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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sweden's largest precious metals dealer bank accounts closed by the bank!

Sweden’s Largest Gold and Silver Dealer’s Bank Accounts Closed, Shut Out of Banking System!

The banking cabal can not allow you to own much physical gold and silver if they want to maintain control of the issue of currency.  It's why they manipulate the prices of silver and gold on the exchanges.

They want you to continue to keep using their paper fraud currencies so they can stay in control. They want you to keep playing footsie with the devil, while they clean out your wealth.
For them, controlling the issue of the currency, like they do in America with their federal reserve notes, is the whole basis of their wealth. Once they lose that control through lack of participation of the public at large they are in deep do-do.

They know they are losing control RIGHT NOW, and they are getting desperate. Only a small percentage of the general public owns any precious metals. And even a smaller percentage are really prepared for a failure of civility and a currency crash.

WE ARE ALL HEADING FOR A BARTER SOCIETY, and even that will not suffice to insure the flow of goods and services. 
Remember that you can't eat gold and silver.  That said, if you have all the real survival priorities covered, gold and silver are a good bet because throughout history both commodities have always reset their value in relation to whatever currency comes into play and in terms of buying power. (See my priority list below.)
For example, in 1913, for one troy ounce of gold, you could walk into the finest clothing store in New York City and buy a fine new suit, a new tie, and a brand new high quality pair of shoes, and even though gold has gone from $35 per ounce, to over $1300 per ounce, that same ounce of gold will still buy the same suit, tie, and pair of shoes, and maybe even more.   What has changed?  Only the value of the paper funny money federal reserve note.

Silver is an even better investment than Gold.  Silver has an intrinsic value that for the most part gold does not have. That is it's ability to conduct electricity. Silver is used extensively in industry because of that physical property. Every time they build a new Laptop computer it uses up about one ounce of fine silver in the solder, that is pretty much unrecoverable. Gold is too expensive to be used much in those applications. In fact there is quite a bit less silver above ground and available to the public because of that industrial use than there is gold.  What does that tell you?

One more thing.  When these metals go to their unmanipulated true value, WHEN the cabal loses it's ability to mess with the prices, how are you going to make change for gold?  How are you going to buy bread with a gold piece worth thousands or even hundreds of dollars.  Even one gram of gold is now worth almost $70.
There are over 31.1 grams of gold in one troy ounce of gold. How is that going to help commerce?

Silver, on the other hand is tradeable, especially if you use one of our divisible Alaska prospector rounds.

So you begin to see what is really valuable.

Here is my priority list.  Even though I am in the silver business, I tell everyone that unless you have everything on this list covered, YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS BUYING SILVER, and especially gold.

1. Food   Get some long term food storage items. Have enough food on hand for at least a few months.

2. Security  Have some guns, ammo, tactical equipment, and get some training about how to work as a team with your neighbors to provide defensive security. Learn what you need to know about intelligence gathering and processing. Set up an area of operation and vet the people who will be a part of your security team.

3. Communications  Get your ham radio license and get some equipment. Become part of a network especially at the local level. The structure for this is already in place. you just have to plug in.  Without communications YOU HAVE NO SECURITY!  Without daily use and practice your equipment will do you no good whatsoever.
You need to be very familiar with various forms, and you need to be plugged in to your local network by various methods.   and for equipment

4. Medical  Get some medical supplies. You can buy them at any gun show. Then get some basic training on how to use them.

5. Engineering  Learn how to build water and power systems. These skills will be critical.  Learn food storage techniques, and food processing for storage. Get some solar panels, storage batteries, a power inverter.  You can take this as far as you want, but you get the idea. Call me at 800 889 2839 for general information about alternative power systems like solar, batteries, inverters etc.
6. General Preparedness  Stock up on all the dry goods you normally buy. Think of everything in  your household that you use on a daily or weekly basis. Things you take for granted like toilet paper, laundry detergent, spices, bath soap, toothpaste, hair products, etc. etc.
How about fuel, and a generator. Gas can now be made to last 15 years in Storage and Diesel 25 years.
Here is how:  Read the flyers first.

Well you get the idea. Don't consider yourself prepared unless you have all these covered.  To learn more go to this link. 
 I have trained with the Oathkeepers A team in Eureka Montana off and on for a couple of years and read all their stuff, and bought most of the equipment. I have also helped train and equip them for radio communications. These guys and gals know exactly what they are doing, and when the shtf they will be in the driver's seat and will be very much in demand for their knowledge in our local area.
All of that said, if you have these things covered, and still have "money" in a bank somewhere, then you have your whole life's work hanging out on a limb. You need to get that wealth OUT OF THE CORPORATE BANKS.
Buying silver and gold becomes a priority at that point.  We can help.   Call me at 800 889 2839

In the last 7 years we have delivered thousands of ounces of silver worth millions, to patriots around the country.  Call me for the details 800 889 2839.

Our best selling item is the Alaska Gold Panner, or prospector divisible round. It can be divided into quarter or half ounce pieces to make change when silver goes to it's real value as the currency crashes.  At this time, THERE ARE NO REPORTING REQUIREMENTS on silver.  I can't guarantee the cabal won't try to get that changed at some point.  Silver is moving up right now after the BREXIT vote in England. The cabal is in trouble and they know it big time.

Then you need to pay attention to the new American States and Nations Bank, which should be on line shortly. This bank will be UNINCORPORATED and operating in the land jurisdiction. Watch my blog at for the announcement coming soon.

In conclusion, I would like to make some of our other websites available so you can get more ideas about how to prepare and what equipment is available.

For Two way radio gear:
To purchase silver:
To earn Silver:
For Fuel Preservative:
For Solar power products:
For Stun Guns:

800 889 2839  or local at 406 889 3183   or by email

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