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Friday, July 1, 2016

Social Security and the Government of FRANCE

by Anna Von Reitz

Social Security was created under Title 42 of the Federal Code. If you read it, you will learn that it is a pension and benefit fund for federal employees and federal government dependents.
Most Americans never qualified for and were never actually eligible to participate in Social Security at all, and they were never obligated to participate in the program, either.
You were misinformed and entrapped into contributing over 7% of your income and your employers were similarly burdened in a Communist scheme designed to benefit public employees and welfare recipients and government vendors.
So now all that money has gone into the "General Fund" of a foreign, private, for-profit governmental services corporation that is insolvent and being liquidated.
It is the end of the long, long work day portion of your life, and you, JOE ALLEN DOE, are owed your retirement package......
And if you are not worried, you certainly should be.

Every day I get tons of mail and inquiries from Seniors who want to reclaim their natural birthright status as Americans and stop the presumptions that accrue against "US citizens". The number one thing everyone wants to know is---- "Will Expatriation affect my Social Security?"
The short answer is no.
Like any other insurance program you had to work a certain length of time as a presumed federal government employee (ten quarters) and you and your employers had to contribute and pay the premiums in order to be "vested" in that system.
Now that you are retired, you don't owe them anything. They owe you everything. And you no longer have to assume any political status related to the federal corporations at all.
If you are not a federal employee or dependent, you have no reason to vote in their elections (and as a State National, Virginian, Ohioan, etc. you are precluded from doing so) and you have no obligation to pay Federal Income taxes either.
All State Nationals are naturally exempt and are not operating as federal franchise corporations, and as a result, all you really need to do is "revoke your election to pay" federal income taxes effective with the first of July of whatever tax year you wish to end such private contractual obligations and give the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service notice of your "Revocation of Election" via U.S. Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested, clearly stating that June 30 (of whichever tax year you quit) is the last day of the last Federal Fiscal Year that you will serve as a "volunteer" Withholding Agent.
So who is a "federal employee or dependent"?
Title 42 explicitly identifies certain groups of people--- all federal employees (which includes all "federate state" and "federated county" employees) both civilian and military; all people born in the District of Columbia or Washington, DC, Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, or other "Insular States and Territories", African Americans, recipients of federal welfare benefits, political asylum seekers (immigrants) and last but not least, under the "Diversity of Citizenship" clause, federal corporations----this is what the Federales "presume" you are.
This is what the all capital letters NAME is about.
When you apply for a "Social Security Number" and get a Social Security Account which also serves as a Taxpayer Identification Number, you are unknowingly also signing up to act as a volunteer Income Tax Withholding Agent for the federal government corporation(s) that you "presumably" now work for.
How else could you be eligible for a federal pension program?
According to the Federales, your Social Security Application is your agreement to be "enrolled" as a voluntary federal employee -- a tax collector--- working for a federal franchise corporation conveniently named after you.
If your actual Trade Name is "Felix Robert Murchinger" you are instantly (and unlawfully) converted into "FELIX ROBERT MURCHINGER" a federal franchise corporation that you merely work for as an "authorized representative or agent". And you also become obligated to obey every jot of federal and federal state and federal county "statutory law", including all codes and regulations.
All 120,000,000 of them.
The good news is that this is all self-interested fraud on the part of international commercial corporations who have no more authority over you than Dairy Queen. The further good news is that they still owe you every jot of your pension payments and services, and the corporate veil (their version of "immunity") is instantly pierced by fraud and infringement on your good name and copyright of your given name as the first and only Holder in Due Course, so that you are not only the Priority Creditor of their bankrupt and insolvent governmental services corporation, you are first in line and first in time to sock it to the assets of their parent corporation, the IMF.
Also, because the IMF has operated in this criminal fashion on our shores and has not been held accountable by the French Government that chartered it and the French Central Bank that funded it, these entities are also liable to you for this circumstance.
And this is why the "Neu Republique" operating as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. has been spooled up---- in an effort to avoid this liability and to control the victims and seize their private property assets to pay the bills resulting from all this chicanery.
As a result, undeclared French Agents have been prevented from overtaking and undermining and seizing control of America. The attempt has been made, but it won't be allowed.
So--- the "UNITED STATES, INC." may be insolvent, but the IMF and the government of France dba "FRANCE" are certainly not, and all these buggers are going to have to provide your pension payments and services as agreed upon as one of their very first and most important obligations.
Like peeling an onion, these corporations will try to flee the scene of the crime--- layers upon layers of corporations and holding companies all intent on seeking bankruptcy protection for themselves and their shareholders, which would set off a domino chain implosion of the entire world economy. So let's not do that.
Let's just cut to the chase and beard the international bankers in their dens, because at the end of the day, they are the ones responsible for all this deplorable criminality. They are the ultimate "shareholders" that we will get to eventually by peeling the onion, so, why not just up front demand restitution from them? It beats slogging one's way through all the storefront corporations and holding companies and "secondary holders" and insurance companies that they have set up to insulate themselves from reality.
That is what is happening instead of all the other options.
The Behind-the-Scenes involves many governments, not just the French, and the problem is much broader than paying American pensioners, but so far as your Social Security payments go, the answer is---- they had BETTER pay up, promptly, fully, with no obfuscation about your standing as a claimant (and NOT a welfare "beneficiary") --- or they will face the Wrath of God and no longer be a problem for the people of this world.

As for you, American Retiree, claim your State National birthright status and Expatriate from any presumption of "United States Citizenship". Send in your Revocation of Election to pay Federal Income Taxes effective last July 1 (or any July 1 prior to that) and be done with the cretins. And then, peacefully, methodically, reclaim all that is rightfully yours.
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  1. I applaud Anna's work as well as others! For clarification on the SSA, the FOUNDLING child was created in 1933. FDR said today is a day of National consecration with all the implications therein. This child was live born on a pre-scribed form within a federal/contract district, as a corporate existence or eternal life that has parity with said DC and its internal laws. 1935 SSA is created and the foundling child is used as a nexus point to capture the productive power of labor through secret agency, guess who the secret agents are? In this AGE/anti-God-era, living through a corporate matrix may be eternal life, however, its not real. Watch the movie Age of Adaline. Anno Domini-a line as in a maternal line. I have proof the foundling child is mothers product only without a biological father! Sounds like an immaculate conception or perfect idea. Wake up people, ORC. 3705.11 please fill in the blanks as the greatest story ever told unfolds space time.

    1. The bastards / Western Thieves associated their Soc.Security SCAMS, DIY-Retirement Scams, committed CRIMES together with many western countries, except RUSSIA, N.KORA, IRAN, SAUDI, ISRAEL, CHINA, and se Asian countries, to create their FAKE WALL-STREET LOANs, to rob people houses and everything.

      Their Fake lending scheme started when? Look up this “TIAS 9830 from year 1980”, At the expenses of mainly N.American People, human Lifeforces taken via $IOU’s, Insurance and Tax fraud, pretending that Bill Clinton did all the works, when the UK++ Vatican Popes were the Ones orchestrated the Great SIN. See Mr. Bill Exe-Order-No.-13037, taken the lending buffers off our owing retirement, then they killing us NOW, especially minorities in their Hospital at COVID-19. They figured that their original plan of using 30,000 Guillotines is too obvious. Save a few copies in your HD’s.

  2. OK , that's a great start ,now, how does one expatriate from the federales ; and claim our social security benefits ?

  3. As for you, American Retiree, claim your State National birthright status and Expatriate from any presumption of "United States Citizenship". Send in your Revocation of Election to pay Federal Income Taxes effective last July 1 (or any July 1 prior to that) and be done with the cretins. And then, peacefully, methodically, reclaim all that is rightfully yours.
    This all sounds very simple but it ain't Where is the question and who do you contact ?

  4. Done the expatriation step and revocation of election as well, but to collect social security, wouldn't the payments be directed to JOHN Q. DOE? Also, as a state national, I can't get a bank account, so how would one go about using the funds if it could be obtained in his personal status? that's why I haven't touched the funds as of yet, I don't want to re-establish the false presumptions.


  5. FRN's are evidence of "money" public and private. The American National is created by the County Registrar and you have the right to be secure in your use of it! Dissimilar things are not the same.

  6. Excellent and thank you. You may have already addressed these other questions at some point, but what about your corporate issued driver's license? And, what would be the impact on VA benefits?

  7. When you make a reference to something it would be most helpful to give a quote of the location or the actual wording as the interpenetration along with the internet is vast as the code 42 is 871 pages
    "What; Where When......................

    42 U.S. Code Chapter 7 - SOCIAL SECURITY | U.S. Code ... › uscode › text › 42 › chapter-7
    ‎Subchapter XVIII · ‎Subchapter IV · ‎Subchapter ii—federal old-age ...


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