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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Final PUSH -- Update on Living Law Firm and Foreclosure Fraud

by Anna Von Reitz

When a woman is in labor the pain comes in waves and along with that pain comes exhausting physical effort that leaves you tired and weak in the aftermath.  You coast down the back side of the pain and then fall back, only to rise up again on the next wave.  That's how this whole effort has been. 

Yesterday I got word that confirms what I have hoped for.  The Living Law Firm is getting ready for the final PUSH on the foreclosure issue.  

We have to shuttle some folks around the country.  We have to pay for hotel rooms.  We need about a week of group effort to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together and maybe another week to write it all up-----but I am confident that a major goal is within reach. 

We can end the foreclosure madness.

It's that simple, that major, and for everyone who has lost or who is in danger of losing their home, this is very good news.  For the rest of America it's good news, too---- because your communities and families and neighbors and friends will no longer live in fear or be out on the streets while their homes stand empty or commercial mercenaries "flip" them for profit. 

We need your help to end this scourge on our people and our land.  We need your prayers and we need contributions toward the expenses of this special project. Several people have to be transported from around the country and put up in a hotel where we can talk directly across the table from each other.  

All the pieces are present. All that remains is to sort them out and put them together and write the results up in a non-legalese way that everyone can understand and follow for remedy. We think we have the answer to all this misery reduced down to two evidence documents, one agency, and a letter anyone can write.  

Now you know why I am so excited.  

We've found various answers to the foreclosure fraud before, but they always proved to be too complex for non-lawyers and people who were on the ropes financially to begin with couldn't make use of them, so we've kept at it looking for a Silver Bullet that applies across the board, is simple and inexpensive to implement, and puts an end to all these bogus foreclosures. 

It's been eight years in the making, but I think we have it.  

I am not looking forward to spending a week --- probably a very hot week --- indoors with a bunch of other law geeks hammering this out.  That is, I am not looking forward to the labor involved.  But I am looking forward to the baby.  

How soon we can do this depends on you.  It will cost at least $8000 to fly in and house the non-Bar lawyers and paralegals we need to pull together for this effort, and the people who really need us to do this are already tapped out, facing foreclosure and the loss of their homes. 

That's why I am asking my readers who are NOT facing foreclosure all across this great country to make a "thank offering" to help all those who are.  When a wildfire or a flood or a tornado wipes out a small community, Americans step up.  Those who haven't been harmed help all the others and together we make it through.  

I can't begin to explain how many heartfelt and desperate letters I have received from people facing foreclosure, nor how bad that makes me feel. 

Recently, there has been a ray of hope via Chapter 7 bankruptcy as explained at and that process can indeed give families a second start.  I highly recommend that anyone facing foreclosure right now listen to their YouTube video "Settle All Claims" to get an overview and then go to their website.   

That said, we have been on a different track--- looking for a systemic answer that addresses the foreclosure issue simply and administratively, without dragging everyone through bankruptcy.  I am placing this rug in front of God and before all of you.  I know we haven't come this far, this fast, to be left lacking a few thousand dollars. 

If you can, send a donation and mark it "End Foreclosures" in token of our joint intention to do exactly that.  Donations can be made through me at PayPal: or by snail mail ---- Anna Maria Riezinger  c/o Post Office Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.  

Let's do it.  Let's begin the final PUSH.
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  1. sounds good but please do your due diligence anna or have someone else make sure that the source is legit. after going to the lighthouse sight and listening to their source of settling all claims, it is patrick devine. if you know anything about that crazy old codger, about 30% of what he says has some good nuggets, maybe, the rest, well, a little out there.

    you know the guy that you were railing on the other day about women? dont ever ask mr devine his ideas about women haha

    you would have a field day with him...

  2. You and your team are working so hard to correct such a huge problem that took decades of time and much organized treason against the people to accomplish . Thank you so much for your passion and hard labor to resolve these issues that just recently have come to be known by most people, and you guys are the reason that that even happened. I wish I could send more money but will continue to contribute when I can for the most important endeavor that will affect everyone of us in a great way. I can almost taste the freedom, thanks again I love you guys


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