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Saturday, July 2, 2016

American States and Nations Bank Partners With Karatbars, International

by Anna Von Reitz

Everyone who knows anything about me knows that I don't believe in money. I consider all the present systems of currency and exchange that exist to be fundamentally flawed, dishonest, subject to manipulation, idolatry, and fraud. Okay? It makes no sense to pass around I.O.U.s and pretend that they are "money" and it makes no sense, either, to choose one, two, or three commodities like gold, silver, and platinum and pretend that they somehow represent all other commodities including labor. Both systems are bonkers and it is only a matter of choosing between two forms of insanity until everyone throughout the world wakes up, looks at this, and like me says---- WTF???

Meantime, we are stuck with needing some means to exchange goods and services on a national as well as international level. You have the fiat currencies and the banking cartels and governments that support those v. the commodity-backed currencies and the banking cartels and governments that support those, and for various reasons, the line between wavers back and forth. Joe Average and Mom and Pop are stuck in the middle, wondering what to think and where to go. 

I will be honest with everyone. I reviewed the Karatbars program back in 2011 and decided against it. I don't like Multi-Level Marketing schemes to begin with, and the entire Karatbars "niche" was obviously to repackage gold in small, known, trade-ready quantities suitable for making daily purchases---with the repackaging adding between 30-36% to the overall cost of the gold product being advertised. Why not just buy coins of various denominations and sock them away somewhere for a rainy day? 

As I reasoned at that time, five years ago, about the smallest gold coins are a tenth of an ounce, but so what? That translates as around $130. Why would anyone have trouble using a coin worth $130----? The Karatbars advantage (and extra cost) of packaging gold is tiny quantities was not apparent to me. 

Perhaps it is not apparent to you, either? 

Let me review very briefly the history and motivations that got us into this mess. 

In 1928 it cost about $30 to buy an ounce of fine gold. Today that same ounce costs around $1300. The difference is $1270 per ounce. That difference represents the depreciation in the value of the fiat currency since 1928. 

This depreciation in value called "inflation" is a reflection of increased currency supply. It's like cutting a pie into smaller and smaller pieces. If you add three trillion "dollars" to the market, you decrease the value of the remaining "dollars" by a corresponding percentage. 

Today, all over the world, there are organizations claiming to be the real "United States" or "United States of America". They are busily trying to counterfeit more "US Dollars" into the world marketplace to devalue the fiat currency some more. 

The actual American version of the dollar is a fixed amount of fine silver, like a cup of water or ton of lead. This "Continental Dollar" also known as the "American Silver Dollar" is just the same as it has always been and that is our actual national currency, but the various governmental services corporations calling themselves the "UNITED STATES" and "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" have gone their own way and traded on our good names and on worldwide public ignorance to peddle their own private script as if it had anything to do with us and our "dollar". 

Our dollar is currently worth between $13 and $20 of theirs. 

The Federal Reserve Bankers who are primarily responsible for this mess hatched the plan to do this back in the 1890's. The plan was simple--- outlaw, confiscate, steal, beg, borrow, all the gold and later, all the silver they could lay hands on----and force everyone to use fiat currencies instead. 

They knew that all fiat currencies ever used in the history of the world eventually implode, either by hyperinflation or hyperdeflation, and in either case, destroy themselves. So all they had to do was enforce the use of "Federal Reserve Notes" via the "Federal Reserve Act" and wait for the self-destruction to occur. 

They could then come forward as the "Saviors" with gold in hand and sell it back to the grandsons and granddaughters of the people they stole it from in the first place, at hyperinflated profits. 

That is what they proposed to do in 1900 and that is what they have done. Their only change in the original plan is that they have moved their base of operations to China, because the Americans finally woke up.

Every time we pay them $1300 for an ounce of gold, they make a profit of $1270. So, everytime you buy gold, you reward the rats that did this to us all. You pay the thieves handsomely for their fraud and deceit and that is a very noisome circumstance, but until we all wake up and learn better and find the means to tax these profits right back out of the vermin, that is the way it is. 

I wish I could say that paying $1270 per ounce to the criminals is the worst of it. I wish I could say that this circumstance did not apply to the whole world and every currency in every country---- but it does. 

"Money" is a product like any other product. Its value is driven by supply and demand market forces. As people realize what has gone on, they will feel driven to invest in gold as an insurance against the increasing devaluation of the fiat currencies. This will in turn drive up the price of gold. 

If we are all stupid enough to rush headlong into shifting all our assets into gold, this whole spiral will vastly accelerate, and gold prices could skyrocket as a result. A tenth of an ounce gold coin could suddenly fetch $1000 or more on the world market based on speculation alone. 

Which brings us back to Karatbars and why American States and Nations Bank is partnering with them. 

The bottom line of all this is that living people will always need a way to exchange goods and services. What we have at the present time is a failing system of commercial paper and a contrived, grossly manipulated system based on precious metals. Until we all wake up and create something better and less subject to manipulation, we have to deal with what is. 

My concern as a Great-Grandma is that no matter WHAT comes down the pike, American families and business must still have a means to exchange goods and services. In the chaos that could result from a total meltdown of fiat currencies, Karatbars offers some significant advantages. 

The cost of repackaging gold in those tiny gram increments may indeed prove effort well-spent. If a tenth of an ounce coin goes up from $130 to $1000 in value, it will be very handy and safer for local trade purposes to have gold in the much smaller gram amounts offered by Karatbars and it will also important to have it in a form that is of a guaranteed nature, quality, and assay. 

Additionally, Karatbars offers a Visa/Mastercard option and since this card is based on secured gold holdings, it will continue to work and to be accepted anywhere in the world, even when and if the lights go out on all the fiat currency systems. 

Imagine for a moment that the paper in your wallet is worthless and your credit cards won't work. Now imagine that each one ounce gold coin under your mattress is worth $15,000 and try to figure out how you are going to translate that into coffee and beans---especially without being robbed.

You will see why I consider the Karatbars option an increasingly desirable one. I do not desire to profit the men responsible for this craziness one iota and I do not propose any wholesale "flight to gold" as a solution to the actual problem of dishonesty and idolatry, but I realize and you must too, that inflation is eating away the perceived value of all fiat currencies worldwide, counterfeiting is adding to this problem, and at the end of the day, decisions must be made to protect yourself and your family. 

If you have been laying awake at night wondering how you are going to live when the price of a loaf of bread hits $10, if you have been fretting about having your life savings or your 401(k) confiscated by a "bail in" or worried that your Social Security check will either cease coming at all or be issued in currency that is worthless, it is time to make tracks and do something practical to moderate against such risks and potentially evil circumstances. 

Setting up a Karatbars account (which is free) through our American States and Nations Bank partnership and buying even a small amount of their pre-packaged small-increment gold can help guard what resources you have against inflation and provide you with a practical means of buying bread when other options fail. 

If you decide to advocate Karatbars to others, you can get a gold-backed Visa/Mastercard and help your friends and neighbors purchase a little "insurance" for themselves, even help arrange the transfer of their 401(k) holdings and other long term investment holdings--- either all or in part---- to preserve their value and put them beyond the reach of greedy government officials.

All of this can be done privately and anonymously through a proven and at this point highly reputable German company and our own American States and Nations Bank. 

When you go through American States and Nations Bank to set up your Karatbars account, you recoup another unseen benefit--- Karatbars pays the bank a portion of its profits so that our Article X bank can grow and develop all the free services you have come to expect from a bank. When we can offer you free checking, free currency exchange service, interest free loans, safety deposit boxes and other traditional bank services, that allows us to compete. 

It helps you and your family insure against rainy days and it helps establish that rare thing known as an honest bank trading in lawful money. Wouldn't it be grand to have an American States and Nations Bank in your state? In your community? Our partnering with Karatbars is just one way that we can move forward to establish an honest American Banking System. As we take each step, we will explain what we are doing and why, and you can decide under conditions of full disclosure whether or not participating makes sense to you. 

All the arrangements for this first step should be complete in a few days and I will announce when the "Doors Are Open" and exactly how you can set up an account. All accounts are strictly private, free, and transactions remain anonymous.
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  1. will these banks work with silver also ?

    1. good question. I hope someone answers it.

    2. At a Karatbars Authorize kiosk k-exchange only. Yes karatbars work with Silver and Gold Coin and other gold back instruments/

  2. Fxxx banks and gold. Teepees and gardens is all that is required. This gals a yo yo. Don"t trust her and donlt trust anyone to hold your gold!

  3. I agree absolutely with Anna about money and would add, all for profit corporate systems that require them to make a profit, for as an ecologist can share with you straight up, that for profit systems are by default a collapse of ecosystems and socio economic ones as well for self evident reasons.

    1. We know the ecosystem is hurting , but why do you spam us with your new book you are obviously writing ?

  4. And here is why. This is a three part post about a question someone had on a you tube video about what an old soul is. This is part one spilt due to its length.

    PART 1 I will share with you something I posted in response to a You Tube video about the changing energies on the planet that are cleansing the soul and bringing greater light of love to our sense of higher being in love and service to all life in the universe, in order for humanity to raise its civilization signature to something more than just a taker within a living conscious universe of life that for us to lie in harmony and balance we must move beyond the material paradigm of the artificial that people attach their lives to and support, to that which is spiritual(CHI) where light gives love to life for us to express ourselves in Soul Spirit. My early youth was transcended by living in an anarchist surfer and flower child tree house community on the north shore of the island of Kauai in 1972 73. Here was my post. I hope many in my FB community can resonate with this. Being an “Old Soul”. What it means to those who asked. You’re absolutely right. Actually. Very good. I say that, because I am an old soul and arrived here during the beginning of the first wave as I call it. I don't have all the time to explain it all here. Bu much of what you see has happened over the last 50 years, was the ultimate evolution that began during the peace, love generation, not as a broad brush as many mass media paid media pundits will brush it with, but the underlying socioeconomic, political and military systems that were running this planet on what can only be described as a default system of hierarchies of power and control, that were deliberately implemented in order to keep the ball of humanity’s ultimate intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual potential from ever reaching critical mass for self-evident reasons. what you will ultimately experience is something I had already known in my memories, is what living in unity of what love and service to others means, which for me since I was 4 years old can be seen through how I lived my life, with a philosophy that embraces and expresses, ta philosophy that says, "why would I ever not want you, or any living-being for that matter, not to ever enjoy what gives me the greatest joy, happiness and meaning in life?
    The fact is, ‘I do” In essence that describes how some of us have lived our whole lives, we have never placed any real value on money, accumulation of any material for profit artifact. Our entire existence and expression in life, is what comes from within you, and not from what is external to you.
    And some of us like myself anyway, had this profile if you will, not from anything that was ever considered “learned behavior” from any source external to us from this planets field of information communication to us, but was pre-loaded into our souls when I was born.
    A philosophy that was already set on default, that completely rejected and became immune to all of the mass media and public relations attempts to influence us, was virtually a case that fell on deaf ears, as it did mine.
    We simply turned off the noise if you will, from all of our ELM receptors of what we knew was incoming noise that was tuned out.
    We acknowledged at least I did, around age 9. That true love as unconditional love, in service to others, was what gave us our greatest source of joy and happiness, and having that in developing bonds of friendships based on living in the truth, which is living with love in your heart as that source of truth, is the knowledge of the conscious energy from which you are and express yourself to others.
    Meaning-our real source of happiness and joy comes through the quality of relationships we cultivate in our life, and how much we nurture them to grow and develop into everlasting bonds of what make life priceless when you have them, that no amount of money or materialism, can ever hope to qualify with.

  5. PART TWIt’s like an oxymoron that billions of people intuitively know through their own life experiences, but cannot connect the dots, to their own way of living to supporting a for profit system of money making and natural resource annihilation, that people are just so inept to make the translation, and what’s worse they are trapped into it from birth for which it keeps getting recycled generation after generation, because those who are absent of the light without souls and operate as pure psychopathic sociopaths who have no love, no compassion or passion for life, just as the synagogue of Satan that represents the vast majority of corporate and financial, and political leadership that has held this planets population hostage, to nothing less than generation after generation of genocide and ecocide, that they use to plunder and destroy all manner of life on this planet, in order to maintain power and control over the masses, and keep them in a state of fear through hired mercenaries and war machine factories, so we needed a mass does of inoculation, if we are to save this living planet and is human population from an mass extinction event without even knowing, if was of their own doing, by their own lack of critical thinking, and the amount of money an resources and social engineering, where there were social, financial and psychological weapons they had no immunity against, because of their own vices not to cultivate and nurture the intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth and development in riding the natural rhythm of the sine wave of love, that runs through all living natural ecosystems, and why ever since I was a small child would say to most of my friends and adults, “don’t ever lose the connection to your roots of love and harmony, that exist in the natural balance of being one and bonding with the natural conscious energy that exists with you, and harmonizes with all life around you when you have, with all living life in the universe, because how will you ever be able to advance to a Type IV civilization if people haven’t reached that far in their moral, ethical and spiritual compass in their life, let alone feeling a need to arm themselves with an aggressive and hostile posture wherever they venture. When I arrived here and saw how this planet was operating, it was totally unfamiliar to me, but moreover I already had prior knowledge of what a civilization looks like that does, as I described it above.
    So how does a 4 year old child describe to his parents something that 50 years later is just now being seen as the tip of the iceberg on what is possible? Simple. Because everything that I came preloaded with as self-knowledge, was not something which was gained by having any experience from being on planet earth.
    Its why after reading all of the major international newspapers by age 7, I used to go out on the ridge tops in the foothills of the mountains nearby where I grew up in the high sierras in CA, and looked up at the stars at night and asked them to take me back home. How does a child reconcile that at this age? He doesn't until late in life as I have, and why your comment hit the mark.

  6. PART THREE It’s all about energy-conscious energy, and in a metaphorical sense, the percent of sacred light you have running how you live your life. In-service as a materialist to for profit money systems that are by default design, analogous to the collapse of the biosphere and why every natural living system on this planet is in steep decline, because the west was sold on a philosophy that they didn't even have enough sense to know, that as long as you operate a systems group think process of robotic thinking that creates the illusion that joy, happiness and meaning in life, come from a material-life, that is supported by taking more from the natural resources of this planet and using human labor to make 1% to have far more than what they need, at the expense of everyone else and the destruction of the biosphere, is simply sick and insane, and yet, there are still hundreds of millions of Americas in particular, who still support such a self-destructive paradigm on default and spiritual annihilation, but haven’t a clue in even knowing, the oxymoron common sense that tells anyone with an ability to reason and think things through to its logical extension of connecting the dots of cause and effect attributions, where it is always the most aggressive and predatory takers in any ecosystem that are the ones that go extinct first.

  7. FINAL REMARK Look at the huge disparity in numbers of peaceful protest and resistance in front of the Nixon Whitehouse during the Viet Nam war, in the hundreds upon hundreds of thousands who scared the crap out of Nixon who remarked to war criminal fugitive from justice NAZI ZIONIST Henry Kissinger, “Henry, they’re coming to get us” which was the last time in living memory when these organized genocidal gangsters were ever scared of the power of the people, so ask yourself, why is that?
    You’d think there would be 100 fold more, given that from the time of the Viet Nam war the same population of people are roughly still here, and we have committed far more war aggression and war crimes and crimes against humanity that is far worse than what the NAZI SS ever did in WW II.
    So how did billions of people buy into such insanity, over their own good judgment and a 4 year old as I was, that saw this planet as operating on a completely self-destruct paradigm in 1964? I am not from this place, and am finally happy to see this day come, for I knew many many years ago, that my time would never be up here, until I could see for mine own eyes, what I already experienced before I arrived here, that wasn’t here, but to see it happen in my own lifetime as it now is.
    What the vast major living natural ecosystems already experience, by reaching what is called, "stasis equilibrium" which is in harmony and balance.
    And harmony and balance come through a common thread of unity in value of what unconditional love as true love is, in service to your higher self and others to have that harmony as self knowledge and truth.

  8. COME ON ANNA.....USE A MASTER CARD to participate in this scheme??? Only U.S. citizens, or other government citizens have one of those. Buy your gold with the corporations IOU's makes no sense. Sounds like a dead end to me.


    1. No your Exchaging your Iou into Karatbars gold instruments Coin,or 1oz 3oz 5oz gold bullion into a karatbars card

  9. How do you use your card if the banks go on "holiday" and no one can process cards because the system is closed down????

    1. That is exactly the right question

    2. k-exchange store Will be Open when this kind of Event Happens. Possesing Physical Currency or Instrument is The Way to Go. Cryptocurency this kind of currency Will be useless No electricity When a Bank Run Occurs.

    3. Go to for more info


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