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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The United States is NOT America

by Anna Von Reitz

The United States is NOT America

Let me repeat (and repeat and repeat)----- the United States is not America. It isn't now and it never has been.

The United States is a separate and foreign political jurisdiction.

It is as different from an American State as Spain is different from Sweden.

Our government works from the bottom up. Theirs works from the top down.

We operate under American Common Law. They operate under Administrative Law (for handling their internal affairs) and under international law of the sea---both Maritime and Admiralty.
Our organic states--- the ones with soil and trees and rocks--- are named like this: kentucky, utah, nevada.

Our unincorporated States of America --- the ones that have Statehood Compacts or Commonwealth Trust agreements are named like this: Texas State, Maine State, Virginia Commonwealth..

Their incorporated United States of America --- the so-called "Federal States" are named like this: State of Texas, State of Maine, Commonwealth of Virginia.... These are just corporate franchises like McDonald's or Dairy Queen in the business of providing "governmental services".

Their "federal corporations" are storefronts operated by international banks. The now-insolvent and being liquidated UNITED STATES, INC. is owned and operated by the IMFwhich is an international banking cartel chartered in France. It's franchises are named like this: STATE OF ALASKA, STATE OF IOWA....

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. is now in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It is owned and operated by the newly revamped FEDERAL RESERVE --- another international banking cartel operating under the law of the United Nations City State. It's franchises are named like this: OHIO, NEVADA, FLORIDA...
These corporations are in the business of providing governmental services and they will sell you all the governmental services they can possibly sell you.

They employ British Subjects known as "United States Citizens" or "individual franchises" known as "citizens of the United States" to provide all these services.

Since Federal "States" are just franchises of their parent corporations they are in effect all federal entities and all subject to the internal policies of their parent corporations.

The old, now defunct United States of America, Inc. operated under the 50 Titles of the Federal Code.
The UNITED STATES, INC. did away with and repealed all sections of the Federal Code and operated under just a portion of Title 50, dealing with "war powers" no corporation actually has, and the Trading with the Enemy Act which has been misapplied to American State Nationals.

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. has attempted to restart operations under the old Federal Code and update it, then was bankrupted, and its Bankruptcy Trustees have reverted to "United Nations Law" to maintain operations.

That's why you are seeing all the talk about "UN" operations on our shores and the application of Agenda 21, etc.,

Here's the take home message---- none of that crap has anything legitimate to do with us and our states. We are taking about foreign governmental services corporations under contract to perform those services in good faith and if they don't do the job, we are free to hire other service providers.

Think of it like this: You hire ABC Lawn Care to take care of your yard maintenance needs. One day you notice that EFG Lawn Care trucks are parked in your driveway and people wearing different colored uniforms are mowing your grass. So what, right?

So long as you know who is who and what is going on and the price for the services remains rational, you don't care who mows your grass. They can wear purple polka-dotted uniforms for all you care.

The problem has been (and continues to be) that some of the former service providers have overstepped their boundaries and made grossly fraudulent claims against us all and against our states of the Union.

They have claimed that we are all "United States Citizens" or "citizens of the United States"---- British Subjects. Essentially, they have claimed that we are all or virtually all their employees and/or that we have chosen to "enfranchise" ourselves as "persons" owned and operated by their parent corporation: slaves in other words.

FDR acting as CEO of the United States of America, Inc.set up millions of foreign situs trusts named after us and then claimed that all those "foreign vessels in commerce" were sureties backing the debts of the already bankrupt United States of America, Inc. ----- which was just another foreign-owned governmental services corporation operated by the "Federal Reserve System". This was the Great Fraud, but the roots of it stretched back to the Civil War and other acts of fraud that occurred then, and the tentacles of it have stretched forward to today.

The IMF has run the UNITED STATES, INC. into the ground and they are now claiming that all "UNITED STATES CITIZENS" are sureties backing its debts. This foreign "PERSON" is a Cestui Que Vie Trust operated out of Puerto Rico under your given name --- FIRST MIDDLE LAST.

There are all sorts of other spin offs -- contract trusts and performance trusts built off this central scam, so that this "THING" is technically now called a U.S. BANKRUPT CITIZENSHIP ORGANIZATION. On the basis of these false claims the Trustees of this bankruptcy are coming after "UNITED STATES CITIZENS" and their assets.

Meantime, the "Federal Reserve" has folded the old Federal Reserve System and rebooted a new organization, the FEDERAL RESERVE, operated under United Nations auspices, and set up a similar racket. They have named franchises after your given name using just your middle initial: FIRST MI LAST. These entities are bankrupt, too, and in Chapter 11 Reorganization.

Their bankruptcy Trustees are coming after all these "CITIZENS" too. These THINGS are construed to be Public Transmitting Utilities, so they are technically known as a US BANKRUPT PUBLIC TRANSMITTING UTILITY ORGANIZATION.

It's time to cut the cake, America. Whose little girl are you?

Citizen = servant of government.

National = those the government serves.

You get to choose your political status, but you have to take action against the fraud. You have to object to it, or it is assumed that you agreed to all this crappola.

We have objected to it in behalf of all American State Nationals. We are beating our dish on the floor in front of the Pope, the international courts, the Queen, and getting the word out about this outrageous swindle worldwide. We are demanding a systemic remedy that does not involve nuclear war or mass panic in the streets, but which equally does not allow for continued false claims and criminality.

We are proposing a housecleaning that has been owed for 150 years.

1. Declare a formal, permanent, and final peaceful resolution and Treaty of Peace ending the War of Secession, affirming the Armistice of April 1865, and confirming a lasting peace in all jurisdictions air, land, and sea controlled by the actual States of America and the United States, respectively.

2. Enroll all the Western States which have been promised statehood as actual states and members of the Union created by the Articles of Confederation 1781.

3. A national plebiscite in which all the pros and cons of various political statuses are fully disclosed and people are allowed to freely choose their political status as fully informed adults.

Meantime--- and soon---- we will publish a proven step-by-step individual remedy process that you can follow to overturn these false presumptions and return to your native birthright estate as an American State National----one by one by one if necessary.

And now, repeat after me.... the United States is not America.....the United States is not America.....the United States is not America...
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  1. awesome info Anna ....You Da Gal ! Keep up your fight for all, you are making a difference ! cheers & long live Anna Von Reitz !!

  2. I am a Canadian living in Alberta, Canada. That being said I know all you speak of applies to us your neighbors to the north. Thank you for all you do on behalf of all Americans as well as Canadians as we are in the same boat. You give us hope Anna. God bless and keep you safe,

  3. I don't know how you have the tolerance to repeat yourself so many times, in so many ways. Please try to contact Dr. Lorraine Day, you are my 2 favorite heroes. Before you can ask Dr. Day a question, she requires that you read all of her published materials. She refuses to address any questions, which have already been answered. Should people have an issue with this, perhaps that helps to explain how we let ourselves get into this mess. Spreading the word will do more to help all of us, then another million letters sent to Anna, to distract her from her critical work. Who is doing this? Trolls? Stop it, please. Thank you, Chuck Anderson

  4. Great. Thanks Anna and Paul for all you good work.

  5. All of this has been a long time coming. I corrected my nationality in 2008, but now with hundreds of thousands doing so as well, things have gotta change. As God sometimes uses evil for good purposes, perhaps what Anna says about the White Dragon Society may help her cause. Is there any more info on that?


  6. you can beat your drums in front of the queen and the pope all you want, they won't do anything about it because they don't care. Besides, where is all the Gold? Where did all the money go? I can bet you they have it. Hiding somewhere in the world are probably tons of Gold. The vatican/pope and the Queen ARE THE PROBLEM. No one in the United States makes a move without the okay from Pope or Queen. We should be concentrating more on getting our militia up and running and taking our sons and daughters out of the military, claiming our military property and pointing the guns at the perps while asking them very nicely to leave. This does NOT have to be a bloody war, and it won't be if they just go home.

  7. I try to tell everyone UNITED STATES is a corporation the United States of America is our country....close enough. I say to them did you ever see anything made in US..... its made in the USA.
    Now a certain weather station inc. is calling Washington DC a state omg

  8. Denied access to mass media is how the controld the masses only Thair tools every get a tv camera pointed at them.
    Even alternative innernet is control
    AJ, 34 jewish backers his wife and son.
    On and on.can the nationalist come together and speak as one?

  9. Hello Anna,

    I am running for President as a write in,and have my Declaration of Intent, to help turn this land around, So would it be a moot point to continue IF the people backed ME, my surname is Carol Bohannon. Please respond. Thank yu

  10. also I am NOT affiliated with any party and not an Independent just a woman wanting to help mankind, without compensation/payment. I need to get noticed and get the name out there across this land. IF you can help me it would be greatly appreciated.


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