they start drinking to forget what they just did. And i know of a lot of judges as well as attorneys that are alcoholics because of it. Because they cant let go of the money.Anyway if i need you i will let you know. I live in Hemet,Ca. Are you close to me..????

    4. Paul, as long as you hold to catholicism, no matter how much good you think you are doing, you are serving two masters, promoting the entire Satanist agenda.
      Therefore you are one of the enemy, pure and simple. How can a good man like yourself promote such an evil agenda as Catholicism, or Christianity for that matter. They are all concoctions of a plan to rule your mind by agendists not of this world.
      Drop the catholic bullshit. It is the most satanic representation on the face of the earth.
      I cannot hardly believe such a good man like yourself would choose to side with Lucifer but that's totally what you have done.
      It leads me to question whether you are a disinfo agent.

    5. Jesus Christ preached love and forgiveness as well as the dangers of standing in judgement, planks and splinters. As an ex-Roman Catholic I think it would be good if Prostestants of all denominations would just stop and consider that without the Roman Church it is unlikely that Prostestantism would have ever emerged. Surely it is not Christian to denounce a fellow believer in such a vindictive terms regardless of his denomination. Jesus also healed the gentiles, as well as the poor, the lame and just about every down and out. Who are we to stand in judgement of our brothers/sisters? For the record I am now a convert to Christian Orthodoxy.

    6. Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

      You need to study the real history of the Catholic Church, written for over 20 centuries by Catholics.

      Don't look for the Catholic Church IN ROME. It's not there. It has not been there since Vatican II in 1963/4 and

  2. I would like to point out, discussing fallen angels and entertainment. The big tool that magicians use is distraction. The oldest available definitions of the word entertainment, fits perfectly into these heartless entities and their plans for global domination. Bare in mind that they have convinced us that we "have a right, and a need to be constantly entertained." How ludicrous, what are we? Toddlers? The oldest definition is: to distract the focus of the conscious , reasoning mind,(about 12% of the entire mind) for the purposes of manipulation, and domination. So if we are gonna be so brainwashed as to believe that entertainment is a good thing. Well, look where it has gotten us so far. I mentioned in a previous reply that these "devils," are so pervasive that they even changed the "established," King james version of the Bible, as well as many other versions, to replace the proper completion of a prayer from: AND SO IT IS or AND SO SHALL IT BE, to amen. No less right in Revelations, right after GOD places a curse on anyone who would add or takes away from these words. How arrogant could you possibly be? This is a slap in the face to all of Christianity, not to mention THE ALMIGHTY, to whom the prayer was actually intended. It would be like writing a poem of praise to your most highly regarded human, and at the end giving all of the credit to someone else. In this case to amen ra, the egyptian sun god. So now we are tricked, through our own ignorance, into worshiping horace, cyrus and osiris. Wake up America, recognize everyone by their deeds. When they say 1 thing and do the opposite, we have to make them accountable. I believe that the only vote that counts, in America today, is the vote you make with your money. If 16 of the satanists have had a 1 ton of GOLD bounty placed on there heads, wouldn't that make the News? If not why not? Know their hearts by seeing their deeds, including how they spend "their money."

    Thoughts, Words and Deeds, are how we plant the seeds, that create the reality that we call, our daily lives.

    Take responsibility for everything you think say and do, and then require the same standards of your leaders, and if they don't cut the mustard, give them a pink slip, and a-Dios amigo. Thank you for your dedication, chuck anderson. P.S.: I t is easy to tell who is for real, by examining the fruits of their efforts. They plant a fowl seed, nurture it with ill intent, and produce a bitter and nasty fruit. The worst part is they have taught us all to think in that very same way. Don't buy the bitter fruits of deception. CA

    1. Thats another whole problem we have to deal with before we can address the problem of liberty. How do you convince an entire population, at least 90% of all Americans, that they have been decieved when they are more willing to kill each other over whos team is better, than to read and understand the law and money for freedoms sake. Face it. We have a nation of morons. And they are easliy brainwashed by sports. The people in charge of these sports teams are truely some of the most evil people on earth. None of my friends know one thing about law or money, but they can tell you the name of every player on every football team, their position, and their record. Come on. These are the people we are going to fight for and free them from slavery of the will never work. As much as you try or pray, there will be and always have been two types of people. Ones who want to live in the "matrix" and those that dont. So why not just get our govt. to recognize the two different statuses. Those that choose to be Americans, have to be ordered by the US CORP., that they have absoluty no authority over us at all, and in fact can actually be arrested by us anytime they try to enforce their will over us, including all law enforcement, from police, to US MARSHALLS, to the FBI, to the CIA, right up to the President himself with the proper Courts for us to take them to, with our own prison systems, etc. working solely for us, not them, and you will see how fast people notice how much power free people have, as long as we dont hurt or damage anyone else. And anyone trying to commit FRAUD on us is immediately arrestable and if found guilty, will be considered a higher crime than murder, and face the death penalty. Fraud has to be found to be the highest crime on the land, or we will just be absorbed by the Corp. US again. We need our own military and completely different police who have more authority than the Corp. US police and military, so we can always let them know and never forget there are two completely different citizens living on the land. The others are living on the sea...tough. Now the people can make a totally transparant choice. All Americans have to be ordered to carry handguns like any police officers and the inherent right to use deadly force if there is any perceived threat from any of the Corp.US or any of its employees. And if any dispute occurs, it has to be tried in our courts(Common Law) not theirs. Its an almost automatic win if an American has to take an employee of the CORP US to one of our courts so as to let the entire nation know who carries the most rights. After a few CORP US employees are shot to death and absolved of any crime, how long do you think it will take befire the rest of the country figures out how much power we have instead of mere privaledges which can be summerily dismissed at any time. Sounds like a sports game doesnt it. What team would you want to be on, when all the wins are for Americans only. Id jump ship thats a good system of govt.

    2. Getting back to a system of common law guaranteed to America can work even if common law is draconian, but how, James, do you propose we get there without bloodshed?

    3. I am just now finding out that i was getting messages on my gmail account that i was unaware of. Im apoligize for answering this late but i was simply born to soon to be a geek with computers and phones that do as much or more than computers themselves. And my 11year old nephew is the perfect example. He can pick up any phone, including mine, and immediately knows how to work and navigate it completely. He understands how it works way more than me and never makes mistakes like i do. He is fully aware of its workings and all the apps associated with it. I feel so stupid at times. Anyway, ive been thinking about the question you posed Paul about how to achieve not only Common Law, but common decentcy between each other without "bloodshed". If history is any indication than the short answer is "we cant". Throughout history and bible accounts, any form of govt. created by man is inherently flawed, because imperfect beings cannot create "perfect" systems of law and order. All they can do is try to get as close as possible, but its just a matter of time before they all eventually fail because of the corruption within those govt. along with the apathy of the people who rely on their elected officials to to the right thing for them, which in the beginning they usually do. But without the constant oversight of the people themselves to keep them honest, all governments eventually wind up turning corrupt. So corupt, that the only way to correct it always involves bloodshed, and the introduction over again of another form of govt. which starts the whole process over again. But its the peoples fault to believe that they can allow the people they elect to remain in those positions of authority for life without corruption setting in. There isnt one position in congress that should not be replaced every 4 years max. No one in congress should become career polititions. That needs to be outlawed. Governments need constant turnover of new blood, especially at the top, to remain a viable solution for creating and maintaining "honest" and civilized societies. But the reality is no govt. of man will last forever. Only God himself can create that, because he is perfection.

  3. Speaking of spirits, no one will support me, I am one man, doing my humblest best to destroy the death statutes in Washington state. Washington is death with dignity's flag state, with everyone in their backpockets, the Wa. Supreme Court wouldn't listen and simply dismissed on 12(b)(6) without considering merits, I had filed the minimum required short statement plus an affidavit proving responders murdered my wife after being told she was DNR. My eyewitness claims she witnessed my wife being forced by risk management to sign a medical directive when she was drugged and incompetent, sued for wrongful and outrage and failing to secure informed consent for the DNR, sued the pope, the catholic hospital, state of washington and whatcom county for violating our religious convictions and civil rights plus murdering my wife under the color of law, Even 501 groups against DWD won't back me, I am totally alone, but to hell with them, they make money of contributions and don't care if we die, I trust in God and he's in control. When I was young my undertaker stepfather always called me an old man in a young boy's body, now I must be an ancient spirit in an old man's body. God works in starnge ways, his wonders to behold. He provided me early experiences that allowed me to survive what I saw these sick bastards did to my wife, they thought it would terrify and break me, they messed with the wrong spirit. bobby brown

  4. My websites have been totally disarrnged by google, only my posts remain at Talk Platelets
    and I have only 32 signers, my own friends won't sign my
    and my gofundme page:
    thanks for any help and passing on our cause
    God Bless bobby

  5. I side with Paul on this article, but after we get through the body and soul part, Anna makes salient points. Now the question again is HOW ANNA do we do these things if we don't know others, or if we can't get in touch with others, who are like minded? I talk about this stuff all the time, and it usually falls on deaf ears, and the closest one to me who understands is an hour away. Since there are so few of us, it would be a good thing if there was a way to contact those who want to see real change. I don't have your organizational talents, or ability to use the internet the way you do, so because i can't interest others, usually do little except for those things I can do for myself.


  6. Research will only give you another persons belief structure. There is only one answere in this old mans thought processies. Go deep within to come to your own conclusions, have an open mind and be willing to change your beliefs.
    I have fought my whole life to come to the understanding for myself to not judge another persons beliefs.
    Thigs that have happened in my life have givn me a stong understanding and concurring with Judge Anna.


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