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Friday, July 22, 2016

American States and Nations Bank Update

From Anna Von Reitz

I have established the American States and Nations Bank--- actually three banks--- (1) a repository bank, (2) a sovereign international bank and (3) a state bank operated under Article X. These serve different purposes, but overall serve the same end of securing American assets, expediting trade, and promoting the use of lawful money---- basically all asset-based currencies.

My concern is that over half the world either currently is or will soon be trading in currencies backed by precious metals. Only 1% of Americans have any gold, which leaves them unable to trade with all the countries that are or will be using gold. It also concerns me that the abuse of legal tender may lead to problems that leave Mom and Pop and the Kids back home unable to purchase simple things at the grocery store.

I have recommended (not because I am a "Gold Bug" but because I am practical) that everyone invest in at least a small amount of gold and silver sufficient to pay for basic needs for 1-6 months, or however much people can set aside. And although Karatbars is relatively expensive on a per piece basis because of the cost of packaging small amounts of gold, assaying it, etc., I have recommended it as a good idea because frankly, if things go South, the price of gold will rise astronomically. That could lead to a situation where a one ounce gold coin could be valued at $5000 or more.

Anyone who has had trouble cashing a $100 bill at a store can appreciate the problem. Can you imagine the cashiers biting the coin to make sure it is real gold, as they used to do back in the days of the Gold Rush?--- before they will sell you a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk? Or having the store manager tell you, I am sorry, but we can't "break" your $5000 gold coin into some other form of currency?

Crazy making and scary as this proposition is, it is what it is, and Americans have been told that it is coming for a long time. Silver is also our saving grace and our traditional lawful money and I advocate everyone getting some silver set aside, too.
Editors note:  If you need silver try this link and call me at 800 889 2839    Paul Stramer


  1. Than you very much Anna. This is without question, one of the most critical steps of ending the current paradigm, by giving the nexus between financial power and political power to form the power and control over any group of people.

  2. Giving the nexus the boot, by ending the conduit that psychopaths and sociopaths have enjoyed for at least 13,000 years by my count.

    Particularly when it comes to the increasing disparity between those people of far more means of financial and material worth, who were treated with far less application to the rule of law, to be above the rule of law, as we recently see how it was not applied to Hillary Clinton, versus those who have violated the same breech of law, who have had the law applied to them.And I have seen that all across the legal spectrum in America.

    In short, the more you live your life that is defined in the pursuit of a material life to accumulate greater financial success and having more money than others, the greater political and legal-juristic influence that person can enjoy, to escape justice and the application of the rule of law.

    Which means in a word, if your life is one that is driven by a greater pursuit to lead a spiritual life in love and service to others, and all life in the Universe, in this realm your given the short end of the stick.
    The entire global for profit money system setup by the Babylonian whore of idol worship and pursuit of money and artificial well being, wss to drive off the surface ofthe planet the indigenous peoples whose soul and spirit ws in harmony with the feminine love power of Mother Earth.
    Well..she has had enough, now that the 13,000 year reign of darkness is now ending, and the light of love that gave us life is rising, to allow for us to live in greater peace, love, harmony and balance, and greater abundance for all.

    Therefore what we found operating here, is the obvious separation between what the truth is in how justice and the law was being carried out, based on how much your life is defined and expressed through the pursuit of money and material means, versus those who choose to lead a more spiritual life, in the pursuit of a higher consciousness state of intellectual, emotional and spiritual framework of being and greater awareness, to live in peace, love, harmony and balance with all life in the trans-dimensional Universe.

    May our Creator and his love bless all of those on earth, to reign in a new era of peace and unity of love towards all life.

  3. 2008 the Derivitives imploded Rush limbaugh says wall street orchestrated the crash for obama ,holder his tool of a tool of the bankers .then the assualt on foreign bank accounts .irs is the muscle that works for the fed res that is the banks cosy .


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